New 'Prometheus' Weyland Viral Video with Noomi Rapace Released

May 16, 2012
Source: Verizon

Elizabeth Shaw Noomi Rapace Prometheus

"This is not who I am, it's simply what I know." Verizon just released yet another new viral video for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, following the amazing TED2023 Talk with Peter Weyland and the David 8 android introduction from Michael Fassbender. This video, debuted on the Verizon FiOS Facebook and called "Quiet Eye", focuses on Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw, one of the crew on Prometheus who might be the one that reveals the location they travel to. This is one of the best story-focused viral campaigns in quite a while and they're wrapping up by adding even more mystery and questions. You will want to see this video.

Here's the "Quiet Eye" viral video about Elizabeth Shaw, an archaeologist and a believer in God with a "very strong faith", but then of course "things happen and she changes into more of a warrior." Watch in full here:

There are also a few new updates over on, plus a new interactive game located at /TrainingCenter to check out, though it's Internet Explorer only for now (uh WTF?). This new video and most of these Prometheus viral videos were initially conceived/designed by Ridley Scott & Damon Lindelof.

Prometheus is directed by legendary Oscar nominated filmmaker Ridley Scott, who started it all with Alien and Blade Runner, also directing Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Robin Hood most recently. The screenplay was originally written by Jon Spaihts (The Darkest Hour), then updated by Damon Lindelof of "Lost" and Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek 2. Fox has Prometheus set to hit theaters in 3D starting June 8th this summer. Visit Weyland Corp.

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  • I don't like the part of her being a strong believer. It sounds different from what you might here from a churchgoer but still, compare this to anything neil tyson has ever said. It will just sound really dumb in comparisson.
    • dumb scientist
       Is it that hard to comprehend there are scientists who believe in god? Why does belief in god automaticaly mean person is religious?Can't one believe in god and not subscribe to any religion?Is it not possible to hold two contradictory viewpoints?  Why does it have to be one or the other?The world is not black and white and people are far more complex than any ideology would seem to portray..
      • Awtan90
        I for one think there has to be tons of scientists who believe in god. My guess is there aren't many who are part of the organized religions though. For instance I consider myself to be very scientifically minded, but I would call myself an agnostic. I believe in some kind of higher power but i don't think we can prove its existence or even comprehend what it actually is. 
      • McWetty
        The more science I understand, the more majesty I find, and the more I have to believe that god must exist.
    • Reznik
      I don't understand the need to always put religion in movies, even if there subtle. 
      •  I don't understand every one's hate for religion, even if it is subtle.
        • Todd
          Maybe the way it tries to monopolise politics, manipulate people, cause war ect...
          • Awtan90
            That's not a direct result of religion, thats the result of religious leaders abusing their power. 
          •  And the people who follow them and carry them out.
          • Jericho
            a lot like Stalin who~ oh wait he was athiest...
          • Jericho
            or maybe Kim Jong~ wait... nope he was athiest too...
          • Reznik
            So your saying being an atheist, alone made Stalin and Kim Jong assholes? 
          • Jericho
            im saying they looked too much into the religion aspect and not enough into the faith aspect then tried to monopolise politics, manipulate people, cause wars ect... just like Todd said about religious leaders.. although i do think Kim Jong was an ass.....
          • Religion on it's own is not the problem, if you follow the rules it'd be all happy dancing at Allah, Jesus and Buddha parties, even the Scientologists could get in on it, well maybe not them. The trouble is human beings, they are the corruptible entity at the root of the problem. Same with politics and everything else. People who believe in fictional beings are already open to suggestion, so saying that another group of  people who worship a different bearded figure are plotting some evil against you can easily gather support, because the enemy is already there. Faith is strange, I like that it can help people through terrible times in their life and catholics were clever to put the 'suicide means hell' clause in their booklet, because it means no matter how bad things get, suicide isn't an option for the faithful. I've been reading about religion and it's effect on peoples mindset, being from Scotland I've tried to get a grip on why the country I come from is so mentally broken when it comes to faith. People don't talk about politics and religion enough, they talk very vaguely about it, as the dumb scientist guy up above said in very 'black and white' terms about things.
      • Jericho
        i love the part where you instantly put Religion in the same context as with Faith
    • Danimal
      I don't see the need to bash religion when all she said that she "believes there's a place" where all their questions can be answered....meaning the strange planet/cave in the previews where they make amazing discoveries and get their asses kicked by aliens hoo-rah! 
      • alex
        Exactly and she sounds like an idealist not a religious fanatic. It comes across a tee naive but not flat out dumb.
        • Jericho
          exactly, a relationship with ones God does not include a religion to it....
    • Mouchettepas
      You're argument is weak; churchgoers aren't strong believers?..Neil Degrasse Tyson is not the foremost expert on everything, just astrophysics-dummb argument. He also disseminates the line between faith and science. Look it up or read a book.
      • I mentioned Tyson because he is one of the only public scientists (known to many readers) and because he is so unapologetically interested and fascinated by science and the universe. If I think of someone as Shaw, he comes to my mind. Not a believer.
    •  Yeah, the talk Neil Degrasse Tyson gave about scientists who believe in god sprung into my mind too.  I mean, if you're a scientist, with a belief in god, then you aren't really much of a scientist.  Religion aside, a belief in god or some kind of higher power behind the scenes pulling the strings is shortchanging science, because now instead of looking for the reasons behind things you fall back on "must be the hand of god at work" and you stop looking.  Once you attribute anything in the universe to a god of any kind, you've essentially given up trying to discover and explain the why and how of something, and thats not scientific at all.
      • bull$*1t
         Conjecture and a stereotype.  Also read your history.If this what you are saying was true,then there would be no progress whatsoever.Humanity has lived with some form of belief in higher power since way back when and it still has not stoped the basic human curiosity and need to explore and grow.
        •  I do know my history, and yes people like Newton and Galileo believed in god, and since you know your history you'll also know that because of that belief there are things they didn't bother investgating or searching for answers for because they put them down to the mysterious workings of god.  In fact, Newton himself wrote "The six primary planets are revolved about the sun in circles concentric with the sun and with motions directed towards the same parts and along the same plane, but is it not to be conceived that mere mechanical causes could give birth to so many regular motions. This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets could only proceed from the council and dominion of an intelligent and powerful being." His theory of gravity explained the attraction between two bodies but could not account for the long-term overall stability of the system, so he put it down to the mysterious workings of god and stopped looking for an answer.  This is the problem with being a scientist that believes in god. And in the words of Neil Degrasse Tyson himself: "Even if you are as brilliant as Newton, you reach a point where you start basking in the majesty of God, and then your discovery stops. It just stops. Your kinda no good any more for advancing that frontier, waiting for somebody else to come behind you who does not have God on the brain, and who says, ‘That’s a really cool problem. I want to solve it.’ They come in and solve it."
          • bull$*1t
              O.k.You win an internet.
  • son_et_lumiere
    so many questions. so much intrigue (with the alternate faces coming through the left hand channel). so many hints ('that difference is proof'). all this plus good character development. yet no spoilers. if you *are* going to go the viral route, *this* is how you do it.
  • I wish Fox would forgo with all these spoilery TV spots (instead edit them using clips from trailers) and focus more on the viral.   Like Son_Et_Lumiere said, it allows for more character development without actually spoiling anything. 
    • Yea I hear ya, we didn't even post that TV spot because it was too spoilery. I think we've reached that threshold of footage, seeing any more is too much, we've seen enough - now it's time to just wait until June when this is released and be blown away then.
  • alex
    I love the little vids. I think some of the trailers give too much info. The Weyland one with Guy P was brilliant.  She is so pretty in this video. omg really to die for face. Reminds me a lot of Sigourney Weavers' beauty. Understated & natural, enough to amaze you on screen and keep you interested but not too much that it is unbelievable. 
  • christox
    It's really easy to hear she's Swedish..
  • Garvorg
    She's great!!! The Only movie I've see her in was "the girl with he dragon tattoo"..... That as the 1st time I've heard her speak English at any length. These viral videos are genius. I love all the facial recognition graphics.... And what's with the yutani logo! I thought it was just wetland at this point in time. Keep these viral videos coming. But forget those horrible trailers that are slowly ruining the ultimate experience of viewing the movie in the theater.
  • Spider
    Wow! Beautiful woman!
  • Still excited to see this in the big screens.
  • Jonmarlowetwo
    In this viral clip, Noomi Rapace's Elisabeth Shaw is so reminiscent of Emma Watson's Hermione - same mimicks, English accent, nerd-like appearance, and both actresses have some similar features like marked brown eyes, strong eyebrows and oval face.
  • DoomCanoe
    i love her
  • Pendy16
    The video is stereoscopic... let your eyes cross a bit and you get 3D! Cool stuff.
  • Max Renn
    I think I've had enough teasers, trailers, virals... Just show me the movie.




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