Watch: George Lucas & Kathleen Kennedy Talk Future of 'Star Wars'

October 30, 2012

Kathleen Kennedy / Star Wars / George Lucas

This is a lot to process. If you haven't heard already, Disney is now in control of Lucasfilm and Star Wars: Episode 7 is coming in 2015. The studio plans to release the rest of a new trilogy every other year so you can expect Star Wars: Episode 8 in 2017 and Star Wars: Episode 9 in 2019. In this big news also comes Kathleen Kennedy as President of Lucasfilm, and she sat down with George Lucas today to talk about the future of Star Wars. This is where Lucas announces that Star Wars: Episode 7 is real, talks about treatments that he has for sequels and more, and passes them off to Kathleen Kennedy and Disney He will not be directing or writing these new movies at all, so maybe disgruntled fans should have hope. Watch!

Here's the first George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy video talking about the future of Star Wars:

Update: Here's another video featuring Disney CEO Bob Iger and George Lucas talking about the news:

The initial announcement of this landmark Disney / Lucasfilm deal was released earlier today. In that announcement, Lucas stated: "For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see 'Star Wars' passed from one generation to the next. It's now time for me to pass 'Star Wars' on to a new generation of filmmakers." There's also a hint that they're developing the "next trilogy" as in Episodes 7, 8 and 9 beyond the first six, and this is just the first huge step towards continuing this beloved sci-fi space opera series.

We figured this would be the best time to discuss what you think about this huge news. It's one of the biggest movie stories of the decade, and fans will definitely be talking about it for many more years to come. How do you feel about more Star Wars? What do you want from these sequels? Sound off!

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  • Brandon Carey
    I had to watch it twice cause I still can't believe this...
  • grimjob
    God I love Star Wars. This is so great!
  • Morpheus
    Excellent! Spielberg should have a go at one of the movies...he has always wanted to. ANYBODY but Lucas to direct.
    • Wafffles
      I would have agreed wholeheartedly five years ago, but ever since they ruined Indiana Jones I'm a little less enthused...
    • buzzfunk
      No he should not. Theres plenty of talent within the new generation of directors. Spielberg hasn't done anything in years that blew me away. Indy 4 was an embarrassment no matter how much blame is on Lucas. Lets move on, forget the prequels and let someone with a true vision do it.
  • John
    I think Lucas deserves a lot of credit for this. Star Wars is his legacy, and it must be very hard to hand over your life's work to someone else. But I think with Kathleen Kennedy at the helm things will turn out great. I expect Disney to allow Lucasfilm to keep much creative control over future Star Wars projects, just as they have allowed Pixar and Marvel to do.
    • If they want it to work they need to...
    • BinaryChaos
      I highly doubt that Lucasfilm and Disney will be collaborating for long I would say they are going to go through a transitional period of absorbing all that is Star Wars and give Lucasfilm the boot.
      • John
        You could be right. But they acquired Pixar about 6 years ago, and they've left them alone, essentially letting Lasseter and the other directors make the movies... and as long as they are profitable I don't see that changing anytime soon. The same could be said for Lucasfilm and the Star Wars projects. There is an infrastructure already set up and it has been financially successful in the past - it might be in Disney's best interest to let Lucasfilm continue to operate as its own entity.
  • Best News Ever Really, love he will have input & someone else to direct, relax George you've earned it!
    • castingcouch
      Yeah, that's the one thing about George in that video, he looks more relaxed than he has in years. I think SW has been a large burden on his life.
  • Speilberg has anti compete clause, so unless Dreamworks & Disney team up, not happening....
  • DarthVerous
    Show the death of luke skywalker in the first film... and then focus it on Ben Skywalker or even Cade Skywalker from the EU.
  • If they follow Lucas idea about 7, 8 & 9, Luke will be like an Old Kenobi, from a new hope & pass the torch to someone new...
    • Jericho
      thats actually the plan, why everyone is trying to adapt this 'thrawn' trilogy i dont know....
      • bozo connors
        Have you read them? Best of the post-Jedi books I've read. Could stand by themselves as well.
  • Thexn
    This is fantastic news. Fresh direction and new input from a generation that grew up with and love this material is just what the franchise needs. I would have loved to see Timothy Zahn's "Thrawn Trilogy" adapted to the big screen, but I'm willing to put my hopes and sense of wonderment back into anticipation mode for something else too. Thank you George for handing your baby off too fresh new ideas for adventures set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
    • DaveLister_JMC
      Same here. I immediately thought of the Zahn books as the source material for a new trilogy. There would need to be some retooling I'm sure. The three principals have gotten rather long in the tooth; and Harrison Ford has said for years that he is done with Han Solo. I'm cautiously optimistic at the prospect of new Star Wars films.
    • bozo connors
      Ditto. Seems entirely logical - terrific series. I'm sad to say though, it's success would depend ENTIRELY on the original casts return. If there ever was any series where fans would not accept a replacement cast - this is the one. As it was a mere 5 years after Jedi though, Carrie Fisher better start hitting that stairmaster hard core.
      • DarkRaven
        I just saw Billy Dee Williams on TV last night. There is no way they can pull off the Thrawn trilogy as it was written. The principle actors are way too old for that series now!
        • bozo connors
          Yeeah... more I think about it, just too late. Ah well. So much for those as canon. & a damn shame too. My "skeptical" level has gone up quite a notch just then.
  • Richie G
    Thrawn and the Remnent could be good. Mixes things up: the empire that always had an unfair advantage, being so vast, is the underdog and a more insidious threat than ever
  • Timothy
    I sense a disturbance in the force.
  • Zanpher
    If you are a real fan of Star Wars, you liked and/or loved the first 6 movies. No need for hope.
  • thechillerdewd
    damn it's about time he's quitting the movie business, also he should slow down on the eating...
    • castingcouch
      Too many Star Wars Happy Meals?
  • Disney and Star Wars? A match made in hell. 'We're in the fun stage at the moment' says the lady taking over, yep the fun stage counting all the money those overweight men are going to pay for all the cheesy merchandise Disney can get mass produced. I know it's just a win win situation for them, even though people think the first 3 movies are utter garbage they still buy every box set available, so why not sell them even more rubbish? I love Empire Strikes Back, as a kid I liked Return of the Jedi, but as an adult I don't care, there's better films out there. Unless they get Damon Lindelof to write it, then I'm in. Bwahahahaha.
  • Fate
    meh... hard to see that number there, as if trying to define what it was all worth. Can't imagine anyone but Ford playing Han Solo either.
  • DYV
    looks like Lukas indeed do believe in the end of world in 2012 in this in case in his opinion he sold what never would be happen
  • Chris Edwards
    This is so staged. Star Wars is doomed. It died with Episode 1.
  • dom
    I can't believe Disney bought them - where the hell do they fit in with Disney style and theme? Bad move - why buy an old, bloated franchise. phhh
    • Uh, Star Wars & Lucasfilm stuff is all over Disney parks. Star Tours? The Indiana Jones ride? Lucas has worked with Disney a lot in the past. This is actually a pretty natural merge.
    • castingcouch
      Look up how much the brand has made and is worth and you will see. Disney has resources and operations that can only help the franchise make even more money. It's just business.
  • brabra
    GOOD!!!! get lucas the FUCK OUTTA THERE! he destroyed the franchise with the prequels and his little kiddy shows.. time for new blood to make star wars awesome!
  • David Banner
    Any statement/explaination on why "so cheap"? I mean, Star Wars alone has generated over $33 BILLION since '77, Lucas sold it ALL companies under LucasFilm with LucasFilm for a "mere" $4 BILLION + change. $2 BILLION in CASH, the rest in STOCK-which will be worth more than $2 BILLION in a few years when he sells it back to Disney(this is the intention). Lucas has 3 kids, all grown up now. Why don't they want to take over this Empire? So, yes, I know what BILLIONS are, but I, and many others, thought the MARVEL deal was a bit on the cheap side as well. I mean, in the $8.1 billion range, you can buy ActivisionBlizzard, see my point? Why not get $20 BILLION for it all, and donate even more to charity?
  • Regardless of all the opinions being expressed on this news, Disney parks will now have Star Wars themed rides. That could (and should) be amazing.




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