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August 11, 2012

The Bourne Legacy

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? There Was Never Just One. We all knew, the moment The Bourne Ultimatum ended, that it wasn't the end. Universal wouldn't let this series die off. Here we are, five years later, continuing it again with Jeremy Renner taking over for Matt Damon as the new "Bourne", another agent named Aaron Cross. So who is he? All the answers are in The Bourne Legacy, directed by Tony Gilroy (of Michael Clayton, Duplicity) taking over after writing the first three. So how is it? Better than the original trilogy, or worse? If you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Bourne Legacy.

To fuel the fire (extinguisher nail gun) this time, I just saw The Bourne Legacy, and… it was alright. Not too bad, but not that amazing, a solid follow-up to Ultimatum. It has some great action, but truthfully it really is boring, coming in at over two hours, feeling like it's just waiting to get from action piece to action piece while wading through a boat load of forgettable plot. Sure, it was cool to learn more about the Treadstone program, how they make these "super soldiers" (physical/mental - "where are the chems?!"), answering a lot of questions, but Jeremy Renner didn't really pick up the pieces. He was okay, not even close to Damon, and I still prefer the original Bourne movies. Not Gilroy's best, but at least he gave us some entertainment.

What did you think of Gilroy's Bourne Legacy? Outstanding new sequel or pointless reboot? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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  • chris
    none of these movies are anything close to the books- disappointing
    • Lebowski
      You must be crazy. The first Bourne book was the only half decent one, and it was merely a serviceable airport thriller. Books 2 and 3 went to idiotic lengths to extend an obviously self enclosed story, and the ones after that (written by the shadowy cabal of ghostwriters responsible for Ludlum's post-death output) were by the numbers to a laughable degree.
      • Jericho
        i have to agree with Lebowski, the books were created in the time of the boon of spy novels after Bonds revival in 1980 with 'licence renewed' Bourne had just one new plot element that the others didn't in regard of having a lack of memory....
    • Dominic A
      AND it's a MOVIE ! It doesn't HAVE to be anything close to the book . As the CB movies prove movies can't be perfectly true to the book . See also Hunger Games , True Blood , etc .
    • David
      go and read book asshole.
      • JL
        You sound like you should read a book sometime. Any book.
  • Ayanna
    It was okay. I really like Jeremy Renner and there were some good parts, but the parts did not make a good movie overall. At the end, I was waiting for them to get to the next locale and do something there. It seemed to set up more questions than answer any. I would go see a sequel, but something undefined was just missing from this one.
    • It mom
      Agreed. I enjoyed the movie, but I get the flaws. A Bourne/Cross team up would be be great for the sequel.
      • Jericho
        i had a feeling the entire time that this movie was just a jumping point for another whole Trilogy with Jason, maybe following the book where he was a teacher for a bit before someone tried to kill him.....
  • Silentjay
    I thought it was an excellent movie until the end. It was very worthy of the Bourne Franchise. I can't wait until the next one!!!
  • Borgman
    I keep waiting for these movies to cover the training of when Bourne/Cross come to Albert Finney. Lets see how they get to be "bad asses"
  • incollegius
    I can't believe they every expected Renner to be a sympathetic character. He's an unrepentant killer and drug addict. That's it. No character development, nothing.
    • Dominic A
      You weren't paying close enough attention . What if u were him or the Dr. , working for the govt. , and after giving your all for a project , u were just summarily killed to cover it up ? He was a lab rat ! Now she , however , gets lets sympathy cause she put her head in the sand and never asked about the purpose of it all . Did u sleep during the scene where he shows her the webpage that says he's dead , and why that motivates him ? Did you miss the 1st 20 mins with him in the woods , with wolves , and a human who wont converse with him ? Those scenes were really all the development needed . Cross had nothing to be repentant about !
  • JBrotsis
    I just gotta ask...before I see the movie, would it be better to re watch the bourne trilogy or at least ultimatum? It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I keep thinking Renner was in the third installment when he shot that reporter investigating the Blackbird case.
  • BloodwerK
    I wasn't blown away but it was solid. Maybe we'll see more of Aaron?
  • Big Sal
    I just don't buy a short gay guy as an action hero, sorry.
    • Anne
      Coming from a tall fat red neck bigot no doubt!
    • The Truth
      So, didn't buy Travolta and Cruise as an action hero either? You are a big fat Republican a-hole!
      • Jericho
        • Danimal
          that was hilarious...and so true
      • Boom
        If ya can't buy a short, gay guy as an action hero why does that make you a bigot or a stupid Republican? Maybe it just makes you someone who sees the truth and ain't buyin' the Hollywood/culture lies that are only out to put your money in their pockets while manipulating you into suspending your 'disbelief'. Robots and programmed sleepers seem more willing to 'suspend disbelif' than others and give their money to the raging makers of silly nonsense. And I'm neither a bigot or a Republican.
        • Jericho
          i wanted to read this paragraph...but instead im just going to point out that Renner publicly discredited the rumors and denied being gay *good grief even Perez Hilton said he wasn't and that man lquestioned if Obama is gay*...his dog did die but it did not make him gay...i posted a link but firstshowings has yet to approve it so just google the question
        • Dominic A
          if u don't like suspending your disbelief , why go to see movies at all ??? Cause , pal , that's what they're for . And not just stuff they put out now ; how about Gone With The Wind , or The Wizard Of Oz ??
        • Hazedmind
          Well you certainly aren't liberal or open-minded, I don't know what the fuck you are, I don't know what trick hollywood is trying to pull on you by putting a short gay guy in the lead role of a film, seeing how most actors are
    • Dominic A
      Sorry to bust part of that preconceived notion , but almost EVERY action hero is under 5'10 " ! U think Stallone isn't ? Bruce Willis ? Jason Statham ? alot of shots are from the waist up to shoulders ; thus the top half to head fills the screen and everybody looks taller . It's why Cruise looks bigger than 5'4" ...
    • JL
      He's 5'10" and seems straight enough to me. Not only that, but he's got the physique and the prior experience with physical roles. And don't underestimate short-arses and gays, because one of these days, one of those little ladies might give you the ass whipping of a lifetime. I'll be honest, I find homosexuality repulsive, but I don't believe it limits a person to do all of the things that any other person can do. It's mental; it's a preference of who you go to bed with. A man's ability to thrash you violently doesn't depend on whether he prefers to stick his member in a woman, or a man.
  • Travis4816
    That was one of the worst movies i have ever seen. I was so pissed walking out wondering what the hell just happened. Between the geriactric agents, to the Tommy Hilfiger Phillapina Bad Ass who was hastily thrown in and got his ass kicked by the girl after all that, throw in the all pink breast cancer awareness production workers, to the fact that the whole shitty movie was about him getting his meds, to it didnt relate to Bourne at all, and there was no sex, and godzilla didn't pop out. Yea that sucked when the Bourne music started playing in the end i was so frustrated.
    • Dominic A
      See above : a) it can't be like Bourne because Cross KNOWS who he is already . b) Governmental power is not put in the hands of the young ( the grunts doing the searching were tho ) c ) she only got one kick in so not really an asskicking ; granted that's all u need to knock somebody off a bike . Did u forget the helmet swing that missed ? d) U must be young ( sigh ) you can make an action flick without tossing in a gratuitous sex scene for the adolescents . Better the scene where she has to hold him to keep him from falling off the bed ( with her eyes signalling that she's starting to care for him ), and the implied booty-knocking going to happen after the end e) it's not a recreational drug addiction - he DIES without it . wait til u get older and need meds , you'll understand . ya know now that you mention it , there was alot of pink . But only in Manilla , a state in a country known for flamboyant dancers in bright colors
  • rocky728
    I thought it was the best so far. Then again I was never a big fan of the franchise nor Damon but do like both. Renner was superior to me and Weisz is just an amazing and beautiful thespian so I was a bit bias in the latter aspect already. Anyway great action and good actors all around make it a very enjoyable couple of hours.
  • DustyOR
    anything is better than seeing Damon again
  • Shadow
    i thought that there were great parts to this movie but couldnt help thinking WTF when the Bourne music started playing...was expecting/waiting for more. Now i understand that they had to do a little more set up with the new character and they did mix in the Bourne background well especially when Cross is looking at the television and actually sees Bournes face so he knows who is responsible for outing the PROGRAM and trying to set things right. So it can set up a great sequel with these two teaming up to burn the whole program to the ground. But i didnt get a few things like how the heck he found the Doc at her house in MD. He goes to Chicago, gets his stash and all of a sudden hes at her house saving her from imminent death without any investigation or a raid of the Outcome lab. At least Bourne broke into Volson's office and found documents on the PROGRAM. the other thing was the Assassin sent after him was supposed to be the most elite so far and there was not much of a hunt and then poof he was dead (after a darn good motorcycle chase) and we were all walking out saying we need another one that would tie this all up and watch the Hunters (CIA) become the Hunted when Bourne and Cross come after them. Overall I was entertained and would definitely go see another one.
    • Dominic A
      why he found her : remember in Chicago he saw the story about she being sole survivor of the Rampage . She's been the only contact in the lab so obviously he THINKS she has pill access . Now HOW he got to MD ? he drove obviously LOL how he knew her address ? file this under " Movie License " , where the characters get where they need to be , magically ! Going to the lab would be pointless , and dangerous - too many cops; had to figure she wouldn't be back to work . Hmm about the assassin ; they called for him late into the film - only time for the one chase . And makes sense that he wouldn't be called for a hunt in the US - use what you got in the region they're in .Cross KNOWS the office and why he's there already ; Bourne HAD to break in to find out his stuff ..... Ok all your questions answered ! Good idea for the second or third movie tho ..
    • 50U7D13R
      Thought the same thing.. Movie was good, maybe a little slow, but solid over all.. and then right when they were seemingly starting to setup their next move (mid conversation / loving gaze), the Bourne music kicks in. It felt really out of place...
  • Dominic A
    Alex , why EXACTLY is it boring ? I see why JK would think the second hour is boring , but I don't agree . Every movie has to slow down SOMETIME and explain the story . As well as set up reasons for the love interests . for example ,remember he had to baby her at the house and on the run , then she has to comfort him in the DTs ?And Remmer doesn't have to " pick up the pieces " , cause he's NOT the whole story ( unlike Bourne , maybe this is on purpose hmm ). Norton as ONE of the heads of the cover-up , and Weisz as the doctor with her head in the sand have equal play . As the whiners say below , Cross just needs his meds ( and for good reason ! ) . I didn't see any monumental gaffes ; nothing that can't be easily explained . And i like Shadow's " wait until the Hunters become the Hunted " take . So like Prometheus , it was made to set up sequels . I liked it as it is . If it was "cool " to find out the backstory on the "super-soldiers AND their handlers , then how is the movie boring ? for the 2nd half , if it's strange how Cross " just appears " at her house , then what's wrong with showing , in detail , what is needed to get to Maniila and the lab there ?
  • My thoughts exactly, Alex. If Damon comes back for the next one, that'll be pretty awesome. Ultimatum is still the best IMO.
  • Nick
    I thought it was a blast and I was going in skeptical cause I love the original franchise. Renner did a great job and I look forward to sequels.
  • Cs
    I felt it was much better than the last two sequels. Much better direction this time around. I would gladly welcome another film.
  • Dotgroup
    We loved it. I'm sold on Jeremy and I always enjoy Rachel W. There was a lot of setup for the new series but Tony is a master at weaving this type of plot, multiple stories, and even multiple movies together. Looking forward to the next installment.
  • PB
    The pacing of Lecacy was terrible - far too slow. Greengrass had an "always on the move" mantra for Bourne and Gilroy really needed to keep that. Just go and watch Ultimatum followed by Legacy and you'll see how off the pacing is. There was none of the spur-of-the-moment-resourcefulness a la magazine in a toaster or waterloo station style scenes.... no real asset threat or fights beyond a bike chase. And after upping the ante in chase sequences on successive Bourne films culminating in Borne driving off a roof and having multiple crashes, this one was just a very plain, uninteresting bike chase. It's hard to believe Gilroy wrote the other screenplays too. Lets hope there is a return to form on the next film and Legacy turns out to be the worst of the franchise.
    • Asset Threat ? If Cross doesn't get his meds he DIES . And the fact that the doctors who make the meds are getting killed IS his biggest threat . and Let's see ; he fights hounds ,3 guys and a woman with guns , and some security guards at the Phillippines lab .Then the cycle chase . Remember , nobody's really chasing HIM until the Philippines , so no cavalry amassed . So it wasn't all out like the Damon movies ; it wasn't SUPPOSED to be . it's just the 1st of a trilogy- like most movie trilogies out there , the 2nd one will be the best . The spur-of-the-moment resourcefulness was the false-ID making , on the run . Also finding the hideout after getting meds , and the running on roofs . And , oh yeah , staying alive in frostbite death conditions . Yes it was slow for the last hour - if it was all fights and car crashes , this would be Total Recall . And you'd be complaining that there was no character development ( like many did for Recall ) . You're too hard on it and u missed stuff ! To enjoy it DON"T compare just take it as it is




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