Watch: First Action-Packed Trailer for MGM's 'Red Dawn' Remake

August 10, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Red Dawn Trailer

"We're the Wolverines - we create chaos." Here is the trailer you've been waiting for. After years of delays, FilmDistrict has finally debuted a full trailer for MGM's long-lost Red Dawn remake, directed by Dan Bradley, and starring quite a fun young cast. The Wolverines this time are lead by Chris Hemsworth, now known as Thor, Josh Hutcherson, now known as Peeta, Adrianne Palicki, Josh Peck, Isabel Lucas and Connor Cruise, with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Thankfully, it's gun- & action-packed and looks like a solid modern upgrade, with North Korea as the invaders this time. It actually looks pretty good. Fire this up!

Here's the first official trailer for Dan Bradley's long-delayed Red Dawn remake, originally from Yahoo:

A group of teenagers living in America look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.

Red Dawn (2012) is directed by longtime stunt-man turned second unit director (Quantum of Solace, MI: Ghost Protocol, The Bourne Legacy) turned director Dan Bradley, making his feature debut with this film. The screenplay, based on the story by Kevin Reynolds, was written by Carl Ellsworth (Red Eye, Disturbia, Last House on the Left) and Jeremy Passmore (The Cleaner). This was filmed back in 2009, but delayed and the villain altered. FilmDistrict will be finally releasing Red Dawn in theaters on November 21st this fall.

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  • Anything but Yahoo!... AARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!
  • Kwaz
    Trailer was interesting enough. It could be all right. Nothing too eye popping.
  • UK2K
    I actually think this might have been worth the wait.
  • poo
    looks cheesy but ill see it
  • Tey
    Nice! Looks to be the sleeper hit of 2012! Hemsworth! Hutcherson! and great action! Still wish Chinese were the villains! more credible!
  • I love that they used "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by FILTER on the trailer. I wonder if they knew that their bass player voluntarily enlisted in the military for the Afghanistan war? In fact, when MySpace was cool, they did Operation MySpace for the troops and Filter performed with their bass player who was in active duty...pretty amazing.
      Hmm, interesting. And no I'm not being sarcastic.
    • Squiggly_P
      It's an especially interesting choice, given that the song is about an incident that was meant to expose widespread corruption in government but instead was just swept under the rug and forgotten about. Now their using it to advertise a movie about a foreign attack, when the whole point is that we're more at risk from our own corruption.
  • The NRA are gonna love this film.
    • beevis
      very odd comment.
      • I think he means this is the NRA's version of a porno.
  • dgeet
    Generic but its great seeing josh peck again and its so weird because seeing a movie thats been done for almost 2 years and finally coming out now. I hope they took this time to fine tune some edits because i know if i had all this time...i would be in the editing room making sure everything was seamless and perfect with what i have.
    • TheRagin'Cajun
      This looks like shit in a cereal box. Oh yeah, i'm sure some snot-faced 21 year old Korean kid would control this army of invaders, who just happen to land in a random freakin' town by the way, would then mobilize every soldier and take his sweet-ass time to go after some group of harmless teens hiding out in a "cabin-in-the-woods" type place. Oh, and sure he holds a random cop hostage too. I'm sure that was the reason Korea invaded the U.S in this movie. Makes perfectly good sense....
      • TheRagin'Cajun
  • Yug
    Love the original. I wasn't sure how it would look. The air raid scene with the paratroopers and plane crash looks a bit clean and cgi heavy but that doesn't make it bad. Plot seems to be pretty close to original so it should be good.
  • josh21
    Cgi cheesie. Movie looks like it will suck. Wasn't to into the first one eather.
  • I totally understand why it's been sitting on a shelf now.
    • John
      Yep! LOL
  • Thexn
  • Manuel
    Yes! Nice trailer, I'm in.
  • Manuel
    I'm impressed by the trailer. I'm looking forward to this.
    • The Ragin' Cajun
      Impressed? Looks like fucking shit. How dumb is the hollywood audience in 2012: I'm sure some snot-faced 21 year old Korean is leading this army that lands in a random fucking town by the way, would mobilise his entire army to go after some group of teens hiding in a "cabin in the woods"..... Yeah sure. That makes perfect sense. Should surpass Saving Private Ryan. lol. Dumbass remake.
      • Movies are supposed to be FUN. And this looks fun. OH NOES PLOT HOLES!!! Give me a break this isn't a movie going for an Oscar it is a movie you watch then lol at the cheese afterwards.
        • ThRagin'Cajun
          It's idiots like you who are responsible for dumbass directors like Micheal Bay and that deucebag that directed the last Street Fighter movie...
  • ABD_1
    Instead of Josh Peck they should have got Milo Ventimiglia, he would have done a better job.
    • surely he's a bit old/mature lookin' to play a high school or even college quarterback..? Maybe wait for the actual film to judge Peck's performance..=/
  • Is it just some vague Asian dictatorship that's taking over America? Did they sort of become a emo-Taliban?
    • beevis
      the article says north korea......all you had to do was read it to find out.
      • Readingz for fools. I did skim it but just blurted out the first words I could think of. Been on holiday so missed writing gibberish on here.
  • weezy1
    Meh.....Give me the original any day, Patrick, C, Thomas, Charlie, Jennifer and Lea ROCKED! Just trying to capitalize on the "Avengers" "Hunger Games" success...,bleh.
    • Traveler
      Except that this was made a couple years ago...
    • SapphireD910
      Even though it is old and its been held off for release, they are releasing it now to capitalize on the fact a good number of their teen actors are now big names. I'm not sure how old/recent The House at the End of the Street is either, but I'm sure they timed the release with J.L.'s success. Still this doesn't look as bad as I was expecting. Might not be as critical of it at all if it weren't feeding off the name and tried to just be a stand alone instead. I know it's teens fighting an invading country in their small town... but it looks like other than forced call backs (Wolverines, etc.) it would be like any other movie that copies concepts without being a remake. That aside, it still looks like it would generally irritate me. I don't know why "irritate" of all the emotions, but that's what parts of the trailer have done.
  • arjones
    It looks just as cheezy as the first one and I liked it. Just now, I laughed thinking of the south park version.(hee hee!)
  • Cody W
    That didn't look like Colorado...damn. Otherwise looks pretty damn cheesy but a good popcorn flick nonetheless
  • Awtan90
    Hey Rick! I never made a slam dunk before. Thanks for the boost.
  • guest
    I LOL'ed through this trailer. No foreign power would waste their time and resources invading the USA. It's not worth anything.
  • They need to teach a class on how to cut a trailer. COULD have looked more entertaining if it didn't feel like a music video.
  • Handsomepig
    Wow... Sigh, is gonna turn out bad the movie very sure of it.
  • Bruce Lee
  • muddgutts
    Its THOR and the staff of HOT Topic to the rescue!! Honestly i was happy to hear about this remake, and then i heard they changed the villians from China to N. Korea. WTF honestly? N.K. It least the first movie (as campy as it was used the threat that was present at the time of the film. Is N.K. more of a world threat then China? Or is using China as the bad guy just bad for business? what a bunch of pussies!
    • bozo connors
      rofl - staff of hot topic - gotta remember that one *high five edit: also, agree, pretty ridiculous notion that N.K. could come remotely close to getting troop transports to the u.s. mainland.
  • truong18
    looks stupid
  • Rex
    Josh peck looks anorexic. Good that he's lost weight but he just does not look healthy. As for the movie, the trailer failed to engage my suspension of disbelief. I mean an invisible North Korean army, really? Invading Colorado of all places? Getting beat by a couple of kids after successfully getting an army into Colorado over the course of one night?
  • rennmaxbeta
    No wonder that movie sat on the shelf so long.
      Right! LOL
    Good Luck but you can't F&^%K with the original. Just like Conan, Total Recall and now this. BRING TOILET PAPER CAUSE I AIN'T USING NO LEAVES!!
  • Andrew
    This will never replace the original or come close in quality. I don't understand and never will why studios need to make remakes of classic films.
  • Bad ASS! Can't wait to see this revisioning!
  • Hulkster brother
    And now reboot Surburban Commando
  • D6
    So basically this is Homefront the movie, which in turn was modernized Red Dawn the game. :) Not bad though, I'll check it out.
  • Rental
  • you
    probably would be better as a straight to DvD film ha but with the famousness of these actors and actresses now it will probably get a lot of sales.
  • Roderick
    I wonder if this movie will cause racism toward American Koreans and Asian Americans... Would it hurt to show that America is more than just white and black people? There are lots of asians, middle eastern, etc descent who aren't white or black fighting in the US armed forces because this is their home too. Guess "ethnic" actors won't fill theater seats and therefore are not what Americans look like.
    • 15 years ago, it would have only been white dudes, it's a strange progress.
    • bozo connors
      Yeah, actually, thinking I could use a little racism in my life - it's pretty dull being non-racist, gonna check out this flick hoping to pick some up. (seriously?)
  • LosZombies
    I was expecting much worse actually. This doesnt look half bad 😀 In other news I remember when Josh Peck was fat. :l
    dear jeffery dean morgan, PLEASE COME BACK TO SUPERNATURAL!!!!!
  • So the dad dies? This looked kind of ok until Thor started with all the cheesy lines.
  • Lamar
    Heck yea! They brought back the trap doors! That was my favorite part in the original. I was a little skeptical at first, but after seeing the trailer I'm definitely excited for this. Nice to see Josh Peck back on the big screen too.
  • CarlM
    ♪♫ You Know we belong together, You and I forever and ever... ♫♪
  • dawko
    Why, oh why...good luck americans...I ain't gonna join you watching this piece of....
  • bozo connors
    Would a "WOOOLVERINEES!!!" yell have been too much? I think not. I think it would have made the trailer and brought me on board. 😛
  • Oct8pus
    Haha....North Korea....




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