Watch: First Psychologically Twisted 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' Trailer

July 27, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

"The darkness is coming. It's safer to be inside." It's been six years since Silent Hill first arrived in theaters, and apparently the time is now for a sequel. However, the first trailer for the sequel Silent Hill: Revelation 3D doesn't make it seem like your average sequel. When her father disappears, Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood. There's a strange psychological element here that is kind of hard to understand in the trailer, but it has almost A Nightmare on Elm Street kind of vibe.

Here's the first trailer for J. Michael Bassett's Silent Hill: Revelation 3D from Yahoo:

For years, Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn’t fully understand. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by terrifying nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she's not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her in Silent Hill forever. J. Michael Bassett (of Solomon Kane) wrote and is directing Silent Hill: Revelation 3D which also stars Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, Carrie-Anne Moss and more. The film arrives near Halloween on October 26th.

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  • Idk, overall seems like the first, in that the acting will most likely suck... but the visuals and camerawork will be nice to look at.
  • Roger savoy
    Cant' wait!!!
  • This looks completely unbelievable, no one would be stupid enough to try to save Sean Bean's life.
    • bat0u
      obviously. esp when he's going to die anyways.
    • Trying to stop his death would be like trying to stop a tidal wave. The man dies for a living anyways.
    • Something something winter is coming. Laugh track. See y'all in 2013!
  • Dave
    Can anyone explain what the hell happened at the end of the last one. I was pretty sure both the girl and the mother were killed, but hey what the hell do I know.
    • I was wondering about that because I thought the same thing.
    • QuintessenceX
      SPOILLLAAHHHSSS [for a 6 year old movie] The girl and the mother escaped Silent Hill but found themselves in this kind of... abandoned limbo world. They were safe, but they were surrounded by that white grey fog everywhere they went. Meanwhile, Sean Bean was remarkably alive and still doing stuff at the end of the movie.
  • Duckie
    Impressed loved the first and good to see Sean Bean back !
  • Nim
    In the original game the girl was reborn, and cared for until her 18th birthday where shit went bad. It seems the movies are going with the idea that the little girl was spit back out of silent hill somehow, whereas Rose remained. Interesting to see how they do Sean Beans characters, since he cant really reflect on what happened like the original Harry Mason... and Im most curious to see if they try to squeeze Douglas in there. Great trailer
  • DoomCanoe
    as a HUGE fan of the first i will not be missing this. but in all honesty this trailer was awful
  • The acting in the first movie nearly made it unwatchable, but the one thing I did appreciate was that they got the visuals and setting right. This one looks creepier! Hope it's good.
  • Mr Tibbs
    Girl looks just like Michelle Williams.
  • This is probably the only film where Sean Bean has lived through and returned for a sequel.
  • Ty
    Looks interesting, but I'll never pay to see it in 3D.
  • Stavi
    Spoiler alert: Sean Bean dies. Well, I guess that's not really a spoiler for the Human Spoiler...
  • Looks plums
  • Jericho
    i will watch it for Pyramid Head....the rest of it is just garbage......
  • John Everitt
    sigh. This is the problem with a lot of horror movies these day. Their just way too loud and obnoxious. Giant special effect set pieces just aren't scary. Where's the atmosphere, where's the tension. Its no more creepier than your average Michael Bay film (at least not in that sense).
  • Amreetapus16
    isn't there supposed to be more of a psychological significance represented with certain monsters in this series that are unique to the characters within the story? if so why are pyramid head and the faceless nurses back in this one, or are they simply returning because they were the most popular monsters in the silent hill franchise
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Every one who say silent hill have unbelievable, completely say true because plot have unrealistic and supernatural metaphysical theme and tone . This movie is not for every one. this is not Resident Evil. Silent Hill is Silent Hell. Plot is about beyond this world. This is odd and unique ghost town story. While Christopher gans doesn't say too much about silent hill , still had closest vision to main plot and to genius world that game makers create it . Basically silent hill is enigma itself. This complicity is main point of plot and give it essential credibility that it needs. Can anyone say if hell was true , what is shape of that? silent hill is same subject either. Story is about hell but in fascinating and modern nightmarish form. plot didnt depict every detail of this HELL CITY but give us some clue, then in this world dont go for whole truth or reality. Just believe the unbelievables. If Hollywood doesn't make another sequel after this let down movie , i dont forgive them. Silent Hill is Fantastic Ghost Story Ever. Game was about departed beloveds , unforgettable memories , faith , inner good & evil , horrifying darkness , moral torments , degeneration , hellish creatures and more things. As much as i say about plot of this game is not enough. This is eternal story. Please please please please please another sequel with new brilliant director you give god damn chance to Resident Evil franchise while second one was awful. then this can be have another worthy sequel and this time do more usage of game makers in cinematic adaption please either.
    • conradthegreat
      • Conrad, it's not Ehsan's fault his post is hard to read, he has to use a crappy translator. He's basically saying that Silent Hill will appear unbelievable to some people simply because of it's premise. His second thing is telling people give the film a chance, after all, people still go see the RE movies even though supposed popular opinion is the second one sucked...
      • Ehsan Davodi
        If for bad writhing you say , English not my native language and also I'm bloody die hard fan of silent hill. Sorry dude
      • Ehsan Davodi
        Conrad someone said in comments silent hill is unbelievable or someone said ending was obscure , my answer with my comment is about cause of that and clarify it for them. I say enigmatic theme is something basical for Original SH games. If they want feel really what gamers felt when gaming SH , they must drown to this enigmaticy. I think this game deserve so much more attention and in otherhand plot must have complicated tone. That complicity is not irritant , just need for more drowning in enigmatic horrifying limbo world of silent hill.
  • TTumMM
    Sean Bean dies is not a spoiler is a fact.
  • barry rowland
    This looks alright, maybe not as good as the first film. I would also liked to have seen Alison Lohman cast as the daughter. As I think she was the original choice. Nevermind.
  • this has Lord Stark and Jon Snow yay
  • It has potential, lets just hope it doesn't have too many 3d gimmicky scenes.
  • shitty movie
    this is gna suck big hairy balls just l ike the first 1 i will not even waste a buck on it from redbox thats how shitty its gna b




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