The First Official Photos from Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained'

April 26, 2012
Source: EW

Django Unchained

Though it's still early, after the first teaser poster for Quentin Tarantino's western Django Unchained, it's clear that the excitement level is already high for the film starring Jamie Foxx as a freed slave named Django who, under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz), becomes a deadly bounty hunter. After helping his German mentor, the two team-up to track down Django's wife Broomhilda and finally liberate her from the villainous plantation owner Calvin Candie played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Now we have our first look at the film including our unlikely heroic duo and quite a despicable villain. Look!

Here are the first official photos from Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained from EW:

Django Unchained First Look - Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx

Django Unchained First Look - Leonardo DiCaprio

Django Unchained is written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, who last brought us Inglourious Basterds. In the film, the Django (Jamie Foxx) is a freed slave, who under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) becomes a bounty hunter himself, and together they track down his slave wife (Kerry Washington) and liberate her from the evil plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio). The cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Dennis Christopher, Kurt Russell, M.C. Gainey, Don Johnson, Anthony LaPaglia, RZA, James Remar, James Russo and Todd Allen. Filming is now underway and The Weinstein Company currently has this scheduled for release on December 25th, Christmas Day, the end of this year.

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  • Bcopes11
    everything about it looks like the wild wild west
    • Voice of Reason
       Yessir, Foxxs hat looks exactly like Smiths. No word yet on if DiCaprios unseen lower half is actually a giant mechanical spider.
      • SuicidalOptimist
        Maybe it's the hammer he's holding and the fact that he plays the villain for once, but my first thought upon seeing Leo's pic was actually Butcher Bill and Gangs of New York. Obviously, Waltz looks spiffy and badass as usual. That man has such a commanding presence. I am so excited for this!
  • Moutchy
    That is so cool! I can't wait for that movie. I think DiCaprio especially looks great in that pic! It will be real cool to see him as the villain!
  • Leo playing the villain. This I want to see! 
  • fem!anon
    OOOH excited. Love that Leo picture. Looks like some legit badassery.
  • Looks good.  I could only imagine what DiCaprio is going to do with that hammer.
  • I... I just got hard.
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    Mothafucka Jones means business. Can't wait.
  • Chris
    Wonder if it'll be a return to form or just massively overrated like his recent (uh, okay, post-Pulp Fiction) output.
    • Squiggly_P
      What exactly are you expecting him to do, keep making Pulp Fiction over and over? What - in your opinion - are the problems with his post-Pulp Fiction work?
  • Nielsen700
  • ur_babys_daddy
    I'm in.
  • Candle_Wick
    Yep, I'll sign up for this one. Waltz is safe, Foxx can be great (or shite) and DiCaprio can deliver. This should be another great/awful tightrope movie from Tarantino.
  • Teacherkid
    I don't know what I'm more excited for - DiCaprio being a villain or Waltz NOT being one! Love what I see so far!
  • Danimal
    My most anticipated....Tarantino is my hero.  (rhyme totally intended)
  • hard
    hellllllll yesssssssssss
  • Big Boss Bob
    Jamie Foxx????? fuck that guy.
    • bltzie
      Yeaaah I was hoping for Idris Elba to take the lead. Jamie Foxx is just too...Jamie Foxx? If that makes sense...
  • guest
     I AM EXCITED FOR THIS. BUT Michael Kenneth Williams should of gotten the role of Django instead of Jamie Foxx. MKW would of played Django way better in my mind!!!
  • Voice of Reason
    Man, these costumes looks like someone pilfered them from a Baz Luhrman flick. I feel like such unique and individual costumes werent widely available in the wild west. I do trust Tarantino, and this is just a 1st look, but I was hoping for a dirtier, muted, less eccentric tone like Josey Whales or other earlier that even a term?
  • grimjob
    Can't wait!!! Now let's see some badass Kurt Russell!
  • Leeloo Dallas Multipass
    Yeah, but outside of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, which are different genre films, when does Tarantino ever do muted and less eccentric? I understand what you're saying, but hoping for anything different is unrealistic. Look at the costumes and set pieces in Inglourious Basterds, they can be sort of cartoonish (Tarantino's Hitler especially). And of course, Kill Bill is completely flamboyant with costuming. I like the costume and set pieces because it's what I've come to expect from a Tarantino movie.
  • Kinks!
    Wow, these photos are outstanding and Foxx in Tarantino's hands won't go wrong! DiCaprio looks pure evil! And now we've got something to genuinely look forward to after The Dark Knight Rises... 
  • Looks like Leo is preparing to hammer someone's head into hamburger meat. 
  • happy camper
    not what i was expecting... a little let down by these photos.
    •  hahaha I love people like you. #WHATAJOKE
  • VVS
    Looks epic. The first scene where we met Candi, Tarantino wrote "and speak of the devil, Calvin Candie walks up" When i look at that pic of Dicaprio, I see the devil. 
  • Solo_Calrissian
    Couldnt help but notice how "clean" the cowboys outfits were, but Leo looks the part and unlike 'wild wild west' this will be a gritty, badass throwback.  
    • Isildur_of_Numenor
      I noticed that too; with all that mud next to them you'd think they would get pretty dirty. Perhaps they will in the movie.  Anyway, this looks awesome.
      • Voice of Reason
         Yeah, after further thought, i got to thinking Waltz is a bounty hunter, dudes probably rolling in it, so is Django by association and a poor plantation owner just doesnt fit the least thats what Im now trying to tell myself....
        • Isildur_of_Numenor
          Good point, I can get behind that. It's Tarantino though, this needs to get gritty somewhere. Or so I hope...
      • SuicidalOptimist
        Well, we don't have a full body view of them in this picture. I'm gonna assume that their boots, pants and the hem of Waltz's coat will be wet and dirty from the mud in the streets.
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Pics are rich,powerful,cinematic. Dicaprio is hypnotizic and now must say The Cowboys Returned after horrible cowboy vs aliens I think movie beat 3:30 to Yuma but if end of it was tragic! My biggest panic is music! I love music in kill bill but I think in inglorious bastards some score was same to kill bill, anyway I'm very interest in music of this western cool art, I wish the best for Tarantino
  • Truong18
    Dicaprio looks badass.
  • Xerxexx
    Foxx was only good in Collateral Damage...he seems miscast. Leo looks awesome. 
    • Well, I thought he turned a stunning performance in The Truth About Cats And Dogs. (sarcasm)
      • Xerxexx
         That was totally oscar worthy!
      • jah p
         Obviously, you haven't seen too many of Foxx's movies have you?
        • Oh relax. I was joking.
    • jah p
      What? Did you not see "Ray", "The Soloist", "Redemption"?
      • Xerxexx
        I meant action/thriller wise.
  • For some reason Leo just looks like he's letting the facial hair and make up do the acting for him, I'm gonna have a hard time buying him as a faux southern gentleman. Although it should still be a pretty cool flick, I'm just not expecting it to be near the top of Tarantino's filmography.
  • Lasafrog
    This looks completely amazing. 2 pics and I'm sold. The casting seems awesome on this, can't wait
  • jah p
    Pics look solid...I've read the script to this online, and it's brutal! I don't see how it will get an R rating, with the violent content as well as how it will be percieved for showing realistically how the racist south really was....
  • Adrian
    Another epic Tarantino pic! Can't wait!
  • Jonathan
    Yes let's compare Tarantino fto wild wild west.....
  • LM
    This looks cool. The thing about Walz is even though he was a Nazi in IB he had such an interesting character, you loved seeing him get his comeuppance but also enjoyed every line of dialogue. We don't know exactly the character Django will be so for people who wanted "cooler" actors just give Foxx a chance, Tarantino does a great job at pulling stuff out of performers we don't expect, I love the hommage to Django, some say it's ripping off but it sends people to the videostores to dig up old copies of these cult classics which I think is great.




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