Must Watch: Kick Ass Official 'I Am Bruce Lee' Documentary Trailer

January 17, 2012

I Am Bruce Lee Documentary Trailer

"Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water." There can never be enough Bruce Lee, in movies especially. And now someone has made an entire documentary about his legacy and his spirit. It's titled simply, I Am Bruce Lee, directed by Pete McCormack, and features a whole hell of a lot of celebrities, including Mickey Rourke, Ed O'Neill, Manny Pacquiao, Black Eyed Peas' Taboo, Haywire's Gina Carano and yes, even Kobe Bryant himself pops up in here. This looks like a kick ass doc for a martial arts legend, just exploring who he was and why he was such a legend, but we already know the reasons anyway. Check it out!

Watch the official trailer for Pete McCormack's doc I Am Bruce Lee, found via TheMovieBox:

Bruce Lee is universally recognized as the pioneer who elevated martial arts in film to an art form, and this doc reveals why Bruce Lee's flame burns brighter now than the day he died over three decades ago.

I Am Bruce Lee is directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Pete McCormack, of Uganda Rising, Hope in the Time of Aids and the doc Facing Ali previously. This was produced by Network Entertainment and is being distributed by D&E Entertainment and Spike TV. I Am Bruce Lee will first be hitting limited theaters starting February 9th this year. For more info, visit the official website:

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  • I'm a huge fan of Bruce Lee. I live about 10 miles from his gravestone, and have stood over it honoring his legacy with a bow. I will watch this.
  • Anonymous
    Gina Carano.......if there was one girl i'd let kick my ass.....*sigh*
    • Richie G
      "let" ha
  • Anonymous
    "a lot of celebrities, including Mickey Rourke, Ed O'Neill, Manny Pacquiao, Black Eyed Peas' Taboo, Haywire's Gina Carano and yes, even Kobe Bryant himself pops up in here" Only Mickey Rourke and Ed O'Neill were even alive before Bruce died, plus I'm pretty sure they never met the guy in person. This list of celebs thing makes my head hurt.
    • Tim Tran
      I think the movie is honoring his legacy. So it makes sense i guess to have people who were "inspired" by him. not to say there are sure to be some people who are hopping on board just to get their face on something.  Also, on another note, Ed O'Neill is actually very involved in the martial arts community. He is actually black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Leo
    they should let Jackie Chan speak too. because he's one of Bruce Lee's beat-up/stunt man.
    • Taylorjm66
      The reason hes not in the film is because his agent made it very costly for him to be in it making network entertainment pay Jackie for every year the film did good. They ended up not being able to afford it.
  • Hooobart
    Makes you realise how good the Senna Documentary is when you see an uninspired and traditional doc like this. Talking heads by people who have no connection and are of no interest to the Bruce lee story.
    • guest
      Ive seen this Doc and now reading that ignorant comment makes me sick. The celebs are highlighted in this trailer for attraction but they only make up certain segments of the Doc, there are also people from all walks in Bruce's life. Its not uninspired, its not a cash in.
  • Dragonmovie
    pass.  Why do I care what some random celebs think of Bruce Lee???... I don't.
    • Richie G
      This looks like something that belongs on the e channel
  • Chris_G
    Nice to see UFC presdient Dana White and UFC Light Heavyweight(205 pounds) champion Jon Jones featured in this documentary as well.
  • Mike nguyen
    When ever there is a road block or losing my mind . I think of Bruce lee ,it helps me get through the day'
    I just rewatched THE WAY OF THE DRAGON a few days ago, the one in which Bruce Lee kills Chuck Norris, and damn if it was not as engaging and fun as the first time I viewed it. Bruce Lee is a legend.
  • LW
    If I don't watch this I'm afraid I will miss... all.. dat... heavenry... gloorryyy.....
  • Anonymous
    Bruce Lee is the man....and I want to see this.  However, I was following this along nicely until that guy started to compare spirits of Bruce Lee's to guys like Ali, Jordan and......Jay-Z????  Jay-Z???  Really?  I lost all respect for that guy the second he said that.  
  • ur_babys_daddy
    Can never be enough of the master.
  • jah p
    Bruce Lee versus Kareem! Classic fight!
  • Johnny Neat
    Wait Jay-Z and Kobe have the same spirit as Bruce Lee? Who the fuck is that guy? Look no one has or had Bruce's spirit. Bruce is a one of a kind soul. Bruce Lee = Real.
  • Bruce Lee
    "He put balls on Chinese men"...?  Who's this beyotch? 
    • Tehedin
      daughter of dan inosanto
  • Anonymous
    gotta disagree, alex. this doesn't look like a doc - it looks like a bunch of celebrities giving their opinion on BL.......i'd rather talk to people about him than listen to what these celebs think.....thier opinion doesn't matter to me.
  • donnie yen
    he was definetly the man,the greatest martial artist's ever!
  • Dangerous Don Danger
    "That's the vibe that Bruce Lee taught always bring it." Fuck off. I get that this is a documentary about Bruce Lee as a cultural icon, but it looks like a who's who of celebrity douchebags who never knew Bruce Lee. Comparing Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods to Bruce Lee is just asinine. Talk to the people who knew him and studied under him. I just don't care to learn what Lee meant to Kobe Bryant.
  • batsupe
    Just not sure what to think about this, ive seen alot of documentaries about Bruce Lee but this one looks a bit lame. Its a bunch of todays celebs talking about what Bruce meant to them? Would much rather hear from people that knew him. I dont think that there are very many people in the world who enjoy movies and martial arts who dont appreciate and respect what Lee did for both so this seems a bit pointless to me.
  • Anonymous
    Who the heck... and why on earth do I want to hear Ed O'Neill, Kobe and random C-list celebs talk about a martial arts legend?! Bring on Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan and other action stars to speak about Bruce Lee!
  • Nick
    the asian Karate guy... hmm, you'd wanna do more research on your "idol" there pal.  that remark really irked me. does he even KNOW who Bruce Lee is or where he came from? Asia's pretty damn big and Karate... well... correct me if I'm wrong but Bruce practiced Wing Chung and developed Jeet Kun Do? and pretty much spent a lot of time beating up on people who practiced Karate in his flicks :)  
  • I don't understand why half of these people are being interviewed. 
  • Ells
    It's sad... as the years start to pass, we start to lose the true friends, students and family of Bruce Lee and now they're making something like this that seems to be something that has been made a million times. It's like what they do with Michael Jackson documentaries. Sad.
  • pwsmiller
    funny hearing all these people on the trailer talking about him, so transparent they have no clue about him and are talking meaningless trash over his clips to sell something with his name on it
  • Johnlaforge3
    so the common denominator in all thee above is truth... ego over substance .... 
  • Ziggy
    Why is Chuck Norris missing in this documentary as he was a student of Bruce Lee?
  • the Cid
    WTF!!!! Kobe and fuking J-racist C have the same spirit that Bruce??? fuck you all,the celeb shit is just a hook for the box and everybody knows that it goes without saying ,I love bruce and what he represent, i grew up with his legacy and I learned not only about his powerful psyche and the amazing things you could do if you imitate it,his fierce and fearless drive in front of all the hurdles  he had to face,his Iron will that ultimate leaded him to where he stood,but also modesty,MANNERS!!!!! and HONESTY!!!!! and I think a couple of those shitty shit I mentioned before are lack of specially the last two values I said,I don't buy that.




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