Watch: Awesome Low Budget Fan-Made 'Mega Man X' Action Short

April 6, 2012
Source: YouTube

Mega Man X Movie

"X possess great risk, but also great possibilities." How about some low budget sci-fi to end the week? We stumbled across another fantastic fan-made short film that I highly suggest watching, called Mega Man X, featuring Dr. Light and Protoman and much more. It's an extremely low budget YouTube short, made for about $700 by Olan Rogers, that looks awesome, and was done so damn well you can't even believe it was made using "two green sheets, an amazing prop maker, two actors who worked for free… and one awesome friend who busted his butt on the animation side." Damn I love when super low budget work turns out great.

This definitely has an old school Tron feeling, and I love the little behind-the-scenes glimpse at the end in the credits. Olan Rogers states: "This isn't a perfect video I understand this, this is all independently made I didn't have a lot of money but I decided to do it anyway I had 700 dollars, two green sheets, an amazing prop maker, two actors who worked for free because I didn't have enough money to pay them, they still gave 110% and one awesome friend who busted his butt on the animation side. Thank you for taking the time to watch and for your support. I HOPE!!!! I did this game justice!" For full credits, including FX, see YouTube.

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  • peloquin
    Awesome...I hope some Hollywood big wig sees that and gives this guy a shot.  I'd love to see a big budget Mega Man film (almost as much as I'd love to see a live action Zelda film).
  • Not sure if the term 'awesome' has been given a new meaning or not but man that was a brutally paced/shot trailer. I appreciate the effort/thought and the costumes were good but other than that it was far from awesome. Kudos to them for the effort though.
    • I agree lol.
    • Octopus
      Uh...yeah. Awesome does overstate it just a tad.
  • Ryderup
    Looks like a bad low budget version of tron with an intro monologue they should have edited heavily.
  • Thenewguy82
  • I liked the glitch in the scientist bit for about 2 seconds, but when the Twitch effect is used that much it becomes painful to watch. Nice bit of cosplay though.
    • EXACTLY! That damn 'Twitch' effect is annoyingly overused..... and no, this is nowhere near 'awesome'. Sorry Alex.
  • It seems as though the term 'low budget' is used as a shield to defend ANY criticism... Hmm...
  • m.suhu
  • David Zaine Aarons
    Man, I never realized how damn cynical some people are. I generally hate this criticism, but if this is so bad, by all means, please post a link to whatever you've done that was superior on the same budget. I'm biased because I'm a fan of Rogers and his work, but for me, this was absolutely awesome, and proof that somebody should give Rogers a budget and get him to adapt things from my childhood instead of that hack Michael Bay. Everybody's entitled to their opinion, though, I suppose.
    • DVader2
      I hate the rebuttal that only when you yourself have made a short film can you then criticize others. And yet, its okay for people who've never made a short to praise the work of others.  As for me, I thought the short was soulless and had some bad shot selection and poor directing/acting choices for the characters. Dr. Light was the best thing in this.
    • Ryderup
      Not sure if superior, but I did this a few years back 😉 
  • DoomCanoe
    why not just watch the low budget Megaman movie? oh yeah... cause its ass
    • Marc Callado
       I cringed after I saw the first 2 minutes of that movie
  • fazha
    Kudos to everyone who put in all the hard work on this. It may not win any awards, but anyone can recognize passion when they see it. We should all be so lucky to have that kind of dedication to a project.
  • TTumMM
    Low budget? yes Awesome? not really no
  • Marty
    Mega Boring
  • Grifter730
    I thought it was good (or at least interesting enough to keep me hooked) until they started (badly) fighting for no good reason.
  • Thexn
    Humanity's natural inborn cynicism automatically has me believing that Olan Rodgers made this movie in the hopes that he'll be "discovered" and led to a golden field of money and fame.  But there is a small part of me who wants to believe that maybe, just maybe this guy made this little short because he felt a need to create.  That he had a vision he wanted to share with others for no other reason than he could.  And if that's the truth I want to thank him for putting up his own money for no better reason than to try and entertain me a little.
    • Jimechandler
      That is exactly why he made this film.  Olan is full of passion.  We shot this last November, but the idea and prop making and story line for the short were on his mind a long time before.  He has no desire but to make films and entertain people while staying true to himself and his fans.  Being discovered has nothing to do with it.  He is already a success, because he is doing what he loves, making films.  I think it is awesome, but I'm biased.  I played Dr Light.
  • Marc Callado
    $700 for this.  Awesome work!
  • Tormentous
    man i just wasted three minutes of my life that i wont get back........this movie is WAY far from awesome and they need to stop making this lox budget garbage sorry man but better not make anything at all....
  • NeoSlyfer
  • Razor
    Yeah, this was quite boring. The Pac-Man fan movie is much better.
    • Octopus
  • Chris Amaya
    A for effort.  Could have done without the cheesy teeth gritting though lol
  • d3xt3r
    Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Mickey Geller
    Ok maybe its not "awesome" but for $700 i wish i could produce something half as cool as this on a whim. 
  • greedo
    I'm I have to agree that this was really lacking.  But this is the problem with "Fan Films"...the filmmakers expect the audience to take their knowledge of the story with them and fill in the blanks.  I don't really know what Mega Man X" is.  So what I saw was this...A recording of a scientist talking about a robot or something, and that robot is locked up for 30 years because he's dangerous.  Cut to: inside a big giant room, two men (are they robots?) fight each other (why?) and then one dies (who cares?)  Which of those guys is the one that was locked up?  Why did they fight? I don't know. It's sloppy, sloppy filmmaling.  Fine FX, but bad filmmaking.  I would really like to see some low-budget sci-fi/genre films on this site that aren't fan films. Oh yeah, this was about as opposite of awesome as I can imagine.
    • Ty for the unbiased opinion. I also agree. And I'm a huge Megaman X fan.. lol. Seriously. Though it was a nice attempt! 😀
  • She Hulk
    Stopped at 2:25, couldn't take any more!
  • the kid get it? the kid
  • the kid get it? the kid
    this shit was hyped up for no reason smh.
  • redskulllives
    If done right this would be wonderful 😀
  • Me
    Not my cuppa of tea - bit of a rip off of Tron and that guy at the start is really cheesy - distorted video was annoying.
  • Bruce Lee
    Why is Megaman white? BAHAHAHAHAHA! No thanks. 




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