Must Watch: First 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World' Trailer

February 9, 2012
Source: Yahoo! Movies

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

"And we'll be bringing you the countdown to the end of days along with all your classic rock favorites." The poster just debuted this week, and as promised, now we have the first official trailer for the fantastic looking comedic drama Seeking a Friend for the End of the World starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley as an unlikely pair who develop a relationship while on one last road trip to find the former's high school sweetheart before the end of days. My only gripe is I'm not sure anyone would work anywhere if the end of the world was so near. But I digress, as it doesn't detract from how great this film looks. Watch!

Here's the trailer for Lorene Scafaria's Seeking a Friend for the End of the World via Yahoo:

You can also download the Seeking a Friend for the End of the World trailer in High Def on Yahoo

As an asteroid nears Earth, a man finds himself alone after his wife leaves in a panic. He decides to take a road trip to find his high school sweetheart, but his neighbor inadvertently puts a wrench into his plans.

Lorene Scafaria (writer of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) is making her feature directorial debut with Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, which she also scripted. Steve Carell and Keira Knightley star in the film about a man who attempts to reconnect with his high school sweetheart at the end of the world and his cute neighbor who offers to help drive him there. Adam Brody, Gillian Jacobs, Melanie Lynskey, Connie Britton, T.J. Miller and more also star in the film which is slated to hit theaters this summer on June 22nd.

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  • Buzzfunk
    This looks actually good!!
  • cinemabandit
    That cop.....a**hole!
    • Chazzy
      He's always an a**hole!!!!      This looks pretty good. And T.J. Miller is outrageous lol.
      • stfugtfo
         only an a**hole would want to become a cop
        • Anonymous
          Ya would think that people talking shit about cops would have the balls to not censor the word asshole
          • JL
            If the world was coming to an end, I would taser a bunch of cops... ...because I'm an asshole.
  • Looks good although I can't come to terms with how much this is ripping off "Forever is not so long"
  • Anonymous
    i think this looks pretty good - however, i have to ask (as ethan did) : WHO would be working if the world was going to end in 3 weeks?
    • Xerxexx
      I would hope that Billington would still be working, I needs my news.
      • Anonymous
        i hear ya, buddy! but, if the world is ending in 3 weeks, i'll be too busy having as much fun as i can to be worried with news!! lol
        • Xerxexx
          Dancing naked in a church like Homer Simpson.
          • Anonymous
            hell yea!  with billy idols "dancing with myself" playing in the  background!!
    • Danimal
      It looks like a lot of them question that in the trailer. It's minor problem that hopefully they have a funny solution to. This looks awesome btw.
      • Anonymous
        agree on them having a funny solution......and i'm looking forward to seeing this too!
  • Zade
    People continuing to work could be a form of them expressing their denial in the end of the world, maybe they want to everything to seem normal before their untimely demise
  • filmineeer
    it seems alright, but doesn't the END OF THE WORLD seem more dramatic than comedic? i have a hard time seeing the comedic side to it. and yeah, i don't think anyone would be able to go back to work, but they do in this movie because it makes it funny! ............... ugh
    •  That's exactly the point, though. Do we honestly need another serious-dramatic-look-into-the-sunset-as-modern-civilization-crumbles-apart drama?
    • JL
      Perhaps, in the end of the movie, earth doesn't get destroyed, and it was just some NASA dickheads making a very very poor prediction.  And then everybody realizes that they just quit their jobs, looted, raped, and murdered their way to a non-event, and now their lives are just totally screwed up.
      • I thought that it was the Radio Station. Just like that episode of Family Guy. I hope they don't do it. The world better end otherwise I am doing what Stewie did to Will Ferrell after watching Bewithced!
  • grimjob
    Looks ok. Good use of the Talking Heads in the trailer.
  • Xerxexx
    :) That was me watching the trailer.
  • Jedibilly
    Looks good, but actually it could be depressing as well.
  • Robephiles
    There was a movie about the end of the world called Last Night, that came out a few years ago.  Just like in this movie some people continued to work but there were also people rioting in the streets.  If this were to really happen there are a large number of people who would continue to work.  If we knew that the end of the world was coming in three weeks and everybody stopped working then those three weeks would be hell on earth.  That is why a large number of people would continue to work.  Not everybody would but many would. 
  • Ehsan Davoodi
    Steve Carl is king of modern comedians. He isnot fool ,he is funny really. I think he go in right way. I wath his movies. This one must be great too. Long live Steve!
  • Johnny Neat
    Wow, that surprised me. Rental for sure. Although I can't stand how Knightley talks through her teeth. Did someone at acting school or which ever producer she blew to have her overrated acting career tell her at some point that doing that was cute, sexy or emotionally inspiring? Anyhow it got me somewhat interested, so...
  • Craig
    Steve and Keira seem an odd coupling but it looks good, if somewhat depressing. Also, what's different about Steve? Has he lost weight?




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