There Can Be Only One 'Highlander' and It Might Be Ryan Reynolds

May 18, 2012
Source: Variety

Ryan Reynolds

Though the actor has already taken over two different comic book characters in both the Marvel and DC universes, it looks like Ryan Reynolds is ready to take over yet another high profile franchise. Variety reports Reynolds is currently the front runner to take the lead role in the remake of Highlander from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intruders). The original epic fantasy (starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery) had our hero battling an unstoppable barbarian who covets the power gained from there being only one of near-immortal beings left alive. However, plot details on the remake are now under wraps.

Though it seems like Reynolds has been pretty busy lately, he actually hasn't committed to any new projects since his turn in Safe House with Denzel Washington (though he was already set to voice a speedy snail in Turbo). I'm not sure Reynolds is the right guy for Highlander, though his sword skills are already in tune after playing a piss poor version of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We're not even sure about the tone or style of the remake as the script (originally from Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway) has been revealed to be re-written by The Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and while that seems disconcerting at first, the writer also scripted several episodes of the fantastic drama series "Dexter" on Showtime. It's not clear if an offer is out to Reynolds or if he would even take the role, but stay tuned.

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  • It's hard for me to take Ryan Reynolds seriously as a badass.
    • Jericho
      a lot of people said the same about Christopher Lambert *who wasn't even first choice to play Conner* so i have a little more hope for Ryan....
      • Lerryjee
        Seriously? Was the blogosphere fanboys complaining about the Lambert casting choice?
        • Jericho
          Director Russel Mulcahy originally wanted Marc Singer, then when he turned it down a week before filming Mickey Rourke was asked and he showed up for one day then dropped out because he thought it wouldn't take off.  Lambert was mentioned in a fan letter of knowing small sword techniques and was interested in going into action flicks but was almost cut because he wore much needed glasses...held up filming twice because he kept showing up on scene with his glasses, and that's why his action scenes needed heavy amount of choreography to compensate this...
      • grimjob
        Lambert's pretty rad in Mean Guns. Not a great movie, but kept me interested.
  • syntaxterror
    I'm only interested in a Highlander reboot if they can find a way to elevate and progress the story. The nineties found itself bogged down with too much of the same lackluster Highlander business that seemed to pride itself on low budget productions and low standard fans. Let's hope they can rejuvenate this franchise
  • Ryderup
    Ryan Reynolds tries to be in every franshise...
  • I like him, but yeah, what is this, #4 major hero he's played?
  • FavJones
    I was thinking scott adkins would be great for this role not him anyone else agree?
    • mooreworthy
  • norm
    So they're turning into a romcom?
  • Methos
    I’m a hardcore fan. I’ve seen all the movies, TV Shows, and animated versions. Ryan Reynolds would be a step in the right direction. He’s got the physical athleticism of Adrian Paul. He’s got a personality that is stronger than Lambert’s great persona. When you think about it, it would be awesome. Have him do a European accent it will be perfection. Well, as long as they do the reboot like the recent Star Trek movie. If it’s a direct replica or second rate rip off of part one then they might as even not waste our time. It has to be as clever as the Star Trek reboot. Casting Ryan Reynolds is a step in the right direction. BTW, I HATED HOW IN THE SEQUELS CONNOR OR DUNCAN WAS RUNNING FROM THE VILLAIN. In the original he was not running!!  He was waiting to take the villain on from day one.  Example the church scene when he said he will meet the Kurgan outside.  p.s. Just saw Highlander The Final Dimension and Mario Van Peeples is an awesome villain.  The cinematography is the best of the whole series too.  To bad the direction was flawed and story was stupid.  The whole mental hospital thing was a waste of screen time. 
  • Well speaking as a "low standard fan" they sure picked a low standard actor.
  • Ryanblows
    lol just lol
  • Leeseymours1984
    ummm Geral Butler as Mcloud?          Javier Badem as Remeres?
  • Chadb
    • 23555belles
  • Lerryjee
    And in the Sean Connery role... Will Smith.
    • mooreworthy
      Samuel L. Jackson duh!
      • Jericho
        i can see it now, "you can expose your back when attacking but its a stupid ass move and it will get you killed"
        • mooreworthy
          No one else can say "stupid ass" like Samuel L. Jackson!
  • The_Phantom
    Get Thomas Jane!
    • JP
      Practically a clone of Christopher Lambert.  Good call, sir.
  • LBR
    they key as always will be in a great script..............
  • LBR
    and unusual casting .............take a good actor out of his comfort zone
  • Richie G
    Remember seein Reynolds in Two Guys, a Girl 'n a Pizza Place and thinking; I can't wait for this guys career to explode. He's a great actor, but 99% of the movies he's in suck 
    • norm
      I remember seeing an episode of that and thinking I can't wait for his career to implode.
  • Poop
    i am now depressed.
  • Morph
    Mark Ruffalo.
  • grimjob
    And the remakes keep going... Fine, but fuck it, put Clancy Brown in the same role, and I'll see it.
  • Rogue627
    The original Highlander was visionary and exemplary for its time.  A remake?  Possibly...but only if the actors chosen elevate the mythos.  
  • MJW
    It could be worse, think Shia LaBeouf!! 
  • 3 comic book characters... Hannibal King?...
  • Ticketmaster
    Huh HELLO! Reynolds ruined Green Lantern. How quickly they forget. No thanks!
  • Timnimbus
    I am a big fan of the highlander series. I have seen everything there is to do with highlander. The one thing I have been waiting for this whole time since the first movie came out is for someone to remake it the right way. They need to change what happens to the immortals after they take eachothers heads (the quickenings). One thing that always pissed me off is never seeing anything change about the characters afterwards. You never watch them get stronger or faster or accumulate vast knowledge like the movies, series and comic say happens after each kill. Or maybe changes in there personalities from absorbing memories and knowledge of evil men? Does that not sound like something this newer version would need? The highlander movies in the 80s and 90s are just too simple and plain because they are from totally different eras. I think Reynolds would be ok if they wanted to throw some comedy in there somewhere. I just want to see a decent actor take the mantle. This is one remake I would love to see. I just hope they keep the Queen song. LOL!
    • Jericho
      the entire movie was made based on a teens book report of fantasy swordplay in 1981... blame him for lack of detail...
  • Ehsan Davodi
    i love reynolds but in green lantern he suck really really reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly hard completely bad cast and crew, fersnadilo love shaky camera, prove it in 28 weeks later. only good thing in 28weeks was screenplay and acting and score. intruders suck medium too im out goodbye
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Haha, I love 28 Weeks Later, I actually prefer it over 28 Days. You said the "only" good thing about 28 Weeks was screenplay, acting and score. That's actually a lot more than most movies have going for them these days. 😉 Though, I have to admit that John Murphy's score pretty much made both movies for me. It's just so beautiful, dramatic, desperate and haunting; the movies wouldn't have had the same impact without it.
  • Why remake Highlander? The original is near perfection. And Ryan Reynolds? Has he done ANYTHING good? At all, ever?
    • Jericho
      The Odyssey...
  • Ashley Sargiotto
    They need to stop casting Ryan Reynolds in everything, or in anything for that matter. Im really tired of seeing him try to act in these movies, which would be a lot better if he wasnt in them.  He is getting out played, and needs a break to work on his skills as an actor, or just retire all together. 
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Well, I think we all agree that Green Lantern was an absolute disaster of a movie, but I don't think Reynolds is to blame for that. That movie was just a mess all around. Personally, I think he -is- a good actor, and I actually prefer him in dramatic/action roles rather than his comedy ones. He was great in 'Buried', 'The Nines' and even the 'Amityville Horror' remake. Hell, I thought he was the best part of 'Blade Trinity' as well. I have seen him in enough movies where he did a great job to always give him the benefit of the doubt until I've seen at least a trailer.
  • mooreworthy
    I love how the original baddie is now Mr. Krabs now.
  • Yanoshkou
    Highlander without the laugh of Christophe Lambert is not Highlander !!
  • Timnimbus
    Jericho. Blame who for lack of detail? The writer Gregory Widen? The director Russell Mulcahy? The director could of taken a different approach to the series if he wanted to. Sure he would of pissed off poor little Gregory but thats the business. LOL. I just want to see something different from the series that will make you think theres actually a price that comes with every head you take. It would come change who you are from evil intent and memories of each quickening. Did anyone see the Source? I think that was the latest one. It sucked big time.
  • If you were actually Scottish, Highlander was hilarious.  A French man playing a Scot and a Scot playing a Spaniard. - Get Viggo Mortensen to play him.




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