New Japanese 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer with More Footage

April 15, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Japanese Trailer

"Where do you go, who does this to you?" The trailers released in Japan always seem to have an edge to them that we don't get in the US, and I'm not sure why. That said, we have a brand new full-length Japanese trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, found via ComingSoon, that has a small amount of extra footage. We've already seen numerous trailers for Marc Webb's new take on Spidey, starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, but this one still has an edge that makes it look just that much better. By the end of this, I think I've seen enough, now I can't wait to see the entire movie this July.

Watch the newest Japanese trailer for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, found via YouTube:

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Connors, his father's former partner.

Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man features Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy. 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb is at the helm of this Spider-Man reboot, from a screenplay written by Alvin Sargent (Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 & 3), Steve Kloves (Harry Potter movies) and James Vanderbilt (The Rundown, Zodiac, The Losers). Sony/Columbia is bringing The Amazing Spider-Man to theaters in 3D on July 3rd this summer.

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  • Scopedog
    Looks cool....I certainly do want to see the film, because until I do, I have no clue whether it will be good or not. That said, I like Garfield, Stone, and the rest of the cast, and am interested to see how Marc Webb handles this.
  • JJ King
    Ooops! I pooped. This is the trailer I've been waiting for. I love that Lizard is so cliche looking. Can't wait.
  • Sweet.
  • David Banner
    Ofc I will see it, but will I see at the movies before I buy it on Blu-Ray? I think this trailer might have given me that slight "do it" push.
  • James
    got a 'Green Lantern' vibe to it, NoT GooD!  
    • prantsdagger
       how on earth?
    • Manuel
      Don't let fear overcome you.
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Well, what the actual fuck. 
  • jah p
    Looks great! I just can't believe SpiderMan is the movie that nobody is even talking about this summer!
    • Buzzfunk
      Im glad because it looks like shit and doesn't really deserve any attention (IMO). So tired of this superhero crap. Remakes, reboots...jesus. Originality where are you? I just refuse to fall for this cookie cutter shit. BUt thats just me. Im sure im in the minority as most people seem to love the superhero movies but really...I guess im just ready for something dark, thought provoking and deeper then the dude in a rubber suit....
      • Sdf
        Its 2 hours of your life; not a big deal.  Watch the crap, enjoy the crap, stop worrying about if it really is crap. So tired of people treating 'watching movies' like they are investing thousands of dollars in the movie or something. Just go get a $4 matinee viewing of it, refrain from deconstructing it, have a good time and move on.
      • Scotty97
        Then just go back to your Blu-Ray of "The Hours" and your box of tissues and stop worrying if other people like something you don't. 
      • coolit43
        I refuse to watch Brokeback Mountain..but I don't care if you have.
      • You are a pretentious fucking idiot. 
      • Christopher Batty
        I with you, Buzzfunk. This film looks like garbage. It's time to take out the trash. I refuse to line the pockets of posers who have no love for the source material. 
  • If they had shown this as the first trailer, I would have been far more excited about this film.
  • Bcopes11
    im not sure how i feel about Rhys Ifans but im excited. I like the dramatic effect they are going for with Uncle Ben and Aunt May with them being worried about him and all
    • prantsdagger
      Agreed, one thing the Raimi movies never really touched on was how worried Aunt May was all the time. That was one thing that jumped out at me in this trailer, STOKED
  • Scagginsvolley
    Straight Dookla. Save your money for Batman and Avengers and Prometheus and anything else that doesn't look like this.
    • Buzzfunk
    • Nah I think i'll spend my money how I see fit but thanks for telling people what to do with their funds.
  • Jackmooney9
    I don't know what to say? All I can say the trailer makes me have iffy thoughts. 
  • norm
    Thanks, but I think we got the Spiderman saga down already. Next.
  • Absolutely love this. Spider-Man is such a good character and I really think that they're going to get the humanity of the character down perfectly. I never really was into Raimi's interpretation of the wall crawling wonder so now I'm psyched. Also smart move casting some one who actually looks young to play young. I know he's playing 10 years older than he is, but I never thought Toby looked like he was in high school/college when he played the part. 
  • The Oct8pus
    I wish Japan would come up with a feature length version of Supaidaman...
    • Scotty97
      hell yes! That always makes me chuckle!
  • prantsdagger
    All the naysayers can suck it. Every trailer looks better, so stoked on this movie
  • John.E
    Still not impressed
  • SpideyIsDead
    This does look pretty lame. Maybe sony trying to save some money or something. close to a TV movie.. nothing like a blockbuster summer release.. ah well. What can we really expect? :(
  • Looks way promising than all the previous Spiderman movies combined.
  • kaiser
    This looks good but I am not buying into Uncle Ben and Aunt May
  • O'Ryan
    don't like it. i was hoping Sony would take a darker approach with this. looks so cliched, the CG isn't good enough. i get the feeling that i just watch Sam Raimi's Spiderman 4 trailer. nothing changed.
  • Manuel
    The CGI, again, it's perpetrated by Sony Imageworks. Great people. Maybe you remember they work on Green Lantern (when they almost couldn't deliver the movie on schedule and they wanted more money, like 9 million dollars), Men In Black, Zathura, Spiderman... and Smurfs!!!
    • Ticketmaster
       Imageworks also screwed up on Harry Potter 1, Superman Returns. They're only good when Ken Ralston is VFX Suping for them.
      • Manuel
        "Superman returns"... yeah. DC/Warner Bros./Sony Unfortunately we are never going to see some DC Comics movie made by ILM.
  • Kyle Robinson
    This looks as awesome as that Green Lantern garbage. No thanks. I'll save my money for games and the other super hero flicks. 
  • guestmothafuhckaa
    Holy shit!! I jizzed
  • Max Renn
    Andrew Garfield is good casting, but there are too many "name" actors in the other adult roles; it's distracting; in a 70's disaster movie way.
  • Jeff Metzger
    This trailer has me less excited now. It's gone from must see, to wait and see. I think the acting and dialog is going to be pretty poor and CGI is going to OK at best.
  • Ediie
    What does gwen says to peter while cleaning his wounds? Couldnt catch it....
  • bassmonsta
    we dont need another mindless soul less spiderman movie, what execs got really excited in the toilet at a wrap party with charlie and girls then went 'hey u know what lets get that guy from the facebook movie to play peter parker, with a lizard villan, no one will guess' snort snort snort. 
  • This guy
    That looked terrible. Theres nothing more to say about how bad this movie is going to look




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