Must Watch: Superman Arrives in Stunning Full 'Man of Steel' Trailer

December 11, 2012
Source: YouTube

Man of Steel Trailer

If those two teaser trailers for Zack Snyder's new take on Superman with Man of Steel were a little too subtle and underwhelming for you, then this new full trailer for the DC Comics adaptation is for you. You'll believe a man can fly, and you just might believe we'll finally be getting the Superman that we've all wanted for years. Henry Cavill looks totally badass in action, and there's also Amy Adams showing up as Lois Lane. Plus, Michael Shannon gets some quick screen time as General Zod. The only thing that can make it better is if there's some sort of tie-in to Justice League. Either way, this trailer is incredible. Watch it now!

Here's the second, full-length trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, in high def from YouTube:

A child sent to Earth from a dying planet is adopted by a couple in rural Kansas. Posing as a journalist, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) uses his extraordinary powers to protect his new home from an insidious evil.

Man of Steel, the new DC Comics Superman reboot, is being directed by Zack Snyder, of Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen & Sucker Punch previously. Christopher Nolan is producing, and co-wrote the story with David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Unborn, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), who wrote the script. Warner Bros is bringing Man of Steel to theaters everywhere on June 14th, 2013 next summer. You in?

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  • Jericho
  • Alex
    Preferred the trailer I saw at Comic Con, but this was pretty incredible.
  • Rob
    I already hate the camera work. Shaky camera like that works for emphasis for certain scenes, but when a whole movie uses it, it loses its impact. Also, the shot of him flying through the sky and the quick zoom is terrible. Genuinely hoping for the best though.
    • jay
      I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but you're an idiot.
    • cg
      The whole trailer didn't have "shaky camera work." I'd also wait to pass judgement until actually seeing the film, which I'm sure you will still go and see.
      • To be fair, clamoring that it will be a triumph kinda falls into the same pit. Trailers are supposed to give you a glimpse. Its only natural to deconstruct yeah?
    • Scopedog
      Well, can't please everyone, I guess....but honestly, where did you see the shaky camera work? I didn't...but maybe I need new glasses....
  • me
    i need to download this
  • yaboykel
    Can't fuggin wait!
  • Damn that was pretty awesome!
  • beevis
    wow.....everything about that was epic.
    • Scopedog
      It just _screamed_ "epic". Looks great. Keeping the fingers crossed that the trio of Snyder, Nolan, and Goyer can deliver the goods....but deep down, I believe they can.
      • beevis
        hey, i'm not even a huge superhero movie fan - but i'm real excited for this after that trailer.
        • Cody W
          When you're excited it makes me excited, and I'm so excited. I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!!!
    • Cody W
      Seriously you stole my name what the hell?
  • Comy
    Oh shit!! Was that Lisa Gerrard singing?
    • Sounded like it was straight from Hans Zimmer's Gladiator days!
      • Yeah, they used the Gladiator score.
      • AJ
        Yeah too much gladiator... I liked the one from the teaser more, the only negative about the trailer IMO
      • It's not the Gladiator's Elegy from Immortal Memory...same singer though
    • HyperJ
      Definitely a song from "Gladiator" - but tweaked. It is just trailer music.
  • Tomboy
    eh...i don't know what to say. i'm stuck between two thoughts and those are "epic" and "i hope i don't get dissapointed again by Zack vis a vis Suckerpunch".
    • saucy
      fortunately for you, the only reason why suckerpunch was garbage was because zack was the one who wrote it. he's a good director but a god awful writer.
      • Aaron Burns
        Yea I thought that movie was really impressive when it came to immersing the viewer into the action and the great camera angles/movements he used, but the story was total shit. hahaha
  • Matthew
    Looks great!
  • Rain Spider
    In Nolan We Trust. This guy definitely needs to be in charge of the Justice League movie.
    • buzzfunk
      Sure you do. Because the Dark Knight wasn't full of plot holes and whatnot. Right.
      • Blargh
        Go away troll. Hit on Rises for it's plot holes if you like but The Dark Knight was a fantastic movie. Period.
        • HarryFiddleSticks
          He never mentioned Rises
        • Roger Ebert
          The Dark Knight was one of the best films of all time ... period
      • Damn Marvel fans, we still with this argument? Good business is better for both families. Let the hate go don't keep it inside or you'll never be happy. Btw...I'm thinking you're blind because I have a gut feeling you'll say Avengers didn't have any holes. lmao
      • ocp
        Holy shit you mean there is a movie with plot holes, say it ant so buzz lightyear.
      • Guest
        Plot holes don't mean it's a bad movie, kid.
      • Logan
        They all have plot holes. I just want to see the first movie on the road to Justice League. DC needs to gamble more like Marvel has. Marvel is the reason why DC has finally decided to follow in their footsteps. Bring on the rest of the Justice League!!
    • Zack Snyder is directing the movie not Nolan. Nolan is producing. At least give credit to the director for his trailer that came out. Try not to be so obsessed with Nolan
  • OMG looks beautiful!
  • Holly crap Nolan is the producer? Hadn't noticed yet... Snyder and Nolan working together... This is going to be awesome...
    • David Darida
      Nolan was working on TDKR during the production of Man of I don't know how much of his insight is gonna appear.
      • I love what Snyder has done alone... so anything Nolan can bring to the table will be a bonus...
  • Noe
    The word I'm looking for isn't "sold". It's "goosebumps".
  • Duane
    Dammit. I was hoping not to like this. even though i am one of the few that thought watchmen was genius. Im in.
    • Aaron Burns
      Especially the Ultimate version of Watchmen. That thing is basically a frame for frame version of the comic. That film is one of the most under rated films ever in my opinion.
      • Original version of Watchmen left me disappointed but I really want to see the ultimate edition
      • Scopedog
        The fact that Snyder managed to get WATCHMEN done and that he was so damned faithful to the comic impressed the hell out of me. I agree with you that it's underrated, and it doesn't deserve that.
  • Amanda Wade
    compelling. The world seems more grounded, but not overly dark, maybe taking notes from Nolan. Though I'm disappointed that they haven't really showcased any of the science fiction elements of the Superman mythos, the fact that the film is looks to be essentially about the ramifications of Clark's existence in a world that may not be ready for him has definitely got my attention.
    • What do you mean? The trailer showed spaceships, Krypton exploding, Jor-El and Lara, Superman flying into space - looked plenty sci-fi to me.
    • Scopedog
      Well...they only had a minute or two! Still, there were shots of spaceships, Zod...the real meat, the SF elements, will certainly make it into the final film. We'll see.
  • Guest
    They should have stuck with The Thin Red Line music. . . But that was pretty awesome nevertheless.
  • tonker
    " what do you think..? " a hook and a half that one
  • Hockeyguy1703
    Is this the trailer that is supposed to come with the Hobbit?
    • Hockeyguy1703
      It was amazing BTW
    • David Darida
  • ion677
    This is one of the few trailers I've ever watched multiple times. Looks REALLY good.
  • Xerxexx
    I peed a little....Snyder did it!
    • avi
      great!!!! hahaha
    • Scopedog
      The man sure can handle superheroes, I can tell you that!
      • Manuel
        Watchmen is a great movie.
        • john p
          Watchmen was a great movie ... for a tiny niche ... but lacked universal appeal or even moderate appeal. Great for fans, but a death sentence for those who produced the film.
    • David Banner
      You should get that checked out, it might not be as cute as you think. The examination takes 5-10sec max
  • David Banner
    FUCKING HELL THAT LOOKED GREAT-and I'm not even a Superman fan 😉
  • AbbyNormal
    Effing amazing!! Holy sh@t well done!!
  • David Banner
    THAT LOOKS AMAZING*-and I'm not even a Superman fan *sorry for swearing
  • guilamu
    With English and French subtitles:
    • castingcouch
      You'll get your fill from the JJ Trek sequel.
  • Tey
    It's Snyder's film for Fuck sakes! stop giving Nolan all the credits! God the Nolan fanboys reached a new low!
    • Yeah...the producer plays no part in the process
      • I wouldn't say "no part." They campaign for the budget, approve the story line and the script, they pretty much hire nearly everybody, including the director (with studio approval). If a producer disagrees with what the director is doing, they can have the last say. In this particular case, with Nolan's history, I'm sure he had a lot of pull. However, he was also heavy in TDKR. But, I bet he was highly involved in dailies, but from a distance.
  • Raymond
    The best superhero film we're yet to see is actually Man Of Steel, I'm looking forward to this very much.
  • Tester
    I usually complain of videos going over 2mins, but I didnt even notice this time and wished it was longer.. I gotta admit that this is a pretty cool well done video, totally caught my attention and now really looking forward to this movie
  • Andres
    "This is missing a certain "BWONGGGGG" music." - No One
    • Guest
      Zimmer is a million times smarter and more talented than you.
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    Judging from the comments I must be crazy not to watch this trailer. But that's my practice: never watch trailers for movies I'm already sold on before the trailer comes out. And this is one of them.
    • Manuel
      Excellent choice, I couldn't with my inner hype. It's a great trailer.
      • Isildur_of_Numenor
        Stop teasing me! :)
        • Manuel
          It's totally in slowmo, lens flares, green screens everywhere... 😀 better?
          • Isildur_of_Numenor
            Hmmmm...actually this sounds way better than before. Now I have to see it! :))
    • Scopedog
      Well, you're a stronger person than me!
  • Manuel
    Goosebumps. The fly scene, with the fist on the floor and the turn over the Earth. That's Superman.
  • Start counting the doubters, because they will be few. Looks incredible. This is a must watch.
    This is how a trailer should be done. Lots of snippets with no context. Excellent. Consider me pumped.
  • Pendy16
    I wasn't sure about the direction they were taking with this film, but this trailer is all kinds of badass! I'm sold.
  • TheRagingCajun
    Official goosebumps at 2:17..... Badass trailer. God damnit if Nolan ain't the man in Hollywood right now. Everything he touches turns to gold..... Fuck anyone who knocks him, they're just jealous or natural born haters. Period.
  • Elbak
    I had to watch that three times in a row. This is the Superman I want to see.
  • UnknownX
    YEAH ! YEAH ! YEAH !!
  • I have manly tears in my eyes
  • Silentjay
    Now thats what I'm talking about!!!!!!!
  • Jeremy p.
    Please realize that this is a Zack Snyder Film and not a Nolan film, sure he helped but it's not his film, if you look at the shots and the way it's filmed it screams Snyder, not completely discrediting Nolan, all I'm saying is be aware of that before giving all the credit to him when most of it goes to Snyder.
    • notalent
      Well, to be fair, Zack Snyder's only truly awful film was Sucker Punch. A film that was co-written by him. So it's safe to say that shouldn't happen again with this.
      • Scopedog
        Agreed. And Nolan obviously felt that Snyder was the right choice to direct this.
      • Squiggly_P
        I'm torn on Suckerpunch. It's not a good movie or anything, but I can't really consider it a complete failure. The main flaw with that movie is that it doesn't follow through on it's own metaphor, and that the action sequences are redundant. I think there's a decent cut of Suckerpunch that just hasn't been cut together yet. Anyway, that film was risky as hell, and I feel like he came THAT CLOSE to pulling it off. As far as comic adaptations go, tho, thus far he's got a pretty amazing record, and I don't see Superman being any different - especially after this trailer.
    • nate
      You do realize that it is a nolan film because he was a creative producer on the project and basically developed the story and guided it the way he wanted. He didn't just slap his name on it.
    • vanz
      That's why I'm afraid this film will flop ... Nolan has more talent in his fingernail than Mr. Snyder will ever have
  • T1103
    This looks as epic as Watchmen, This kicks Super Man Returns and does it 100 times over again, wow i am sold!
  • I love it! But something about the actor himself bugs me and I'm not sure why. I hope I just get over it.
  • Tim
    jesus christ that was amazing. so pumped for it.
  • David Darida
    Just realized, when looking at the biggest and most epic fights in the movies, Neo vs. Smith from Matrix Revolutions has not been beaten yet...and it's almost 10 years...
    • Is Matrix Revolutions the only movie you have ever seen in your entire life?
      • David Darida
        The fact that you didn't understand that movie doesn't mean you have to shit on it...
        • So there's an explanation to the movie that doesn't make the fight lame?
    • That fight was pretty meh to be honest
      • David Darida
        All I see is a poor reaction, not an example of a better fight...
    • Scopedog
      Heh...look at it this way--perhaps the Neo vs. Smith fight from REVOLUTIONS (which was damned awesome) could be the prototype for the fight between Supes and Zod....maybe.
  • Goosebumps! Could this be the best superhero film? Gorgeous aesthetic, powerful music and attention to detail, I really hope the film is like this trailer promises us.
  • It'saSoapOperaForBoys
    All I care about is agent Van Alden is in it : Kneel before Zod!
  • kenshin2811
    What sells me even more is the answer Jonathan Kent gave Clark(Kal-el) when Clark says "what was I supposed to do let them die" and Jonathan says "Maybe!!" wow.
  • JCrespo
    Whe was that in a tunnel looking out towards the explosion?
  • JCrespo
    Who was that in the tunnel looking out towards the explosion. Looks like a female with long hair and a cape as well... Uhh
  • JCrespo
    Who was that figure in the tunnel looking towards the explosion. Seems to be a female with a cape as well. Uhh ?
  • Brandon
    Maybe it's the trailers, but is this Clark Kent a hobo and not an employee of the Bugle?
  • The first superman trailer was AWFUL, this one is passable at best. I don't doubt that the movie will be good, I'll be seeing it in the theater, but these trailers BLOW.
  • Lagoya
    My right arms tired now...
  • RyGuy
    Damn. Chills.
  • Galadri-EL
    OMG. I feel like crying. This is the best thing i've watched all day at work today.
    • Scopedog
      It sure as hell knocked me over....hope the film delivers--but with the talent behind and in front of the camera, it should.
  • Riki
    I can't help but be wary due to the cheesiness that is the costume. I know that's part of Superman, but everything looks so epic, and then the costume enters the screen.
  • weezy1
    Holy Cow! This is going to be there are at least two great movies coming out in 3013, this and "Star Trek". Now, when do we get another "Iron Man" trailer?
    • beevis
      2nd hobbit film and oblivion too.
      • Scopedog
        And PACIFIC RIM too! 😉
        • beevis
          it's monsters vs. robots - how can it miss?
      • David Banner
        Oblivion. Hmm.
    • Scopedog
      Hey! What about PACIFIC RIM? 😉
  • weezy1
    I meant 2013, of course...guess it's time to replace the keyboard! :)
  • Thank god they didn't use the "BBWWAAAAHHHH" "BRRRRMMMM" sound! And before anyone asks, this is the track used:
    • Hans Zimmer is the man...and he's doing the score to this movie.
  • Wafffles
    So much focus on his father and how he influenced the man he grew up to be/whether the world should know his identity reminds me of Dexter, albeit in reverse (who should live instead of who should die). Just an observation. Looks very promising
  • In case you liked the music from the Comic-Con footage they showed, I added that music (+ voice overs) to the new trailer here:
  • Hockeyguy1703
    LOOKS AMAZING!!! only downside, I bought tickets to the 12am showing of the Hobbit to see this. Is this the Hobbit prelude trailer for Man of Steel?
  • avi
    looks awesome but with superman they always tell the same story! It's reboot after reboot!
  • Micheal Shannon is going to make a great villain, I knew this ever since his turn in revolutionary road.
  • Six Three
    i just messed my everythings
  • Manuel
    Let's compare this with the first trailer of Superman Returns, shall we?
  • michel
    that real life ...bull ..where Nolan puts his Hero's in....only works fot the Bat.... Superman is somethin'else ....this guy can fly and comes from Krypton....Uhm....
  • EmagSamurai
    Count me in! I wasn't interested until I saw that trailer; now I can't wait!
  • JBrotsis
    What just happened....did I just become a DC fan over Marvel??!!!!
  • Looks good. Can't believe I'm saying that about a Superman movie. Michael Shannon is in it too. Bonus.
  • grimjob
    Wow. I was interested, but now I'm damn excited! And I can't wait to see what Michael Shannon does with Zod!
  • Payne by name
    I've more faith in Snyder than I do in Nolan.
    • Guest
      Yeah...Nolan's resume includes such duds as Momento, The Prestige, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises and Inception....what a bunch of duds....WHAT A HACK!!!
      • Payne by name
        I have more faith because I've enjoyed more films of Snyder's than Nolan's. I don't rate the films I enjoy by how the rest of the world rates them.
  • BinaryChaos
    Looks good but did anyone notice that Henry Cavill chest hair sticking out of the suit at frame 2:11, lol, I've always known Superman to be clean cut that's kind of weird. Overall, great trailer I'm looking forward for more to come.
    • castingcouch
  • Xerxexx
    Christopher Meloni at the 2:00 minute mark.
  • Jesus fucking christ. Ofc my expectations were met!
  • Simply stunning!!
  • dcock
    i hope and pray the world doesn't end before i see this..
  • D.
    I just miss one little thing, John Williams Music... Man... Please don't let me be wrong, but maybe Snyder finally scored...
    • beevis
      you didn't like "dawn of the dead" remake or "300"?
      • D.
        Dawn of the Dead it's good, but after this movie Snyder started to use slow motion (too much slow motion)... The picture it's always great, but the direction and plot it's weak all the time.
  • Richie G
    Well, keeping my expectations low is getting pretty tough. Please let this be good
  • Bob
    I hope Man of steel breaks avatar records.
    • Payne by name
      I agree. To be fair I'd like any film with a decent script/storyto beat a film that only broke box office records because it was a new fad.
      • Guest
        It actually set the record because it was a good film...hence the high score at RT and the numerous awards it won.
        • Payne by name
          It was cliched and formulaic.
  • Payne by name
    I'm really impressed with the trailer, the use of music, the backstory, it all looks great. It's almost like the film is perfect at the moment with where I imagine it could go yet actually seeing anymore of it could make it become just like all the other pap that comes out. I guess the trailer is designed to elicit this feeling of 'could this be the interpretation that I've dreamed of seeing'. So far, it's giving me that. There's something pure about Supe, the feeling of him being a great man that you could believe in implicitly. Like he could be the distillation of all the things that humans wish they could be but aren't. I'm finding the trailer very thought provoking and emotional.
  • diggy381
    I really like the concept of exploring the idea of Superman being an alien with powers that people very much fear at first before he proves his intentions. In the real world if someone like that actually existed it would definitely invoke fear before people would actually embrace him as a "hero". Very interesting take on a story that has always been told (cinematically) from the standpoint of people loving him and never at all worried or scared that he could turn on them. I like it!
  • Marck joseph
  • conradthegreat
    Is the World ready?
  • nizidat
    lol, handcuffing Superman
  • invictuz
    My god leaves soft footprints in the snow.
  • Excellent trailer. There is still a lot to show to fully satisfy fans, but it looks great, what they are doing with it.
  • JenJen
  • superban
    Zach Snyder was a fail choice for director ... sorry
    • Guest
      Not using birth control was a fail choice by your parents...sorry
  • David V
    its about goddamn time!




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