Must Watch: First 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Announcement Teaser!

December 6, 2012
Source: Apple

Star Trek Into Darkness

"I have returned to have my vengeance!" Paramount has unveiled the first announcement teaser for J.J. Abrams' sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. This isn't the full trailer, but just an intro teaser, giving us a taste of some of the sci-fi this time around. Chris Pine returns as Kirk, Zachary Quinto is back as Spock, chasing a villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch. We're still getting an IMAX 3D prologue for Trek 2 in front of The Hobbit (IMAX only) starting next week when it opens, in addition to the full trailer before The Hobbit (now available here to view). This looks awesome so far, one of my most anticipated movies of 2013.

Watch the first short announcement teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Into Darkness via Apple:

Note: We've discovered that the Japanese trailer (also found on Apple) has 15 seconds of extra footage, including a few shots reminiscent of the Kirk/Spock death scene in Wrath of Khan. This frame. Watch here:

When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated everything the fleet stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a "one man weapon of mass destruction."

Star Trek Into Darkness is the sequel to the J.J. Abrams-directed reboot of Gene Roddenberry's original science fiction series. The screenplay this time was co-written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman & Damon Lindelof. Most of the crew is back, including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin & John Cho. Paramount is bringing Into Darkness to theaters May 17th next summer.

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    I have wood.
  • duane
    hol-ee ballz.... sherlock has gone ape shit. kee-yant wait.
  • ak
    bwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum bwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum bwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum every fucking trailer
    • antenor
      haha, so true
    • Nick
      I'll never complain, it's fucking awesome!
    • Richie G
      not inception, that was all baooooooow baooooooow baooooooow
    • Alejo
      only inception and prometheus really got it right. every other trailer that has tried to use it has failed miserably.
    • hi hello
      hahah true. So funny that it is overused like crazy. BWUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!!
    • castingcouch
      It's the official anthem of Hollywood movie trailers.
  • Cody W
    I heard that Abrams would be showing 9 minutes of footage in front of The Hobbit is this true?
    • Richie G
      it's in the article, only in front of imax
      • Akirakorn
        who has the time to read when you can blindly click links and post comments...
        • Cody W
          Damn straight...douchebag.
  • syntaxterror
    does anyone else think his voice sounds like Patrick Stewart's? Also, awesome!
    • David Banner
      Yeah, he does sound a bit like Patrick Stewart, hehe. Lend an ear to this, and you can hear more of Benedict Cumberbatch, search for: "Benedict Cumberbatch - All of his Jaguar Voice Overs" on youtube :)
  • Armeetapus16
    Sherlock must've been pissed something fierce
  • Burtes
    And the lens flares are back!
    • Scopedog
      Didn't see any...but maybe I didn't clean my glasses....
  • This looks fucking legendary!
  • BloodwerK
    Am I the only one who noticed what looked like Spock and Kirk's hands on opposite sides of some kind of glass?
    • Efterklang
      I believe anyone with a pair of eyes noticed that.
      • BloodwerK
        I don't mean it just being there, I'm talking about how much just that looks like Spock's death in Wrath of Kahn. I'm guessing you probably knew that, though, and just wanted to be a smartass...
        • Steven
          Most likely as its in the text between the trailers....
  • UnknownX
    I'm back from the future and.. and PEOPLE: HERE MY VOICE: This movie sucks !!! Trust me ! you'll waste your time, your life and your money by watching it ! I warned you
    • Tyson
      He's lying. He is not from the future. Time travel has not happened yet. Do not listen to a word this lying man says as he is trying to mislead you.
      • OfficialJab
        It doesn't matter when it happens. It doesn't need to have happened yet for someone to come here from when it is invented.
        • Aaron Burns
          That's the point of the joke.
          • OfficialJab
            I apologize for playing along.
      • Adversary
        Time travel hasn't been invented yet, but 30 years from now, it will have been.
        • Tyson
          My eyes are opened. Thank you so much. I am so pleased this man has travelled through time armed with his opinions of Star Trek movies and crude knowledge of the English language to warn me off Star Trek at night. Cheers for preventing me from wasting another two hours of my life on a Star Trek film.
    • octopus9498
      I'm HERE from the past! HEAR my voice: you need to take remedial English classes immediately!
      • UnknownX
        ahah you're so right ^^ shame on me ! +1
    • Scopedog
      So...who wins the World Series for the next 25 years, Mr. Time Lord wanna-be?
      • Akirakorn
        Doubt he has time to remember baseball trivial with all 'dem Trek shows to re-re-re-watch
    • syntaxterror
      I'm back from McDonald's and... who had the Big Mac with fries?
      • Akirakorn
        Umm. okay...
        • syntaxterror
          somebody didn't bother to read the thread completely.
    • vampirarchist
      If you're from the future, doesn't that mean we're supposed to kill you to get the gold?
      • sh
        OMG vampirarchist you can't just ask people if we're supposed to kill them to get the gold...
  • eh
    The dumbing down of greatness which was Star Trek continues. It looks like a fun cock porn I mean pop corn action movie but nothing like The Next Generation which was really the greatest Star Trek period .Imo.
    • Scopedog
      "The dumbing down of greatness which was Star Trek continues." Yep, that's just your opinion. Let's forget that the original series, while damned good, had just as much "dumb action" in it along with great SF themes. And DS9 was the greatest Trek, period....imo.
  • Tyler Cobaugh
    Now i am really excited, J.J has done it again
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness, more like Star Trek: Into Awesomeness!
  • beevis
    the special effects look spectacular......really can't say much on the movie yet - full trailer will probably help.
    • mmmmmmmmm
      You didn`t wiggle in excitement just a little??
      • beevis
        hells, yea - the effects were awesome and i'm very curious as to who the villian is......i'm just hoping for a great story too!
        • Scopedog
          Yeah, agree with you there...the starship crashing in the ocean? Looks insane! Something tells me that ILM is pulling out all the stops for this (plus they've got IRON MAN 3 and who knows what else...).
          • beevis
            the starship in the ocean looked AMAZING!
        • mmmmmmmm
          Judging by the 1st film, its gonna be a event let me tell you, especially in IMAX. The volcano sequence looks like a complete mindfuck o_O
          • beevis
            hey, the effects do look great!
  • mmmmmmmm
    OH SHIOT. This will be more than worth waiting for o_O
  • Oh no. Is Spock going to die again? I'm not made of enough emotional strength to handle that twice.
    • I am far less emotionally invested in this Spock that the "real" Spock. If he dies I am ok with that.
      • JJ Abrams has a way of getting his audience emotionally invested. When I saw the first JJ Star Trek I took my wife who was not enthusiastic at all. She was balling in the first 10 minutes when Kirk's dad died and at the end of the movie thought it fantastic. I'm sure what we all saw was a homage to Wrath of Khan and not Spock dying. None-the-less, I'm gripped already. Can't wait. What has 2 thumbs and is "emotionally invested"? THIS GUY!
        • No offense, that's not emotionally invested, that's an audience member that's emotional. You can't compare how invested you are in someone you've just seen on screen for 5 minutes to the death of Spock, a WORSHIPED character we had been obsessing over for 16 years before Wrath of Khan. There is nothing Abrams or anyone else can do in four hours of screen time that can develop a character enough to create that kind of emotion..besides, THIS SPOCK looks and sounds like a California kid, he's really nothing compared to Nimoy. And I don't mean that to be offensive, I think the new character is good, he's just not THE Spock, with that sense that he's an 80 year old wisdom in a 35 year old body. With Quinto we get an arrogant, snotty teenager forcing himself to act's just not something that inspires AWE. Grown men were leaving the theater with tears running down their face after STII, (or so I've heard, lol) And THAT was because of how REAL the relationship between Kirk and Spock and McCoy felt.....they barely know each other in this new incarnation. They had put their lives on the line for each other 79 times before Wrath of Khan.
          • The character of Kirk's dad was on the screen mere moments, yet JJ was able to make us feel something deep for that character. He established an emotional connection quickly. My wife wasn't the only person crying in the theater at that moment. I'm sure he will do the same if this is Spock's demise...again (Although I've read others say it may be Kirk who dies). I think you underestimate the power of film making to think JJ can't create that kind of emotion in minutes. That's the power of film. JJ's done it before. He can do it again. True, I don't feel as much for Quinto's Spock as I do Nimoy's. Nimoy established Spock on television, which I loved that show as a kid, and then on film. As was a teenager, I saw ST:WOK and wept in the theater with many others. However, I trust JJ will do more to develop the relationship between all the characters, including Kirk and Spock, and tear our hearts out if we witness another Star Trek death, no matter which character it is. But, that will happen on JJ's work, not because I see this ST universe as anything related to the TV show or Shatner/Nimoy films. But I get it everyone. I get it. No one wants to compare emotions between the old crew and the new crew. Personally, I love Star Trek...period. I care about these characters now. I don't want to see any of them take a screen death. Too much for my little ST lovin' fanboy to take!
    • Spock
      Kirk dies in this timeline.
      • Spock? Spock! Nooooooooooo! 😉
  • Jedi
    Did anyone else notice that Cumberbatch is wearing a Starfleet uniform, complete with insignia at 0:46 of the trailer? Why would Khan be wearing a Starfleet uniform? I have a feeling the Abrams may be screwing with us a bit. Has anyone considered that he could actually be Garth of Izar instead?
    • Scopedog
      Garth certainly makes more sense than Khan or Mitchell. Right now, though, there's nothing but speculation. We'll see more in the coming months. Not too much, I hope, since I want to be surprised and enjoy the film on its own, which was the case with the 2009 reboot.
    • OfficialJab
      I don't remember Khan even being confirmed, just guessed at.
      • Jedi
        That was kind of my point. He hasn't been confirmed, but everyone seems so convinced that he's Khan, especially with the inclusion of the "Spock's Death" scene reference. I actually hope that he's NOT Khan. Khan has been done. They did a great job in the first film to explain the possibility of an alternate time line, I hope they stay consistent with that and don't go back to just remaking what has already been done, e.g. Khan, Spock's death, Genesis.
        • OfficialJab
          Well I agree insofar as I believe they should do any remakes, but despite the universe being irreparably changed in several ways, Khan still presumably exists somewhere. And unless he was involved in the alternate events, would probably be mostly the same person. He's a strong character, and I wouldn't really have a problem seeing him again.
  • Tester
    I cannot wait to see this movie, but I am a little underwhelmed by this teaser, I was hoping for some major space battles this time around... Looking forward to the trailer
    Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Badass.
  • silentjay
    Holy Shit snacks!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!
  • Thexn
    Oh, you know Kirk's gonna be shouting it! Khan! Khaaaaaaaaan! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
  • I think the bad guy is the character Gary Mitchell, and the blond is Elizabeth Dehner, originally played by Sally Kellerman.
  • OfficialJab
    I don't think I'm ever going to get used to that title. Movie looks great, I always trust JJ.... far....
    1:09 Spock caps the reactor. Next film Star Trek:Genesis...calling it!
  • Guest of Honor
    Honestly, they should stop at this. I am willing to bet upcoming official trailer, trailer 2 & 3 and all those tv spots are just going to be too much revelation and ruin the movie for a lot of people.
  • I'd be willing to bet that J.J. Abrams is trying to throw us off with that last shot in the Japanese trailer. No way this plays out EXACTLY like TWoK. That said, this certainly whets my appetite and I can't wait to see the full trailer in front of The Hobbit when I see that on the 15th.
    • bat0u
      pretty sure it's Gary Mitchell
  • Can't they just go to a new planet every week and make peace like they did in the old days? Just kiddin, looks fun times.
  • kwd1968
    Notice his eyes change from brown when hes got that big rifle to blue when hes in the starfleet uniform later on. It's the pilot storline where Mitchel gets super psychic powers. And the end part it's Spock outside the glass not inside so he won't die.
  • Benjamin
    Love. The. Voice!
  • Payne by name
    The first one was a needlessly overly complicated mess that although a reboot was desperate to have an old face in just because it was believed the audience wouldn't handle the transition without it. I really hope that this tries a little harder, dials down the lightening quick editing and just, well, takes its time.
    • oldfart
      I don't think Abrams will give up his bag of tricks that easy.Besides,it's for the ADHD generation.
  • Dominic A
    I notice no one's mentioned the LAST line of the Japanese trailer . Did Abrahms rewrite Mitchell to be Kirk's relative ? Cause we know it's someone from kirk's past . ( it's not khan basically because we've seen no indicators of a genetic war storyline - you gotta SEND him into exile before you bring him BACK too long for 1 movie) Chris Giebler is right that's gotta be Elizabeth Dehner . ...But who goes to a movie for plot anymore ?? anyway :o) the visuals are going to be awesome , even with this early-spaceflight , functional drab gray /shiny blue theme in the scenery and apparel . The 1st is more red and green and Enterprise white . Picking a certain color pattern seems endemic to all the movies , somebody's job .....
  • Yuggg
    Trek was always about this wonderful future you would want to live in, this is not that.




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