Tom Cruise Not a Hero: Full 'Jack Reacher' Trailer with Werner Herzog

October 17, 2012

Jack Reacher Trailer

"On second thought, I'd like to kill you." The first trailer for Jack Reacher was just a tease of Tom Cruise as the recurring character in Lee Child's novels, and now we get more of the man who has no regard for the law. It's kind of cool to see Cruise be this much of a bad ass, even if he doesn't match up to the description from the books. Plus, we finally get a good look at the rest of the cast including Werner Herzog as the villain, Jai Courtney as his muscle, Rosamund Pike as a lawyer in distress and the men of the law Richard Jenkins and David Oyelowo. Oh, and Robert Duvall is there for good measure. Watch below!

Here's the new trailer for Christopher McQuarrie's Jack Reacher, originally from Yahoo:

Six shots. Five dead. One heartland city thrown into a state of terror. But within hours the cops have it solved: a slam-dunk case. Except for one thing. The accused man says: You got the wrong guy. Then he says: Get Reacher for me. And sure enough, ex-military investigator Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) knows the killer is a trained military sniper who never should have missed a shot. Reacher is certain something is not right–and soon the slam-dunk case explodes. Christopher McQuarrie (director The Way of the Gun and writer of The Usual Suspects) writers and directs this film which also stars Werner Herzog, Rosamund Pike and Richard Jenkins. Paramount Pictures is sending Jack Reacher to theaters on December 21st this year.

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  • dgeet
    Love the last shot, looks like a generic movie though but something tells me its going to be a fun action movie
    • Exactly. Looks promising.
  • Jayzee
    SO tired of Cruise's 'tuff ? guy' image with profanity and hundreds of closeups of his face.
    • wexer
      Yeah.It's time they started showing us hundreds closups of his ass. No homo.
      • beevis
        thumbs up for the funny!
      • Just like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, that'd be awesome!
  • beevis
    this is looking good. i liked cruise in "collateral". it showed he can pull off this kind of character. i'm looking forward to seeing this. hey - liam neesons character from "taken" vs. cruises reacher - who wins that fight?
    • me
      dude that was not called for
    • bozo connors
      Wow. Get some therapy. Why so angry there sunshine?
      • jackofseveraltrades
        what did he say?? the comment has been removed and the reactions to it makes me want to see it even moree!!
    • Richie G
      Neeson hands down, which is to say he'd have to reach his hands down pretty far to break Cruise's neck
      • beevis
        yea - i'd go for neeson too - he's got a longer reach and just looks tougher.
  • Richie G
    The funny thing is if they made a braver choice with the casting, the exact same footage could have been amazing. It's not bad, but hardly exciting
  • beevis
    what's your problem, eric? and if you're going to troll - do a better job.
  • Hollywood needs new actors.
    • beevis
      i wouldn't say they need more - just (in many cases) BETTER actors/actresses.......i'm liking cruise in this, though.
      • The pool is very small, this didn't need to be Tom Cruise, he doesn't look like he's lived the life that the character in this story has. Those type of men have wrinkles.
        • beevis
          you're right that TC doesn't have the look that he's "lived the life".
  • laddycaddy
    i dont see anything that distinguishes this from any other action movie
    • beevis
      i don't think it's important that it somehow needs to stand out from other action films - i just want it to be a fun watch.
  • G.
    I'm in.
  • I've read the book twice. Didn't recognize it here
  • Cody W
    Wouldve been a lot better if this wasnt called jack reacher, Reacher was a giant drifter...and a he did brutal...brutal things and this is rated pg13? Come oonnn.
    • beevis
      really? pg13? i didn't know this.......and you're right - how the heck can it be rated pg with jack reacher in it?
  • BloodwerK
    Skyfall then this. 2012 will be complete...
    • beevis
      now way! 2012 isn't close to complete until "the hobbit" comes to town!
      • BloodwerK
        Screw that. I couldn't care less about the Hobbit...
        • beevis
          i feel the same way about skyfall.......the new bond movies aren't anywhere near as interesting to me....i liked connery and moore much better as bond - i guess this year finishes up on different dates for us?
          • BloodwerK
            Other than you probably being more likely to see Skyfall at some point than I am to see The Hobbit. Sword-swingers aren't really my thing...
          • beevis
            if it's on tv for free - i might give it a look. but, i've never watched a bond movie that didn't have connery or moore as, i don't know that i'll ever see it.
      • Wanda
        I'm really looking forward to Les Miserables! But Jack Reacher is getting my money to.
  • stormrider666
    Am the only one who thinks that this looks like a wannabe 'Drive'?
    • wexer
      "The Driver" did not explain himself with utterances like:"I am not a hero.I want to kill you" ect. He just reacted.Violently.
    • castingcouch
      Nah, this doesn't look boring to me, despite Tom Thumb's casting.
  • grimjob
    Looks decent. Agree with Beevis, loved Cruise in Collateral, and this looks to be a similar role. Never read the books, though, so I have no basis for comparison.
    • beevis
      you know - when i first heard of cruise doing this, i was disappointed. in the book, reacher was such a BIG guy - and cruise isn't....but then i put in collateral one evening and got to thinking cruise might be a great choice for this. from the trailers, i think he'll be great.
  • Duane
    Wow. Since "Spartacus" I was wondering when Jai Courtney was gonna break out. Between this and Die Hard 5 he's gonna have a helluva year.
  • Riki
    I started reading Jack Reacher because of the first teaser. I didn't understand why people made a big deal of the size, because as long as the personality was there, I felt like the movie should be fine. Having read 7 of the books so far (on the 8th one now), I can understand why people are making a big deal about Reacher's size. His size is the embodiment of who he is. Almost no character can come into contact with Reacher and not talk about his size in one form or another. Even Reacher himself talks about his size and refers to it incessantly. To have Tom Cruise playing him seems to be a big mistake, but I'll definitely keep an open mind. Reacher is the only character where there's a movie already made about him, yet I can't imagine the actor as the character, so the actor's image never even pops in my head while I'm reading the book. For me, that goes to show just how integral Reacher's physique is to his character.
    • castingcouch
      A big part of Reacher's personality IS his size and stature. Tom is just Tom in another movie. He hasn't even changed his appearance like he did in Collateral.
  • Damnit, I was determined to be all "meh" about this, but that last shot where the guy gives him his cap? Sold :-)
    So Maverick Trickle has Harry Hogge help him clear James Bond?
  • heartland
    It's TC doing an MI rehash - the sly smile, even have the "working class gets one over on the man" scene, plus of course the car chase. NONE of which Jack Reacher would do, or even shows up in the book. Doesn't mean it's a bad film, but bears no resemblance to its source material. Fun, but more of TC being TC as opposed to bringing a force-of-nature character and a gritty, intelligent thriller to the screen. TC freezing his face in place doesn't constitute intensity or toughness. I'll watch it eventually if it's convenient at home, but another TC action vehicle isn't worth shelling out theater prices - I can just re-watch Ghost Protocol. And they need to do something about the bobblehead effect in the latest poster, looks like they grafted an enlarged TC head onto a tiny body - the more you look, the worse the effect is.
  • Wanda
    Tom Cruise looks AMAZING in this trailer. Tough, strong and showing his age. It's nice to see him like this and I can't wait for this movie.




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