New Trailer for Marvel's 'The Avengers' is Arriving Online This Week

February 26, 2012
Source: Facebook

Marvel's The Avengers

Briefly: For those of you anxious for superheroes more than Oscars, we've got exciting news for this coming week. Marvel has confirmed, in a quick Facebook post (via SuperHeroHype) that the new trailer for Joss Whedon's The Avengers will be arriving online later this week. The post states "only 3 days left until the premiere" of the trailer on Apple, which would mean Wednesday, February 29th (Leap Day), most likely after the Entertainment Tonight TV debut on Tuesday evening. This will likely be the final Avengers trailer as well, considering there's only 68 days until this superhero ensemble with Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Hulk, Hawkeye and Widow, hits theaters, but I'm excited to see what they've been waiting to show us until now.

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  • BigR
    I want to try and not watch it. I want to be surprised going in on opening day. But that's a huge lie....can't wait for Wednesday!!
    • Solo_Calrissian
  • Yeah, I'll watch it too because I believe we haven't seen much of the film at all. All we've seen so far is the New York battleground and some character thingys but not much else. Not even the big third act set piece (I guess there must be something other than just Manhattan, spaceship or whatever). Whedon is damn smart.
  • blester
    I just can't get past Cap's uniform; it just looks so ridiculous. The plastic helmet with underoo's doesn't work at all. If his uniform is a microcosm of the movie, I will be very disappointed.
  • MIke
    I agree about the uniform.  It just goes to show you how well Johnston did his Cap costume.  This looks exactly like the sort of thing I find totally uninteresting.
  • xaudioprox
    Its funny how everybody is bitching about Caps uniform. I seem to remember everybody doing the same thing when they saw the first photos from Johnstons movie. Give it a rest! Wait for the frickin movie to come out then pass your judgement. until then STFU!
    • blester
      I never understood people bitching about Cap's uniform in Johnston's either. It looked great and fit in with the state of the art technology at the time; so it worked. But this is just looks lazy or forced.  It's not just about the suit either, it's a glimpse at the decision making of the film makers. Green Lantern's suit looked ridiculous as well and we saw how well that film maker excelled at destroying that potential franchise. So it is a fair assessment.
      • Solo_Calrissian
        Agreed.  Looks like an old-school, leather football helmet.  I'm only comparing this look to the first Movie.  That one actually looked like a combat suit and made fun of his comic outfit tongue-in-cheek.  This one to me looks a little, i dont know, Unk-ie(?)...    
    • grapefruit
      I agree. Cap is looking good to me. It's just a pic. He will be looking better on the big screen.
  • Dangerous Don Danger
    Any future trailers need more Hulk.
    • Manuel
      It's big, green and shouts a lot... I miss Ed. Norton.
  • BinaryChaos
    I think Captain America's suit looks cool I just don't like the helmet it just doesn't match with the rest of the suit but at first glance I thought that was robocop for some reason...weird.
  • Xerxexx
    I like the suit, but the helmet needs to go, go, go...if not I'll deal.
    • I would think the suit may get some eventual update, but I also think that I should win the lottery, so...
      • Xerxexx
        Congratulations you just won the MegaSuperPoweball Lotto!
  • stfugtfo
    i felt myself jizz in the future
  • beevis
    not really excited for this - i'd have much rather seen the producers go with the justice league.
    • JBrotsis
      F**k the justice league! F**k DC! Marvel's where it's at!
      • Manuel
        Wow... kind of overreaction here. Try to stick with your pill's schedule and come back next friday morning with a valid argument.
    • Manuel
      I feel the same. A Justice League movie would be awesome. But I saw what they did to Green Lantern. So, maybe, Warner will need some extra time to think about this and don't screw it up. And Sony Imageworks keep showing that they are not ILM. They need to hire ILM to future DC movies. The Marvel Studio's movies looks great, have a decent CGI treatment. Green Lantern was painfull.
      • Solo_Calrissian
        Justice league would be awesome!!  I think the big challange (that marvel has been hit-or-miss with) is transitioning the comic book outfits to the bigscreen and having a story that could relevantly fit all the major players.As a movie, it'd probably have to be a LOTR-sized trilogy.  I think it's doable with no more Potter to cash-cow.  But then again, I'm spending Warner Bros money with that opinion.  😉   
  • I'm so excited for this that I'm going to try my hardest not to watch any more footage.  If they did stop revealing trailers, do you think that would hurt sales? I feel like this is the biggest thing from Marvel... ever.
  • Jalts4
    Man... captain america looks like a clown with this new suit, looks like they got it from party city or something its ridiculous
  • Manuel
    Thor (the movie) had horribles suits (armors, or whatever), but the script was solid. Hopefully this movie will have a solid script that actually can make all of us forget about the Captain's fancy pants and his poor resolved helmet.
  • Kyle Robinson
    Looks like a tv show. Redbox rental.
    • Solo_Calrissian
      Lets not count Whedon out.  I was a late bloomer, but I ended up liking his works.  He's a master of the small budget, so lets see what he does with a big one.
  • Devdattagbhurke
    the captain america suit looks like craptain amarica




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