Watch: Unique Fan-Made Dark Live-Action(ish) 'Akira' Teaser Trailer

February 19, 2012
Source: Vimeo

Akira Teaser Trailer

"I needed to understand his gift, his power. Before anyone gets up in arms, this is just a fan-made teaser (found via Twitch) that I thought was cool enough to feature, even though it's very short and a much darker take than you're probably expecting. French filmmaker Fabien Dubois created this teaser for a live-action Akira, starring Baptiste Amann as what looks like the Kaneda character, but with powers, and featuring the voice of Pierre Scarland (via Vimeo). I'm intrigued, and I think it's cool, but I'm not really sure about the tone and feeling of it, just weird. If you're a fan you've got to take a look, just to see what one vision is like.

This trailer was directed and edited by Fabien Dubois, who lists his info on the Vimeo page. Sound by Jules Wysocki and music by Pierre Mottron. They've got their own a Facebook page, but not much more info is out there about this. It must just be a sales project, or potential bid for director, either way it's unique and kind of impressive. A solid attempt at one idea for Akira. But I'm intrigued to see what Jaume Collet-Serra's working on at Warner Bros. Not only do we have this, but Chronicle, which honestly has a modern Akira feel to it, too. I love me some Akira, I just really hope that Collet-Serra's version turns out better… than this.

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  • McWetty
    I really loved Akira as an anime and I'm really hoping they do the live action movie right by the original. I have high standards for my childhood favorites.  Having said that, this was just meh for me.
  • Saenker
    "live action" ... ha ha ha
  • Zeus
    This interpretation has assured me that if they don't stick close to either the manga or the anime, I will be very disappointed.
    • redskulllives
       same here buddy
  • Mike
    why would anyone want a live action hollywood version of Akira!?!? Today, with focus group centric big budget filmmaking for the masses, the money needed for a live action version would only be possible if you completely gut the source material, regardless if its based on the Manga or the Anime. A live action Akira will not work if its done as a big budget Hollywood production.The people who fund this kind of 140-200 million dollar stuff have a checklist of things they want in such a film so they can market it to specific groups of potential customers, and they will sacrifice anything they have to in order to get this. Also, part of what makes the film version so great is the amazing animation that still holds up today even though it was made in 1988. No thank you.I rather watch the Anime or read the Manga.
  • Xerxexx
    Kinda cool.
  • Cinemamind
    This short trailer is cool, but it could work on its own if it was called something else.  I didn't even get an Akira vibe from this until I saw the Pill jacket.
    • Even that pissed me off because in Akira, Kaneda wore the pill jacket. But Kaneda didn't have telekinetic powers. Its not a good sign that even a fan-made rendition of what the film could be really wasnt good nor did it make sense. 
  • Jezebel
    CHRONICLE did a much better job at ripping AKIRA off.
    • Xerxexx
       Well Chronicle was made to mirror Akira.
  • they could have titled this anything. Geez and how is it being dark questioned? Last time I saw Akira it wasn't full of bubbles and rainbows.
  • Richie G
    that sucked
  • lando
    AKIRA mini series already! stick to the manga or at least a live version of the anime adaptation of the manga!! The studios should have learned with WATCHMEN that it is VERY easy to screw up and insult the fan base that created the success of the property in the first place (other than the obvious credit to the original creators of the property) an akira series following the manga would KILL anything thats been done on can beat LOST and make a killing with advertising and merch..forget cramming months of comics into two cheesy hours of eye candy and CGI magic, give the property the credit it deserves.
  • Rain Spider
    Well atleast SOMEONE took a swing at it. Even know it did suck.  I don't understand, with all the great anime's out there, Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Hell even Baccano! Why are they still stuck with Akira? There is so much better material out there. 
  • Clocker910
    didn't we already see the best live action Akira they'll ever make called Chronicle
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  • Altals
     Hollywood is hell bent on taking any original idea and destroying it. By that I mean they'll get their little greedy hands on it completely distort the authors original meaning. And then they continue to give water downed shallow films that people forget in a week. I just hope this fails.




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