Third Full Action-Filled, Alien-Focused 'Battleship' Trailer Unearthed

March 13, 2012
Source: Deadline

Battleship Trailer

"If those ships could do dis, what do you think 50 can do, or 500,000?" Well we won't see that, because this is based on a board game involving 5 ships battling 5 other ships, so it's likely that's all we're going to get (at least until the sequel). Universal has unveiled a third trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship, starring Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård and (yes, still) Rhianna, and it's as action-packed as all the other footage we've seen. This time it focuses on the aliens a lot more, not only showing an unmasking scene, but multiple armored guys appearing in more than one place (read: all over). Still looks very cheesy.

Watch the third official trailer for Peter Berg's Battleship, embedded from YouTube via Deadline:

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an advanced armada of unknown origins in order to defeat them.

Battleship is directed by American filmmaker Peter Berg, of Very Bad Things, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights (the movie), The Kingdom and Hancock previously. The screenplay was co-written by brothers Erich Hoeber & Jon Hoeber, of Whiteout, RED and Man on a Ledge. Universal produced this with a budget of over $200 million. Battleship is currently set to sail on May 18th this summer. Visit their official website.

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  • Loser
    This trailer actually looks much much much better
  • Welcome to the 2012 summer movie diner.  We're all out of the Transformer Pie, but we have Battleship Brulee we think you'll really love. That's what this feels like. But hey, I'll bite.
  • Rickvanr
    this looks amazing..
    • MrChunk
      By chance, is your name Stevie Wonder?
      • Scopedog
        Hey, it's his personal opinion. You think it looks suckey, well...that's just your POV too.  
        • mowygawd
          you have a great POV on others POV
      • Rickvanr
        Nope, I have high hopes, to me this movie looks like it'll be awesome ride..  If you think it looks bad, stay home. I'll watch this and have fun doing so. Aliens, naval warfare, Liam Neeson, end of the world plot line.. as long as it doesn't scream USA USA USA it'll be a blast..
        • Wylles
  you REALLY think this film isn´t going to scream USA USA USA? omg...
          • Scopedog
             Well, it might not.  After all, Michael Bay isn't directing it.
          • fill3rup
             other clues as to it not being a Micheal bay a-like is a lack of "Rhianna bending suggestivly over an aircraft carrier" shot..
  • I hate that it is called Battleship but it looks to be epic and like it is going to be a lot of fun. 
    •  Agreed. My Battleship game didn't have aliens that I can remember.
  • Jedibilly
    Now that's f*ckin badass! This doesn't look cheesy to me. This really looks more like Independence Day II. This will be a fun popcorn movie!
    • Loser
      Independence day was one of the cheesiest movies ever made just had to point that out
      • bat0u
         and it IS still a fun popcorn movie.
        • Scopedog
          Yep.  Hey, I'm all for high art in movies, but sometimes, I just want to see stuff go BOOM! and chow down on popcorn. And hell, hasn't Hollywood been churning out popcorn munchers since the very beginning?  
  • Let me finish that sentence for you Rihanna, Boom... goes the dynamite.
  • Buzzfunk
    This doesn't look cheesy to you??? IT DOESN"T??????????? Wow. Now I really fear for movies like Prometheus. *sigh*
    • Scopedog
      "Wow. Now I really fear for movies like Prometheus. *sigh*" Why?  I mean, this is only a trailer.  And it's possible that the filmmakers figured that yes, this was cheesy, OTP stuff...but then again, they're probably being honest. As for PROMETHEUS...the new trailer is out this weekend.  And don't fear for it--just see the film when it comes out.  Remember, with Ridley Scott and SF, we got ALIEN and BLADE RUNNER....and that's a pretty damned good 1-2 punch (even if the critics had their head up their @$$es when they slammed BR back in 1982).
  • Voice of Reason
    I wonder if this will earn Liam Neeson the moniker "AlienPuncher" re: The Grey....I doubt it.
  • N.
    Eh maybe
  • Guy
    Really the only thing that is lame about this movie is the title. This looks like a lot of fun. 
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    No, thanks.
    • Scopedog
      Hey, at least no one's holding a gun to your head to see it. Who knows--the film might actually be all right....but of course, I'll have to see the thing first.  
      • Isildur_of_Numenor
        I wasn't trying to sound sarcastic (that's how you took it?), I just said that I'm not going to see it. Yeah, the film might be alright and a decent, fun popcorn movie, but I guess nothing more. I can't spend my money on every possibly entertaining movie that comes out, so I try to pick more carefully. Of course, a movie like this, once in awhile, can't hurt. But it's not really my cup of tea. Hope you'll enjoy it and have a great time; in may, that is :)
        • Scopedog
          Nah, don't sweat it--that WAS me taking it the wrong way. And you're right--we can't always spend coin on every cool-looking film that comes out, hence we have to be selective. (Then again...I remember 1999 being the year where I seemed to be going to the movies every damned month!  I must've seen more movies in that year than I had before--or since.  But it cost less to go to the theaters back then, so....)
  • HyperJ
    This looks like great fun - I'm sold!
  • Too much. I'm pretty sure this will turn out to be exactly what it looks like: an over the top action film with no plot or soul, but just explosions and lots of noise. I'm getting tired of this kind of films, but maybe if I have nothing better to do and it's on the internet..
  • Loser
    Love the Friday night lights reunion though I spotted atlest three in the trailer including the director anyone catch more of them.
  • McWetty
    I think "Trailer 3" is too generic of a name.  I'm renaming it "Blow everything to hell so people think it's Transformers: Michael Bay Hyper-fighting Turbo HD" trailer. And yes, I'm going to see a matinee of this.
  • This is the new Mean Streets. Looks so authentic.
  • HealthyPoison
    This movie will be a fun summer movie.  No doubt.  And any movie with Riggins AND Landry, I am all in for.  Hopefully Landry doesn't accidentally kill another rapist...
  • Davidbryan949
    this trailer made the movie more interesting
  • Jezebel
    More America saves the world bullshit. Yawn.
  • jah p
    Since when did Peter Burg become Michael Bay?
  • Wylles
    So this is Transformers 5 / 1/2: Battleships, or:  Halo meets Battleship meets Gi Joe, or: Aquatransformers, no Wait! Attack of the Aquadecepticons, `cause there are no Autobots! and in conclusion, this was a better idea than a film about Halo, Gears of War, Bioshock, Deus Ex, or other games with at least some kind of story, cause ya know, story, characters, settings, worlds...yeah thats all overrated...
  • i like ur post amazing , thanks for sharing 
  • Monotony
    Thank the gods for this movie! I was worried movie quality couldn't get any lower. Cheers, Hollywood!
  • JP
    So we have alien’s looking as if they took concept ideas from Tony Stark and they have giant beyblade's for weapons. My five year old son is going to love this movie!
  • K1ng
    I was waiting for someone to yell "OPTIMUSSSSSSSSS!" or "BUMBLEBEEEEEEEEE!"
  • Notalent
    Finally, a blockbuster summer movie that ISN'T going to be in 3D (Aside from TDKR).
  • John Griffith
  • Armeetapus16
    the only way this movie can become extremely bad ass in the most cheesy way is if Liam Neeson comes face to face with one of the aliens, pins it down under his foot, holds a gun to its face and then he looks it straight in the eyes and says "You sunk my battleship" and pulls the trigger
  • Dzabalescu Jo
    when i watch those trailers (avengers or this one) i ask myself: what's wrong with the Americans?




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