Promo Poster of Lizard from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' is Familiar

March 23, 2012
Source: Trends International

The Lizard

Late last year some concept art ended up online giving us our first good look at The Lizard in full transformed mode from The Amazing Spider-Man. At the time, we weren't sure if the design had changed since the art had been created as there were some minor differences between that piece and what we saw at Comic-Con in 2011. However, a new piece of promo art has pretty much solidified that design as final and official. Trends International (via ComicBookMovie) stumbled upon a poster, likely meant for kids to put on their wall, of Rhys Ifans as the signature Spider-Man villain, and it looks pretty good. Look!

Here's the promo poster featuring The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man from Trends International:

The Amazing Spider-Man - Lizard Promo Poster

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds a clue that might help him understand why his parents disappeared when he was young. His path puts him on a collision course with Dr. Connors, his father's former partner.

Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man features Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen, Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, Sally Field as Aunt May and Denis Leary as George Stacy. 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb is at the helm of this Spider-Man reboot, from a screenplay written by Alvin Sargent (Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2 & 3), Steve Kloves (Harry Potter movies) and James Vanderbilt (The Rundown, Zodiac, The Losers). Sony/Columbia is bringing The Amazing Spider-Man to theaters in 3D on July 3rd this summer.

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  • looks like an amateur promo for a new man-lotion, but looks horrible. let's be real.
    • Voice of Reason
       Hahahaaaa..."Lubriderm: The Movie"
    • TheTruth
      does anything please you assholes?
      • ya good movies. 
  • HerCar
    Horrible !!
  • Lizzardpoo
    Corny and ugly, pretty sure this is nothing official.
  • Buzzfunk
    I dont care how many people say they cant wait for this film. Garfield looks nothing like a Peter Parker. To me. Emma stone doesn't fit either. This whole thing has 'unnecessary' written all over it. Of course, no one is forcing me to see it so consider me happy. :)
    • Lowrider_83
      Are you kidding me??? Shows how much u know nothing about that universe.... "unnecessary" is what you comment should be called. While I have my own reservations about what the Lizard looks like, the fact that you think Garfield doesn't represent Parker is totally blowing me away! I think he's the re-incarnation of Peter Parker. Parker is a young, skinny, scrawny teenager. The only thing I COULD see wrong here is that Garfield looks older than 16.... and that's quite insignificant. Dude, wake up and read some damn comic books
      • Easy, killer. 
      • Lizzardpoo
        I agree with Buzzfunk, Garfield is no Parker he's just not enough a nerd. Tobey Maguire is. And you think that PP is a young, skinny, scrawny teenager?! youre wrong there man, if you have read the early spiderman comics, you would have known that PP was actually a normal geeky lookin guy, a nerd though and very good with science.  a normal, geeky looking guy
        • Lowrider_83
          Normal geeky looking guy??? The heck is that supposed to mean? Normal geeky looking guy and skinny, scrawny teenager are pretty damn near close! Almost by definition.... You ever seen a 6 foot 5, muscular giant being a nerd and getting beat up by Flash at your local high school? Tobey Maguire was the worst incarnation of PP ever. Period. Just the way he walked with his crooked legs and all, jeez. He was all wrong. Not cocky, nothing. Even with his very forgettable one-liners here and there when he had the suit on, he just didn't fit. You see Garfield, you see a world of possibilities. Chek out the Facebook movie, He can do it all.
          • Lowrider_83
            Lizzardpoo: I just clicked on your link and saw the pictures, and if that's not a skinny, scrawny teen, I don't know what is! Nice argument there, sport.
          • Billfarlmer
             Mellow out man. I think what people are trying to say is that the actor looks like a douchebag. Tobey Maguire was actually a great actor before he did spiderman and Sam Raimi is an awesome director. They should call this new movie Spiderdouche!! LOL
          • Jumbajong
            The actor looks like a douchebag? The actor actually LOOKS like Peter Parker this time around you incoherent nutsack.
        • Ted Kennedy
          Tobey Macquire??  Really?  He sucked, those movies sucked.  If thats the type of shit you like than that says a lot about you.  Pry first in line at the freaking Twilight movies weren't you?
          • Lowrider_83
            Jumbajong and ted kennedy are the shit. Finally some guys who understand. A douchebag??? Really? I'd like to know, knowing the guy made like 3 movies and was "THE" good guy in The Social Network, what in the blue hell makes him a douchebag???  And BillFarmer, I guess I could call you Bill The Farmer. Billy, go hump a goat or somethin'.....while watching Lizzardpoo jerk off in front of seabiscuit.
          • Ksherrod
            sure does i mean look at him
      • Ksherrod
        you are so right as a matter of fact the old movies are not like the comics
  • IGotsDaBieberFeiber
    have yet to see or hear one thing about this movie that looks interesting.
  • Jericho
    i like it, looks like an actual cross of a human and lizard than just a CROCODILE WITH A LAB COAT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Blurb
  • Flamenx01
    I think they gave too much away with this poster they should have kept his appearance more mysterious. 
    • Yeah, I'd say its too early for full disclosure like this. Whatever
  • If I saw this in real life I'd shit my pants. Not sure what people hate it so...
  • Pete the Geek
    Everyone needs to just breeeathe and relax. This is just one form of The Lizard in the film (as he continues to mutate more throughout the movie). If you watched the official trailer, you can see that he has a much different sillhouette in later scenes, and 4 giant claws on his hand (not five as you can see in the above picture). This is probably one of the earlier transformations where he still retains a lot of his more human qualities (like the eyes).
    • ur_babys_daddy
      Good to know, cause this has to get better.
  • CookieMonster
    Ed Wood:D
  • Lagoya
    Body looks ok, face looks shit. The more I hear about this pointless reboot, the less I care. 
    • Wongdong
      Great, while we are appreciating the almost necessary reboot in the theatre you can sit at home and watch those cartoony Rom-Com Raimi flicks that didn't even manage to spell Spider-Man properly.
  • May contain distasteful language: I hate the idea of a spiderman reboot STILL, even though this looks decent enough, lizard has always been a favourite of mine but to be honest id rather see toby mguire battle him, afterall they were doing foreplay for it the entire trilogy with dr connor, and then they just went "OH NO - FORGET ABOUT THAT" like when a lap dancer gives you a semi and then leaves, what are you supposed to do with that semi? spank the monkey?  thats what this reboot is, its a consolation wank.
    • Jeusjahova
      Saying you'd rather watch Tobey Maguire fight the Lizard than Andrew Garfield is a lot like me saying I would rather masturbate to Steven Tyler than Katy Perry.
    • amazing
      the last movies were not like the comics so why the hell do you want a spiderman 4
    • Ksherrod
      emma stone is hot kirsten dunst is shit
    • Byrdn5821
      the reason they canceled it is because the 4th film was gonna be raimi's las but he didnt like the script that was produced and quit the project
  • Marqwest
    Posters like this that make me appreciate even the traditional illustrated posters of the past...even the bad ones. I think i'll print this out, i'm running out of toilet paper.
  • Looks like that guy from Cirque Du Soleil
    • LosZombies
       BAHAHAHA! Aw man the resemblance is crazy...
      • Accordbat2008
         LMAO!!! does! I dont know about ya'll but lizards face looks scary as ***k
  • Trinithmournsoul
    Lol, comics are adaptable. They killed Spider-Man wtf could be worse than that. Gtfo, :-)
  • its very mediocre, could have been less CGI looking I mean c'mon its 2012
  • I fucking hate it.
  • I fucking hate it.
  • Nick
    It looks like the very first Lizard that was ever drawn. I just wish he had a white jacket and blue jeans on (to replace purple pants). That would be kind of cool.
  • peloquin
    Yea, this looks terrible and it's probably why Raimi never wanted to use him as a villain.  I agree with Nick that a lab coat would've helped.
  • Rain Spider
    Raimi ruined his spider man franchise the moment he cast Tobey Mcguire to be peter parker. 
    • Your wrong. 
      • Ksherrod
        how is he wrong when raimi movies where shit
  • Xerxexx
    I'm in. The Raimi films were not my favorite I'm looking forward to this rendition of Spidey.
    • Yea man, everything is the way it ought to be. I have no opinions and things never bother me. 
      • Xerxexx
         Good man.
  • ... in pure Disney magic, there's nothing to see in his crotch...
    • he he, just like Ken dolls.
  • DoomCanoe
    Lizardman and Goomba, Lizardman and Goomba, Lizardman... is goomba.... goomba is....Lizard man!!!! *runs to bathroom and pukes*
    • Xerxexx
       I bow to you, sir.
      • DoomCanoe
        no my friend, you bow to no man
        • Xerxexx
           Must resist urge to bow!
    • DooblyJones
      That was the most ridiculous thing I've ever read and I'm sincerely considering losing faith in humanity if that's what you call a joke.
      • Xerxexx
  • jah p
    I still can't wait to see this movie! I think it may suprise us..
  • Jezebel
    Looks like the dude from ENEMY MINE. Terrible.
  • The Sony Spid...a...Lizard!
  • happy camper
    Goomba: The Movie... 
  • d3xt3r
    Oh Mom! It's 50 cent in a lizard suit!
  • David Banner looks more like a collectable trading card, than a poster?
  • Max Renn
    The body is ok, but needs the lab coat. The head is, uh, a disaster.
  • ryderup
    Looks cheaper than V...
  • Coen Brothers nerd
    This poster is just terrible, if this poster is the real thing then I'm going to blow my brains out; I mean come youve got to be kidding me. It looks like a transvestite lizard; congratulations if you were going for that cause you got it almost exactly right.
  • CrimsonArk
    People do realize that the reason he doesn't have a snout is so the actor can use more facial expression right? The director said it himself. The Lizard's entire performance was mo-caped and his facial expressions done by the actor who plays him, to put more emotion and humanity in the character. How could they do that with a huge snout in the way? The Lizard talks, so he's going to need more expression, otherwise it'll look like a Saturday morning cartoon. He clearly looks like the Lizard. Tail? Check. Claws? Check Scales? Check. Body shape? Check. This looks more like the original Lizard than Raimi's Green Goblin looked like Green Goblin. God, people just want to b*tch with every little change. This is suppose to be realistic, what would happen if a man spliced lizard DNA to his own. He wouldn't look like a walking alligator, he would have human AND lizard features. The designer of this consulted lizard/reptilian specialists for this. This is what The Lizard would look like in REAL LIFE. What about Bane in TDKR? Why don't people b*tch about how he looks? You couldn't even tell that was Bane if no one told you. How come Chris Nolan can take creative liberty, but Marc Webb can't? In some of the pictures from TDKR set, Batman looks taller than Bane! People are just looking for anything to whine about when it comes to this movie. Who cares what the villains look like? What if the movie itself is good? The director approached this as a movie, NOT a comic book movie. Same as Nolan. Would you rather have some popcorn action flick that features Spider-Man, or a movie with emotion and complex narrative?
    • Ksherrod
      you are so right
    • Phail Munsta
      No, you're dumb. Christopher Nolan's Batman was trying to be realistic AND gritty. This movie doesn't look like it's trying to add realism at all.  Is that really what a person would look like if they spliced their genes with a reptile? Really? You and the experts can say this most definitely?This isn't real life, though. This is a comic book movie, regardless of what they say they're trying to make. They still could have motion captured the mouth and eye movements regardless of whether or not he had a snout. How limited do you think the technology is, dude? Now he looks like some naked missing link swamp monster. Where is the lab coat? The purple pants? Come on. I want some classic Lizard. And this does not look realistic at all, so why can't we have the original cool-looking Lizard? (Not to mention that he looks like freaking Voldemort from Harry Potter, now.)  Spider-man can crawl on walls using his magical tiny crawling hairs, doesn't that mean he would always be latching on to stuff? Not to mention he has a suit on... So... The hairs go through the fabric of his suit? I'm not saying I care, what I'm saying is that it's NOT realistic. Peter Parker has the genetics of a spider in him, but he's not growing extra limbs, is he? The difference between Batman and this is that Christopher Nolan's take made everything seem plausible. Wayne had reasons for how his suit was made and even made changes to it in The Dark Knight where they point out the shortcomings of the more flexible armor.  As for the movie being good, that has nothing to do with the Lizard's aesthetics. He could look like the actual Lizard and they could still write an actually enticing script.  A lack of facial expressions from Rhys Ilfan isn't going to take away from the writing if his voice acting and emotion is good enough. Do lizards have highly recognizable facial expressions? I'm sorry, I don't recall nature being that way.  So don't get all high and mighty with your ignorance and hypocrisy when you're just as bad as the people who bitch about his appearance. <--- Watch that and tell me it seems more realistic than Nolan's films. Maybe they did use it as a reference, that doesn't mean that they captured the same somber, gritty essence that Nolan is capable of producing.
      • A Nolan Batman fan complaining it doesn't look like the comic?   Interesting since Batman doesn't look ANYTHING like the comic.  (More like Rami's Green Goblin in black) I think I'll wait and see if the STORY is any good.  None of these comic movies look like the comic...but the story is the important part.
  • looks bad/weird... but you guys got to remember... at this point, I'll take anything over the disaster that is Spider-Man 3
  • Your mom
    This mother fucker looks like Voldemort. And btw....buzzfunk fuck you, okay!!! You don't know shit about shit of spider man. Your probably some wanna be pathetic idiot whose wants like him. Awe, poor you. Did you write that because you couldn't get laid? Dumbass
    • DooblyJones
      Uhhh, you seem to be forgetting that this is what the lizard initially looked like, minus the labcoat. Honestly, he evolves throughout the movie, if you people noticed in the trailer, although chances are half of you people bitching haven't even looked into it and have only been introduced through Raimis mediocre films.
      • Ksherrod
        i hate kirsten emma is so freaking hot
  • Your mom
    Oh and Billfarlmer (great name btw) I'm not gonna disagree about tobey, but Sam Rami was a fucking asshole. He deliberately disobeyed the comics. But Toby wasn't a good enough Peter Parker. To bulky, however Andrew....oh ho ho ho. That guy fits PERFECTLY into the movie. As well as Emma Stone (I fuckng love her movies). But dude and EVERYONE!!!!!! Give this movie and fucking chance!!!!!!
    • Bithki
      You do realize that everyone is hear to discuss their "Opinions" on this topic..... do you really think you are being "Cool" dropping the F-bomb everytime you write something.... you sound like an infant. Just talk man.... quit trying to sound tough or cool.... it ain't working for you 
  • Joe
    fucking sucks. HD 3d porn quality
    • Joe
      At best!! jajaja
  • Ksherrod
    peters eyes are brown garfields is brown and tobeys is blue and emma fits her character better than kirsten
  • Thavius
    I heard they consulted David Icke on the creature design... 
  • Guys, lets step back and think about it. Look at what the Lizard looks like in the comics. Now imagine that in real life. Comics and movies are very different mediums, so the lizard would look stupid if they did him exactly like the comics. I think this looks pretty cool, especially given that the design of the Lizard could have been so much more fail than this. And as for the concept of the reboot in general? The original spider-man movie marked the beginning of the good superhero film. It proved that special effects had advanced to the point that superpowers didn't look stupid in live-action films. And the movie's were decent enough, but honestly, go back and watch them now. The writing is terrible, especially for the Green Goblin, the SFX now look kinda laughable, and the movie in general has not aged well. Plus, Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man never was much like the actual Spider-Man. He didn't crack a joke for three movies. In the comics, Spider-Man is always joking and infuriating his enemies during a fight. Despite all the crap that happens to him, he's still happy-go-lucky, not all mopey and emo like the movies. Take this from a true Spider-Man fan: the new reboot looks, so far, like the Spider-Man I know and love from the comics. I am excited for this new movie, and if people are true fans, then they should be too (especially after Spider-Man 3! *gag*).
    • Ksherrod
      dude you must read the comics because thats what i think raimi failed with the green goblin the lizard looks more like the comics than green goblin i will collect all the merchandise for the movie and i am a true spiderman fan so i am excited emma pretty kirsten ugly
  • Ahmed Hozayen
    Hmmm...Okay? We'll see how the movie works.
  • Tayberlynrecords
    Kinda reminds me of all the bitching about the Hulk change leading up to Avengers.   Hmm what happened with that?  Oh yeah,  everyone loved it and said he was best part of movie.   People need to just stfu until they see something.
  • Lee Roy Ponke
    Spiderman/Parker looks like a model not a nerd like he should and the villian Lizard looks more human than lizard when actually its the other way around




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