Must Watch: Liam Neeson in Kick Ass 'Taken 2' International Trailer

June 21, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Taken 2

"He slaughtered our men, our brothers, our sons. We'll find him. We will have our revenge." Just last month we finally got our first official look at Taken 2, the sequel to the surprise action thriller hit starring Liam Neeson, and now the time has come to see retired CIA operative Bryan Mills in action as an international trailer for the flick has just surfaced. While there's a half-ass attempt to replicate the thrill of the cell phone scene from the first film between Neeson and his daughter (Maggie Grace), the trailer still packs a lot of punch, and should be a great treat for fans this fall with plenty of gunfire and snapped necks.

Here's the international trailer for Olivier Megaton's Taken 2, originally from Yahoo:

Taken 2 is a sequel to the surprise 2008 action hit starring Liam Neeson. In Istanbul, retired CIA operative Bryan Mills (Neeson) and his wife (Famke Janssen) are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter (Maggie Grace) in the first film. French filmmaker Olivier Megaton (of Colombiana and Transporter 3 previously) directs the film from a script by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen (who both wrote the original Taken film and Fifth Element together); Besson is also producing. 20th Century Fox is bringing Taken 2 to theaters everywhere starting on October 5th this year. Excited yet?

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  • clocker910
    OH HELL YES!!!!!!
  • Neal
    The director's name is Olivier Megaton? Wtf? Anyway the trailer is cool. I like Liam Neeson
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Breathtaking & Bonecrashing
    • rennmaxbeta
      wrestlers? transformers?
  • I don't Always fuck with the wrong guy, but when I do it's Liam Neeson
    • Elbak
    • Thexn
      That? That right there? Pure freakin' gold. Well done.
  • JC
    Excellent. Totally excited for this.
  • This looks even better than the first one!
  • RidgeRacer4
    Ah, so Liam and Famke have gotten remarried then? Guess that heightens the nuclear family drama then...wait who cares, I just want to see Liam "do what he does best" :)
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Well, his sex appeal grew proportionally to his asskickery. His wife never had a chance. 😉
  • Bl00dwerK
    Can't wait!
  • drcherd
    "Listen to me carefully kim, your mother is going to be taken....BLAT BLAT!!!!...nevermind kim they shot her." eh i dont know about this, cool that its the original cast but i feel like they could of done something else with it.
  • armeetapus16
    you'd think after losing the first 20 henchmen to one guy they'd learn not to fuck with Liam Neeson
  • Antonio
    Liam Neeson is a Boss!
  • SuicidalOptimist
    You gotta wonder if the bad guys are mentally retarded. They took his daughter before and he went beserk through their ranks. What makes them think things are gonna be different if they take his wife this time? One does not simply fuck with the mentor of Batman and Obi-Wan, you silly criminals.
    • Kwaz
      Couldn't of said it better myself.
    • Amen. Time to watch the fuck you train drive through some criminals. Chuga-chuga KILLLL KILLLL!
    • The guys who knew he went berserk are now lying in their coffins! Blame 'them' for lack of information. Taken 3 will have these guys in coffins and Countries Presidents taking oath of revenge. lol
    • Well they took his ex-wife lol.....
    • True that sir. A Jedi and the mentor of Batman.
    They HANGOVER 2'd it.
  • Lamar
    Oh yeah, can't wait!
  • D6
    Oh man, I'm so looking forward to this! The first one kicked some serious ass, so if this is even half as good as the first one, I'm all in! :)
  • grimjob
    Are you fucking kidding me?! Neeson vs. Boris the Blade?! Yes Please!!
  • tzarinna
    I'm on board.
  • I love people beating ethnic stereotypes in ridiculous stories! Hell yeah, I hope just before he kills the main guy he does a big jobby on the Qur'an just so it's even more like a bad ass white guy kicking the shit out of inkfaces. I thought the first movie was daft enough but folk actually seem to love this stupidity. Still going to have to watch just so I can discuss how daft it is at a later date.
    • Did you go from "Crapola" to "Carpola"? Hilarious.
      • yep Quanah, I thought it softened the name slightly and sounded less negative. A re-branding of sorts. Still the same nonsense, just a different name.
        • grimjob
          I was wondering about that myself.
        • Love it.
        • LosZombies
          Carpola did you just reboot on us!? :l jk
          • Bwhahahahahaha. Oh no I did! I couldn't register the name as someone already had it, but I haven't been replaced by a younger actor or I won't have dubstep as my theme tune.
  • LosZombies
    Looks badass, couldnt stop laughing in the beginning cuz of all the damn cliches, but still, Im so down to watch it!
  • Man what a silly premise. We all know the wife and daughter won't be killed.. So why even watch this? Unless they do get killed for a Taken 3 sequel.
    • O'Ryan
      Liam Neeson is going to FIND you and KILL you.
  • I could watch 24 hours straight of Liam Neeson killing dirtbags shot with a super 8 and no sound in black and white and be elated. This will be how my wife repays me for taking her to Breaking Dawn Part II. I will have to teach her the rules, which #1 is: When Mr. Neeson is killing, I will not respond to any comments, questions, or sexual advances.
  • internets is funny
    taken 2: take my wife. please.
  • LosZombies
    I swear I couldnt stop laughing throughout the first half of the trailer because of this: But other than that, it looks very badass! Cant wait to watch lol
    • grimjob
      Haha! I remember that. Funny shit!
      • LosZombies
        to hell with parliamentary procedure! lmfao
  • Brian
    I want you to listen closely. In part 3, they will take the family dog.
    • Wowzers
      Seriously laughed out loud.
  • Taken 2 The Grave.
  • JayC
    Neeson is the number one contender for Chuck Norris's throne. Looks awesome!
  • Terrible Reactor
    Must watch? Seriously?
  • Wow way better than I expected! This looks awesome! I can imagine him call and tell the guy "You will look for me, You Will find me, but I will kill you"
  • rock
    damnnn!!..i wish liam neeson was my dad.
  • I've heard they are going in a different direction for Taken 3. They're recasting Liam with Alec Baldwin.
  • fragility14
    This time they haven't Taken just one..........they've Taken 2.
  • I was a bit pessimistic when I first heard about the sequel. After watching this trailer I'm super excited. I'm glad they got the original characters back with what seems like expanded roles.
  • At first I thought, "Oh God there going to beat a dead horse".
  • Steven
    Take a good look at Kim, she is HOT!!
  • Kresha
    Just to note: Its true that albanians as every other nation has its dark side, but trust me, they do not represent us AT ALL! P.S. In the end of the day its just a movie, so enjoy it.




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