Strange First Trailer for the Wild Marketing Sci-Fi Thriller 'Branded'

May 30, 2012
Source: Yahoo


Marketing is inescapable in today's day and age. Even here we're part of a well-oiled machine that gets people interested in movies, though that's mainly because we love good storytelling. But with marketing being so prominent, it was only a matter of time before someone told a story that would call attention to it in the form of a sci-fi thriller with strange creatures composed of ads, soda bottles and more, right?. I really don't know what's going on in this film called Branded with Max von Sydow and Leelee Sobieski, but you have to watch the trailer with no less than 97 QR codes and familiar logos with different names. Watch!

Here's the first trailer for Jamie Bradshaw & Aleksandr Dulerayn's Branded, originally via Yahoo:

Set in a dystopian future where corporate brands have created a disillusioned population, one man's effort to unlock the truth behind the conspiracy will lead to an epic battle with hidden forces that control the world. Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn write and direct Branded which stars Ed Stoppard, Leelee Sobieski, Jeffrey Tambor, Max von Sydow and heads to theaters on September 7th this year. Curious?

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  • I don't see it as being much different from reality, minus the big monsters of course. Where I live, independent shops are almost gone, all the bars have gone pretty much, everything is run by supermarkets and outlet stores. There's no conspiracy. The film looks good though.
    • What city are you living in? I'm moving to Portland in a few weeks here and almost the entire city is indie shops. Sure there's a mall in the center of downtown with all the big names, but almost everything else is a cool little indie shop.
      • Different for different places :/ In London (although alot bigger) its the same thing...indie shops are fading away, areas known for independently owned shops are slowly being replaced...can't be a conspiracy if we can actually see it happening. Unfortunately...just fact 
      • Portland is a little different, they have a knot store and more. My city centre pretty much has very little independent business apart from tourist shops. It's grim
  • lane
    WOW.  can not wait
  • redtie
    I think like this might be a mix of Wall-e brand hatred, the cynicism of Idiocracy, and some sort of message stating you as the consumer should realize this is already happening. Branded may turn out to be unpredictable, but I doubt it.
  • srsly
    Oh wow..a reinterpretation of "They live"..well of the themes anyway..sort of...looks great...will watch...
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Original Scifi Intriguing Plot Cool Cast Extreme Interest
    • Akirakorn
      They Live... we sleep. They remake... I ignore.
      • Ehsan Davodi
        You need sleep dude, I understand that, this trailer is for their owner, cinema doesn't need you, you need it, Sleep Tight
    • Pilgrim_UK
      A different take on a familiar theme within Sci-fi but not really that original. It has my Interest though as this could be the best version of that theme yet.
  • RAW
  • Tester
    Looks interesting, but I may just see this to see Max von Sydow..  Good to see this great old actor still kicking it
    • Akirakorn
      One of the few actors I can watch in almost anything. From Judge Dredd to The Sound of Music, from Minority Report to Dune.
      • Ehsan Davodi
        You might be at sleep and see him in your dreams either because this movie is boring to you dude
  • Nem
    This reminds me of The Simpsons Halloween episode where all the giant branded figurines come alive and run havoc across the town of Springfield, and once they stop paying attention to those things, they all die. Hint hint.
  • Panda
    2min. Kinda remind me of Pitch Black
  • Nielsen700
    Looks like it's worth a watch. 
    • Ehsan Davodi
      Yes sir Scifi genre had very potentional to impress us
    I'm in and they have Jesus :0p
  • In case anyone was wondering - yes, those QR Codes are real. 
  • jacobcrim
    Looks like an interesting documentary
    • nobdycntrlstheCHAOSofreality
       Conspiracy-theorising much?
  • guest
    So it's John Carpenter's They Live, but without the sunglasses? 
    • JoshJJBGT88
      I was thinking the same thing
  • DoomCanoe
    "I AM HERE TO KICK ASS AND CHEW BUBBLEGUM! .... and im all outa bubble gum" BRANDED! rated R




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