Watch: Short, Energetic New Trailer for 'The Hunger Games' Debuts

February 2, 2012
Source: Yahoo

The Hunger Games Trailer

"There's 24 of us, Gale, only one comes out." Lionsgate has debuted, via Yahoo, the final trailer (and Super Bowl spot) for Gary Ross' The Hunger Games, based on the popular book series, and it's shorter than the last trailer and doesn't reveal much we haven't seen yet. Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss, and she's joined by Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, Liam Hemsworth as Gale, Elizabeth Banks as Effie, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, and Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman, who gets some good lines in this. I'm glad they're not showing too much with this, because I'm excited, it looks awesome and I can't wait to see it!

Watch the new theatrical trailer for Gary Ross' The Hunger Games, in high def from Yahoo:

Jennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss, a 16-year-old living in the post-apocalyptic country of Panem. Every year, one boy and one girl are chosen from each of Panem's 12 districts to fight each other to their death. Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta, the boy chosen from District 12 for the Hunger Games with Katniss.

The Hunger Games is both written and directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker Gary Ross, director of Seabiscuit and Pleasantville previously, but also writer of Big, Mr. Baseball, Dave, Lassie, Pleasantville and Seabiscuit. It's adapted from Suzanne Collins' popular series of novels, first published in 2008. Lionsgate is bringing Hunger Games to theaters everywhere March 23rd, 2012. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  • Dkom7
    It looks like a good movie but the second I heard the premise I immediately thought of the Runningman and Battle Royale ( the book). I'll probably wait until the DVD instead of paying for a remake of a remake.
  • markj765
    I cannot wait for this movie, it truly has potential to be a big series. The books are great too. the world will be watching...
  • Anonymous
    that was a waste there is a lot of general audience who are not aware of the book who are not sold on this yet the last trailer as meh at best and they show a min.long trailer with 10 seconds of new footage at best missed opprotunity
    • You stole those thoughts right out of my head! Totally agree with you, that's how I feel about this. They're focusing too much on hitting the book demographic when, despite the Battle Royale-comparison people, this could open wider. I'm doing all I can to get people excited (since I'm not in the book demographic)!
      • Skymazter
        The book demographic shouldnt matter here, i read this, and im nowhere near the age, but how the story unfolds across the three books would be amazing to see on screen, and i think people would be very impressed, since everyone thinks its just a battle royal rip off, which the only thing thats a rip off it that their hunting each other, theres so much more than that.
        • Yes exactly, but HOW do you know how the story unfolds "across the three books" if you've never read the books? And also that's exactly my point - there IS a great story here that a bigger demographic would love, they're just not even trying to get them at all. They've got the book crowd, now they need everyone else.
          • Skymazter
            by "I read this" i meant I read the books, my bad.
        • It's all good man, I'm speaking in general anyway, more of a rant against the marketing and how it could be a bit better. Still, I'm excited for this!
  • I cannot wait, i just finished reading book one, and it's AMAZING
  • Ijfzof0
    Was that Lenny Kravitz ??
    • Indeed it was, he plays Cinna, her "stylist" who becomes more of her confidant in the Captiol.
    I am psyched about this movie. I have not seen anything that I do not like. To be fair, this book series has been read by millions of people. I agree though, that they should make it a bit broader to make maximum profits. Regardless, this film will be a winner.
  • Anonymous
    It reminds me of The Lottery, runningman all mixed together and clockwork orange with the flamboyant characters...With that said this could be a good series to follow the end of the Potter era.
  • Traveler
    I, too, think its odd that they don't make a trailer to lure the people who haven't read the books but for people who have, its working brilliantly. I love the last scene, with Cinna. I can't wait for the movie! 
  • Cracky
    Can someone be honest with me here? I was a "basher" when I first heard of this, because yeah it draws from other films and things that involve fights to the death with children, but I must admit that I'm interested. Should I actually read these books? I like these types of stories because they're violent and realistic, but this is looking very PG for something that's apparently "dark" and what not. Is it worth the read? Don't bullshit me. And thanks in advance.
    • Traveler
      It is worth it. I had the advantage of not knowing what it was about when I started reading it. Just read the first chapter. You'll be hooked. I haven't met anyone who didn't get hooked immediately. It is a young adult series, but don't let that deter you.  
    • Kryton
      The books are definitely not PG. In fact, when I first read them, I couldn't fathom how anyone would be able to make a movie out of them and market it to young adults, because the violence is that brutal. Whether or not you would enjoy the books depends on your own tastes and preferences. The writing is simple but the story is not. It is certainly dark. My husband loved all three books, despite the fact that he generally can't stand teenagers as main characters in anything. 
  • Hggfd
    Meh. I'd rather go watch The Grey again.
  • Nighthawk
    Why are you guys all saying the author is stealing ideas. Is it bad that two people share a similar idea and have different twists on it? There are a few more people in the world who have brains. If you don't want to watch the movie don't. And if you don't want to watch the movie don't. But don't say anything about this if all you have to say is "pff this idea has already been thought of".
    • Dkom7
      PFF this idea has already been thought of
  • Mr. Foe
    Yeah...the trailer could have been better.
  • Mil As
    Started reading the first book, but couldnt force myself to continue, cause the style of writing was horrible. Like some 13 year old tried to write something... Or it may be that i was reading millenium trilogy and song of ice and fire saga before :)
    • You must have read a completely different book then. The book was from a 16 year old's point of view and the language how she spoke/though. THG for the win.
  • Couch
    It is really hard not to draw comparisons to Battle Royale, but as the series continues, the whole death games part is secondary, and the power of propaganda really becomes the series' focus. Since that's what kept me interested in the books, I hope it's not ignored in the film(s).
    • Dkom7
      That's true. I didn't actually know it is supposed to be a trilogy until reading it here. That's why I immediately thought of Battle Royale. But if the other books are outside the whole arena, fighting back at society, that sort of thing then it could he very good.
  • Jackmooney9
    The trailer is pothetic and it might ruin the series for you. Dont see the movie it will probably be a waste of time like my point of view from the book.




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