Robert Rodriguez & Danny Trejo Reuniting for 'Machete Kills' Sequel

February 6, 2012
Source: Deadline


This time, they f**ked with the wrong Mexican. Again. That's right, folks, Deadline has news that director Robert Rodriguez and bad-ass Danny Trejo are coming back together for a sequel to Machete, the 2010 film inspired by the short trailer that appeared in Grindhouse back in 2007. Titled Machete Kills, the film is actually the second in a planned trilogy that will bring back Trejo and whatever members of the original cast survived the first film. And if you thought machine gun wielding preachers, and scantily clad ladies hiding weapons in sensitive places was crazy, just wait until you hear where the sequel is going.

Apparently the new film, written by Kyle Ward, will have Machete recruited by the U.S. Government for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man. Machete must battle his way through Mexico to take down a madman cartel leader and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war across the planet with a weapon in space. Machete takes on an army in an effort to dismantle a plan for global anarchy. The only thing that might make this better is the inclusion of Nazis somehow. The plan is to start production in April and Rodriguez says, "Machete is truly a super hero and Machete Kills will be bigger and more ambitious than the first time.” If Machete ends up taking this bloody fight to space, it's going to be hard to get bigger and better for the third film. Excited?

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  • Scotty97
    Sold. Here's my $10. Plus my $20 when the Blu-Ray comes out. 
    FUCK. YES. Thank you Mr. Rodriguez & Senior Trejo.
  • Syntax Terror
    and so continues the death of quality cinema. No thanks
    • grimjob
      No. All these remakes and reboots are what's killing quality cinema. No one has any balls or originality to make quality films, save for a few of course. Rodriguez is one of the few who is able to bring his own style without fear of "numbers".
      • Phantomrockcity
        couldn't agree more. he does what he does because he loves telling stories and is always willing to help people make their own movies through his 10 Minute Film School. He started out on the bottom rung and feels if he can do, why can't everyone else and give other advise in the process.
  • Chris Amaya
    I was really disappointed by the first one. 
  • Big Boss
    Yeah, I was kinda disappointed with the first one myself, that fake trailer they showed on Grindhouse really whet my appetite for the real deal! Here's hoping Rob puts a lil' more care on the second go-round.
  • Moutchy
    Finally some news about this! Really happy that Machete Kills is moving forward!
  • Ehsan Davoodi
    Robert Rodriguez ruin every great idea in its great mind.exceptionally desperado , sin city he ruin every idea that himself got.planet terror can be best zombie movie ever but is lame and medial.faculity is good movie but medial,despirado1and3 was medial,shorts and spy kids was medial.shark boy was medial,four room was medial.from dusk till dawn was superb.but why? Why desperado and sin city was masterpiece?I think he want does movie alone.he want make movie alone and alone and this is weakness this is lose of his time.he must focus on directing and script only.don't interfere in work of others crew.if he rely on a good crew he can focus on directing a lot more.he look make movie for himself not himself and us!another problem with his work is lame special effect!why exept sin city he doesnt have first class special effect? In the first I like machete but when I sea the film I was very disappointed.nothing new was in the film.not even sex.not fight.not music.not great performance.not good story.only 10min of prologue was Rodrigues helloooooo,we love movies tooooooooo!
    • Right
      Um, well I guess
    • Hahahaha you sound insane.
    • grimjob
      Yeah, dude, just stop. If you feel his movies are mediocre, than don't watch them. Just stay away if you can't recognize Rodriguez' brilliant filmwork. Stick to Brett Ratner or Michael Bay.
  • Machete with Nazis!!! Perfection.
    • Anonymous
      i was thinking the same thing!
      • If he does go into space he might as well land on the moon and they could do an Iron Sky (Space Nazis, Check out the trailer) Machete mashup!
  • Bobo_Vision
    Production crews are probably already building all the stools they'll need for filming....because Danny Trejo is 5'7".
    • Anonymous
      and this is relevant - how?
      • Bobo_Vision
         It's relevant because this film will help put 500 unemployed stool makers to work.  God Bless Hollywood.
        • Anonymous
          funny!.......that stuff has been done in movies forever! remember green mile?
  • Bobo_Vision
    Like this shot from Once Upon a Time in Mexico where 5'10" Johnny Depp looks up to 5'7" Danny Trejo.
    • Bobo_Vision
  • after the debacle that was Once Upon a Time in Mexico....Rodriguez gets no free pass from me
  • dayumKREEPAH
    Machete dont text
  • Posthuman
  • grimjob
    Sounds like a Mexican James Bond now. Dig it. I actually didn't think this would happen, after the Sin City 2 debacle. Was starting to think Rodriguez would be pulling the Mel Brooks sequel joke. Oh man, a trilogy?! Sweet.
  • Awtan90
    I've got a better idea. Pull the trigger on the next Predators film!
  • Ehsan Davoodi
    Predator was excellent movie because rodriguez not directing it.a east utopian director called nimrod antal directing it.rodriguz is traitor. When he knows a project of him has very fans he don't make sequel.he don't make sin city 2 or sin city 3 he don't make desperado 2 or desperado 3 he make spy kidssss!!!!he lose his ability.if he work on another great project he will won but he make movies for himself and doesnt have respect for minds of his filmgoers and know if whenever he make good movie we will watch it because we doesn't have prejudice on people we have prejudice on our cinematic worlds
    • grimjob
      Desperado was the second in a trilogy. There will never be a Desperado 2 or 3 because it was technically a sequel. El Mariachi, Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico. C'mon man.
  • Spider
    Awesome idea! I can't wait! 
  • happy camper
    so funny ill be sure to watch it but sadly Matchete is almost unwatchable the second go around. It totally falls apart in the 3rd act. I think RR should stop trying to be QT he just dont have that swagger.
  • Ehsan Davoodi
    I know prequels and sequels of desperado but for me those film not prequel and sequels of desperado masterpiece.for me those one and third film totally abviouse like ruin machete kill and machete kill in the space
  • Max Renn
    The first one was dogshit. I don't understand the need for a sequel.
  • Ehsan Davoodi
    Because mr rodriguez make movie for hisself he doesn't have respect to mind and heart of any movie goers, he is inducement of doesn't making of sin city 2 and 3. Every great comic book movie has next installment.
    • grimjob
      It isn't his fault Sin City 2 didn't get made. It was because Grindhouse didn't perform as well as expected, and the studios didn't want to put the money up, as they felt it was a risk. Idiots if you ask me.
  • nick
    Shut up and take my money!!
  • There's 35 comments on here right now.  I understand less than half. 
  • tt
    husband liked machete  me eh! but i do think that bedding rose mccowen was the worst move he destroyed his family and reputation with that nonsense. gold digging actress thought she was going to be barbarella and rr better stick to directing instead of chasing tail he is walking a think line in hollywood and if it werent for the spykids movies he would be totally blacklisted
  • moviemaker619
    cant wait to see, gonna be badazz!




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