Watch: Bigelow's Acclaimed 'Zero Dark Thirty' Gets One Final Trailer

December 13, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Zero Dark Thirty Trailer

"Do you believe this story - Osama bin Laden?" Sony/Columbia Pictures has debuted one final, fantastic, moody but tense trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, her long-awaited hunt for Osama bin Laden drama, which has already been earning accolades including National Board of Review awards and Golden Globe nominations. The film stars Jessica Chastain as Maya, a CIA operative who dedicates her life to hunting down bin Laden and finally, as we all know last year, discovered and killed him in a SEAL mission. It's an excellent thriller that may go on to win Best Picture and is worth seeing as soon as you can.

Here's the third and final trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, originally from Yahoo:

A break in the manhunt for Osama bin Laden is the backdrop for the gripping story about the combined efforts of an extraordinary group of Navy SEALS. About the most daring military op of our generation.

Zero Dark Thirty, which has gone under the title Kill Bin Laden, is directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, of Near Dark, Blue Steel, Point Break, Strange Days, K-19, Mission Zero and The Hurt Locker previously. The script was written by her partner, Oscar winner Mark Boal, a former photojournalist embedded in the Iraq War, who went on to write The Hurt Locker for Bigelow. Sony Pictures is releasing Zero Dark Thirty in limited theaters starting December 19th, going wide January 11th. It's worth seeing!

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Reader Feedback - 32 Comments


Jessica Chastain is one beautiful woman.In every way.

fan on Dec 13, 2012


Now I'm curious.Why the downvoting of this comment? Is she not beautiful ? Or somebody thinks paying a compliment or expresing opinion about womans beauty is sexist ?

relax on Dec 13, 2012


She has pointy elbows so obviously the interwebz has seen and can easily pick up better women 😉

Norbert Korzus on Dec 14, 2012


Ladies and gentleman, this is a trailer.

Sascha Brittner on Dec 13, 2012


LaG...MoS has a trailer...this looks...the same as Hurt Locker...boring

David Darida on Dec 13, 2012


It actually doesn't at all. In terms of style? Yeah, that's to be expected. The backdrop may be the same, but this movie is its own entity. To say this looks like the Hurt Locker is like admitting you watched both trailers on mute, without paying attention.

Mike on Dec 13, 2012


Actually...I wish I haven't seen the trailers at all...neither the movies...

David Darida on Dec 14, 2012


LaG? MoS?

Ray Hartley on Dec 13, 2012


Looks incredible

Guest on Dec 13, 2012


LMAO at whomever downvoted my post

Geoffrey Shauger on Dec 13, 2012


Only those who register can down vote you. There's a guy that down votes all posts automatically, so he's gets a higher score. 'merica

David Banner on Dec 14, 2012


A higher does he win? A pony? Goddamn Facebook ruined the internet with pokes and likes and other shit .Well poke this **********!!!

lmao on Dec 14, 2012


I'm not sure I like the cover of nothing else matters. The movie does look good though.

Cs on Dec 13, 2012


I would totally see it as soon as I could Alex, but Columbia went ahead and pushed its release date back to January. But I cannot wait!

Day on Dec 13, 2012


They didn't really push the release date back. They wanted to do a platform release. Open it in a few cities then expand the next month. Probably since it would get slaughtered by the competition in December (a la "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo").

notalent on Dec 13, 2012


*yawn* I just love propaganda pieces, don't you?

Alex on Dec 13, 2012


Yeah, it is sci-fi but it looks good non the less.

AJ on Dec 14, 2012


It's not a propaganda piece. See it before you speak

Norbert Korzus on Dec 14, 2012


Looks incredible

Geoffrey Shauger on Dec 13, 2012


Just bloody incredible! This looks like it exceed HURT LOCKER. Although I am curious whether or not our service men and women will like it too?

DAVIDPD on Dec 13, 2012


oh damn !! I am enjoying the trailers for this movie and agree it looks incredible, but did U have to compare it to that awful Hurt Locker movie,....damn U, damn U !!!

Tester on Dec 14, 2012


Same director. That is all.

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2012


Why do so many people think Hurt Locker is an awful movie? I'm genuinely curious, because I thought it was pretty damned good. The sort of great writing and characterizations that are lacking in 90% of movies today, Hurt Locker had in spades. Why do people hate it?

Squiggly_P on Dec 15, 2012


Thanks for asking instead of flaming. I found it boring and the movie never went anywhere for me.. Simple as that.

Tester on Dec 15, 2012


I find this so hard to believe given how much of this is shrouded in secrecy - oh we dropped his body in the sea on the way home.. just seems like more propaganda. Fact is killing the enemy ends a war and that isn't good for american business.

nha on Dec 14, 2012

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