Watch: First Trailer for Oren Peli's 'Chernobyl Diaries' Creepy Horror

March 16, 2012
Source: Apple

Chernobyl Diaries Trailer

"Now following us - they're hunting us!" Warner Bros has unveiled a full trailer for their upcoming horror Chernobyl Diaries, produced and written by Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity). While at first I thought this was supposed to be found footage, it may just be conventional style, or perhaps maybe even a mix. Plus it looks like The Hills Have Eyes at Chernobyl. The cast seems to include some recognizable faces, but I'm not sure. One is Devin Kelley of "Chicago Code", plus Jesse McCartney and Jonathan Sadowski. I'm glad they're not totally selling this as "it was real!" but it still does look intriguing, especially for horror fans.

Watch the first trailer for Bradley Parker's Chernobyl Diaries, in high def from Apple:

Follows a group of friends who, while vacationing in Europe, find themselves stranded in the abandoned Ukrainian city only to discover that they are not alone. For more updates, visit

Chernobyl Diaries is directed by industry veteran Brad Parker, a former visual effects supervisor and second unit director making his feature directorial debut. The screenplay was co-written by Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke and Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity 1-3, "The River"), who also produced the film. Warner Bros quickly and quietly scheduled Chernobyl Diaries for release on May 25th this summer, for those curious.

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  • cpj
    One of those guys was in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the other guy is Jesse McCartney.
  • RyanqV
    The blond girl is Olivia Taylor Dudley from 5 second films. 
    • Armeetapus16
      Holy shit you're right!
  • Oh my god, this is so stupid.  Not even so much the story but just that the producers and writers assume the audience to be so dumb to believe they could just go in there and stuff. But then again, their target demographic hasn't probably ever heard of it, if they have to explain the whole shit in the beginning.
    • beevis
      if stupid stuff didn't happen  - 95% of horror films couldn't get made.
      • Scopedog
        Very true, Beevis....very true.
      • I didn't know about that. I just saw many, many documentaries and they always went in there with masks and stuff. You know you can still easily get contaminated by inhaling particles. Especially when you're in there for a longer time and stuff as it seems to be the case in the movie.
        •  You must be thinking of the Sarcophagus, which is closed off (the rest of the reactor is not). Even there the protection worn is not much more then paint masks. If you're there briefly you don't get close to the yearly exposure  limit for radiation workers. More like a CT scan. Depends on where you stand of course. If you've got a guide you can avoid most spots of radiation.
        • Reneebarboza1
          I've heard there are some tourism agentcys that will take you there with out wearing any of the protective stuff.But of course it is at your own risk and they notify you of all the possible harms..
    • Scopedog
      "...the producers and writers assume the audience to be so dumb to believe they could just go in there and stuff." Or...they expect the audience to go into the film and suspend their disbelief....which is pretty much what you need to do when you watch a movie. Just sayin'.
    • Hattori Hanzo
      Ah, for the love of fuck reeft, it's just a movie; not meant to be anything more than a good summer time popcorn flcik.    I suppose you think that Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is going to be a historical account of Lincoln's life! to believe. Lighten up man; it's a fun world out there in the cinemas!
  • Kaim
    Needs more Russians.
  • norm
    Call me sensitive, but wasn't the Chernobyl incident horrific enough on it's own?
    • Adrian
       Okay, 'sensitive,' it was but you don't hafta watch it. Just sayin, norm.
  • Sovietgeiger
    In Soviet Russian, geiger counts you  😀 cant wait for this!
  • RidgeRacer4
    Doesn't look half bad...good that it's not entirely found footage but has kind of a 'Grave Encounters' isolation feel to it. For a first trailer, it could be a lot worse though.
  • Barry
    Looks decent.  But I wonder if the producers of Destination Truth are getting a cut of this.  The scene where the girl catches the picture of a ghost in the window was lifted DIRECTLY from the DT episode where they stayed overnight in Chernobyl.
  • beevis
    looks like it's worth a watch.......looks like it has some pretty good atmosphere.
  • Artmanjks
    In Soviet Russia, ghosts hunt you! teheheh
  • Electronichorses
    Looks pretty freaking great. Will see for sure. I'm into the past stuff this guy has done and Jessey McCartney will be good to see on the big screen
    • Ashdizzle91
      oh ya it will be great seeing him on the huge screen!!!! im so excited!!!
  • Jezebel
    So... Six American douchebags wander into fucking Chernobyl and are stalked by this  'thing?' Fuck yes, count me in!
  • Yousuck
    F for F-in dumb.  Where are the zombies.
  • Some people are still living there, I saw a good documentary where they met some old dude with a home made axe that was hunting wild pigs. Maybe it's him who's after the kids. People have been going there for a while though, I've saw loads of photos online, it's actually an untapped film set, I bet it would be cheap to make a movie there.
  • lol
    "the hills have eyes" much better
  • hi
    theres a mistake in the written portion. its "NOT* following us", not "now following us"
  • Dashadiez
    What a crap!( Chornobyl is not so scare nowadays, radiation nearly normal, and some people still live there. They arrange excursions and even illegally, you can easily get there. It is just a town of goests, not more! you can watch some images here It would be better to shoot at least part of the movie in Ukraine, it would be more realistic!!! 
  • jiffy pop
    Hostel + The Hills Have Eyes + (a dash of) Quarantine/Rec...




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