Watch: There's Quite a Bit Going on in New 'Men in Black 3' Trailer

March 5, 2012
Source: Yahoo

Men in Black 3 Trailer

Considering how many rewrites and writers have been tossed around for this summer's blockbuster sequel Men in Black 3, it's no surprise that there's a whole slew of ticking time bombs in the story. Hopefully that means the film isn't a ticking time bomb of box office failure itself as time travel, the potential to be stuck in 1969 and an alien invasion all seem to be problems for Will Smith as Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin as the young and old Agent K respectively. We still don't get to see our villain Boris, played by Jemaine Clement, but we do catch a glimpse of Bill Hader in the trailer, so that's good. Watch it below!

Here's the new official trailer for Barry Sonnenfeld's Men in Black 3, in high def via Yahoo:

Men in Black 3 is once again directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, also of the first two. This newest sequel is said to be set mostly in the year 1969 and involves Agent J (Will Smith) time-traveling back to that year, where he meets up with a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) for some plot involving, most likely, our landing on the Moon. The cast also includes Emma Thompson as Agent Oh, Alice Eve as the young Oh, Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement, Rip Torn and Michael Stuhlbarg. It was shot in 3D and Columbia currently has it scheduled to hit theaters in 3D starting May 25th this summer. Visit the Men In Black Suits Are Real site. Interested yet?

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  • Looks to have the proper MIB feel to it.
  • josh brolin! Yeah!!!
  • Groov
    Actually looks pretty decent. Jace is right. Has that "feel" to it. Nice to hear that Elfman music again. More excited than I thought I would be.
  • Guest
    So where's Jaden?
    • esophus
      He's in MIB 4 when Josh has to go forward in time to rescue a young Will Smith.
    • Sean
      He isn't in this movie nor in any of MIB movies.
      • Guest
         I believe you have insufficient funny in your diet.
        • Sean
          I wasn't trying to be funny even if i was being funny.
          • Guest
             This is some sort of meta humor right?
      • he's actually in the second MIB movie.  He gets neuralyzed by the car as it flies over NYC.  
        • Sean
          No he is not in any of the Men in Black movies.
          • Guest
  • McWetty
    I'm in for $12. 
  • esophus
    I am very excited about this!!
  • No Country For Men In Black.
  • Jont
    ehhhh josh brolin kinda has a monotone look.
    City Miles...
    • SkylerB619
      Of course he does.  He's playing a young Agent K.
  • RpinS
    Redbox rental or Netflix. 
  • Brolin nails it as a young Tommy Lee Jones 
  • dearsleazy
    video no longer available daaaaamn. thank god for youtube -
  • Raymond Woods
    Great new blog post about this @ filmcycle dot wordpress dot com
  • KingArglebargle
    I can't quite tell, are they voicing over TLJ in the Brolin scenes? If so, if I were Josh Brolin I would be _pissed_.
  • Marty -
    Looks fun actually!
  • Johnny Neat
    Wow, thought this series was dead, but that looked nostalgic.
    • Solo_Calrissian
      couldnt be that dead...  I read the budget was $215 mil!! 
  • Johnny Neat
    and fun. 
  • Mars
    ***Correction.  "Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin as the young and old Agent K respectively"    -That would imply TLJ was playing the young K and Brolin the old. Just letting you know.
    • CSKate
      Or perhaps it was correctly worded and they meant 'old' as the one further in the past... Hmm... Or perhaps they should have a writer review submissions before posting XD
  • Chris_G
    ehhh...I don't know. I like both of the first two, but this just seems somewhat off. This is a better effort than the first trailer, but I'm somewhat on the fence. The Avengers is still the only 'MUST SEE' movie coming out in May for me.
  • beevis
  • Alleycat4444
    Ok now im excited for this it looks awesome
  • Cdslater13
    i love how they drive mr garrison's IT
    • grimjob
      Ha! I was going to bring that up.
  • Solo_Calrissian
    Just looks like another MIB.  Hopefully better than #2.  The music brings it all together though. 
  • fem!anon
    I'm excited!
  • That's a busy trailer. Looks fun. Brolin does a great Jones impression. I've got 3 friends who watch anything in the theater...ANYTHING! I'll wait to see what they say before committing. 
  • Cheatintomtom41
    im i the only one who noticed shea stadium at the 2:04 mark?!?! reference to the first on and its in 1969 so a world series was won there too!
  • Guest
    Fact Check: This was NOT shot in 3D. This is your 3rd post with inaccurate facts about this movie.
    • What are the facts, then? That would be the appropriate way to counter something that isn't a fact. Site your sources. It says online that it will be in 3d. I'm assuming you mean it wasn't shot in 3D, but is being converted in post production process. 
  • cinemabandit
    Liking it better than #2 so far.
    • Max Renn
      A kick in the nuts is better than MIB 2.
  • This looks like it's actually going to be pretty good. Even without comparing it to MIIB. But comparing it to MIIB, this looks like gold. 
  • I'm in, looks pretty good, and I dig Josh Brolin as the young K.
  • redskulllives
    first you have to get high    hahahaa
  • Jackmooney9
    I have no idea if it will be okay, bad, or good? Please reply!




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