First Full Trailer for Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' with Johnny Depp

March 15, 2012
Source: Apple

Dark Shadows Trailer

"Fight on, Barnabas!" Warner Bros has finally unveiled the official trailer via Apple for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, his fantastical new take on the gothic horror 60's TV series featuring the vampire Barnabas Collins, played by Johnny Depp this time. We've been waiting a while to see this, as numerous set photos and official photos have hit over the last year while it was shooting, but now we actually get to see how it looks and wow is oddly very comedic. The cast includes Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Moretz, Helena Bonham Carter, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller and Bella Heathcote. Take a look!

Watch the first official trailer for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, in high def from Apple:

A gothic-horror tale centering on the life of 200 year old vampire Barnabas Collins and his run-ins with various monsters, witches, werewolves and ghosts as master of Collinwood Manor in Collinsport, Maine.

Dark Shadows is directed by imaginative filmmaker Tim Burton, of films including Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland.. He's directing from a script by author-turned-writer Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) based on the cult ABC TV series created by Dan Curtis. Warner Bros is bringing Dark Shadows to theaters everywhere starting May 11th this summer. So how does that look?

Dark Shadows Poster

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  • DF
    What sorcery is this? REVEAL YOURSELF, TINY SONGSTRESS.
    • beevis
      that had me too!
      • LosZombies
        I have to admit, that part actually made me laugh pretty hard lol
    • Loser
      stolen almost in it`s entirety from the movie enchanted
      • Cabrala92
        party pooper xp
  • Buzzfunk
    I get it but...that music killed it for me. 
  • N.
    Wow I was not expecting that at all but yet I love it! I went from not caring about this to CANT WAIT it seems more like Old School Burton to me I cant wait!
    • Jericho
      i thought for sure it would be another crappy edward scissorhands and now im 'applying my foot to my posterior profusely'
  • Comicfreak37
    YES I CANT WAIT!!! I love Tim Burton!!
  • Zeus
    Hmmm... definitely not what I expected (comedy) but I'm still excited. Also, the music for this trailer is a bit much in my opinion...
  • Jezebel
  • bat0u
    Oh Eva Green, why?!? Why must you have Johnny Depp when you can have me! Because I love you!!
  • The most incredible thing about this is that Helena Bonham Carter looks decent when dressed normally.
    • Zeus
      • She always looks like Tim Burton is her stylist whether in the movies or the red carpet. This is one of the few exceptions. 
  • dangeer
    Looks funny, although it's strange that it's a comedy, as the TV series wasn't (as far as I know).
  • Oh god... I didn't know the premise... I wish I never did. This looks horrible. Also the trailer is literally nothing special. It is so generic and awful. 
  • AgentKidSociety
  • Chris_G
    Okay I must admit, I had no idea what this was supposed to be about...but it looks pretty damn funny. Also, Eva Green is just yeah.
  • My parents are going to be disappointed I think? They were both big fans of the TV series. But I'm actually very happy with this. Reminds me Burton's bizarre family humor in Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. Color me pleasantly amused.
  • Keewatin428
  • Cinephile3
    Uhhhhhh......I'm....not sure how I feel.
  • Matthewsouth
    *Beats head on desk repeatedly* It's called DARK SHADOWS...not CHEESE SHADOWS! Tim Burton, while I normally love your stuff, please go burn in Hell for this abomination! What would have been a wonderful opportunity to reincarnate Barnabas and the rest of the Collins has been squandered for the sake of cliches and cheap laughs. This hsould have been creepy and intriguing, NOT a comedy. I will not be watching this, period. (I never say I won't watch soemthing, so this is pretty drastic for me)
  • Janderson
    Disgustingly bad.
  • Truong18
    not what i expected, but seem fun
  • tommyturner
     How come every revisit to old tv shows has to be done as a comedy?  This, 21 Jump Street, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels, I Spy, Dragnet, Dukes of Hazzard, etc.?
    • FrightTherapy
      I agree. That's a really good question. It's like they think, based on the concept, it'll be really cheesy. So they preemptively make it a cheesy movie... Possibly for a larger audience? But do they consider the audience they're losing from doing this? Ugh. It could've been a decent horror franchise, but instead it's another forgettable missed opportunity. I don't know why I keep getting my hopes up.
  • Sean
    Looks good!
  • CookieMonster
    Boobies of Eva Green - I'm definitely in!
  • suzyla
    It reminds me of the addams family. Mixed with maybe Deep Throat. I can see why he is somewhat in lust with her. Eva is the bomb.
  • beevis
    i'm in........looks really funny.
  • BanditoJuan
    This looks aweful. No tact, no class, no subtlety. Count me out.
  • RJW4259
    ........OK wtf?!
  • Suggestion; someone lock Tim Burton in a casket and bury him for 200-years... Mars Attacks, Planet of the Apes... c'mon... he hasn't been relevant since Pee Wee's Big Adventure... Okay, I take that back.  Edwards Scissorhands was great.  Tim... get someone to co-write decent scripts with (for) you... this looks abysmal. 
  • Timmy, oh Timmy...
  • Traveler
    Wow! Not at ALL what I was expecting. It was looking a lot like AiW and I imagined it would have the same tone as that film but I'm actually impressed. That was an enjoyable trailer. And Eva Green looks hot! 
  • BinaryChaos
    It seems very formulaic like a movie out of the 90s. If the movie is a big hit then the 90s style of movie making hasn't died. I'm just glad it's not another sappy twilight style vampire movie.
  • vvs
    Brilliant. Depp is brilliant. I'm amazed and surprised again. If Heath was alive, he'd be doing some of these roles. 
  • Bing12869
    Funny how opinions are not relevant either. 
  • Mrfloosak
    THe ifrst 42 seconds look amazingly epic until the modern music creeps in and I think it lost me with the comedy! I just don't know. I want to love it but I don't know. Cut the silly music please!!!!
  • Rogue627
    Getting a Beetlejuice vibe here.  Cool.
  • FUNNY! Yes! I can't wait to see this. So freakin beautiful :)
  • LosZombies
    This movie totally went in a direction that I did not anticipate o.0 Hate to say it, but I think I might just watch it...
  • chang chang
    erm that was underwelhming to say the least, i might not like any of burtons past movies so ill get that out of the way. saw this and was wanting to say something positve finally but no. no thanks
  • Loser
    Johnny Depp and Tim Burton once some of the coolest most imaginative people in movies, now the sappiest most boring, tired and repetitive guys on earth. I have been a fan of Depp since his Jump street days but now I bid his movies adieu. But hey thats just me hope everyone else like it.
    • Max Renn
      I guess younger audiences haven't seen many of their earlier collaborations. For the rest of us, it's retreading very familiar ground and characters.
  • Malone03
    I am a fan of the old school "Dark Shadows" and it will be interesting to watch, but like in one of the previous comments, not what I expected. But, I have to give it a chance, maybe
  • Kaim
    Adams Family 3.
  • Pretty lame.
  • jename2
    Dark Shadows was not a comedy. You kind of kill it by doing that. I probably won't see it. 
  • I must say Eva Green looks stunning as a blonde.
  • Reason to see this: 1. What else am I going to do? 2. Eva Green. 3. Eva Green. 4. Eva Green.
    Not bad! Not bad attall!
  • A_A
    Looks like your average Tim Burton film, overrated and boring, but still no matter how bad it'll (you know it's gonna suck) it still will be a financial success, only because of Depp and the suckers that think Burton is still a good director.
  • kitano0
    Wasn't expecting this approach...I liked it, though.  Seems like I am the only one who doesn't think Eva Green is pretty.  Decent actress though.  And for all of you who didn't like the's set in 1972, geniuses, and Barry White is always good for a laugh.
  • Saw this being pumped big time on UK breakfast TV this morning! 
  • Dangerous Don Danger
    Dark Shadows purists will be disappointed with the comedy, but if you look at this and judge it on it's own merits and accept it as a one-off, it's looks like it could be entertaining. Not a big fan of Burton or the original series, so I'll wait for the dvd. 
  • redskulllives
    funny, cocky, corny   haha  ill get stoned for it 😛
  • nat
    Actually think this can be quite fun, in that Beetlejuicy sort of way...
  • stupid, dumb, and completely NOT the T.V. show serial I remember when it was on ,.....This will Bomb as a comedy.......I was hopeing for scary and horror.....but not this piece of trash
  • K1ng
    Am I the only one who thinks Tim Burton should just stop already...
    • Adrian
       Nope. He SHOULD. Definitely.
  • Konan
    Beetlejuice, meets Sleepy Hollow meets Sweeney Todd
    • stfugtfo
      meets the adams family
  • Xerxexx
  • the people moaning and winging about the original show I watched it all. I seen all the movies. I must say of the movies this is probably the better as the 80s and 90s ones were pathetic. The last time they tried making Barnabas like blonde and shit. The show was ok and whether this is campy and funny or serious it at least makes Barnabas look freakin awesome and adds a lil spark of life to the TV series which at best could be quite boring and cheesy. I understand it was made long time ago so bats on strings was the best effects they could get but still stop hating so much. Its Michael Bays remaking Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles I am a bit more concerned about lol.
  • Steve
    Lighten up kids, the 60s daytime series screams camp! Drop in some 70s kitsch, ramp up the drama and its time to disco on the dark side. Im hoping for a good time baby.
  • Atyou
    WHAT THE  HELL HAPPENED??? Tim used to bring a spark to his movies. This music sucks. Has he even been using Danny Elfman? Mr. Burton. Can you please get back to Edward Scissorhands, Beetle Juice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Big Fish. These were my favs by you. You start falling of when you made that aweful charlie and the chocolate factory. Please let Frankieweenie be at least decent. Seen the preview, wasn't so good so far.
  • Htgaines
    Where, oh where is Quentin? I remember this show from the early seventies (a soap opera i was actually interested in.) Depp playing Jonathon Frid works, I just wish they had played it strait (like Headless Horseman), rather than doing the Brady-Bunch parody approach (my same complaint for Land of The Lost, and Starsky and Hutch) Guess i have no sense of humor, (or more willing suspension of disbelief for cheese.)
  • Les
    I had been looking forward to this movie, but after the trailer..... UGH!
  • andrew
    • gaz linacre
      you sold it to me it was a great car! they even made profit on it when they sold it on i replaced it with a 68 dart i bought in pasedena!!
  • Indy1104
    Oh well, thought this was to be a tribute to the television series, so much for the waiting guess I will catch it when it comes to AMC or Turner classic won't be paying to see this
  • Hayspaisley
    i love his movies,well most of them anyway...i hope he turns into a multi-millionair someday and buys a condo.He is by-far the Sexiest man still living
  • Wan-da-man
  • Huleam25
    somebody can tell me please the music name when goes in the train is  so amazing  thank you




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