See A Video Tribute to Those Snubbed by the 2012 Academy Awards

February 26, 2012
Source: JoBlo

Adventures of Tintin

Now that all the winners of the 84th Annual Academy Awards have been revealed, with Hugo and The Artist both coming away with a decent handful of Oscars, there will likely be some dwelling on who really deserved the golden statue, but didn't receive one other than the chocolate replicas from Wolfgang Puck. However, a recent video made by JoBlo has decided to focus on all the movies and talents who weren't even honored with a nomination with Snubbed 2012 - An Oscar Tribute. Made in the same style as the In Memoriam tribute video of those lost each year in cinema, this film remembers the non-nominees. Watch!

Check out the the Snubbed 2012: An Oscar Tribute video, from the guys at JoBlo:

For me, one of the biggest and most glaring exclusions this year has been The Adventures of Tintin for Best Animated Film, and I'm pretty sure Billy Crystal even shouted something about it during the traditional movie mash-up introduction at the beginning of the ceremony. There's some questionable inclusions like Attack the Block for a couple awards, but others such as Tilda Swinton for Best Actress in We Need to Talk About Kevin, Michael Fassbender for Best Actor in Shame and more love for Warrior and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are right on the money. Plus, I like the tribute to Michael Giacchino for his Super 8 score, as a track from the film is the driving force of this video which really makes you feel sad that these films and talents weren't nominated for Oscars. Do you think they deserved Oscar love?

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  • Qrue3sixteen
    I was just about to make a list like this myself, esp in regards to DRIVE (everything mentioned, plus editing), SHAME (I'd add Director), TAKE SHELTER, SUPER 8 and SENNA (which I think was Best Picture-worthy). Wouldn't necessarily go so far as to say HARRY POTTER deserved BP, Director or Supporting Actor, though. Ditto for WARRIOR's "omissions." 
  • love this.
  • Nailed it!
    • son_et_lumiere
      absolutely, nice idea / video. i still haven't seen all the main nominees, but for those i have, it's a no brainer to take out Pitt and Clooney and substitute Shannon and Fassbender, not because the first two were poor, but because the second two were electrifying. how Bridesmaids is a better screenplay than 50/50 i shall never know. how Swinton and Senna missed out on noms is inexplicable. and Jonah Hill gave a better performance than Hardy? urgh. yeah, i know, it's all subjective...
      • Isildur_of_Numenor
        I agree. Bridesmaids is mediocre at best; 50/50 was so much better. And Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close over Drive for best picture??? Over Harry Potter 7 Part 2? And Hugo for best cinematography over The Tree of Life is a big question mark. It's all subjective, like you said, but I feel this is too much. Oh well, I'm beating a dead horse... but for good reason.
  • HG2012
     i am still pissed potter got snubbed for best picture not only was it a damn good film but also the novelty of it being the finale in a pop culture phenomenon film franchise
  • DojoBuff
    Anyone know the name of the music used in this video?
    • As I indicated in the second paragraph, it's from the motion picture score for Super 8. The video page does not say which specific track though. Hope you can figure it out.
  • filmineeer
    i could not agree more with this list :) the oscars were such a disappointment this year. only happy for woody allen, christopher plummer, and meryl streep. the artist can suck it! the only reason its even LOOKED at is because it is black & white & silent. if it was a regular film no one would give a shit because there is nothing special or spectacular about the story. AND I COULD NOT BELIEVE BILLY CRYSTAL BROUGHT JUSTIN F****** BIEBER INTO HIS OPENING ACT!!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM!!!!!!
  • Izmatt18
    You think Attack the Block was a "questionable inclusion"? Should've been nominated for best picture, IMHO. Drive as well -- I can't believe it got snubbed so badly. 
  • Loved the video. So glad that the montage ended with Drive, a film that definitely deserved a few nominations, if not wins.
  • David Banner
    Michael Parks yeassshhh! Too bad he didnt get a 'nom.
  • coswell
    Shame, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Drive and Melancholia were so much better in every category then half of the best picture award nominees. I was actually very confused why Tintin didnt get nominations that much, but then i saw the movie: Its just for people who know Tintin and have read the comics. My wife was bored as f**k next to me watching it. I giggled a few times; really bad storytelling and it relies on knowning the Tintin world. If it werent Tintin, it would be a VERY mediocre movie.
    • RidgeRacer4
      True, those 4 were very very good films and in my top 10 of 2011. Buuuut they're pretty edgy and we all know the Academy doesn't do edgy (Dragon Tattoo this year being an exception of course). Oscars are about lauding universally appealing films that are safe bets and that's about the think of it:( 
  • Me
    Yes this list needs to exist - shame on the oscars - I didn't even bother watching it this year its got so predictable - same faces all the time. pfff
    • coswell
      I think its not about the same faces, but the fact that there is such a movie genre called "The Oscars".
  • I agree with everything in that clip except for the Harry Potter ones, save for Best Supporting Actor. Deathly Hallows Part 2 does NOT stand on its own at all. I also think they could have easily combined both DH1 and DH2 into a 3 and a half hour epic and release an extended edition on BluRay/DVD with everything from both films but Warner Brothers had to ring that cash cow just one more time.
  • …yep
    Shouldn't Andy Serkis be on this list?
    • Bosworth Nick
      He's very debatable since there's been so much controversy surrounding whether or not he should win when it was the VFX team that brought the character to life.
    • Max Renn
      No. Andy's a good artist, but he's been acting like an attention whore trying to get an award for Apes. It wasn't a single performance, that's all it comes down to.
  • Pw64866
    Im guessing I'm the only one who thinks The Adjustment Bureau got snubbed for visual effects and film editing? I left that movie breathtaken by the door chase sequences...
  • Fug91
    Hanna for me should have got noms for cinematography, editing and original score. A lot of the acting was really good too, tho possibly not oscar worthy (if 'oscar worthy' is even a thing anymore).
    • Max Renn
      Who the F are you?
  • littleup
    yes! Drive is on board with six wins. That was the one I was waiting for... my personal biggest snub...
    • Jrev
      Yea.. no shit man.. Drive, Warrior, and Shame were the most cheated from what Ive seen. Im going to see Take Shelter and most of the other movies in the video soon. Albert Brooks, Michael Fassbender and Nicolas Winding Refn are my top 3 in that order for most cheated.. I think all three should have not only been nominated, but also won. 
  • DoomCanoe
    oh look the Oscars i wanted to watch. except still missing Melancholia =(
  • dearsleazy
    Senna not even getting nominated for documentary is an absolute travesty.
  • I agree with everything but TinTin. It wasn't traditional CGI animation. It was motion capture and therefore does not fit the academy guidelines. I'm not saying it's not a triumph in CGI... it clearly is. BUT it doesn't fit their rules and therefore was not truly snubbed.
  • Max Renn
    Drive was overrated and its lack of nominations proves it. A good six-minute opening sequence doesn't make a great movie.
    • Tree of Life was overrated. So was The Artist. It was great but the concept was pretty much a novelty. 
  • Wow, Melancholia was even snubbed by a tribute video to those snubbed..! :) Seriously though, that movie is fantastic and my favorite of 2011. I agree with most pictures in the video and I'm really sad Rooney Mara didn't win best actress. I just hope many people (like us) can appreciate them and make up for it!
  • Legandaryedition
    Tin Tin wasn't nominated for best animated movie because it wasn't animated. It was motion capture. There's a difference. And Harry Potter 7 Part 2 wasn't nominated because it wasn't that good. Really, it was just an extended battle sequence. Just because it is the last film of a popular series doesn't mean it automatically should get a nomination.  Drive, though, and Take Shelter? Total snubs. 
    • Jrev
  • BSL
    Uh, no mention of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? Come on, man!!!
    • Zac917
      why did you like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy? Please tell me what you found appealing. And you can't use the word paranoia. I'm not trying to be an ass but I would actually really find your reasoning quite interesting.
      • son_et_lumiere
        i can't speak for BSL, but for me, the following: outstanding ensemble cast, a beautifully and finely nuanced portrayal by Gary Oldman; excellent supporting turns, especially by Tom Hardy; a complex and engaging story that demanded attention; and i loved the way the film was shot, in all muted tones like tobacco stains. it held my attention and kept it there. i can see why it might not have worked for others, but that's a few of the things that did it for me.
  • Galdaris
    The main film I believe got snubbed was Rise of the Planet of the Apes for special effects. It was motion capture in live settings with high res characters, not to mention the actor portaying ceaser Andy Serkis. And did any notice, which they should by now, that you will rarely ever see a sci-fi or fantasy or even comic book films win oscars. Even when they are high quality like when the snubbed The Dark Knight. The Oscars are baised to a great many film simply by its genre.




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