Watch: Wild New Red Band Spot for Party Movie 'Project X' Arrives

February 24, 2012
Source: IGN

Project X Red Band Spot

"You owe me a f**king tree!" Are you ready to experience the craziest night ever? Warner Bros has unveiled a very wild, very red band trailer for Todd Phillips' wild new "found-footage" party movie Project X, about high school kids who throw the craziest/wildest party ever. We've seen multiple trailers already, but this last all-out red band spot features nudity, drugs, partyin', everything else you'd expect. But it's also a reminder this is actually R-rated, so have fun. The best part is when his mom pops in at the beginning, but come on, she doesn't suspect with a camera and everything that there's a party? Because her place is gettin' wrecked!

Watch the new red band spot for Todd Phillips & Nima Nourizadeh's Project X, originally via IGN:

Three high school seniors throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves. As the night progresses, things begin to spiral insanely out of control as word of the party spreads. Website:

Project X is directed by first-time filmmaker Nima Nourizadeh, from a screenplay by Matt Drake (Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman) and Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street). This was produced by Todd Phillips, director of comedy greats like Road Trip, Old School, The Hangover and Due Date. Warner Bros is bringing Project X to theaters starting March 2nd next week. Planning to see it?

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    This movie does not appeal to me at all. Sorry. And I am guessing you'll be able to count the number of minorities that appear in it on one hand.
    • Guest
      Is that relevant to your enjoyment, for some reason?
      • DAVIDPD
         No, just simply an observation expected. I went to high school with a bunch of these White-boy types. Threw their parents money around like trash on the ground. Never gave two shits about consequences. But hey, live and let live, I never had a problem with them, and they never had a problem with me.
        • Elyk1887
          Throwing foodstamps around isn't nearly as cool as actual money
      • ur_babys_daddy
        It shouldn't always, but as much as a moviephile as am, its nice to know that all secret agents, super heroes, and all kickass parties aren't all white.
    • Yaboykel
      I'm black...I'm wit it. Laughed my ass off...
      • Charles
        You laughed your ass off... at THAT? whoa, doesn't take much to entertain you.
    • norm
      Minorities or not, I have zero interest in seeing this either. Then again, I'm an old fart that would most likely call the cops on these entitled pricks anyhoo.
  • Tyban
    I loved this movie. Saw a screening of it this week. Absolutely worth seeing. It's like a cross between Superbad and The Hangover with a little bit of Animal House thrown in.
  • Domartin
    this looks like pure fun, and thats all i want to see when i go watch this
  • Meh, sounds like it'd appeal to the general population.
  • do
    Meh, 21 jumpstreet is better and much smarter.
  • norm
    "comedy greats like Road Trip, Old School, The Hangover and Due Date." Jaysus Christmas...
  • Jezebel
    No wonder kids these days are self-entitled asshats. These movies encourage them to get wasted and have threesomes.... INVITE MEEEEEEE!!!!!
  • K1ng
    Why are these grumps down talking this movie? Have a few beers and go get a good laugh Debbie Downers
    • JBrotsis
      because they're all in their 80's thinkin bout how their childhoods were like by trash into toys during the Great Depression. They simply don't understand.
  • JBrotsis
    I have to ask if anyone else catches it also....what's the mom's last name? Sounds like "cum(s)"....(insert ironic laugh to red band project x trailer)
  • goatmouth
    ...well there was one "black" guy in the trailer, smoking a joint of course.  Will he be in a scene making out/having sex with one of the fine ass girls?? Answer: NO.  He's just in the movie to add a little...very little "color" and cool factor.  (sigh).  If it were an all black party with explosions, flamethrowers, naked chics, tazers, people in ovens,  sex on counter tops, and loud azz music, the cops(with helicopters and swat teams) would have been called and on site in 15 minutes of the start of the party.  Fact.  But hey, it's just a movie right? I'll probably see it via torrent and reminisce about all the ish I DID'NT get to do that is glamorized in this film.  More power to ya!  Peace my brothas!
  • ur_babys_daddy
    Race and age is being blown out of proportion here. If its your bag; see it. Its definitely not mine, nut animal house was when I was young.
  • Boiler Bro Joe
    I think the reason people are reacting harshly to the premise of this movie is because these characters represent an affluent group that is getting smaller and smaller as each month goes by.  The fact of the matter is, these kids *aren't* normal anymore, if they ever were.  The only people who can live like this are entitled brats.  And our movies/television shows only want to show us this type of lifestyle as if to convince us that we're still in the midst of prosperity when we aren't. So no, I can't really find a movie like this that entertaining or care free when one in six Americans are on food stamps (and despite Elyk1887's questionable association between food stamps and minorities, the largest group of people using them are whites).  If this movie had something clever to say about entitlement, that'd be great.  If it's just continuing the trend of obsession with our own excess (or the excess of the people who get corporate tax breaks) then I'll pass.
  • redskulllives
    someone tried too hard sadly the little guy is the best punchline on this trailer 
  • Aurora Studio
    I think there has been enough trailers already.
  • Max Renn
    Looks desperate, but certainly no worse than Animal House was for my generation. I guess nut shots and saying Motherfucker a lot are funny to teenagers.




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