Watch: Kick Ass Trailer for RZA's Kung Fu 'Man With the Iron Fists'

June 28, 2012
Source: IGN

Man With the Iron Fists Trailer

"We'll see who's left standing… and who's on their knees." Universal has unveiled the first bloody, badass, kick ass red band trailer for RZA's new kung fu spaghetti western The Man with the Iron Fists, which he stars in and directs, learning from Tarantino over the years. This looks incredibly big and badass, I'm impressed, I've got really high hopes for it now. The cast includes Russell Crowe, Cung Le, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, Rick Yune, David Bautista, with appearances from Grace Huang, Pam Grier, Gordon Liu and many more. This looks awesome, you've got to see what RZA has cooked up here. Let the battle begin!

Watch the first red band (NSFW) trailer for RZA's The Man with the Iron Fists, from IGN:

RZA's Man With the Iron Fists is to be a "bloody R rated martial arts extravaganza" that he developed after studying Quentin Tarantino for a few years. The film mixes kung fu with a spaghetti western mindset and a hip hop influence. The screenplay was written by Eli Roth and RZA. "I'm going to tell you that we put a lot of time into the script, a lot of energy into it, a lot of people were supporting me on it, and if the energy comes out right, it should be a classic film to have in your library," RZA stated before. Universal funded and is opening Fists in theaters sometime in 2012, we'll update you with more info. Here's the first official poster:

Man With the Iron Fists

Thanks to Twitch for that first impressive vintage poster above. Universal has not set an actual 2012 release date for The Man with the Iron Fists yet, so we'll let you know as soon as they do. Excited to watch this?

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    KEWL! Its like AFRO SAMURAI, but in China!
  • Looks completely fucking mental, quite enjoyed it aswell!
  • Siiiiiiiiiiiick!!! Looks feckbanging awesoooooome.
  • Riki
    Aaaaand Chinese people collectively cringe...
    • Bruce Lee
      As a Chinese this film deeply offends me.
  • truong18
    how did he get Russell Crowe into this?
    • shadypotential
      him and RZA are friends from American Gangster days
  • jah p
    WUTANG!!! This is sick! Great poster, awesome trailer, I can't wait! I hear the test screening they had in LA was pretty awesome too! I hear Russell Crowe steals the movie.
  • Russel Completely surprised me. LOL.
  • I think this trailer would have been great if not for the fact that he put his own song in it. Also, they put the F-U in Kung Fu was pretty lame as well.
  • grimjob
    Hell yeah!! Looks delightfully violent!
  • Crazy4movies
    Saw this at a test screening. I was really disappointed by it. RZA was not very good, russel crowe gained at least 30-40 pounds for no other reason than to try to be funny and on top of all that Pam Grier wasn't even in the fucking movie! Idk if she was edited out or what but that was a huge let down. Not to ment RZA is not the best screenwriter so be prepared to be talked down to like a 3rd grader while watching it
    • LosZombies
      well, it WAS a "Test Screening"... perhaps it has improved... just sayin..
      • Lowrider83
        Improved? As in what? Adding Wolverine, Gambit and the rest of the X-Men to go along with Colossus?????
        • LosZombies
          I never said that this movie needed X-Men to be "Improved". I meant "Improved" as in the quality of the overall film. All I'm saying is, you guys should know where this movie is coming from, so that being said, you guys know better than going in and expecting Oscar nominated Shakespearean art.
  • two words: Fuck and yes!!!!!!!!
  • Severian
    what to the see the inspiration for this? Go see Ninja Scrolls ...
  • Nielsen700
    This looks insane, in a good way.
  • LosZombies
    Nice!! Sick as hell, and Dave Batista? He's like a badass golden Colossus! Totally in!
  • Steven
    Total rubbish
  • Best trailer in ages! I'm psyched for this!! The question is are you? :)
  • Andrew
    What is Russell Crowe doing in this
  • na
    What a pile of shit.
  • David Banner
    This looks great! All you haters should stop masturbating with sandpaper.
  • Ehsan Davodi
    Awesome Marsha Arts Its violence is shocking , plausible. Stunt Work Worth Watching without Doubt But Difference between Ridly & RZA in casting EVEN is Obvious : Crowe is Gladiator / Not Ip Man Statham was more fit for the role Definitely 47Ronin & Man of TaiChi beat it I am still bloodhound for 18 Dec : THE GRANDMASTERS
  • kitano0
    I might check it out if it doesn't have a complete rap, I probably won't.
  • dgeet
    I love how everyone knows this looks stupid yet for some reason they say its awesome...
  • mooreworthy
    It seems like a movie where I would just skip to the fight scenes.
  • Josh Loves Sean
    The Man with the Iron Fists, but yet 95% of the video was centered around Asian women.
  • Chris
    Well, he's certainly learnt well from (later) Tarantino - he's got that lousy 'style over content' thing down. Maybe the acting is supposed to be bad, to emulate the genre but I'm not convinced. Looks terrible.
    • Ehsan Davodi
      Tarantino'sKillBill was Colorful & Artful. Very adorable & attractive Either. Uma Thurman was Unforgettable as Bride. Precise choise from Tarantino . Moreover , Story in kill bill was simple & straight but Storytelling was Extraordinary. But anyway I think this worth watching definitely. My argument is with Crowe too. Statham had more charisma as martial arts man.
  • Yay, a Kung fu movie accessible to 13 year olds and wanna be thugs. Cannot believe Crowe and Lucy Liu are in this trash.
  • Ellz
    I couldn't help but think about Kill Bill throughout the entire trailer. Gotta give it credit for having a nice cast though.




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