Warner Bros Pursuing Ben Affleck to Direct a 'Justice League' Movie?

August 8, 2012
Source: Variety

Justice League

I knew we'd hear something about this sometime soon, but I didn't realize it would be this soon! And this kind of name! Variety is now reporting that Warner Bros has "approached" Ben Affleck to direct their in development Justice League movie, which got kicked into high gear after The Avengers broke box office records. Affleck went from actor to director a few years ago, and is currently finishing up Argo for Warner Bros, where he also made The Town, so they've worked with him quite a bit already. He's not signed on and is "the only candidate who's been sent Will Beall's Justice League script", but he's the first big name to land.

Warner Bros kick started development on Justice League back in early June earlier this summer by hiring Will Beall, of Gangster Squad, to start writing a new script. Variety says that "Justice League is expected to bring together marquee [DC Comics] characters Batman and Superman, as well as Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Affleck has made it clear that he’s only interested in directing films in which he also stars." So, if he gets the job, he may be playing someone in it, which makes things even more interesting to consider. Which one? Who? Is Batman even going to be in this? Are they going to replace Bats and Supes with other actors? Who knows. All we know now is that Ben Affleck is one of the names they're considering and that even if he gets the job, we probably still won't see this until 2015 anyway. Is Ben a good choice?

Update: Interesting development. Deadline's Mike Fleming claims this is all bullshit. "I’m calling bullshit on this big Variety scoop today… This is a story I checked out days ago, and didn’t run when Affleck’s reps stated that it was not going to happen with him." Okay, so what is this all about? Here's the only leeway he gives: "Just because the studio wants Affleck doesn’t mean he will do the movie, and several sources tell me he might take a meeting, but that’s it." So, there's a chance anything could happen, but only time will tell.

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  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    Interesting. I will stay tuned!
  • Hmm, Ben Affleck as Batman? He's a good actor with the body to fit the suit.. but audiences will find it hard to see him sound like Batman. He looks too middle class, which isn't an insult - but I just can't picture him living in Wayne Manor. As far as his direction is concerned, can Affleck do blockbuster action?
      He can't be any worse than Michael Bay.
  • Tey
    Ben can play Green Lantern! or Superman! or Batman! he can play anyone but Flash and Wonder Woman!
      I think he would make an awe inspiring Wonder woman.
  • nathan
    I think Ben Affleck is actually a better director than actor. This would be an interesting choice. He already played Superman in the movie Hollywoodland as George Reeves, and looked pretty good in the old blue tights too.
  • Brb gotta puke!...FUCK!
  • DRM
    Hmmm....I seem to have lost my issue where Daredevil joins the Justice League....
    • Gossipbuster
  • meh
    Affleck and Damon back together on screen as Batman & Robin... kidding.
    • :P
      Yes,that would make it gay and awesome.
    My Gerd!!!
  • BloodwerK
    They could do a hell of a lot worse.
  • JBrotsis
    I'm not as big a fan of DC as I am Marvel, so them making a Justice League movie really doesn't excite me as much as when they announced Avengers way back when. That being said....seeing affleck as the man to direct and star in the first Justice League movie makes me literally "lol" and feel sorry for all the hardcore DC fans. And the whole issue of who would play batman....nolan said he was done with his version of the series...but does that mean christian bale is also done accepting the batman role? Or if they made this movie in 2015, would bale take the offer of being the bat again (being everyone associates batman with christian bale, in the present day)
    • juststopit
      I don't believe Nolans Batman exists in the Justice League universe,or better yet Justice League does not exist in Nolans version of Batman.Why?It's rooted (more or less) in reality and Superman and the rest of the gang don't fit into Nolans interpretation.They are too fantastical.It defeats the intent of Nolans movies.If they include his Batman into the mix rather doing a new version they will retroactively ruin Nolans vision IMO.
  • David Banner
    Flash, same color as DareDevil......not sure I agree he's a "good enough" director for this, we are talking about a $300,000,000 movie?
  • Vitokris
    All I can say is make as good if not better than "The Avengers" and don't screw up Batman.
    • Gossipbuster
      Nolan Batman has nothing to do with the rest of the dudes in pajamas. Batman from JL is has to be a different incarnation. if not they will ruin Nolans Batman.
  • juancarlos
    In no way can a Justice League movie live up to The Avengers. The Avengers was a success because it had films for each major character leading into the huge ensemble movie. Doesn't seem like this will happen for the Justice League so there is no connection with the audience and the characters/actors playing the heroes. I feel like the DC heroes are better than the Marvel heroes, but not everyone has had a chance to familiarize themselves with the awesome characters in the DC universe.
    • mooreworthy
      But that's why we comic geeks are cool now. Filled with all this knowledge, so we can look cool in front of our normal friends, but we can be aholes about it at times, so there is wikipedia.
  • Pretty sure JL will fail, no matter who directs. DC clearly just wants to put something out to profit from the Avengers craze.
    • Ron
      Why does everyone say DC when they should be saying Warner Bros. DC wants great films made for their characters, but Warner Bros wants to make money, get it straight Marvel fan boy. Seriously, it's getting on my freaking nerves when people open their mouths and garbage spews out. Disney is letting Marvel handle things as they're lucky enough to just get on the ride, while Warner Bros want 99.999% of the control and through their money grubbing BS seems like they're willing to forego quality as long as they'll make a few bucks. Warner Bros was just lucky enough to have a film maker like Chris Nolan want to do Batman and some how convince them to let him do it, probably mostly because they thought the franchise had been destroyed by Batman & Robin. DC has next to nothing to do with the DC characters that come to the screen, which is sad because they should be the ones with the most say, big time in stories and even in casting choices. They are the ones who love these characters, Warner Bros just loves money. Green Lantern was a perfect example of a movie that could have been great, but there were to many hands in the cookie jar. They should set up a DC studio and give most of the control over to the people who care what kind of film they put, not just how much money it will make.
    noooo nooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Manuel
  • SuicidalOptimist
    I think Ben Affleck should stick to directing and leave the acting up to Casey. The latter is clearly the better actor. The problem I have with Ben is, while he -does- have that superhero chin and proper stature, I just cannot, for the life of me, buy him as a badass character. He always looks like he's about to cry if you so much as say something mean to him. Luckily he already said that Daredevil cured him from his superhero aspirations, and that he would not put on a costume again, ever. So, here's hoping he won't cast himself in any role in JL and just direct the men (and women) in tights from behind the camera. IF he actually stays attached to the project.
  • BinaryChaos
    This movie alone could make or break his career as a director so I'm sure he wouldn't take it if he didn't have some fantastic ideas for the Justice League story. If anything it will probably be at the same level as the avengers with aliens coming from space trying to take over the world and blah blah blah. I truly believe he won't take this project lightly and I trust in Warner Bros. judgment of his capabilities. I just hope Warner Bros. has LEARNED FROM THEIR MISTAKES with Joel Schumacher!!!!!!!!!!! I believe in Affleck!
  • I could only see him playing a motion capture version of Martian Manhunter
  • guest
    As much as I love Affleck as a director, this is not a good choice. They need someone with more 'action' and CGI smarts.
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • mooreworthy
    Batman animated series, batman brave and the bold, justice league and justice league unlimited are animated series that kicked ass and one shots such as Justice League: Doom and Crisis shows DC can make a team movie without retelling origins. Hats off to marvel who is kicking ass on the big screen, but Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America were forgettable. Do we need to mention the Hulk movies. let DC do things differently. Im waiting for DC to translate their animated success to the big screen. Not promising, just not writing them off because of the success of the Avengers.
    • Ron
      Warner Bros let's DC handle the animated stuff almost 100%, they let them have very little say if next to any in the big screen movies, therein lies the problem.
      • mooreworthy
        Great and unfortunate point Ron.
  • I donno.. not on board with this choice. Comparing him to Whedon is like comparing apples to car batteries.
    • Ron
      His movies that he's directed that I've seen, Gone Baby Gone and The Town, are great and Argo looks good. I've honestly thought his movies were much better than anything Whedon has done, if not as entertaining.
  • Affleck is great at propelling a story line and making you truly care about the characters. If he gets a real hands on producer or assistant director to help with CGI shots I think he could do it.
  • Sean
    If Bale couldn't play Batman couldn't they use Joseph Gordon-Levitt? And Man of Steel comes out next year so Henry Cavill would probably be lined up to play reprise the role.
    • juststopit
      Why can't you people seem to grasp that Nolans Batman Universe probably won't and should not mix with the rest of the DC stuff.It's supposed to be rooted in reality and attaching it to Superman and the rest of fantastical characters is just going to ruin Nolans intentions. The best would be to do a new interpretation of Batman.
  • Sean
    lined up to reprise** my bad.
  • Michael Bay. That is all
    • Ron
      Yeah, let's ruin the movie before it even starts. Bay is the biggest hack in hollywood.
  • JusticeForAll
    He can definitely do it. He appreciates realism, grit and character moments. He Just look at the Town. I think it would be similar to if Nolan directed it.




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