Watch: Chilling Red Band Trailer for 'Sinister' Starring Ethan Hawke

September 18, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Sinister Red Band Trailer

Holy crap. Summit has debuted a brand new red band (as in, be careful where you watch this) trailer on Yahoo for the "deeply horrifying" psychological horror film Sinister, directed by Scott Derrickson from a screenplay by C. Robert "Massawyrm" Cargill. We first featured a trailer for this thriller starring Ethan Hawke back in June, but now we have this red band creepy ass follow-up and it will chill you to your bones. Especially that final shot. Our own Jeremy Kirk reviewed it at SXSW, calling it "welcomed discomfort". I'd say so. The cast includes Clare Foley and James Ransone, with a cameo by Vincent D'Onofrio. Take a peek.

Watch the new red band trailer for Scott Derrickson's Sinister, originally from Yahoo:

Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Stood Still) directs Sinister which he also wrote along with newcomer C. Robert Cargill. Ethan Hawke stars as a struggling crime novelist whose desire for a new story leads him to the site of a horrific family murder. However, his investigation threatens to put his family in harms way as something still resides in the house that may be the key to learning the truth about the past murders. The cast includes Vincent D'Onofrio, Clare Foley, James Ransone and Fred Dalton Thompson. Summit currently has Sinister scheduled to arrive in theaters October 12th this fall. Freaky?

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  • I find it hard to be terrified. The Descent is one of the few films that did it for me but this, this looks fucking scary.
  • Brad J
    That is by far the scariest trailer I've seen this year. Serious chills.
    • beevis
      del toros "mama" was more scary. edit: hey - if you disagree, give me your reasons - i'd like to know because i don't think this trailer comes close to mama for chills.
      • grimjob
        They both look pretty damn creepy.
        • beevis
          well, it must be me. most people seem to like this. i thought it was ok - but it didn't creep me out like mama did.
          • grimjob
            Its cool. Opinions...
    Yeah buddy. This is how to do it right.
  • truong18
    that's a good trailer.
  • JerseyBoy
    Spoilers Much? I am still skeptical about this film after seeing the acclaimed shit fest known as Insidous and Paranormal Activity and many others... Horror films are not like they were before, now they just acknowledge it's a horror without any suprise whatsoever like we already know what we're getting into. But I am going to put my faith in Sinister hoping it's going to be a classic in the making and not going to make any mistakes like those few films mentioned.
      I didn't care much for PA either, but INSIDIOUS was brilliant, IMO.
      • JerseyBoy
        Insidious? Brilliant? The film fell apart right from the beginning. I thought I was watching a comedy not a horror. James Won worst film yet next to Dead Silence. From a great film like Saw to dirt. Insidious had many problems to begin with, no plot that couldn't even make sense if you tried, blatantly ripped off ideas from other films (I know most horror films do but it was made visibly clear in this film I couldn't control my laughter throughout), forced in random scares or comedy, dumbass Darth Maul lookin demon. Gosh I want to wipe this film out of my mind. I don't know how you people take this shit in. I would rather watch Cloverfield 42 hours straight over and over tied to an electrical fence in a clown suit with my balls hanging in a mouth of a polar bear in the middle of Alaska
        • DAVIDPD
          While I do not agree with it, I respect your opinion.
        • beevis
          "saw" was a great film??? hardly.
      • Insidious was awful, PA was fantastic.
  • Chazzy
    Looks fantastic.
  • Cody W
    I dont creep too easily but I got the goosebumps there goddamn
  • axalon
    Halfway through I forgot this was a red band trailer, heart definitely skipped a beat
  • Is it the insane clown posse haunting them? Was quite scary with the headphones on in the dark.
  • Wafffles
    "Sinister is going to fuck up a lot of people." hahahahaha This looks really frightening, for once, and the positive word of mouth is especially reassuring. I must say though, whoever comes up with all these innovative ways of murdering people in Hollywood needs to see a shrink. Quickly.
  • Mihkel
    Good trailer but why is this red band?
    • Cody W
      O ya know maybe the family being hung from a friggin tree?
      • Mihkel
        Oh yeah, I guess I'm used to the idea that red band means swear words.
  • redskulllives
    Wonderful :) I loves me a good lynching at the end of the trailer 😀
  • Housequake
    Ohhhhhohoho. Sold.
  • The Truth
    That trailer is enough to give me nightmares!
  • Epicness
    Yes... finally a good horror movie that could actually make me piss my pants, Cabin in the Woods was a good movie for a horror otherwise the horror genre was getting dull.
  • Ehsan Davodi
    And At Last I Find A Good HOrrOr Maker Like Carpenter or Craven : Scott Derrickson I Hope He Wont Change His Taste For His Next Project And Stick To That He Has Skill In That.
  • Danimal
    That trailer was fantastic! They really should've posted this trailer before the previous...I didn't care for the other trailers because they made the film look like a typical, predictable horror film. But this actually gives the impression that there are some pretty crazy moments in there at least.
  • Xerxexx
  • TheRagingCajun
    75% into this trailer, this sucked. That lurking monster seemed like the Scream movie's douchy bad guy. But...I have to admit, that last shot was something.... Even in the beginning when the family gets drowned and shit, that was bad. Looks like a mix of Blair Witch/Grudge/Scream. I dunno, other than a few distrubing shots, i think this will suck. Maybe i'm just a pessimistic fuck too....
  • Hair-raising trailer! Hope the movie turns out just as good!
  • Stickman2k9
    I don't even want to watch this! (In a good way) Reading the comments has me wanting to save all the chills for the big screen! Shout out to one of's own on the screenplay!
  • Erf
    That's the first scary trailer I've seen in quite some time. I've been getting that feeling like horror is dead to everyone but torture porn fans. I'm hoping this prove's me wrong!
  • T-rex
    This movie looks creepy as shit and looks really good, can't wait
  • Beautifully done trailer.




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