Must Watch: Tony Stark is Back in First Amazing 'Iron Man 3' Trailer!

October 23, 2012
Source: Apple

Iron Man 3 Trailer

"I hope I can protect the one thing I can't live without." It's here. Marvel Studios and Disney have unveiled the first full trailer for Iron Man 3, the latest sequel in the Marvel universe after The Avengers, bringing us back to a focus on Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. Writing/directing is Shane Black, and it looks like he has definitely upped the ante, with quite a big reveal regarding the plot, setting the stakes, and briefly introducing us to the villain Mandarin, played by Sir Ben Kingsley. We've also got Don Cheadle back as Rhodes, plus Gwyneth Paltrow. This is a thrilling, exciting first look at what will rock next summer.

Watch the first trailer for Marvel's Iron Man 3, directed by Shane Black, in high def from Apple:

Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) working from a script that he co-wrote with Drew Pearce. Actor Robert Downey Jr. returns as Tony Stark and Iron Man in this sequel described as a technological crisis thriller in the midst of international war, taking place after the events of The Avengers. Sir Ben Kinglsey is playing Iron Man's arch nemesis Mandarin and Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Dale Dickey, Ashley Hamilton, James Badge Dale and Jon Favreau all co-star in the Marvel Studios production. Disney is bringing Iron Man 3 to theaters on May 3rd, 2013 next summer. So?

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  • robert
    wow, im gonna be the first to say it, this looks awful!
    • Hmm, from the reports of the footage shown at Comic-Con I assume they've held back the action-y trailer and went with the story version first, maybe to build on Avengers hype? Anyway I do like the continuity from Avengers. Stark is a man of science,so it'll be interesting to see how he handles the aftermath from all the mystical stuff he experienced in Avengers.
      • John
        How was this trailer not action-y? As it stands, the destruction of Stark's house looks very fake... but I doubt it's the final shot(s) and I expect it to be amazing in the movie.
        • Steven
          Going to look fake when its finished, because we all know its fake.
  • It feels like the Dark Knight Rises
    • guest
    • antenor
      had exactly the same impression. think it looks good though.
    • Except... better?
      • Who knows?
      • Zanpher
        Everything is better than the DK monstrosity.
        • Except Green Lantern, Transformers, Prometheus... most of the movies that came out in the past few years. TDKR was a let down, but a monstrosity? nope.
  • guest
    Shane Black!!!! Fuck yeah!!!
  • John
    Gotta be honest... not liking this. The voice (which I assume is Mandarin) is very strange. The new Iron Man armor is too much a departure from the original. And what appears to be news helicopters with missiles? This is what I feared all along... they would eventually abandon us film lovers and instead go for the all-out comic book feel. I loved how real and grounded the first Iron Man was, and then Iron Man 2 got too big too fast and collapsed under it's own weight. This one just looks far too over-the-top for my tastes.
    • Oh no! John is a film lover and the movie doesn't appeal to him!
      • John
        Kento, you are obviously not a film lover. If you were, you'd know that people can disagree and express their opinions without being A-holes.
        • How does my love of film have ANYTHING to do with giving a ribbing to a guy on the internet? Anyone who knows me would tell you that I definitely am a film lover. I've traveled thousands of miles and paid thousands of dollars to see films because it's an obsession. I'm just giving you a hard time because it's fun.
    • BloodwerK
      I think comic book movies hsould be over-the-top, like The Avengers. When they try and make super heroes "realistic" it leaves out a lot of what makes them exciting. That being said, I respect your opinion...
    • Steven
      With what appears to be helicopters with missiles pretending to be linked with the media, most places generally do not allow people to arm private helicopters...
      • Mike P.
        Most places don't allow missiles to be attached to anything or fired from anything, but then again, I doubt Mandarin could give two fucks about that. Why are these missiles inside of a copter a bullet point on anyone's argument?
    • Sending gunships into American airspace would raise quite a few red flags. An intelligent terrorist would disguise intent. Hiding missiles in seemingly civilian helicopters would make sense.
  • meh, that trailer was alright, lol..
  • quest
    Interesting..i want more..but three trailers is enough i think, with some tv spot, super bowl spot and then the full length trailer...i mean movie..
  • *lets dust settle* Wow.
  • G.
    I'm in.
    • Duane
      Dude... EVERYONE'S in. Eff what you heard... haters will see this too.
  • hi hello
    not a great trailer to be honest. not a great ending to it either. But I am sold to see it. Even though part2 was a freaking joke.
  • Payne by name
    I liked it's darker tone. Would be great if the film echoed this rather than the soulless 'cash in' pap that was Iron Man 2.
  • gpak
    Is it just me or did (presumably) The Mandarin sound like John Goodman? 😛
    • Cody W
      I Really dont think that was Mandarin, That didnt even sound remotely like Ben Kingsley
      • Akirakorn
        Sounded (to me) more like Guy Pearce throwing his voice.
        • castingcouch
          Yep, sounds like Guy Pearce doing his Amerrrican accent again.
      • Dominic A
        Well isn't that GOOD ! so it's a total new thing for him not just " XXX with Ben's voice " . remember CBMovies have license to stray from source material , they HAVE to ....
  • Good trailer. I think I'll like this film better than the 1st two. But it does smack a lot of TDKR though. New suit looks EPIC and is more reminiscent to the style of the early comics.
  • I don't know what's with the negative reaction, i think this looks pretty sweet. I don't get the Dark Knight Rises comparison, beyond the shattered helmet, but Tony had plenty of those and has got his ass handed to him several times already, in the marvel universe the mortal characters are still slightly invulnerable in that Loony Toons kind of way. That being said, the CGI is obviously not quite finished but anything Shane Black directs and especially helps write, consider me extremely interested. The guy does not mess around with filling the entertainment quotient and is excellent at intelligent razor sharp dialogue.
    • the DKR comparison comes from the clear fall of Tony Stark, the dark tone and mostly I get it from the way the reactor burns out in the logo and then powers back.
      • BloodwerK
        Yeah, because Marvel needs to immitate DC when it comes to movies 😐
        • I don't really think they are. There are parallels sure, but I don't think they're emulating it at all. The film will probably feel very different, especially the last act.
          • fem!anon
            Pretty sure that's sarcasm. he's saying marvel does much better than DC, so why should marvel make movies like them?
          • BloodwerK
            Yeah, but it was more about people trying to find any way they can to discredit Marvel and claim DC is better. Like many people have already said DC, Batman, and Nolan didn't invent "dark". If I recall there was a time when Batman was campy as hell, even in the comics. Tony Stark was an alcoholic in the comics and a screw-up and it's showing in the movies. Batman has nothing to do with it...
          • Jericho
            blame the campy on Robin, he was dark as hell before that acrobatic fag showed up and then we got the colorful villains.. can you imagine going from kicking a man into a vat of acid and stating 'he got what he deserved' and changing that to 'we cannot allow our human nature to dominate us robin.'
          • Ant87
            Good point but although I prefer tdk trilogy to any marvel movie I do think marvel have the better characters I just don't enjoy cheesy movies but they are enjoyable at the time but are easily forgotten
          • BloodwerK
            Robin or not it's still part of Batman history...
          • Jericho
            thats the cool part of DC...Ditch Continuity.....
        • Ant87
          Hmm your comments are quite sarcastic on these posts the bottom line is marvel will never be able to compete with the dark knight trilogy iron man 1 and 2 were weak in comparison to bb and tdk that is fact my friend even marvel fanboys hated on iron man 2
  • Ant87
    Why are people comparing marvel movies to tdk franchise it's kinda insulting there is a huge contrast between the two I enjoy both but they are worlds apart
    • BloodwerK
      Butthurt over The Avengers...
      • Ant87
        Ye it's killing me lol nah I don't hate on movies and I enjoyed both but I don't think they should be compared they are completely different takes on superhero movies ! Eg batman is dark and gritty whilst avengers is colourfull fun !! I'm assuming you are an avengers fanboy ? ...........
        • Wafffles
          Some of it is fanboy flaming, but I think for a lot of people TDK is a genre-defining movie and the current benchmark. People liked to compare LotR to Star Wars, not because they are similar at all, but because they were both the "fantasy series of a generation". People are even comparing Javier Bardem's new 007 villain to the Joker, those two are so different it's laughable, but again it's just a benchmark against which to compare performances. Yes, it's gotten very old, but what can you do.
          • Ant87
            Great points mate however for bloodwerK to suggest I've been fucked in the ass because he thinks I would somehow be heartbroken because of the avengers success is laughable and fanboy talk why can't people give credit to both movies ?? They are both good in their own right its like people saying de Niro is shit cause they don't like one of his movies crazy ass talk like someone saying Justin bieber is a great artist nothing but good old BS !!!!!!'
        • BloodwerK
          Nope. If I'm a "fanboy" of anything it would be James Bond. I don't care if comic movies are DC or Marvel as long as they're good, I'm just speculating on why people are trying so hard to compare Marvel to DC...
          • grimjob
            Favorite Bond? And which film?
          • Dominic A
            cause that's what WE DO . or maybe this site wouldn't exist now , would it ? i made the point in another forum that TDKR can't be compared to the Avengers for one simple reson : one is the END of a trilogy the other is a Beginning ., Compare Avengers to Nolan's 1st Batman . as to DC/Marvel in general ... "hey we're runnin's a business heah " !
  • BloodwerK
  • Kyle Robinson
    That was one confusing poorly cut trailer. Does not bode well for Phase 2.
  • dale
    Is this trailer going to be playing in front of Cloud Atlas...or something more in the future? Movie also looks awesome to me!
    • me
      maybe wreck it ralph, cause its disney
  • Lin Group
    Am I just missing the scene from the above image or is it not in this trailer?
    • Jimmy
  • JJ King
    Show me something new.
  • beevis
    meh - looks like more of the same as far as superhero movies. if you love that stuff as movies/comics or both, you'll love this. trailer fell flat for me.
  • Holy S***! :)
  • Whub whub whuuuubbbbb! Dubstepping ma face off. Does Pepper Poppins get killed in this to make Tony go full alcoholic? Seemed to be quite a lot going on in this, just have to watch it I suppose.
  • Manuel
    Jarvis: "Why do we fall, Mr. Stark?"
    • Armeetapus16
      "Because we are all accident prone and gravity is a thing?" -Tony
  • Awesome. LOVE the change-up in tone; I think that's very necessary at this point, after all Tony's experienced. I like the implication that NY shook him up.
  • Oct8pus
    I don't care what all you haters say...Iron Man is awesome
  • nightgoat72
    This looks so boring.
  • Superabilio
    Stop talking about TDK dark tone for all movies! The Crow was the first good comic-book movie with a dark tone and nobody says that TDK was like The Crow!!
  • Whats the big reveal regarding the plot you were reffering to?
    • Cody W
      Probably the dude in the Ironman suit......tearing Pepper away from.....ironman.
      • that could be anything, could be the suit doing it on its own due to the computer virus theyve talked about, somone coulda stole it, or many people have figured it could be a dream
  • Zanpher
    It looks like Marvel got a clue this time and realized that Tony Stark needs to grow up.
  • truong18
    felt like there is nothing new to grasp me in this trailer. Must wait for another trailer
  • dgeet
    Honestly Iron Man 2 was completely terrible and I could not even enjoy it to the point where I walked out after the scene when War Machine and Iron Man fight, I love this Darker tone for this movie and a more serious Iron Man would be better than Comedy first then Action second that Iron Man 2 was structured on
    • I frankly loved the comedy of Iron Man 2; that movie is (intentionally) hilarious and has great re-watch value for that reason. But I'm glad they're going for a change of pace with this one. They definitely maxed-out the funny business last time. I'm ready for things to get a bit bleaker.
  • Cody W
    I think it looks fantastic, and Im usually the most critical guy of Marvel movies. but lets not forget that Ironman 2 had an amazing first trailer and we all know how that turned out.
  • clinteastwoodscloset
    The problem now is they'll have to explain why only one of The Avengers is solving this problem.
    • Kwaz
      cause the others have their own battles
  • STOP comparing it to The Dark Knight Rises for God's sake! It's two different universes two different minds (Nolan's and Black's)! This is starting to look like an IRON MAN movie that's true to IRON MAN's universe! The first IRON MAN was bad ass and it was full on Tony Stark and it had a good villain. IRON MAN 2 had awful villains and their respective actors just failed to deliver (Rourke was just awful and Rockwell was just pathetic). Now we have Guy Pierce and Ben Kingsley and people are still complaining!? BULLSHIT! Yes, Ben Kingsley looks a little weird with hair and beard and he sound anything like himself but that's good! That means that he got into the character! This trailer doesn't show a super hero movie; this trailer shows an epic super hero movie. We are finally getting what looks like a long IRON MAN movie with a solid plot. This was just a teaser, I'm sure when we get the second trailer we will find out more about the story's details. The last scene in this trailer is just awesome. Tony Stark is homeless, he's separated from Pepper, and it looks like this movie will have him on a journey to find his enemies and destroy them. It's just awesome. Stop criticizing because it's just a teaser and the footage from this teaser promises us a solid true IRON MAN movie.
    • si1ver
      Rockwell was awesome he just had nothing to do.
      • You're right. Let e rephrase myself. I tried to say that Rockwell was pathetic in the sense that his character was pathetic. He had nothing to do in the movie correct.
    • Elyk1887
      Not so fast about the teaser "promising us a solid movie"....Exhibit A: Prometheus
  • Kwaz
    This trailer just slams it in your face, seems like it showed a lot of plot points which means there must be more to it than what we saw.
  • Rocky Williams
    Nolan isn't the first director to have a dark mood/temperment in a comic book film! TDK series was great but uncomporable beyond the fact the characters started in comics. But people don't like to look beyond the "past 10 years" of anything anymore. Oh well. The point is that Tony Stark will have a bit more of a challenge than a fake Russian Mickey Rourke slapping some electric whips around. Thank you, Mr. Shane Black.
    • Richie G
      ironman and batman are both superhero, billionaire, playboy, philantropists
  • slowpokee
    Looks better than IM2. I had to smile when the antagonist bombed Starks villa. it had to be done.
  • Nielsen700
    Looks so good!
  • JBrotsis
    With Mandarin being so overpowerful with his rings and what they can all do (least from the comics and wiki), I kind of want to see Tony call for some help from one of the Avengers, but at the same time, I do want to see him take it all on, on his own. I mean, its like, hey I'm part of SHIELD and I know three other heroes who are great teammates, but when I'm in deep shit, no one will come and help me? Interesting to see how this movie ends (if Iron Man is suppose to be in Avengers 2 and 3). I just hope they don't kill off Mandarin at the end of the film like it happens to every good villain.
  • BinaryChaos
    This is a Tony Stark that has finally understood when Nick Fury told him in the end of Iron Man "You've stepped into a much larger world". Things aren't turning out the way he had forseen for himself or the suit. In my opinion he probably always saw himself as being ahead of everyone else technological wise and the attack on New York allowed him to see there are much bigger things out there that his suit alone can't combat alone and the world is finally catching up with him to the point there is no one afraid to raise their fist to him. He is lost, confused and doesn't see an end to the battle and since his identity is out there he can never hide so now he must re-establish why he became the iron man.
  • KING
    That looked fuckin awesome!!!!!!! Wow. Just wow
  • Anyone notice the giant bunny in Stark's house as him and Pepper are being thrown back by the explosion?
  • a dude
    Holly Batman!87 comments!
  • mooreworthy
    Hope they leave the campy kids stuff and stay dark.
  • Tyler Durden
    Saw a glimpse of Iron Patriot. Should be interesting.
    Oh snap. I don't want to say his gonna face his demons, but he is.
  • "I've got a lot of apologies to make" For what? Iron Man 2? The Avengers? Or was he referring to the trailer itself which was pretty meh and featured some of the worst trailer music ever. Stick a fork in that summer belongs to the Man of Steel
  • men of honor
    Sir Ben Kinglsey... From a big icon of peace "Gandhi" to a major bad ass teacher.
    • stevenfreestyler
      yeah, who wud have know that coming
  • Clayton
    First thing I thought of, 5 seconds in was the "Dark Knight Rises" trailer, in which we see a defeated Batman and want to see how he came to be, and if he will rise again. So pumped for this movie.




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