Phenomenal 5 Minute 'Cloud Atlas' Trailer + Huge New Photo Gallery

July 26, 2012
Source: Apple

Cloud Atlas Trailer

"Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. Today, it is headed in another." Here we go. This looks utterly phenomenal. An international trailer for the Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer's Cloud Atlas that runs a full 5 minutes has debuted at Mtime, and while it may not be approved for our viewing, it looks so insanely good I'm saying screw the movie studios, this needs to be seen! Cloud Atlas is the vast, ambitious, epic adaptation spanning six storylines and six worlds millennia apart that we've been hyping up for a while. There's a batch of nearly 20 photos that also debuted, but they don't even begin to compare to the sheer beauty and magnitude of this trailer. Wow. This is the kind of stunning cinema I have been truly waiting for.

You can now view this full 5-minute trailer in high def on Apple! We've now embedded the HQ version.

Here's the first 5-minute official trailer for the Wachowskis & Tom Tykwer's Cloud Atlas, via Apple:

In case that trailer gets pulled, here are the photos, first revealed on sites like RopeofSilicon and Bleeding Cool. They originally came from some Warner Bros widget with a slideshow, also linking to their Facebook. They highlight the Cloud Atlas cast: Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, Susan Sarandon, Hugh Grant, Ben Whishaw, Keith David, Jim Broadbent, James D'Arcy, Doona Bae.

Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos
Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos
Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos
Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos
Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos
Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos
Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos
Cloud Atlas PhotosCloud Atlas Photos

I am totally losing my shit over Cloud Atlas, it looks so unbelievably good, everything about it. Cannot wait!

Cloud Atlas is the ambitious adaptation of David Mitchell's novel, co-written/directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski (Bound, The Matrix, Speed Racer) and Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run, The International), that features six century-spanning storylines, all using the same actors playing characters across time and space. The film explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future. Warner Bros has Cloud Atlas set for release on October 26th. Thoughts?

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  • Buzzfunk
    WOW. Nothing else to add.
    • rocky728
      Indeed. Well I'll add that it damn near brought a tear to my eyes. Looks better than I'd imagine after reading the book but shouldn't be surprised coming from the Wachowski siblings
  • That looks INCREDIBLE!
  • I have NO clue what the movie will be about, but... but... that was INCREDIBLE!
    • cellchild
      the book is very sophisticated and i see the movie is so as well
  • JohnIGottschalk
    How the Heck are they going to fit all of that into 1 movie? Looks almost like one of those 'year in cinema' recap videos.
  • JB
    OMG.. this looks truly epic.. cant w8 :O
  • Congratulations to the Warner Bros. marketing department for an epic trailer. Now try to convey the same ideas and themes in a 30 second TV spot!
    • Buzzfunk
      More like congrats of showing 5 minutes yet it seems to not give anything away. Ridley scott are you seeing this?
  • Heci
    This trailer is one of the best short-films I've seen.. If the full movie brings that same feel then it's going to be a triumphant return for these fellas.. Also I was totally expecting a Speed Racer MKII.
  • P
    Best Picture and Screenplay written all over it. Will have to watch how the Wachowskis weave together the multi layers and the characters.
  • LosZombies
    WOW is a complete understatement. More like GAWDAYUMN!!!! This looks waaayyy better than anything I imagined, Im so psyched to watch this! 😀
  • RobOh
    MIND = BLOWN. Sensory overload. I'm not even sure how the hell to describe what I just saw. This looks like the most ambitious movie I've ever seen.
    • Richie G
      Surely this is too much to cram into one movie. It can't be good, can it?
      • Billdus
        Who the hell knows, the movie isn't out yet, only one way to find out. 😉
  • We need a release date. LOOKS AWESOME
    • We have one! October 26th in the US, premiering at TIFF in September. Can't wait.
      • That's why you guys are the best in the business when it comes to movies!!
  • Prudhvi
    Feels as if you know and have felt everything Tom Hanks was speaking somewhere or the other in our lives and yet this looks so new and imaginative. Wachowskis have always been special and each frame and the dialog speaks a lot of what they canned for the film. Looks promising and I would love to watch it. Damn, time to wait for my future to happen. Fast!
  • Skay
    I have read the book and it is an over hyped and very loosely connected stories with almost no link or superficial link at best. In my opinion it doesn't make for a very strong material for a movie.
    • Prudhvi
      Like other humans here, have trust in Wachowskis my dear and sleep well.
      • Why do you talk about W bro-sista only? It is 50% of Tykwer movie and I think he is better filmmaker and have stronger credits in the past.
    • Might want to read it again....
    • You obviously completely missed the whole point of the book...
  • I have watched this trailer. I know not what it means. But my word, it is GLORIOUS.
  • Alex
    I loved the book and had high hopes for the movie but this... this blows anything I could have dreamed for out of the water. I am so unbelievably excited I might just pee.
  • Sean
    THAT WAS FREAKING AMAZING. I can't believe they did so much with $100 million budget. My new most anticipated film of the year.
  • WOW!!! Insane!!! TIFF needs to start NOW!!!!
  • guess
    Awesome? Really? Seems like a bunch of pretentious talking heads. Meh.
  • Agent Smith
    Where is Mr.Anderson? Also ,this looks intriguing.
  • Richie G
    Awh I HATE when the trailer gives away the whole story... Yeah no, I'm kidding. I have no idea what I just saw or how that was an add for one movie, but I'm intrigued
  • dom
    5 minutes and I'm still not sure what I just watched. It looks like a real mish mash of characters and events, I hope they pull it off because at the moment it all seems to clash a little.
    • beevis
      agreed - so much of it seemed like a music video - with quick images of people and stuff breaking.....
      • Dominic A
        dudes , Cause it's a TRAILER !! don't have time to tell YOU the whole story . Challenge yourself sometime ! look carefully and you'll see the different timelines . Almost didn't recognize Hanks when he's looking like Philip Seymour Hoffman , realizing he knows Halle .....
        • beevis
          i don't have to look close to see different timelines.....that was VERY obvious. i'm not trying to be insulting, but much of it seemed like an enigma video.
  • dawko
    A great comeback of one of the best hollywood visionaries
  • Looks like they are on the right track, but hitting the reincarnation theme pretty heavily over the head, whereas I preferred Mitchell's lighter touch. Still, can't wait, and thanks tons for the trailer!!!
    • rocky728
      I agree somewhat. But at the same time I can see them making the connections a little more obvious so the audience can grasp some of the more ambiguous themes. Hey I read it once and I'm halfway through it on my second reading to try and better understand some of the more vague and subtle connections. I'm not the sharpest but not the dullest tool in the shed either ;),
      • I'm exactly the same place - halfway through the 2nd time! Even better...Mitchell is fantastic. And maybe the themes, spread out over 2.5 hrs, will not feel so "Hey! look at this!" Maybe they just all got jammed into the trailer to make the point quickly (if a 5-minute trailer can be called quick.)
    • Linkfx
      There is no reincarnation in the film
  • JohnnyS
    What's the music in the second half of the trailer? It's beautiful
    • Jeff Metzger
      M83 - Outro
  • Reznik
  • bat0u
    Hugh Grant, there's a name I haven't heard in a while.
  • bat0u
    Also, 5 min trailer = 5hr movie? I'm having a hard time imagining them fitting all this in 2 or even 3 hrs.
    • It'll be 2 hours 44 minutes.
  • nickolas
    what is the name of this song?amazing
    • m83 - outro
    • Linkfx
      M83- outro. All of M83's music is this good or better
  • David Diaz
    I'm gonna wait for the HD version on Apple. I'd rather see an epic trailer in good quality than like this. Can't wait though.
    • mmmmmm
      Same, the quality is terrible for what sounds like terrific footage.
  • steve
    the way the book is cuz I read it is it begins in the pacific in like the 1860s with the dying lawyer on his way to san Francisco from the Pacific. The movie, like I think the book is, will portray a portion of that story midway before leaping into the next story that is intertwined with the first story ala 1 -> 2. It is the same way for the rest till the last story which is in a post apcolyptic world. The post ap world is told all teh way through before trickling back down all the way to finish the conclusions of all the stories. Easier to under stand is the first 5 are succession at the midpoints of hte their story with the 6 fully told and then descend down to conclude. Storyline 1->2->3->4->5->6<-5<-4<-3<-2<-1....its a very complicated book to read but very good
    • It is absolutely different editing in the movie than in the book and it works great!
    • Joe Parham
      Nope. The movie will go 12345-12345-12345...
  • I'm in!
  • drew
    Undeniably great visuals! I will see it simply for the ambition of the project alone. But if the script is filled with the expositional and pandering pseudo-philosophical drivel heard in this trailer it may be an ambitious wreck. Good sci-fi is subtle with its themes and doesn't need to bludgeon you with the ham-fisted monologues to make you get its "point." Ugh. Matrix 2 and 3 anyone? The Wachowski's should outsource their scripts to others, they lack nuance.
    • I would not call it pseudo-philosophical. It says some really important things in a language you have to use to be understood by general movie audience. I would call it popcorn-philosophy but why to complecate things. Life is easy)))
  • Hold it, Hugh Grant acting in something that's NOT a RomCom? Is this real.
    • Isaiah Gilliland
      Check the trailer, he's the barbarian killing people near the end!!
  • Jay
    No idea what the hell I just watched, but I am totally on board.
  • Nate
    Truly the best trailer I've seen all year! Wow!!!
  • It looks like a faithful rendering of the book - overwrought, convoluted and ultimately forgettable.
  • ff
    Is it just me or is Halle Berry one of the worst actresses ever? Evren on the trailer she looks bad. It's really hard to get a grip on this even after 5 minutes. Could be great or could suck...
  • From what I've seen, it looks like an ambitious attempt to deal with the last great mystery: Death. I'm in.
    • Reminds me of The Fountain in some respects.
      • Yes. It does.
        • Clouteaux
          The Fountain was crap. This is a Redbox rental at best.
  • Isn't one of the stories in Cloud Atlas a novel? I wonder if they'll honour that in the film.
    • Sonmi-451
      I got the impression from the book that Cavendish assumed it was a fictional novel, but only because he didn't know or recall the real-life story of Luisa Rey (it would have been national news, but nearly forty years before his story). In a lot of ways, if each story is just what the next character is seeing/reading, each story might just be an imperfect recollection from one person's perspective.
  • BinaryChaos
    Holy crap?!?!
  • leinergroove
    Obviously we are talking about a 9 hours movie, right?... RIGHT??
  • Tester
    I really dislike this trend to release long trailers that either show the whole movie or critical scenes. And then there's this, a 5min long trailer, takes some serious balls But I simply could not stop watching !! Breathtaking
    • they simply had no choice to present this movie in different way. It is like 6 films with its own story and acme. Devide its duration by 6 and you'll get 6 ususal teasers)))
  • tzarinna
    Whoa, that was breathtaking, I was actually moved!
  • Any way to download this?
  • Ringo
    Wow…this looks incredible!!! Wachowski Brothers & Tykwer co-directing is a dream team. Its like after all their epic fuckups, the Wachowski Brothers finally realize they need someone to temper their extravagances/indulgences. I love the obvious influences of Japanese Anime... Also, I love that they put Agent Smith in the film...that alone guarantees your film pure awesomeness!!! Ha!!!
  • originalcyn
    Gah!! i can't wait!!!!!
  • Looks even better than Waterworld!
  • Speechless...doesn't happen often...
  • Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End. Everything is Connected.
  • Risk
    This cast is outrageous.
  • What the hell did I just watch?
  • Not watching it
    To me it looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet - looks good but ends up being a tasteless pile of shit which isn't such a great idea after all.
  • Coryl
    I'm glad the Wachowski siblings are taking on such an ambitious film. I'm tired of sequel after sequel to films and additions to their series, so I'm glad that somebody is taking a step forward with something original, and even challenging. I can't wait for this movie to come out.
  • mmmmmmmm
    1st off thank god I waited to see it in HD. You would think a 5min long trailer would be too much, BUT ITS NOT. This is epic on a scale that I have seen seen TDKR. I was bug eye and jaw dropped through at its ambition, and visual spectacles. MIND BLOWN APART. That was truly extraordinary.
    • mmmmmm
      meant to say *seen since
  • Dan W
    Question: If I'm currently reading the book should I watch the trailer? So far I feel like I shouldn't.
    • JF
      No, you should hold out! It's not that the trailer spoils anything but just seeing the casting and the film's vision of the characters can obscure Mitchell's writing which is just awesome. Also for me part of the fun of watching it is that feeling you get of knowing the characters and story having read the book.
  • I really liked this movie. I thought it was good the first time I saw it when it was called The Fountain.
  • Payne by name
    That just looked like a mess of scenes that the makers think will be really cool connected by the weakest, most implausible script whose only purpose is to set up the next geek pleasing scene.
  • nzspaceweapons
    A bit pretentious.. stunning nonetheless.
  • Astounding!!! I have to see this!!
  • David Banner
    Don't/won't use Quicktime? Here's a non Quicktime version of the trailer:
  • DoomCanoe
    i love the Wachowskis IMO they haven't been involved in bad movie yet. thats right... i loved speed racer and the third matrix
  • Sarah W.
    That trailer...was phenomenal. But is it gonna be a 5-hour movie or what? Lol, just seems like a lot to cover. Anticipation is great, looks like my kind of flick. Plus, Tom Hanks in anything makes it better, just kind of impressed he was chosen, and chose to be in, this type of movie.
    • Robert Frobisher
      IMDB says "a little over 3 hours"
  • silentamazement
    even if every visually stunning moment in the movie may or may not have just been shown, i wouldn't give a damn, i am now compelled to see this film
  • The Truth
    Looks wonderful! But I have a feeling a lot of people won't comprehend this movie so it may not become a box office hit. Let's face it, there's so many dumb people in the audience out there! ...sign!
  • The Truth
    Looks wonderful! But I bet a lot of people won't comprehend this movie so it may not become a box office hit. (looks like a big budget with all those movie stars) Let's face it, there's so many dumb people out there. .. sign!
    • rennmaxbeta
      Must be hard being so superior... If the movie ends up incomprehensible, then the film makers have failed at storytelling.
  • Bruce Lee
    At 1:53 mark, is that a white guy done up to be an Asian man? FAIL!
    • Sonmi-451
      The entire movie is filled with actors playing different ages, races and genders.
  • Cody Wc
    Im totally speechless
  • This...this is a joke, right? The composer he helps has syphilis and his wife cheats on him. He doesn't have a mystery lost love! What in god's name is this pap?
  • Nvrsleep
    I'm so flabbergasted how beautiful this movie looks . .this BETTER be at least 2:30hrs long .
  • Past Present Future
    One of the best trailers ever without even being a mega trailer. The only thing that baffles me is that this is a Rated R film, but I saw nothing in the trailer to even warrant it even being Rated PG-13. How much more epic can you get!!!!
  • Thomas
    Wow,I haven't been this impressed by a preview since Inception. This movie looks amazing and the visuals look very impressive. Can't wait for this one.
  • eiremeade
    I hope this lives up the trailer.
  • D6
  • London2012
    How is this movie even rated R? Maybe that's the mystery of the movie itself.
  • wow, either EPIC, or WAY TOO MUCH.....
  • naundob
    Eat this Cameron, Nolan, Spielberg, Scott, Jackson!
  • Odessa James
    That was one of the best trailers I have ever seen, along with the Trailers of, for example, The Tree of Life or The Social Network.
    • Jackie D
      Ditto, some of the best trailers include, tree of life, social network, inception, LOTRs FOTR, and now the epic Cloud Atlas.
  • George Gallos MD
    Finally- collective human consciousness is rising above the oppression imposed by over-inflated ego
  • Dee kaplan
    Beyond the limited borders we create for ourselves."..a chance to move beyond our limited thinking
  • Turftavern
    Wow... Epic concept.. A new faith to believe in
  • InnerCynic
    I never understood why the Wachowskis ever bothered making a Matrix 2 or 3. The first stood well enough on its own and never needed more. Maybe the money men saw it as a cash cow and demanded more. Who knows. But what I do know is that after seeing the first a friend of mine and I spent a good hour afterwards in the parking lot discussing it, philosophy, religion, science and more. How many movies can do that? V for Vendetta put the uncomfortable, but all too true, issue of totalitarianism front and center. All you had to do was look around today and see that. And now we have a philosophical work spanning centuries that there again begs the questions of life. For your knuckle headed masses they might not "get it" because it isn't linear enough. One can only hope that they do. Five minutes can only give you a foretaste and even that is simply a compressed emotional sales pitch. I can't count the times I've seen more in the trailer than was delivered after I paid admission, but I'd say there is more here, more ambition, and certainly a grander vision, than quite a lot we've been exposed to lately. I can only go by past history and the hope that lays within me.
  • OhioAndrea
    I knew nothing of this book nor movie until a friend of mine who manages a movie theater showed me the trailer and my mind was blown. This movie looks so phenomenal and the story seems so only question is....should I read the book first? Or is this maybe one that the movie will be even more powerful on its own? Anybody have any opinions on that? (As far as my typical leanings are concerned...I read The Hunger Games and 6 of the 7 Harry Potter books before the movies and was very glad I did...and no I'm not a teeny-bopper, I'm 30 haha...just enjoy good story telling) :-)
    • OhioAndrea
      Also I realize none of us have seen the movie yet...but from those who have read the book...compared to this trailer which do you think will be the most enjoyable way to take in the story's unfolding?
      • Sonmi-451
        I couldn't help but read the book within minutes of seeing the trailer. It's one of the best books I've ever read and I think you should read it first unless you tend to nitpick every change a different version makes. I thought the trailer gave me chills the first time, but after reading the book I was out of my mind excited.
  • I've never had a trailer give me goosebumps and stir so much emotion! It was fantastic, hopefully the movie lives up to the trailer.
  • datapanik
    It does look awesome and I am subsequently going to read the novel before seeing it. I just wish Tom Hanks would retire. I cannot stand his work.
  • HamBUrglar
    I have great doubts the storylines will connect well enough to make sense out of the movie. I'm so tired of hollywood trying to discover the meaning of life. Existentialism woohoo
  • Kelly
    I would like to hear your thoughts after seeing the movie.




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