Watch: Paul W.S. Anderson's 'Resident Evil: Retribution' First Trailer

January 19, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer

Would you like to buy a Sony product? By the end of this trailer I'm sure your answer is no, but they may get some of you. Sony / Screen Gems has released the first official trailer via Yahoo for Paul W.S. Anderson's latest sequel in this undead video game franchise, Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth movie in the franchise. Milla Jovovich is back as Alice and this looks action-packed, but it's also half of an commercial for Sony and Sony products, which kind of sucks. I also don't have much care or concern for this franchise, just like Underworld as well, but the action footage did look a bit better than I was expecting. Take a look!

Watch the first trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil: Retribution, via Yahoo:

You can also download the Resident Evil: Retribution trailer in High Def over on Yahoo

Alice fights alongside the resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation.

Resident Evil: Retribution is once again directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who started this series with Resident Evil in 2002, and came back for Resident Evil: Afterlife in 2010. He also directed Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, AVP, Death Race and The Three Musketeers most recently. Sony / Screen Gems is bringing Resident Evil: Retribution to theaters in 3D starting on September 14th later this fall. Anyone interested?

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  • Okay, I know they ripped that soundtrack from somewhere. I want to say Batman, but I think I heard it from somewhere else too, and I am sure it wasn't from an RE film...
    • Oatska
      I believe it's a part of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. 
  • I think it might be Tron: Legacy now that I think about it more. The scenes with the recognizer.
    • YomanDenver
      Yes, that's from Tron Legacy.
    • mayor McCheese
      Yuck... This just ruined the Daft Punk Tron soundtrack for me....
  • Daren weren't kidding about the Sony product hell with subtle advertising I guess.
  • Tony Wonder
    I wanna see this as much as that UnderWorld sequel.
  • The_Kid89
    Looks super meh. Still haven't seen the 4th one, was it any good?
    • Danimal
      it was like a home made version of the matrix with zombies....
    • filmineeer
      4th one was disappointing. just Alice lolling around, barely any action until the end, and even then its stitchy. lots of elements from the RE5 game though...
  • rockkicker
    tron score on a stupid movie is acceptable! none of these movies are worth the effort, maybe if they made one based off the first resident evil there could be a chance for a great sci-fi horror.
    • rockkicker
      crap, meant to write UNacceptable
    • Moutchy
      I really hope they'd make one based on the first video game, that would be awesome! But hey, maybe there's hope! Look at how everything is being rebooted nowadays! We could get lucky and actually have a decent RE movie someday, once this franchise is dead!
      • JL
        This is one franchise where a reboot is exactly what is needed. I could get behind a faithful (though better written) adaptation of the first game.  The setting is just sooo creepy and macabre.  When I watch Resident Evil on the big screen, I want to go back to when I was twelve playing through that dark, decrepit mansion on the PSOne.  We could use a David Fincher, Danny Boyle, or Ridley Scott approach to Resident Evil.
    • JL
      Speaking of the Tron score, wouldn't it be awesome if Daft Punk did "Ender's Game"?
      • Armeetapus16
        DUDE!!! FUCK YES!!!
  • I liked that they tried something different with this trailer. Didn’t look for a second, thought it was an annoying ad -- and appreciated the twist :-)
  • Cracky
    Saw franchise, anyone?
  • Anonymous
    YES!  Stupid, mindless, fun...simply put - great!
  • Pure popcorn.
    • Chad
      it really grinds my gears when people talk about absolutely terrible movies as "popcorn flicks" this movie will be garbage!!!!
      • All the films could be considered garbage from a logic or common sense stand point. The RE movies are goofy...yet I have seen them all.  
        • Chad
          facepalm.. ok there mr. pseudo film specialist.
  • This is a weirdly long running film franchise. 
  • ckdeshi012
    OMGGGG ADA WONG! did anyone else see that???
    • Jnickbuentello
      That's not ada wong.. that some horrible interpretation of a character from a video game that I once loved... the end result is a mutalation of all that is good about the games and all that is wrong about video game movies. 
      • look up the film and look at the cast it in fact is ada wong
        • JL
          He knows it's "supposed" to be Ada Wong, I think.  He's just being disconsolate, and I, for one, can't blame him.
  • movieguru
    As a fan of the first 2 Resident Evil movies, I'm extremely disappointed in the last few movies from this franchise. Even the trailers are horrible!
  • Last one surely? It's funny I never played the game, but somehow enjoy the badness of the films.
  • Graphicschyk
    I get "This video is no longer available". 
  • "this undead video game franchise" - nice pun. 😀
  • grimjob
    Huh. Didn't see one zombie in there. Did I miss it? Anyway, I don't know why they insist on making sequels that are more in line with her shitty Ultraviolet movie than this franchise. Enjoyed the first couple though. Never bothered with the fourth, nor will I with this. Completely lost interest.
    • JL
      As the games progressed, we've seen less zombies and more "BOW" (Bio-Organic Weapons.)  Those flying monsters and huge beasts are supposed to be them.  I feel your disappointment.  I'm losing respect for Milla Jovovich.  She's gotten complacent, starring in her husband's movies.  I hope she gets back to actual acting again.
      • grimjob
        Very true about the games. Haven't played any in a while. I watched my roommate play some of 4. It was pretty cool, but I need RE to have zombies. Also true about Jovovich. She can act, but hasn't for some time.
  • Jnickbuentello
    Wow that looked horrible.  Movies like this are the reason pirating is alive and well.  So... tools... why don't you people end this raping of my favorite video game franchise ever AND NOT SEE IT IN THEATERS.   This movie needs to fail and we need to make it fail. 
    • grimjob
      Didn't the last one fail? It couldn't have made any money. I sure as hell didn't see it.
      • Jericho
        unfortunately JUST enough people saw it to bring out another...
  • Guest
    This is so disrespectful in so many things... Terrible trailer for another terrible movie.
  • Neuromancer
    Anyone else fastforward the "commercial" thinking it was an actual commercial?
    • BJD
      I did. lol
  • Neal
    What a horrible trailer. Why is the Resident Evil name even on this? please Paul W.S. Anderson, stop making movies. You're not any good at it.
    • Anonymous
      Him and Uwe Boll could have a fist fight. It would be an underwhelming encounter.
      • Neal
        Well, actually, Uwe Boll and Richard Kyanka (he's the guy that set up Something Awful) had a real life boxing match. Uwe Boll bet that if he lost, he would stop making movies. He won. So if he and Paul W.S. Anderson had a boxing match with Uwe Boll I would be happy if either of them got a punch in the nose.
  • uberman
    The Resident Evil game was truly creepy and scary, dark, moldy, dripping creaky old house and rot atmosphere. Then, I saw the first movie. WTF? Did these peopl even play the game? Its like they took a well lit warehouse, scrubbed and shinned it up and filled it with a bunch of teenagers in quickly applied bad mall-zombie makeup, threw in a horrible script and and a C-name actress and now we have a francise? THese movies are to zombies what Twilght are to vampires, except Twilight is Shakespeare next to this crap.
    • Neal
      To be honest, I'd rather sit through the entire RE movie marathon twice than watch any Twilight movie.
    • filmineeer
      i get you dont like the RE films, but come on. Twilight is never SHAKESPEARE to anything. N-E-V-E-R
  • Anonymous
    No shots of Johann Urb as Leon?? BASTARDS!
  • Spider
    Holy crap! Jill Valentine is in this flick, too! I'm there!
  • im a fan of these movies but it feels like the last one just came out
  • Vold
    looks good.
  • Anonymous
    The rape of the game-to-movie concept continues. The cut scenes in the Resident Evil games could be stitched together with some voice-over in between and it would be a better production than these. Milla is beautiful though.
  • The only reason sequals are made is because of the money they make in the box office just because alot of you dont like this series does not mean that the whole world hates it. Plus you try arguing with your other half when it comes to doing something they want. I personally like the series and the games but thats me and everyone is entitled to their own opinions im just glad that jill, leon, and carlos are in it along with michelle rodriguez as rain. and yes ada wong is in it too.
  • Matt
    At 00:37 does anyone else feel like that was a Zerg Invasion (starcraft)???
  • truong18
    please kill off this franchise
  • Rain Spider
    What the hell. Good thing the New Resident Evil 6 Trailer came out today. It completely over shadows whatever the hell this was.  I guess these days, you can just make a movie about whatever and slap a specific name on it and expect people to believe its the same as whatever the name is related too. 
  • Hggfd
    Looks fucking retarded. Why do these dip shit movie execs keep giving hacks millions of dollars to jizz over? Its like getting a face full of Bukakke from a school bus full of down syndrome kids.
  • richie
    Yeah we diss the last one too if I remember correctly and guess what It made a shit load of money the most of any of the other resident evil movies, so can't blame them making another one and guess what I'm not a big fan but this one is going to make a lot of money, mark my words.
  • Armeetapus16
    wow really??? ripping off the tron legacy sountrack??? just... no
  • Truartisdead
    Wow, what a load of garbage, but as long as dumb people keep paying they wont stop.
  • Hatemejust
    I like how people defend trash like this by saying oh, is so pose to to be crap so don't take it serious, really!! really, that's your excuse for supporting an obvious move on the studio to cash in and not spend an once of true film making on a project. 
  • TTumMM
    About trailer music I think it has nothing to do with the real film or even the movie crews it came from the company that cut the trailer. But yeah even non rip off scroll issue this movie is still suck. And I hope the will be the end of this franchise.
    • Max Renn
      Music scores from previous movies have been re-used for decades in cinema trailers. They're often used when the new film's score isn't available or finished. (Although they probably used the Tron Legacy track here because it's very cool.)
  • Corey
    Wait a minute. Wait just 1 minute. I saw Michelle Rodriguez in that trailer. How the hell is she still alive? I could've swore we watched her die, then become a zombie, then die again in the first - and only good - movie. And I thought the last Resident Evil was bad...
    • Pojohunter32
      Michelle rodriguez is in the movie. It might be a flashback scene. Then again she died in the fast and the furious yet she is gonna be in fast 6. You cant keep her dead lol
  • Thebadguy
    ...... trololol lololol lololol this trailer. Tron soundtrack...forget about it, this movie has no identity.
  • what the hell I thought Michelle Rodriguez died in the first movie, how is she alive for the 5th movie? 
  • David Banner
    That was not Sienna Guillory in the (iconic) red dress Jill Valentine used; but Sienna Guillory is in the movie. Hmmm. I might be mixing up stuff with all these different franchises. Btw, this is trailer #10001 to use someone elses soundtrack. Alan Silvestri's Predator themes seems to be in the lead :) 
    • Pojohunter32
      Ada wong wears the red dress. They didnt show it but leon character is in this movie
  • Max Renn
    Is this an ad for a Sony videogame or a trailer for a crappy movie?
  • Mikeylikesit
    Wow. Kinda sad that this is the first Vita commerical we've seen in NA... O_o
  • Oh for crying out loud not another one of those camp shitfests! And shamelessly paired with a blatant ripoff of Daft Punk's "The game has changed" from Tron Legacy. At least pick out a less recognizable tune, or one from the game. The only Resident Evil movie I'd be remotely interested in watching would be a full CGI film made by Capcom, like Resident Evil Degeneration. Even CGI characters can act better than Milla and her ensemble. And to think this is the kind of "copyrighted material" that SOPA/PIPA are trying to protect? Give me a fraking break!
  • Johnny Neat
    Was it just me or did that do nothing to you as me? Blah blah blah just give us RE6 the videogame.
  • Chazzy
    Lol another one?  Wow. Just stop.
  • Chaos1979
    As long as Milla's in it keep'em coming!
  • Remember Ben Stiller's character in "Tropic Thunder" that kept making all those terrible, cliche Scorcher movies.... yea, Milla Jovo..blahblah blah(who cares) is the real life equivalent! Thanks for ruining an awesome video game Anderson 😉
  • Kladoney
    ok really they just had to use a Badass soundtrack for a crappy ass movie Blasphmey, They need to be like "Hey, Paul... you need to stop and lets uh.. give someone else a go at this and reimagine and reengenier this franchise...please we are wasting money"
  • Anonymous
    These movies have been very profitable for Sony. If they weren't they'd stop making 'em. If people were lining up in droves to see festival darlings the studios would be making those kind of movies, but unfortunately the public doesn't. It's economics, kids, pure and simple. Like they say, it's called "the movie BUSINESS" for a reason. Stockholders get itchy when corporations don't turn a profit so studios make what males, 18 to 24, want to see. They know who butters their bread, and studios make movies aimed to please that young audience. If you want to go out and max your credit cards to make the next Sundance breakthrough, go for it. I love those movies. Sure, yours could be one of the 117 picked from 4000 submissions. But, look, you ask 100 random people to name a big Sundance winner, ever, and you'd be hard-pressed to get one that can. PS: Tron's still a great soundtrack, though.
  • If Paul Anderson hasn't figured out, by now, that he sucks at making movies, this is probably going to suck.
  • Davidbryan949
    was that Jill Valentine in red?? that would not make any sense cause she was blonde and looked exactly like the character from resident evil 5 game in the post credits of afterlife , hoping she'll play the villain the first half of the movie
  • Davidbryan949
    I bet thats rain's sudden "twin" sister, this movie looks like its focusing on more mutated monsters than zombies
  • If it wasnt for Milla, this franchise would have been dead a long time ago. 
  • batsupe
    Just one question... Why do they keep making these movies?????????
  • batsupe
    These movies just keep getting stranger, and from the looks of this trailer thats still the case.
  • I'm addicted to these movies, obviously not for it's deep excellent plot that's  not exactly from the games, but I'm addicted non the less. can we stop the with 3d though and cut back on the cgi, get some creature feature in there pretty please? at lease for the next one
  • Fred
    Well I love the franchise and I have no interest in video games. Zombie pics have appeal, and this series looks at the changes that occur over time. Keep them coming and people will still watch them.
  • Mardillia
    I don't mean to be a brat, but Daft Punk ripped of The Who, that opening melody is from Baba O'riley. Just sayin'
    • j3p
      That wasn't part of the track Daft Punk produced, the studio mixed that in as a part of the trailer.




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