Watch: Insanely Weird Trailer for 'Beyond The Black Rainbow' Sci-Fi

February 10, 2012
Source: Apple

Beyond The Black Rainbow Trailer

Let the new age of enlightenment begin. Ohh do we have something totally weird for you to end your week with. Magnet has unveiled the first official trailer via Apple for a strange, mysterious, trippy indie science fiction film called Beyond The Black Rainbow, written and directed by Panos Cosmatos. Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a disturbed and beautiful girl is held captive by a doctor in search of inner peace. Her mind controlled by a sinister technology. The cast includes Eva Allan, Michael Rogers and Scott Hylands. This looks insane, yet potentially brilliant like Cube, I need to see it. Give it a shot below.

Watch the official trailer for Panos Cosmatos' Beyond The Black Rainbow via Apple:

You can also download the Beyond The Black Rainbow trailer in High Def over on Apple

Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year 1983, Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons.

Beyond The Black Rainbow is written and directed by up-and-coming Canadian filmmaker Panos Cosmatos, making his feature debut. Produced and filmed in Vancouver, this premiered at the 2010 Whistler Film Festival and also showed at several film festivals throughout 2011, including Tribeca in New York, Fantasia in Montreal and Fantastic Fest in Austin. Magnet Releasing will be bringing Beyond The Black Rainbow to theaters but hasn't setup the official release date yet. For more, visit their official website or Facebook page.

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  • My Week With Marilyn Manson
    It looks most watchable indeed.
  • LordGoggles
    wtf did i just watch?
  • Whoa...Not sure what the hell that was.
  • Mayor McCheese
    Wow... It's lie THX-1138 has sex with CUBE.
    • Mayor McCheese
       Er... LIKE
      • Mayor McCheese
         Fuuuuuuuuuck.... "HAD" not "has".... Yeeeesh! Didn't have a lot to eat today :p
    • Dkom7
      That's a good description of it. I was definitely thinking Cube towards the end of the trailer but it does have that THX-1138 feel about it to.
  • goatmouth
    Looks awesome!
  • Xerxexx
    ...that was awesome.
    • CookieMonster
      Looks like a pretty baloon, Mistaaa:)
      • Xerxexx
        • CookieMonster
           filled with overintellectualization and easy to pop;)
          • Xerxexx
            Very much.
  • Lebowski
    Well it certainly *looks* lovely, but lets hope it has actual characters and decent performances, unlike The Cube. 
  • Anonymous
    wow - that was a powerful trailer.........i'm left VERY interested.
  • Anonymous
    yup im there
  • tommyturner
    Looks like an early 70's film by David Cronenberg
    • Guest
      With just a dash of Jodorowsky
  • Jedibilly
    It does look retro.
  • Drcherd
    woah this does look interesting
  • Bazzmosis
    Reminds me of early David Cronenberg films.
  • tir na nog
    very entertaining short
  • jswiss
    Is anyone else getting a hardcore stanley Kubrick vibe from the colors and atmostphere of this?? i get something in between a clockwork orange and 2001: ASO vibe.
    • Anonymous
      That is what i thought.
  • DX
    Saw it last year at TriBeCa film festival. It's one extended David Cronenberg-esque over indulgence. It's interesting and hits the right notes, but it certainly isn't something you'll enjoy watching sober. And about halfway through the black liquid skin sequence, you will be seriously debating turning it off. It's interesting, but don't get your hopes up.
    • W.F
      Makes me want to watch it more.
    It's one of those...."This might be interesting" that always ends up being..."WTF, that's 2 plus hours of life I'll never get back.
  • Pilgrim_UK
    Could have sworn I was watching L Ron Hubbard there for a minute.
  • lando
    how many drugs just flashed back in my system? is anyone else tasting colors right now? sheesh...
  • do I need drugs to watch this?
  • David Banner
    Something to look forward to :)
  • Doggiewere
    What the hell did I just watch!  Totally confused
  • MMAniac911
    I really like sci-fi, but I really don't like this. The 70's called and they want their sci-fi back. Didn't we move past this weird symphonic, dull, aesthetic, horribly lighted, dead looking sci-fi like 30 years ago? I guess that floats some people boat and actually I kinda enjoyed THX for what it was, a relic where they could just confuse the hell out of you with nonsense and just say its a commentary on man or something and that suffices for not making a bit of sense and calling it all good, but... whatever.
    • Lander
      THX was a relic? nonsense? "commentary on man or something and that suffices for not making a bit of sense" wow, was it not simple and beating you over the head enough like "Twilight" or "Transformers"?? DUDE, you have to be this mentally tall to ride the adult sci fi rides! REAL sci fi requires you to think! Let me guess, 2001 space odyssey is too nonsensical and doesn't make sense either? the 70's called and they want intellectual thinkers back, 2012 called and they want dumbed down mindless entertainment addicts to stay put and open those wallets! transform and roll down!
      • Pilgrim_UK
        You are coming off a real sci-fi snob.  THX wasn't that great get over it. Its not very original (1984 et al) and the storytelling is poor (lots of pointless scenes) with only the visuals making up for it. (Lucas showing some talent which has been lacking of late)
      • MMAniac911
        Actually I really like 2001 and I do think during sci-fi and during alot of these old weird sci-fi's I think they suck, sorry. I don't need to have my sci-fi spoon fed to me, in fact I get bored easily with that, but I rally abhor this style of sci-fi storytelling, it completely turns me off. I just don't like the vibe, its not my style of sci-fi, its a forced, fake sci-fi in my vision of what sci-fi is. And unless you did so much acid in the 70s that you don't think that over 3 decades ago is considered in the past, then maybe you should go look up what relic means.




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