Must Watch: First Fantastic James Bond's 'Skyfall' Teaser Trailer Hits

May 21, 2012

Skyfall Teaser Trailer

"Some men are coming to kill us… I'm going to kill them first." It has arrived. Eon Productions has unveiled the first teaser trailer for James Bond's Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film and third to star Daniel Craig as Agent 007 (following Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace). This is just an early tease and it doesn't reveal too much, but it does show us plenty of footage and it's a fantastic first teaser trailer. Intriguing, thrilling, badass, everyone should be much more excited after seeing this, especially huge Bond fans like myself. Sam Mendes seems to be the perfect choice as director and it shows even in the glimpses we get here. Enjoy!

Watch the first official teaser trailer for James Bond's Skyfall, available in high def from

Skyfall is being directed by Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Jarhead, Revolutionary Road, Away We Go), from a script by John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. Skyfall will once again star Daniel Craig as James Bond 007, along with Javier Bardem, Dame Judi Dench as M, Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney, Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe, Helen McCrory, Ola Rapace with Ben Whishaw. You can also follow the official twitter @007 for updates as well, they've been tweeting photos and more. Columbia Pictures, Eon Productions and MGM have Skyfall set to hit US theaters on November 9th this fall. We'll continue to keep you updated on all things Bond. Read my on set experience from Istanbul and stay tuned.

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  • Kris
    • Wickedbond
      Agreed.  Very cool and original looking.   I love it. It looks completely original from the other ones and I've watch ALL OF THEM once a year on the Bond Thanksgiving Day Marathon. The locations look like From Russia With Love. Only this version is much more serious looking. Love the new locations over the gutter stuff from Quantum Leap oh I mean Quantum of Solace. 😉 I'm hoping that this one takes espionage and plot mystery to a level never before seen in a Bond movie. From looking at the trailer it looks like it's their intention. Bond killing everyone in sight and having an even more solid romance story than Casino Royale just might make this the best Bond film ever. Or am I hoping to much... lol Oh, I hope he finally becomes more sophisticated since he certainly looks a little older since Casino Royale. With still that Craig brut "kick ars" nature of course.
  • Rhythm Master
    This trailer comes across as a bit of a generic hip action film to be honest, if they never threw the '007' logo in at the end there would be very little evidence that it is a bond film at all.
    • That comment is true, painfully so...
    • Blurb
       Completely agree. This is why Campbell is my favorite pick for 007 director...he's the only one that stays true to the essence. Mendes and Forster need to get their own franchises if they want to try something newfangled.
      • Waffles
        From only this teaser I agree, but I think you have to remember that this is just that, only a teaser.  It's the first drop in the marketing bucket to begin drawing the mainstream audience back in.  Many of the most ardent fans have been following the film's progress for months and don't need this trailer to be reminded that it's on its way.  That's why it's not necessarily super James-Bondy; it's there to entice the 'average' viewer, while those fans who don't like the flashiness are strong enough fans that they're gonna go see it regardless of the tone of this trailer.  Marketing 101: advertisements are for NEW customers.  That's why Old Spice doesn't have a 60 year old man telling you that he's been using it for 40 years; they have a flashy, witty, humorous commercial screaming at 20-somethings that they will be awesome if they use it. Long story short - I wouldn't worry about the tone of a teaser, I would focus on the glimpses of the film's visuals.  Based on that, I think this looks very modern but still undeniably Bond.
        • Peggiboumboom
          @WAFFLES....  Well said Waffles!
    •  Agreed, trailer is only like 5/10 IMO.
    • Phillip Gockel
      I agree with your assessment of the trailer, but I'm still holding out hope for a good dose of the Bond wit and charm we've all become so accustomed to.  Not to say that I won't see it either way though.
      • Akwasi Asabere
        I would have to disagree, I mean if you know the characters you would know this is Skyfall. For example Judi Dench and another character from the previous 007 movie were watching the interrogation room. I mean what other movie stars Judi Dench and Daniel Craig together? Also the guy said skyfall in the interrogation room, so thats plenty to hint that its a James Bond flick.
        • Phillip Gockel
          I think the OP was referring more to the tone and look of the film rather than exacting details. Yes, as someone who recognizes actors and future movie titles, I understood that this was a bond film, but were you to replace the actors with new ones (say for whatever reason, they had all died or didn't want to make this movie) would it feel like a Bond film? Probably not. I mean, sure, some might still be able to make that connection, but it would be related in much more subtle ways.
    • Where's the "you're an idiot" button?
      • The Truth
        There is none, because most of us like this!
  • Chazzy
  • Soundtrack was a bit dumph! Dumph! Dumph! Dumph! Funhys
  • Oliver J L
    stunning !
  • Darius1x
    This teaser helped me realize how much I've missed this franchise.
  • Manuel
    -You take all the gadgets away... what are you? -Badass, playboy, super assassin. 
  • Zero
    Ohhhhhh I've been waiting for this!!
  • meh. first half was eh. 2nd half was awesome though. esp. the remix of the classic theme...ehekhekkseesz..
  • Nielsen700
    Huge Bond fan. Can't wait!!
  • tir na nog
    bring it on
  • Ehsan Davodi
    They say this one had a little action and long dialogue. I don't know accept it or hate it but I love movies that have BALANCE between action & dialogue, i hop this was be on this formula too. I say many many time and say again this 2012 year : Bourne Beat The Bond / Bond Beat The Bat / Bat Beat The Bain / Bain Beat The Butts (ours)! Kidding!!
    • Rhythm Master
      I've missed you Ehsan :)
  • rep6
    exciting! looks beautifully shoot! the person falling looked amazing... lets hope it more casino royale than quantum of sausages...
  • I say: BRING IT ON!!
  • darthwhitey
    Looks good...GOTTA be better than the last one!
  • I've got a sly smile on my face when that trailer ends - BRING IT!!!
  • Loser
    The decision to hire Sam Mendes as the director is genious. lets get ready for the best Bond movie ever made. Teaser trailer could have been better though.
  • ? RiDdlEr ¿
    I wonder if that's Javier Bardem at 1:04......looks brutal. oops i'm sorry, before someone corrects me i meant (Javier Bardem's character)
  • I'm ready. Just hoping this closes the loop from the first to this, the third, Bond with Craig. I felt like Quantum of Solace was the middle of a trilogy like storyline.
  • Blurb
    Original script not based on an Ian Fleming plot...David Arnold replaced...quirky humor given up for wacky sci-fi neon visuals... This is quickly leaving the realm of nostalgic 007 and entering the realm of "the Die Hard 2 of the Daniel Craig Bond films".
    •  Are you trying to say that James Bond has never dealt in wacky sci-fi? I think people keep forgetting that at least half of James Bond movies have sucked or been ridiculous bullshit.
      • Scopedog
        "I think people keep forgetting that at least half of James Bond movies have sucked or been ridiculous bullshit." I'd say he's forgotten.
        • My friend showed me one the other day with Christopher Walken and half the movie was on a horse ranch. And it was about... A weather machine attacking San Francisco or something. Anyone else remember this?
          • Scopedog
            That would be A VIEW TO A KILL, Roger Moore's last appearance as Bond.  It did involve Walken's character (the villain) wanting to detonate a large bomb to set off the San Andreas least that's what I remember.  Along with the fact that Tanya Roberts and Grace Jones were in the movie as the Bond girls. It isn't one of the better Bond films.  And while some hate on QUANTUM OF SOLACE, it's still a helluva lot better than AVTAK, at least in my view.
          •  Me and my buddies would joke about how Roger Moore was the only Bond to really, really hate playing James Bond. Like he made every effort to make it as wacky and ridiculous as possible. He is basically the exact opposite of Daniel Craig. Anyway, my main point was how James Bond has always been ridiculous and, for many times, downright stupid. There was a guy who could kill you with his hat; nuff said.
  • fem!anon
    Looks good! I had no idea Ralph Fiennes was in this! Makes me want to watch even more.
    • Ryderup
      Isn't it rumoured he will take over the M-part from Judi Dench in future installments.
  • Danimal
    why yes sir, that is a bit of wee in my trousers
  • Pringles
    One of my complaints about Quantum of Solace was that the action scenes were a bit weak. If they can manage it rack it up a bit more like in Casino Royale I'm more than sure this will be a satisfying Bond venture.
    • RidgeRacer4
      Everything in QoS was weak...starting with that dreadful song...uggg. This looks so good by comparison but also, just so damned intriguing.
      • Chris Amaya
        I happened to love the car chase in the beginning of Quantum. I hope there's something like that.
        • Car chase was the best part of the movie. You can tell even by just listening to the soundtrack — it's the only memorable track.
  • I love the new James Bond look. A friend of mine is huge into the series and introducted me to some of the worst ones. The other day we watched one where half the movie was spent on Christopher Walken's horse farm. It's like when Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out and everyone said it was betraying the franchise, completely forgetting that Temple of Doom was explicitly, offensively terrible. 
    • Temple of Doom was a brave outing though. And then Spielberg/Lucas returned to the tried-and-true formula of Raiders with Last Crusade. Both factors I think give a lot of credit to them as filmmakers in many peoples' minds. They made a great film, then experimented a bit, found some things that work and a lot that didn't, and made another great film based on what they found from the first two. I actually don't think Temple of Doom was offensively terrible; it wasn't great but it didn't fit the Indiana Jones mold we were expecting. Quantum of Solace, on the other hand, was objectively not good for many reasons. Same with A View to a Kill.Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was awful for a number of reasons, only one of which was that it "betrayed the franchise". I don't know if you're a Harry Plinkett fan but if you aren't not a fan his review of Kingdom is epic and hilarious and totally worth watching:
  • Xerxexx
    That was enough for me. See you there.
  • DoomCanoe
    cant wait just hope the script is better then QOS
    • It will be. I remember reading an interview with Daniel Craig where he said that "even he" ended up writing part of the QOS script because the film was made during the writer's strike. No strike = no one but real, paid screenwriters writing.
  • JM
    Looks great for me. And thanks that it does have his own look, because if (as some cemments said before) a saga or lonf franchise still looks the same, it ends looking a parody. IT happened before after Moonraker and Day another Day. Bond has to be changed to still be same. And this looks 100 x 100 007.
  • Dom
    As a fan of the earlier films and the earlier bronsan ones, I think this is a return to old in a good way! The dialogue felt more classic bond and it had much more suave than the previous outtings. This film looks amazing, the set pieces and the effects work - i think we're in for a real treat!
  • Cracky
    I think this trailer is just excellent. Not too 007 (which is disappointing) but good none the less.
  • JJ King
    How can Daniel Craig not be your favourite Bond? 007 has now been re-defined and there is no going back. Great trailer, really did it's job. 
    • McWetty
      Sean Connery will always and forever be my favorite Bond. I can't think of any actor that could possibly take his place. 
      • Loser
        Tom Hardy reminds me much of a young Connery as Bond and could perhaps match his stint as Bond.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I had a really hard time holding onto my panties, there. Hnngghh! 
  • Jericho
    oh speaking of, i believe the weapon at the end is what the new Q will be making for him......
  • After loving the shit out of Millenium I became quite the Daniel Craig fan 😀
  • Rain Spider
    As the Tostitos Bag would say "Booyah!" "Booyah" Daniel craig kicks so much ass as Bond. 
  • McWetty
    I'm not a huge fan of Daniel Craig as Bond, but this trailer really made me wanna see Skyfall.
  • The difference between Sam and most other directors who have taken on the franchise: Sam has brought what looks to be a stylish thriller that has a film noir feel to it, and it just so happens to include the incredible Mr. Bond. 
  • Max Renn
    Great teaser. Bond's drink isn't a martini this time though, is it? It's some Euro beer or something. Advertising affecting the character is not cool.
    • Scopedog
      But it won't affect the character--Bond is, after all, a "sort of blunt instrument...who would get into these bizarre and twisted adventures in which he'd have to shoot his way out of...." Those quotes are Ian Fleming talking about his creation.
  • redskulllives
    SWEET 😀
  • Here's hoping that trailer music was pulled directly from the score.
  • mawria
    Well I'm definitely IN!
  • LOVE IT!!! Am I the only one here who hopes that the word association scene kicks off the movie????
  • 2012 year of the film!
  • Dennis
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