New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Movie Makes Our Heroes Aliens?

March 19, 2012
Source: ScreenRant

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Last month we learned that Battle Los Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman would be behind Platinum Dunes new take on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the comic book that became a TV cartoon and live-action film phenomenon back in the 90's. A resurgence of the heroes in a half-shell on the big screen came in the form of a less gritty computer animated film a few years ago, but it just wasn't up to snuff. Now with a new film coming, everyone is wondering just what's going to happen with our heroes this time. Well, apparently producer Michael Bay says that these teenage crimefighters won't exactly be mutants this time.

In speaking at the 2012 Nickelodeon Upfront in New York (via ScreenRant), Bay said:

“These turtles are from an alien race, and they’re going to be tough, edgy, funny, and completely lovable. Kids will believe one day that these turtles do exist when we’re done with this movie.”

First of all, before anyone gets bent out of shape, let's recall that TCRI, which is the name of the place where the mutation causing ooze originated (it was TGRI in the second film), was actually a secret base for the alien beings Utroms, which are the same race as Krang, the pink, brainish-looking villain from the comics and TV show. So this isn't entirely against comic book canon or out of the ordinary, but another change does mix things up quite a bit.

Sources have told us that our turtles are actually four of an entire race of inter-dimensional beings. That's right. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are actually from another dimension. I'm not sure how that's going to make kids think that they exist, but we'll just let it slide. In addition, we've also heard that this storyline is happening because Krang will indeed be a villain in the film, which will mark the first time he's ever been incarnated on the big screen (and maybe along with that huge body suit and the Technodrome?). At the very least, I'm interested to see how this plays out, but until we get an idea of the style and tone, I'm going to just relax and not get bent out of shape or really excited. Thoughts?

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  • Moutchy
    Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles!? I dunno about that...
    • pillagingjack
      Teenage Alien Interdimensional Ninja Turtles....TAINT?
  • Armeetapus16
    no.... no no no! NO, they are mutants, making them "aliens" or "inter-dimensional beings" defeats the purpose 
  • You know when you're performing brain surgery, and you accidentally touch the brain part with your penis? But because you're so 'respected' at what you do, nobody dares question your motive? THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT MICHAEL BAY.
    • Best. Comment. Ever. I completely agree. As for the comment in the above article "before anyone gets bent out of shape, let's recall that TCRI, which is the name of the place where the mutation causing ooze originated (it was TGRI in the second film), was actually a secret base for the alien beings Utroms, which are the same race as Krang" -- Not the same thing as saying our turtles are from another dimension. Not even close. I hate Michael Bay...he ruins everything he touches. Well, almost everything.
  • Voice of Reason
    Uhhhhmmm—while Krang being the villain is ultrasweetfantastic—the turtles, their very name, acronym and franchise includes "mutant" in it. Will it be "T.A.N.T.?" I clearly favor the story of innocent Chinatown turtles being mutated by ooze to become what they are....but, y'know, Michael Bay always stays true to source material and never screws things up to annoys fans, so we should be safe.
    • BigMikeG23
      sniff, sniff, ahhh, the enticing aroma of sarcasm, lol
  • grausekopf
    definitely creates a big resentment in me instantly, so i doubt the fanbase will like it
    • I agree with you Im part of that fanbase.and already hate the idea.I hate you BAY LEAVE OUR TURTLES ALONE!!
  • JL_pix
  • JP_Lee18
    He still has the whole "Alien" thing in his head from transformers
    • Alsfkjd
      I wonder if April O'Neil will wear white pants in the sewer and never get them dirty
  • Manuel
    Aw... crap.
  • TigerClaw305
    I think the whole TMNT alien origin is being misinterpreted all over the net. In the original comics, The chemical that mutated the turtles to become humanoid was by a company called T.C.R.I. It was secretly run by an alien race called the Utrom, Which is Krang's race.
    • Did you read the article at all? That's exactly what I wrote in the second paragraph.
      • TigerClaw305
         oh, my bad, i saw this story everywhere
        • Fail
           I like arguing and looking stuff up on wikipedia before reading the article in the first place... fail.
  • Krang was always trying to open up that other dimension in the cartoon. I think the turtles went there at one point I definitely remember Rocksteady and Bebop being there with the Shredder. It's fair enough if the ooze is some alien goo, but everyone knows the origin.
  • i just want the real origin story with a nod or discreet cameo from from Daredevil. That would be nice. 
  • George Cotsirilos
    Okay. So hollywood has officially done everything to destroy the slight bit of nostalgia I have held onto this long. The film is going to be called "Ninja Turtles." No mention of teenage. Or mutant. This movie is going to blow. Michael Bay will ruin another great franchise. I bet he already has 8 sequels written.
    • Yes I agree. He is gonna ruin my childhood yet again. :( and everyone else that are fans from back in the day.
  • Neo0507
    Fuck You Michael Bay... Fuck You!!
    • Anonymous
      Ditto, he got sold out by the illuminati sons a bitches. Why are they making loads of 'Alien' movies?? And now this, which has nothing to do with aliens as they are mutants. Seriously they have got something up their sleave, just like 9/11 at that time they made movies of hijacking planes (Executive Decision etc.) and now aliens. Also in Avengers they are putting in Aliens, "that invade the world". Now talking about the movie they are going to mess it up, changing the whole story which were for kids. NOT GOOD.  
      • Those Illoominatty's they are like megaminds in the deshtructionz of the yooniverz. Shapeshifter lizard bastards! I doubt they control Michael Bay, he seems more under the grip of severe cocaine abuse, it's the only way that he could make the films he does without ending himself. I'd like to see Michael Bay do a 9/11 movie though, the explosions would be off da charts.
      • Those Illoominatty's they are like megaminds in the deshtructionz of the yooniverz. Shapeshifter lizard bastards! I doubt they control Michael Bay, he seems more under the grip of severe cocaine abuse, it's the only way that he could make the films he does without ending himself. I'd like to see Michael Bay do a 9/11 movie though, the explosions would be off da charts.
      • Thatoneguy
         They were not originally for kids.  Do your research.
        • Anonymous
          Here comes the critics...., my bad.
        • Mr.Fox
          Agreed on that note.  The original comics were pretty damn violent.  The footclan's limbs going everywhere, and the turtles getting their arms sliced off, but being reptiles growing them back.  With the amount of graphic gory fight scenes, definitely wasn't intended for children.  Its been masked for kids for far too long, that its very vague to remember.
          • theRJP
            pretty sure they didn't get limbs cut off or grow them back for that matter. they are turtles after all.
          •'s LIZARDS that can grow back their TAILS...not turtles....and certainly not their limbs...just thought I'd point that out.
  • Drcherd
    i would probably be fine if the radiated ooze was formulated with the DNA of an alien somehow but being completely aliens is branching too far from their origin story. just read TigerCLaw305's comment and i hope thats what they're going for.
  • TTumMM
    Micheal Bay touch it and the movie is cursed instantly.
  • R3last
    yes it's bad that he's (Bay) is screwing with Canon again, yes they'll be unnecessary explosions, but at the end of the day as much as I dislike his work there are still for some odd reason people that clamor to see this guy's movies. For a studio this guy is gold, for a fan of any of the properties they give him access to, he's a pariah.
  • horrible idea.  You completely take away their personality of growing up as late 80's early 90's New York teenagers by making them aliens.  Michael Bay, I hate you.
  • Johnny Neat
    Great, Hollywood doing the usually treatment of original properties. I mean wasn't ruining the Dukes of Hazard, The Smurfs, Alvin and The Chipmunks, G.I. Joe, Transformers, The A-Team etc etc etc enough? Hollywood needs to learn to either write/create original stuff or start respecting established intellectual properties. Respect the source man, or write your own shit. Period. P.s. Not everything is up for the big screen anyhow.
  • Gex
    Whahahahahah!!!!!!! I'm sorry, it's just that this is so freakin hilarious.  I've gotta see this movie.  It better either be freakin awesome, or so freakin bad it's good. Oh, and people, seriously, since when should anybody take the idea of mutated turtles and a mutated rat that know martial arts seriously?  So long as it's entertaining, who cares?  I mean, yeah, the original comics took themselves a little more seriously, but that's what made them funny.  In fact, I hope Bay does take this completely ridiculous idea as seriously, because the end results are bound to be hilarious, so long as you can forget your childhood so it doesn't get raped.
    • Elir333
      Obviously, you were born in the 70's or 90's. What's wrong with being upset at a man that cannot come up with any IP himself? He is a doosh. End o' story
      • Gex
         Considering he made The Rock, plus the fact that there's that highly praised American remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, that's not a very well backed comment.
        • FuzzyGlowCar
          Michael Bay did not direct the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. David Fincher did.
          • Gex
             It's the fact that someone besides Bay doesn't come up with Independent material is what I'm criticizing.  You mine as well as bash Fincher along with Bay, and whoever directed Let Me In.  And I cited The Rock because that was IP (unless you want to get started on the whole "what is IP").
          • Trym
            What the hell are you talking about, people are shitting on Michael Bay here not because he just likes to use lots of material that hasn't been thought up by himself. But because he does it and proceeds to ruin the franchise entirely (Transformers?). Not to mention he's been tied in with about 4 of those TERRIBLE horror movie reboots. Even though he has done some admirable work, that was LONG ago and he hasn't been tied to anything good for quite a while. I mean The Rock came out in 96, that's closing in on  2 decades ago! And please don't group David Fincher with Bay, he actually makes good movies, whether it's old or new IP (The Social Network, Fight Club, Seven, Benjamin Button, Panic Room)
  • Big Boss
    Michael Bay: Sh*tting on our childhoods since 2007.
  • Stevenfreestyler
    Micheal Bay?!!! What on earth are you doing here??!!!! Came back again with a huge wrecking ball or you brought along your version of hugely disappointing devastator??!!!!  Can some1 put a stop to his reign of terrible works!! He is destroying all of our childhood dreams!!! Teenage Alien ninja turtles?? hell noooo!!!
  • jah p
    Well I just hope that with the turtles will be recognizable as turtles, but I have my doubts now since Bay is involved....they'll probably look like mini Gameras...
  • Mikesantana
    Wow!!!! Aileans foreal!!!!!! Who ever reads this I put a hit on Michael bay 1000000$$$ to who ever kills him before he makes this movie!!
  • Mikesantana
    Oh sooo this mean the movie ain't Gona be dark??
  • Christopher Batty
    Michael Bay rocks! Please let me work on your films. Pick me! 
  • McWetty
    Really? It wasn't enough for you to shit on my childhood by making Jurassic Park 3D?  You have to go and F**k up TMNT too?  Big middle finger to you Hollywood... Huge.
  • Enzo
    Um..does this mean no Shredder than? Im pretty sure the "hint" from the last TMNT was to indicate Shredder would return. How would Krang fit in all of this?
    • The last TMNT does not play into this one. This is a franchise reboot, and a live-action film, so there won't be any continuity.
  • Dan K
  • Dixone19
    So will Splinter be an alien also then?
    • Gex
       He's an alien in the more recent animated TMNT series.
      • That Romero Guy
         really, hes depicted as an alien in the newer cartoon? they better have splinter in the final conclusive minutes of this new live action remake, i think krang should say " ill get you turtles" as you see BEBOP AN ROCKSTEADY strapped to lab tables an then open their eyes ..credits... :) :) :)
  • You lost me at "completely loveable".
  • ColtNoir
    F*ck Michael Bay.
  • Bigshot50
  • BinaryChaos
    Have you guys forgotten how boring the original ninja turtles movie was? After seeing that film that's all I ever heard from people so for him to do this is no surprise and lets not forget his target audience are kids and what's more entertaining than intergalactic teenage crime fighters. There is a richness of story to be told and he can make up whatever crap he wants as long as the explosions are to his standards. I'm not defending the guy but at this point I don't care as long as it's a fun ride.
  • Akirakorn
    Teenage Alien Inter-dimensional Ninja Turtles! T.A.I.N.T. Or as Hollywood will spin it: Micheal Bay's T.A.I.N.T. So lets all spend $25 a ticket to stare at Micheal Bay's T.A.I.N.T. for 2 1/2 hours in utter disbelief. Bet there are two humping Chihuahuas in there.
    • Thexn
       Dammit. I was hoping to be the one to drop the T.A.I.N.T. bomb.  Well played sir. Well played.
      • Gobogh
         I'm more for calling them Aliens Imitating Ninja Turtles, because they AINT TMNT.
    • Hippo50187
      LMAO im sharing this comment with everyone i know
  • Mightymidgets
  • raph
    the orginal ninja turtles movie wasnt boring at all it couldnt have been better it was a real movie
  • ocp
    Someone needs to pop a cap in this fools ass
  • Danimal
  • Baron the Curse
    For fuck's sake, can this guy go back to directing music videos or car commercials or whatever the hell he shitted on before someone elevated him to films.
  • MicheleFalcone   I just wrote a letter to Bay on my blog - hopefully one of his Hollywood sleuths will pass it onto him. If we don't see the film, he won't make the money, or get the numbers he wants at the box office. Bay know a lot fans will go see it, just to see how bad he botched it - I refuse to spend a penny on it, no matter how curious I am to see this train wreck!
    • Anon
       Or you could do what the government is trying to stop people from doing... watch a pirated copy ROFL.  Don't they know the pirates are just trying to shut down these terrible producers?
  • John
    Stupid.Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Turtles, ninjas, mutagen, and pizza. Why the fuck is Bay going to fuck it up? Someone please send Bay to another dimension...preferably one that does not have movies for him to fuck up.
  • Lwalkermusic
    Michael a dick. There simply not from space.
  • batsupe
    Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles! Need i say more?? And what about the beloved Master Splinter? Why change a formula that has been the foundation of an incredible fan base for over two decades!?
  • Hippo50187
    somebody please do the world a favor and stick something  dull and rusty in the juggular vein of michael bay...he must die for the murder of another childhood favorite,,whuts next bay..u gonna fuck up thundercats too?...."this time their dogs...we'll call it thunderpups!!!"  DROP DEAD
  • Anyman
    I knew it was too good to be true. A TMNT remake that was suppose to go in a dark and gritty direction, platinum dunes on production, etc. Wow U guys really had me going there for a sec, and then.........ALIEN TURTLES. Damn. Fuck It.
  • Anyman
    This makes sense after all........they obviously going to take the franchise in a campy,kid friendly,turltle lovable direction. if they thats the case, then i'm truely pissed off. Damn. Fuck It.
  • The Splinter
    Dear Michael Bay.. I have heard of this Teenage alien Ninja Turtles you would like to create for the new re boot of the original live action Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles. Although i think you have been watching to much Transformers i can understand how you may have got lost on the dark end of the moon let me shed some light on you. If you turn those four Kowabunga broskies of mine ( Along with all the other fans ) into aliens you will receive many ninja kicks to the head and your credibility as a director. Some final words of advice, Shredder does not need to be a robot, that is what Krang is for. If i see one shred of armor or mechanics on the turtles NINJA KICK TO FACE. If you continue with this idea of the turtles i will be forced to get in my costume go to the production studio and hold up a sign that says " I WAS MUTATED FROM GREEN OOZE PLEASE DO NOT ALIENATE ME " nuff said have a good day
    Fuck you Michael Bay.
    Fuck you Michael Bay.
  • Guest123
    Ohh, Idea! The turtle aliens could also turn into Ford automobiles. That should help finance the movie.
  • Krang isn't an Utrom.
    • Emc2on
      Yes he is
  • Danny Neves
    If krang and the technodrome are in it then hell yes!!!!! And shredder working along side him just like the original cartoons :)
  • Danthemank
    Why are the turtles aliens? And why is Krang in this? I thought this was gonna based on the Mirage comics?
  • Please give us a call, we've spent the last few years developing a TMNT graphic novel to prevent the TMNT from being turned into some big budget lackluster with no heart. Please Michael, check out our work at and consider NOT taking the alien route. Haven't you made enough alien movies already?
  • happy camper
    so they are gonna be illegal aliens! thats a nice touch ill get a lot of good jokes outta this one at work!
  • Strongbadge
    I don't want kids to love this film. I was hoping it would be dark and gritty like the Batman re-makes of late.
  • ???
    Best Cartoon ever made.  Please don't pull the space card.  One of the things that make it cool is the different mutant characters they fight not aliens and robots like that stupid anime redo. 
    • Emc2on
      First of all that stupid anime redo is more like the original comics then you will ever know.
  • turtle power
    Real Quote from the Great Master Splinter. "As you grow older, you will learn there are many ways to do the right thing. But there is no going back. I'm afraid we find ourselves at your mercy" - Master Splinter
  • Ill Phil Fsk
    If its not broke why fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the name is teenage MUTANT ninja turtles!!!!! i grew tmnt everything and been waiting for this day for another movie to come out, Its hard to swallow that there aliens. - ILLPHIL
  • David_Melies
    okay after reading that, they're still not aliens, they started out as turtles here on earth, and then came in contact with that ooze which is either from earth or from an alien civilization either way they would still be mutants. there maybe a race in a different dimension that is just like them, but they were created not visitors from another dimension. this makes me just wanna see it more so I can see if they got it right
  • no no no no no! makin them aliens will ruin everything the ninja turtles stand for! they are called the teenage MUTANT ninja turtles not alien! i will never see that movie if it comes out. ever.
  • Er Mi
    The thing is that mutant ninja turtles series was not a TV-show at all. Before that it was a smart black and white comic inspired by Frank Miller. And then for some reason it became a ultracommercial crapshow in the late 80s that was not at all like the original. So for all fakenerds, its silly to want to preserve a ripoff in the first place.
  • Azrouth22
    I think if this movies come to light it is going to tank... Visually, he does a great job with his stories, but his plots are crap and he completely destroys original story lines to fit his warped views of what is 'Action Film'
  • No one wants a reboot. Yes, the ooze that mutated the turtles in the first place was from TCRI, which was ran by Utrons. But they are not the same as Krang. Krang was from dimension x, not from outerspace
  • oh no...first devil may tmnt...wats with directors these days?????  thats another great series going down the drain.......
  • Gijoe
    aliens? they been turtles forever! makin them aliens would be gay!
  • Matthew Hieger Mh
    It needs to be similar to the first three movies as in how realistic it was and same personalities! Krang sounds a little lame to. Just saying. I don't have any other thoughts except rock steady and beebop if thats even right? Lol the two goons from the earlier animated series! Just some suggestions...The original turtles were the best and won't be forgotten so don't forget that. Changing a bunch of stuff will probably relate to major disappoint in the fan base!
  • Ninja time
    THIS IS MESSED UP!!!! Why can't they make the movie like the original comics? THEY were awesome! With this new alien crud, the movie is totally ruined.
  • NativeTexan85
    You can't make The Ninja Turtles aliens, that's like making a John Wayne movie & giving a crummy ass 22 caliber revolver.
  • Bob Bobington
    Celestial Underage Ninja Turtles
  • Toolkribkeeper
    Way to rape my childhood assholes
  • Wallylama
    Here's the way I see it. Kill Michael Bay by having Krang drop the Technodrome on him. Everybody's happy. The End.
  • concerned
    ALIENS from another DIMENSION????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Just one more great idea that the moron's in Hollywood find a way to f%#$ up!! Why don't you IDIOTS write something original for a change and STOP screwing with great stories???? IF ITS NOT BROKE, DON'T TRY TO FIX IT!!!!!!!!!
  • Th19rh
    listen i'm with a remake something  bigger and just as great as the originals just as long as Bay lets everyone see this whats more than likely piece of shit for free so no one has to waste 15 bucks a ticket when they walk out on this pos
  • That's Just The Way It Is
    Sorry dudes, but as long as it looks awesome enough for every kid under 12 to want to be brought to the theaters by their parents and it makes the studio tons of money, they don't actually give a crap what the hardcore fans think.  I know it sucks, but that's the hard, cold truth.    
  • Augustlchoate
    Really? That's retarded? I don't care who you are or who you think you are, you don't mess with original stories. And Transformers? How did he put a realistic spin on that? Its pretty sound to the original story. Like with Batmman, he's a Ninja but not one scene where it shows him fight, just mixed scened and your left to your imagination, stupid. And got Ras Alghuls name wrong? Only thing they did right was the amount of money spent and making it darker like its supposed to be. The rocksteady game Batman Arkham... Deserves a movie, not the ones coming out. Soo pretty sure the next TNMT thtll be worth it, will be rocksteadys game, this movie sounds like a joke. And this forum blows for cell view every time I view or scrool it shoots me to the top, its 2012 people, get with the times. And a childrens TMNT movie? Disney should make it, the heck are you thinking, another ruined story.
  • damondo7
    Hahaha agreed
  • Is there some type of petition or literally anything that we can do to stop this? I swear everytime I go to the movies or watch TV and a ad for a movie is on, once they say Michael Bay i let off a big grooan haha. He makes me sad
  • I was kind of hoping this new movie would be so dark and brutal kids wouldnt be allowed to watch it. Why make something from the 80's/90's period for kids again? I want them all grown up, swearing and making things bleed.
  • JennyHeadluv
    They are aliens. Well, not the turtles, but what made them ninja turtles did come from space. Do your homework before ranting about something you don't really know about.
  • Andy
    Does anyone here have anything better to do with their time? Boo hoo " its not the same as when I was kid" waaaaa! Stfu. Grow up people! This is why our society is so fucked. Because of childish "adults". If you can even call yourselves that. Pathetic.
  • WildHeHe
    Really? Aliens? Wow our childhood shows are really getting messed up. I think they need to start just putting on the old shows they were so much better then the crap they show kids now.
  • Raphaellover<333
    This is absolutely RIDICULOUS! For gods sake they can't just keep the original story line! Those movies were friken awesome! I still love them to this day and I'm a teenage girl! If Michael bay is gonna make the new movie tht stupid then I'd rather there just not be one at all!
  • why you doing that They are Mutants not aliens please stick to the actual story .. It's better make them like 2007 movie the story is the turn to mutants why you changing it that's messed up
  • No one going to watch that i hope you know that sir ... your destroying the turtles .
    • yes you are destroying the Turtles. BAY STICK TO THE DAMN STORY!!
  • I cant believe he is doing this to our turtles.They aren't aliens never were they are mutants that were born in the sewer in NY and save the world. Not beings from another dimension or planet.They fight aliens like Krang. I'd like to see him as a villain but am against him making them aliens.




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