Watch: Thomas Jane Back as Punisher in Short Film 'Dirty Laundry'

July 16, 2012

Dirty Laundry

Just as the superhero movie craze was really starting to take off, Marvel released The Punisher in 2004, a film starring Thomas Jane as a former soldier who dispensed vigilante justice on those who murdered his family. Despite its R rating, many felt that the film didn't accurately depict the violent nature of the character, whose brutal and unforgiving tactics made the comics a hit back in the 1980s. At Comic-Con 2012, Jane surprised the audience at his RAW studios panel with Dirty Laundry, a Punisher short film that feels much more true to the character and isn't afraid to use violence in a brutal, visceral way. Watch it!

Here's Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman's unofficial Punisher short film Dirty Laundry from Comic-Con:

Whoa. Now that's the Punisher that fans were hoping for the first time Jane donned the black trenchcoat. Despite the '04 film's problems, I still like Jane's portrayal of the character, and it's obvious that Jane himself is still very passionate about Frank Castle. I can't think of any other instances in which the star of a major movie has essentially commissioned a fan film and reprised his role as a sort of "mea culpa" to fans, but it's really cool that Jane, Ron Perlman, and director Phil Joanou (State of Grace) were able to come together and show off something totally unexpected for Comic-Con faithful. Let us know what you think!

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  • Rain Spider
    This reminds me of how well Jane was as The Punisher and how terrible Ray Stevenson was.
    • jah p
      No, that's where you're wrong! The Ray Stevenson Punisher was a bloody fun!
      • argharbh
        Ray Stevenson was o.k. and "Newman" was fun but otherwise the movie was just silly.
  • Awesome! I would absolutely drop some money at the theater to see the full length version of this!
  • andrew
    Just had to laugh when Ron Perlman shows up. Need to make another Punisher with Thomas Jane.
  • ... too bad Marvel has the right of the character now. They would never do a sequel to THIS Punisher, nor they would make it as violent or dark, because it wouldn't fit with their Avengers universe... I'll take this as a nice coda to the 2004 film and continue to ignore that other Ray Stevenson thing...
    • Marvel will do anything that makes them money and if this gets enough praise I guarantee you they will take notice.
    • They'd just release under the Marvel Knights, like they did for the last two Punisher movies...
      • Ryderup
        Yep. they will make it under their Marvel Knights flag. Might have some slight refences to their "Avengers universe". I didn't care for the films released, but Jane didn't look like I picture Castle. Stevenson looked better.
  • SuicidalOptimist
    This was set up nicely. It felt like the intro to an actual movie, and just when the ball got rolling and I wanted more, it stopped. Argh! I'd totally pay money to see another Punisher with Thomas Jane with the ridiculous violence of Punisher: Warzone added to it. Make it happen!
  • Munchguzman
    Pretty Impressive. Would definitely welcome back THomas Jane with open arms.
  • It combined the Tom Jane one with the "War Zone" one that came after. What a perfect mix.
  • Greedo
    So this is the Punisher? It's just rehashed 70s vigilante stuff. Pretty tired. Was this what the comic was actually like? Marvel is gaining a name for good solid family films. They should stay away from boring, violent stuff like this.
    • Carlos
      Right because the Avengers along with all of its Hero movies are always rated G.
    • The Punisher has been a Marvel mainstay since the 70s... This isn't something new. There's a reason for ratings on movies... And a simple idea: This movie isn't appropriate for the kids? Don't let them see it. Whoa... And you make it sound like Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Avengers have all been Disney sing-along movies... Guess I missed the scene where Thor and Loki bust out into "Hakuna Matata", instead of duking it out...
      • Greedo
        I know Punisher isn't new. I just never looked into it. Now I know not to bother. I'll jet watch Magnum Force again.
        • bithki
          "Jet watch" what airport and why? Marvel is making "Family Films"? Hot chicks in skin tight suits, cars getting tossed around, building getting destroyed, guys beating the hell out of each other as well as invasions and mythological creatures from other relams...... Really? Family Films? No... Marvel is making money...Period! Dude ..the Punisher has been a Marvel mainstay for 30+ years. Violence is what he is all about.... here's a thought...don't let your kids see it ... Jane simply Rocks! More please!
    • someone times I wonder if people really are this stupid
      • Mr. Tibbs
        you had me until someone times
        • DoomCanoe
          ^ now that's fuckin funny
      • Greedo
        Actually, I'm not stupid, I have just never read a punisher comic, and I've never watched a Punisher movie. Dudes with big guns just don't do it for me. I assumed the character was, um...interesting or something. Not just a Dirty Harry type vigilante. Secondly, Marvel IS making family films. You must be able to see that. Moms and dads go and enjoy themselves, and the kids do to. Like, you know, the whole family. If Marvel were interested in making an R rated film, I hove no issue with that at all. However, considering the Thomas Jane punisher movie cost 33 mil to make, and only made 33 mil, I don't see Marvel looking at any R films for a while. One more thing, as film fans we should all know the difference between a family film, and a kid film. A family film, like I said above, everyone can go to and enjoy themselves. A kid film however, is like Chipmunks crap where the kids laugh and the parents look at their watches. Like it or not, Marvel is family entertainment. So is Star Wars.
        • wasn't really about the marvel comment, just about everything else.
  • Brian
    Was that the music from The Dark Knight? Also, that is some magical Jack Daniels bottle. Is it made of cement?
    • Oblivion138
      It was actually nice to see a liquor bottle that didn't shatter on impact, like they do in every other movie...and DON'T in real life. The recycled Dark Knight score was distracting, though.
      • Jericho
        i think the score is rather fitting for majority of the film...not the whole thing though.....
    • lewinston
      Valyrian glass appearantly.
    • SOMEONE'S never been hit in the face with a full, unopened bottle of liquor.
    • SuicidalOptimist
      Both, full and empty bottles, surpass the fracture threshold of a human skull, though an empty bottle can actually handle even higher impact energies than a full one. I guess he was lucky those movie skulls gave in very easily and spared the bottle. 😉 Now, he obviously beat an excessive number of people over the head with that bottle of Jack, but maybe he stopped with it just before the bottle reached its limit. It might have finally busted on another hit. As for the TDK music... I must be the worst fan of that movie, ever. I've watched it soooo many times now and I still didn't recognize the Joker theme, lol. >.<
    • I once repeatedly beat a man in the head with a bottle, he was a big man, with a thick skull. There was a lot of blood, but the bottle never broke, if it had I think I would have killed him.
  • Risk
    Hell ya Tom Jane!
  • grimjob
    Now that was damned enjoyable! Loved Jane's Castle! I hope this is to get the ball rolling on a new Punisher. I love when I uncontrollably laugh out loud at violent scenes just because of the brutality. He fucked those guys up! Especially when he Chong Li'd that guys shin.
    • Johnny Neat
      All they need is Garth Ennis writing and we'd have a classic.
  • ShirtlessLocke
    The sequel should never have happened. The other guy was awful too, whereas Jane was just great in the first one, which I thought was pretty decent. The short was awesome, but I couldn't help but think of a certain bank robbery scene throughout it.
    • It wasn't a sequel it was a reboot in which the origin story had already happened
    • I can't imagine what you could possibly be referring to...
    • The sequel was more true to the comics than the original, and it was way more entertaining.
  • Charlie
    I hope he comes back he's the best punisher ever. Sorry Lundgren.
    • grimjob
      Lundgren forgives.
  • Bring back Dolph! :-)
  • TheCajun
  • Cool short film! I like the 2004 Punisher way better than War Zone.
  • Thexn
    I would be all over a remake in this style like a fat kid on a smartie! I liked Thomas Jane in the 2004 release. He had the right look for Frank Castle, and the guy can actually act as well. The only thing that version was missing was the brutality that the Punisher requires. I would definitely put up cash for a ticket, or even a kickstarter pledge for this one.
  • jeb
    movies on the big screen are all about(and only) dollars and cents.....movies or shorts like this are all about getting it right...true to the caracter....this was done right....just want more now....
  • Big Larry Kitchen Knife
    Need a movie with Punisher teaming up with Wolverine.
  • McWetty
    That was awesome! That is all.
  • Mordi
    chirst i hope this snow balls into something
    • argharbh
      It's snowballing into a giant reply thread.
  • Sammy D
    LOVED this..please do another with Tom Jane! why did he back out of number 2!
    • Jane didn't back out of Punisher 2, he was attached and the sequel was stuck in development hell for so long that he eventually had to as he thought nothing would happen. But right after he did they went with Stevenson, so it was probably part of the studios idea to go with someone new. I LOVED Dirty Laundry, this was a great short. The first punisher had its flaws but I think Thomas did a great job as Castle. The part that killed that movie for me was John Travolta.
  • mrjzn
    That was what the original Punisher should've had more of. I liked Jane's portrayal of Castle. I just wished he had shitstomped more mofos like he did in the short film.
  • argharbh
    Nolan should do a reboot with Thomas Jane. But I think he's done with comic book stuff.
  • Deefke
    Nice, I always liked Thomas Jane and realy hope that someday he wil get a big A movie on is path !
  • SV7
    That was pretty cool... except... I know he's getting his mojo back in this short, but he let a kid get beat up and a girl get raped before he finally did something? That was a bit painful to watch. I liked both the Thomas Jane and Ray Stevenson versions. Neither of them are my idea of the Punisher, but they're both ok action movies.
  • MC
    Now that was a Punisher flick worthy of the comic's true Character, not any of the other crap that has been made!!!,,Hope there's enough hipe out there for a REAL RE-BOOT of the PUNISHER!!!, with Miroc-Chip
  • Johnny Neat
    Loved it! How hard was it to do a movie with this tone? Although I think Ray Stevenson is a more visual representation of how I think the Frank Castle should look, Thomas Jane is a fun to watch and knows the character.
  • Awesome!!!!




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