Watch 'Prometheus' Character Peter Weyland's Viral Talk at TED2023

February 28, 2012
Source: Facebook

Peter Weyland TED Talk 2023

Just yesterday director Ridley Scott revealed the link between Prometheus and Alien to be within a character played by Guy Pearce. In Alien, a company called Weyland-Yutani sent the Nostromo ship into space, and Pearce is playing Peter Weyland in Prometheus. It's a good thing we have that information as a bit of a viral campaign is beginning with a new video at TED2023 (or Technology, Entertainment and Design), which has previously featured talks from J.J. Abrams, has Pearce speaking as Weyland about changing the world and making the future through his company Weyland Industries. This is just awesome!

The video has Weyland speaking in the year 2023, linked by the Prometheus Facebook (via SlashFilm):

The page on the official TED blog describes Peter Weyland (Pearce) like this:

Peter Weyland has been a magnet for controversy since he announced his intent to build the first convincingly humanoid robotic system by the end of the decade.

Whether challenging the ethical boundaries of medicine with nanotechnology or going toe to toe with the Vatican itself on the issue of gene-therapy sterilization, Sir Peter prides himself on his motto, "If we can, we must." After a three year media blackout, Weyland has finally emerged to reveal where he's heading next. Wherever that may be, we will most certainly want to follow.

It's not exactly clear how all this will tie into Prometheus yet, but apparently this video will not be in the film itself. However, Ridley Scott's son, Luke Scott, directed the video which was conceived by the Alien director and also Damon Lindelof, the writer of Prometheus. In fact, The TED blog also has a great Q&A with Lindelof about writing a lecture for their series as if it took place in the future and about TED in general. You can check that out right here. An website for Weyland is also up at

Weyland Industries Website - Prometheus Viral

Right now it prominently features the video saying, "Considered a seminal moment in the career of our founder Peter Weyland, this 2023 TED Talk launched Weyland Corp into the international spotlight. In honor of our 50th year, Weyland Corp is planning to offer a new round of investment soon. Interested parties can expect to find out more within the next few days." It also lists the hashtag #WeylandInvestors so there's likely more to come from this website and a hopefully exciting viral campaign leading up to the release of the film in June. Stay tuned and we'll do our best to keep you updated. Everyone excited?

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  • peloquin
    That was gave me goose bumps.
  • Jericho
  • Did James Cameron insisted on a stadium before giving a TED talk, or anybody? Guy Pearce is great. The rest not.
  • Buzzfunk
    Can you say SPOILERS BEFORE MAYBE???? sheesh
    • McWetty
      How was that spoileriffic?  It was a character piece.  You probably get more spoilers from the bloddy trailer.
    • This is a video made by Ridley Scott and then made publicly available. I  disagree that this video could spoil us or his story. It is the information and experience that he wants us to have while waiting.
    • bozo connors
       Agreed.  Was so happy to see the previous article without spoilers in the header, then BLAM - spoiler (assuming it's the same one) right in the freakin' header. 
    • Youme
      I agree. The spoiler was this site put his freaking NAME on the page and in the headline. The spoiler was this man was "Peter Weyland". That was the hook of the video, to show you an unknown person talking and then he introduces himself and BAM! Seriously, WHY would this site post his name ANYWHERE in this? It ruins the entire point of the video.
  • McWetty
    VERY exciting. I loved the TED tie-in as well. Will probably see the midnight release of Prometheus. 
  • Daimlindin
    Ridley Scott used up all his abilities to make Alien and Blade Runner. Which were incredible. But have you seen his other movies? I mean, ok, Gladiator and Thelma and Louise are fine, but Robin Hood, A Good Year, Body of Lies and Kingdom of Heaven are so bad it`s embarrasing. This movie will flop. Heed my words, cinephiles.
    • Nathan
      Kingdom of Heaven is actually really good if you watch the Director's cut. It was a night and day difference for me.
      • I haven't seen Kingdom of Heaven, but that sounds just like Blade Runner. Anyways if his best work has been sci-fi, then I want him to do more sci-fi!
        • nate
          If you haven't seen Kingdom of Heaven, why are you saying it is embarrassingly bad? Rule: Don't tear down what you don't know.
          • When did I say Kingdom of Heaven was embarrassingly bad? Are you familiar with Blade Runner and its different releases? 
          • DoomCanoe
            i think you're confusing him for the OP Rule: Look Before you Leap
      • RidgeRacer4
        Agreed, Director's Cut was waaay better. And awesome, another fan of Kingdom of Heaven...doesn't seem to be too many of us I'm afraid:(
        • bat0u
           worry not good sir, for we are many ......mostly of the director's cut at least, lol =P
        • Very many indeed. Fine movie. Director's Cut actually made sense out of the original storyline. 
    • Xerxexx
      Go watch the DC of KoH...its simply fantastic.
    • JL
      Gladiator was more than just okay.
    • BLARGh.
      Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Thelma and Louise and American Gangster were truly fantastic movies.  Out of curiousity which directors do you rate? It's hard to think of many directors with a better set of 6 movies than that.
  • This is beyond cool. 
  • Nathan
    So is Guy Pearce's character Peter Weyland suppose to be related to Lance Henriksen's character Charles Bishop Weyland in the first AVP movie? Since that one took place in 2004 and this one in 2023, are they father and son?
    • RidgeRacer4
      Most likely Guy is Lance's son, but from here on in we're just going to to disavow any knowledge of that film (regardless of how cool that plot device/fan service was) or the follow-up:P
      • Jericho
        or the books or comics or hidden plot potential pieces in every movie of the two........
        • Jericho
          the books and comics came out before predator 2 and both Ridley and Cameron loved them.....
  • alanshore
    Is Guy Pearce playing the same character that Lance Henrikson played in Alien vs Predator? 
  • Gordon Kennedy
    Not too bad!
  • tir na nog
    great monologue,great writing and excellant viral.
  • Xerxexx
    That was fantastic, too bad its not in the actual film :( but nonetheless it was a great video.
  • Wow. That was one of the best produced pieces of marketing I think I've ever seen. It makes me wonder if that'll end up being somewhere in the movie. The effects and monologue were solid.
  • filmineeer
    how is it possible that this man, GUY PEARCE, does not even have an Oscar, let alone a nomination. it just proves how outrageous the Academy is and how incapable they are of appreciating true talent...
    • DoomCanoe
    • jsmith0552
      I agree!
    Holy shit! This was absolutely incredible. Chilling. Powerful. Awesome. I love TED Talks, and seeing this so great. I am intrigued to see where this goes.
  • Chris Amaya
    Seeing as how I have never seen any of the Alien films, am I missing out?  Watching this viral vid has made me want to check them out.  What say ye peoples?
    • You are. At least watch the first two before you go seeing Prometheus or I'm afraid you'll miss out. I'm sure they'll make it so that everyone can enjoy it but yeah, you should at least see the first, even if it's just out of pure interest in film.
  • David Banner
    Think we should place this in the Top #5 best virals ever made :)
  • Jcs012872
    Ahh Mr. Scott could you please do a real sequel after the movie Aliens and even maybe 1 (just 1 real intelligent Aliens vs Predator movie)! Trust me we can easily forget the last 4 movies like they never existed! Trust me!!!!!!! 
    • Awtan90
      There's nothing intelligent about Aliens fighting Predators. I wish I could strangle the son of a bitch that said "Hey it would be cool to put an alien skull in the Predator ship!". 
      • Jericho
        James Cameron did...actually its James Cameron's fault for the comics that came out before predator 2....actually its also his fault the Predator looks the way it does *it was originally a dog faced harry mess*
        • Awtan90
          James Cameron has been quoted saying AVP is a bad idea. I'll admit Cameron had a role in it by reducing the aliens to space-bugs, but he did not initialize the concept of pitting aliens and predators against each other and mixing the two universes.  And yes I know the story of Cameron giving Stan Winston suggestions that led to the predator having mandibles. 
          • Jericho
            he quoted before he saw the movie, he returned said quote when they asked him about it after *although he fumes when someone asks him about the 2nd one*....and he still caused the comics that came out before Predator 2
          • Awtan90
            Look I highly doubt Cameron was the one that said "I know lets pit aliens against predators", but if he was than he gets another asshole point and he's already got a bunch.  Either way I don't really care because he's not involved, and the one in charge of this film is Scott, who hates the concept of AVP. If you can find me a source that says Ridley Scott loved anything AVP related I would appreciate it, and gladly retract my statement.  For the record believing either director, both of whom have millions of dollars, read any of the trashy comics published by Darkhorse is just ridiculous. 
          • Jericho
            i just replied about it being Cameron since you asked who came up with the idea
      • jsmith0552
        Of course in retrospect it's easy to say that, but I remember back in the day, fanboys by and large thought the idea sounded pretty cool. Basically you're looking at a case of the "bad execution of a good idea."
  • Johnny Neat
    Bad ass. I can't wait to see this film and I dig underrated Guy Pearce.
  • Dave Newble
    Good Lord. Can't wait to see the new movie. Sad fan boy has been waiting for more than 25 years to get a new 'intelligent' Alien style film. Looks like Ridley has updated ideas and themes. And by the way, has anybody noticed the Prometheus trailor has music that ehoes the original Alien film? Waht's the betting Prometheus is some sort of meditation on genetic engineering and our arrogance about being able to create life. Are the Aliens our bastard creation? Who knows. Just forget Alien 3 and 4, plus the Alien v Predator stuff, sit back and enjoy what looks like being an incredible ride. 
  • Ryley
    guy pearce should get an oscar. everytime he gives an awesome performance.
    • Max Renn
      Guy Pearce is unconvincing and with another terrible accent (he can't do them well). What the hell are you guys smoking? 
  • Finster1018
    I am a the series. Anyways, this is a brilliant and well performed speech. I must say though that some of the content is NOT original. If you listen to the speech, Weyland speaks of man's accomplishments - just happens that they are mentioned the same way in JFK's speech in 1962 at Rice University when he speaks of going to the moon. Major milestones in man's history are almost verbatim the wheel, television, automobile, nuclear power, spaceflight...all are mentioned in a sort of condensed version spanning only 50 years in JFK's speech. Here it is for comparison purposes. I would like to know if this was the impetus for this Weyland's presentation at Ted 2023.
  • Moif
    Kinda ironic really, given how Alien films have always reflected contemporary society. He ain't going to change much really
  • Youme
    You guys really need to take the name " Peter Weyland" out of the title. It spoils the entire point of the video. His name is supposed to be secret until the very end. Do you guys read the last chapter in books first as well?
    • Jericho
      that is a little difficult to try and hide it when even the site it comes from is saying his name....
  • macatae
    The inane comment by Daimlindi really demonstrates why I find most posts regarding film a complete ******* waste of time. GO AND WATCH TRANSFORMERS and leave adults to enjoy grown up films. The best option about Prometheus is not to know any more but go see it and marvel at the genius who is directing.
  • awesome




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