'Scary Movie 5' Plot Details Revealed and Anna Faris Won't Be Back

May 7, 2012
Source: ComingSoon

Anna Faris in Scary Movie

Next week we'll see Anna Faris teaming up with Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator, a film that is hopefully better than most of the promotions that have been making the rounds thus far. However, her roots in comedy are strong, and she's one of the few actresses who works exclusively in the genre, even if they're not always the best movies of their kind. Actually, when Faris shines the brightest has been in the Scary Movie franchise, a series that started strong, but has puttered out at a time when parody films like this are a bit dated. However, it sounds like she's officially moving on as Scary Movie 5 does not have her attached.

We only just recently heard that Undercover Brother director Malcolm Lee would be directing the film, but ComingSoon talked to Faris who said, "I don't think I'm going to do it. I don't think I'm part of that. I don't know exactly what's happening with it, but I hear it's sort of in the works and stuff." Perhaps development is still early and Faris just hasn't been contacted about the film yet, but you would think the franchise star would be the most integral part of the series. Of course, with a franchise that is made on the cheap likely isn't looking for a big price tag for Faris who has become a desired leading lady of sorts. Of course, the recently revealed plot details seem to indicate Faris' character isn't really needed.

A Twitter update from Know The Aritst pointed to an extras casting call where the plot was described:

The story in Scary Movie 5 involves the dance world, with a snooty, aloof, imperious, and oversexed French director of a dance company named Pierre putting on a huge production. Jody, a Caucasian late-20's mother of two and her late-20's African American friend Kendra are both vying for the lead in the production. Jody's extremely controlling former dancer mother is determined that Jody will have the brilliant career that eluded her. The highly skilled mid-30's Diva veteran dancer with the company, Heather Daltry, gets cut from the production and goes berserk.

Um, what? First of all, that doesn't sound like a parody of a scary movie at all, and second of all, there's not really anything that sounds all that funny in there. Maybe this is just a small part of the film and the entire plot doesn't revolve around these characters? This sounds more like a Dance Flick sequel rather than another Scary Movie. Why can't there be a parody taking aim at all the horror remakes in the past few years? Of course, I lost interest in this franchise after the third film, and since it's been six years since the last sequel and I haven't heard anyone clamoring for another one, I don't think there's a huge audience waiting on pins and needles. Plus it'd be nice if Faris at least had a cameo. Anyone care?

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  • Sounds like it could just be a Black Swan sub-plot
    • Jericho
      its nice to know not everyone forgot Black Swan....i wonder if the woman will touch herself repeatedly.......
      • Xerxexx
         She was horny...very horny.
        • Jericho
          NAW NAW WAIT....its a buzzer everytime she presses it a random audience chant "IS. A. VIRGIN!" and then you hear them cheering....
  • Groov
    I think if you took every single joke that worked from all four of the previous movies, you might have enough for a consistently funny 30 minute short. Scary Movie 3 still holds the record for the fastest I've ever turned off a movie (didn't even make it to the opening credits). I know these make money. I just wish people would stop going to them.
    • john
      I will always go to these movies as long as they make them. They are hilarious!!
  • Nielsen700
    I really love the Scary Movie franchise, but without Faris I can't see how it's going to work.
    • JL
      She's really the glue that holds the whole thing together.  Without her, it will probably wind up being just like every other crummy spoof movie that followed Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2 (one of the funniest spoofs of all time, in my opinion.)
  • Ryderup
    The first film had decent production value and felt sort of thought-through. The rest sucked.
  • grimjob
    The first two were hilarious, I thought. I think she's adorable, and has a great comedic sense, and I'm glad she's not involved with this.
    • RidgeRacer4
      I agree with the second part of your comment grim. It's time for her to move on, and she seems to be doing that. Whether it was her fee, her necessity in this or something else, coming back might only serve to stall her career. I'm glad too.
  • mooreworthy
    Cabin in woods was my parody/homage film.
  • Akirakorn
    I have to disagree, even though she was great in the Scary Movies I think she shone brightest in The House Bunny. Her character was every bit as clueless and endearing, but she also brought enough heart for an animated Disney princess. I think she out-did Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, character vs character.
  • I like Anna Faris, I know she kindo got her break doing those films, but I don't think she needs to do anymore. I only saw upto part 2. Pretty much they don't need to exist anymore right?
  • The amazing wider man
    These are the only films she should be doing. Everything else she touches sucks.
  • Carpepw
    After the first two, the series started to suck. If they're going to make another one, they should get the original cast back together for something like the original, like a scary movie remake spoof. This movie sounds like it's going to suck.
  • Maria123
    omg    so   scary
  • Fewger1
    The first, we can all agree was the greatest. Although the second is my favorite, I've heard more people talk about #1. Number three, although not living up to it's predecessor's, was still good. However number four, after losing practically the entire cast, was just terrible. And now without Farris, the whole storyline will be remade, and all comical content from the last films will be lost. They should have stopped at the third movie, and left it like that.
  • armaan
    i want anna faris
  • Juan Herrera
    Without Ana Faris its just not gonna be funny at all
  • Jdnsk
    It's supposed to be a parody of Black Swan (2010), which was categorized as a phsycological horror movie. I saw the movie, and it had its pretty fucked up moments, but it's nothing close to the movies used in past scary movies. Plus the fact that Lindsay Lohan and Charlie sheen are staring in it means it's not going to last anymore than three weeks in the theater so look for it on Netflix if you wanna waste two hours of your life.
    • john
      Charlie Sheen and Lohan are great talents.
  • NigNeckJohannesberg
    Scary Movie without CIndy Campbell or Brenda Meeks? I'm tight on that.
  • Justin
    Sounds like its going to be a flop. I want new beauty and the beast movies (hand drawn animation ones like the 1991 film)
  • No Anna Faris makes this a little unappealing...but I'll have to wait and see the trailer to make a final decision.
  • cam
    without Anna faris, it's not scary movie ....Anna and Regina Hall rock!
  • Bridget Rios
    With out Anna Faris this movie is going to be shit. Nothing is better than original characters /: bummer




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