Motion-Capture 'Tarzan 3D' Movie Staring Kellan Lutz Gets a Trailer

October 5, 2012
Source: Animatie

Tarzan 3D

Back towards the beginning of the summer we learned of a new Tarzan film that would use motion-capture animation to bring the jungle man to life. Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga) was taking the lead role with Spencer Locke (Detention) playing Jane. Yeah, it didn't sound too promising, but now we have the first trailer for the 3D project, and it's definitely lacking. We're not sure how long the project was in production, but this animation looks like it's about 10 years behind schedule. It's not completely terrible, but knowing what motion-capture technology is capable of, this looks like it belongs in a video game instead of movie.

Here's the first trailer for Reinhard Klooss' Tarzan 3D from Animatie (via The Playlist):

Also, if you're interested, there's a behind the scenes video of the making of Tarzan 3D:

Reinhard Klooss is directing Tarzan 3D starring Kellan Lutz as the classic jungle hero and Spencer Locke as Jane. The story is updated to see Tarzan as the orphan son of billionaire adventurers who died in a plane crash, leaving him to grow up in the jungle, raised by apes. Meanwhile, Jane is the daughter an African guide and is committed to the conservation and preservation of the African jungle, fighting against CEO of Greystoke Energies, a man who took over the company from Tarzan’s deceased parents. There's no release date yet, and we're still hoping this mediocre animation is still in the early stages. What do you think?

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  • Richie G
    Weak sauce
  • alex
    It's developed in Europe and it looks like crap. It will never be released in theaters stateside and no one will notice its existence. There is already a disney film with the same story that is still able to blow it out of the water story-wise despite being made 15 years ago. No point in revealing this film here. You might as well advertise for the animated abomination of a film, "Titanic: The Legend Goes On."...
    • ex
      Because american movies are much better .Like Transformers...oh wait...
      • Great job naming a bad movie. While completely ignoring the rest.
        • ex
          Same goes for alex's comment.He probably seen a few he did not like and now all are crap.Gotta love them generalizations.
          • I usually dont eat popcorn at the movies cause it makes me thirsty... I wanted to reply as well .__.
  • Jericho
    i would need to see another trailer to show what they plan to do with this before i decide if i want to go out of my way to see it....
  • ex
    One thing about Tarzan was always funny to me... ...If he was never socialized by humans,why is he not running around butt naked?
    • Squiggly_P
      There are a couple of (foreign) versions where he does exactly that, until 'civilized' people show up and he decides to wear clothes like them. Same goes for Jungle Book. The reason, tho, is because people in general (especially in the US) think seeing a penis in a movie will scar them for life and actors generally don't like running around naked all day.
      • weewee
        Fassbender 😉
  • Jay
    The movie nobody asked for.
    • Corey
      Nobody asked for Batman Reboot... we'll just wait see
    • weewee
      Aren't most of them like that though? And if we are lucky,we get some we want more of.
  • The Truth
    He should be butt naked for realism. After all the Gorillas are "naked". But unfortunately that won't happen because the movie theaters don't want to have to clean up the seats and the aisles of stains, tissues, and KY lubes. LOL!
  • csw
    That just doesnt look good at all :/
    Haha. Boo.
  • Julianjc23
    looks similar to Disney's Tarzan character, or was just me seeing the similaraties
  • RobOh
    Uhhh... that looks like chit.
  • Richie G
    ha ha. awh, this looks bad. Too many medium range shots and the proportions of Tarzan's face look too close to reality. Every animator knows you have to exagerate features even when you're aiming for a natural look
    • weewee
      lolwut? There are different art styles in animation.Heck,every artist can invent his/hers own unique style. It does not have to conform to some disney or whatever norm.You don't have to do anything.But yes,they usually do.
      • Richie G
        ok when I wrote "exagerate" your mind went to big disney eyes, so just for you I'll say "slightly enhance". If you copy the proportion of human features or movements exactly in animation it looks off. True fact
  • Mikey
    It does look decidedly average, but the trailer doesn't really show anything other than, as others have pointed out, that which we've seen before. I think we need to see a bit more character or narrative to know whether we'll want to see it or not... so far it's just an animated demo!
  • "this looks like it belongs in a video game instead of movie." I've seen video games that look better then this.




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