Must Watch: Impressive First Trailer for Disney's 'The Lone Ranger'

October 3, 2012
Source: Apple

The Lone Ranger

Ever since the first footage was shown at Comic-Con this past summer, audiences have been waiting to catch a glimpse of The Lone Ranger starring Armie Hammer as the titular hero and Johnny Depp as his sidekick Tonto. The teaser poster just popped up yesterday and now the first trailer (basically what was shown at Comic-Con this summer) is finally here, and it certainly puts to rest those concerns over the film's budget (for now). There's impressive action, and this looks like the kind of surprising film that director Gore Verbinski delivered with Pirates of the Caribbean. We might be looking at a new Western franchise.

Here's the first trailer for Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger, in high def from Apple:

"There come a time, Kimosabe… When good men must wear mask…" Never take off the mask. Thoughts?

The Lone Ranger is directed by Pirates of the Caribbean franchise helmer Gore Verbinski and written by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio and Justin Haythe. Native American spirit warrior Tonto (Johnny Depp) recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid (Armie Hammer), a man of the law, into a legend of justice—taking the audience on a runaway train of epic surprises and humorous friction as the two unlikely heroes must learn to work together and fight against greed and corruption. Lone Ranger arrives July 3rd, 2013.

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  • So, not only does Depp look ridiculous with a bird on his head, but he speaks in a highly stereotypical manner. First Nations people are NOT going to like this film.
    • yup
      are you saying no first nations people talk like that? none at all? not one? thought so
      • The whole point of "stereotype" is the fact that they don't really talk like that.
        • Phillip Gockel
          Stereotypes exist for a reason. Just saying.
          • redtie
            Check out the documentary "Reel Injun."
        • beevis
          which gets back to my first question to you - which you responded with this : "There is no "appropriate" way for Johnny Depp as Tonto to speak."......SO, how the hell is tonto supposed to say anything!!!??? i don't see the big deal with how he spoke his lines.
      • sneaqui
        Well, no. No First Nations people do speak like that. Because they all, you know, speak English. :/
    • beevis
      yea - that bird thing on his head does look ridiculous. hey! i'm curious. what would (for you) be the appropriate way for tonto to speak? lost me on that.
      • There is no "appropriate" way for Johnny Depp as Tonto to speak. Despite what he might say about distant lineage, he is a white man playing a First Nations character.
        • Jericho
          he spoke in Pidgin anyways in the original radio broadcast, what you are hearing is what Tonto was originally portrayed anyways, the actor for the TV series even pointed this out by making fun of it on a skit from the tonight show with johnny carson...and Tonto means Fool in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian so either way someone is getting insulted so its a little late to bitch about it.......
          • beevis
            agreed. some people are so worried about being politically correct - they've lost their sense of humor.
          • redtie
            If the film were to mimic the style of the original, then the speech wouldn't need to be revisited. Since disney is doing the whole let's make this thing dark, the speech should be revisited.
        • beevis
          then how is it "stereotypical"?
    • You mean Injuns? I keed I keed! Seriously though, I agree.
    • Stereotypes are there for a reason ya know....
  • To be honest, I'm underwhelmed. They are just showing off the visual flare, it seems. There's effects, there's action, there's Johnny Depp, go see our movie. I'll probably see Independence Day in 3D that weekend instead.
    • It's a teaser trailer. That's what it's supposed to do.
      • poo
        Amen to that sir Ethan of Andertown.
      • And I don't think it's particularly effective. Teasers for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises showed less footage from their films and still gave a much better sense of what was in store, story wise, in those films. Teasers are supposed to get me MORE interested in the movie, not less.
      • Jim
        No, Ethan, it's supposed to attract people and get them interested. This does neither. Although it does, apparently, make instant fanboys out of FirstShowing editors...
    • beevis
      chris - when you said "there's effects, there's action" - you just described the hook for superhero films - and the general public loves, this'll probably do ok.
      • Sure, but with superhero movies, you tend to get a sense of getting more than that as well. I mean, Battleship had effects and action, and so does The Avengers...yet one was a huge success with great reviews and the other didn't make much and got horrible reviews.
        • beevis
          what do you mean when you say "you tend to get a sense of getting more than that as well". as far as the rest of your post - i never said some movies will be awful. but, your analogy lof "here's effects, action and depp" fits with the standard SH movie (which is here's effects action and the characters/stars)
        • Cody W
          O yeah comparing The avengers to battleship is totally a fair comparison, its not like one had a legion of nerds at the door waiting for it or anything......
          • Yes...the 'nerds' are the reason that all of the critics loved The Avengers...
  • JerseyBoy
    So the main action sequence in the film is set on a moving train? Wow we definitely can't see evidence of the budget drop in the trailer *Rolls Eyes*. Yeah taking audiences on a runaway train literally to hell. It doesn't even give the story and already it looks like a confusing mess of visuals in vein of films like The Green Hornet & Wes's 3 Muskateers flick. Yeah just reminded you of those 2 films huh which had awesome trailers like this only to be let down terribly.
    • That train is actually part of the reason the film went over budget. They built it from scratch.
      • PissNVinegar
        Put that in your hair gel and smoke it jersey boy! Trains ftw
        • Jericho
          i seriously wonder if Jerseyboy is just here to remind us that there are still people who hate everything...for no reason....
          • Cody W
            Hahahaha amen
    • Jericho
      i take it its a good time to tell you its in the vein of the Green Hornet because the originals were made by the same person....
  • Dominic
    Totally ruined Lone Ranger! There is nothing in this that reminds me of the legend, and in fact it feels more like a film about Tonto aka Johnny Depp than the Lone Ranger. I thought I'd never say this but I am getting fed up of Depp. The soundtrack is also completely wrong. Oh dear.
    • How many films actually use the music that is in the trailer? Not that many.
  • poo
    Looks awesome!
    • bozo connors
      lol - judging from your comment directly below, you should maybe see somebody that specializes in bi-polar disorders.
  • grimjob
    I think this would have worked better as a standalone western, not as the Lone Ranger. It actually looked pretty damn cool before Depp and Hammer were shown.
    • Cody Wc
      But then that would mean they have to write..original..ahh...characters..ahhhhhhh!!!! *brain explodes*
      • grimjob
        Original characters? Oh, right, those were those things BEFORE the Age of Remakes. I think I saw some of those in my childhood.
  • truong18
    dadadedudu, looks fun.
  • Tester
    Just doesnt seem right at all and underwhelming.. Will have to wait to see the full trailer to decide.. but not looking good thus far
  • It was ballsy at best to try and pull this off, maybe it will succeed, not what I was expecting...
    • Richie G
      A lot better than I was expecting. Hope it does succeed
  • Sorry i still can't see Deep as a native american. even if he have blood cherokee or something like that. But, before you feel ofended... it's my particular perception
  • Well, I love Verbinski, and I've always enjoyed the screenwriting duo of Elliot & Rossio. I'm hoping this turns out. Hard to tell from the trailer; I think once we hear some more dialogue it'll be easier to judge.
  • Moviefan2247
    Count me in
  • Cody W
    Verbinski knows how to make a good time film, dont really care how true it is to the original series.
  • Visereth
    Hasn't the world had enough Helna Bonham Carter? and I bet Jonny Depp's character does something wacky!! They're following a recipe and that's it.
  • Big Boss
    250 million. Wow.
  • Bad song choice for the trailer.
  • VVS
    Looks pretty cool actually. I'm not that into the story, but the character Depp created looks phenomenal. I'm never not surprised by how he chooses to portray his characters. The still, expressionless face with the paint, and the haunting deep florid voice create for a very unique, interesting effect.
  • wow... so that's how he's going to play the part? hmmm I'm not sold yet.




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