Watch: Wilder US Trailer for David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' Debuts

July 11, 2012
Source: Apple

Cosmopolis Trailer

"Stun me to my DNA." Another brand new, energetic, epileptic US trailer has debuted on Apple for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, starring celebrity actor Robert Pattinson as a multi-billionaire who takes a day-long limo ride around New York City just to get a haircut. They really know how to sell this movie as everything that it's not, unfortunately. Like the international trailers before this, Cosmopolis is being sold as a wild, crazy, intense, dramatic experience, but it's anything but (my Cannes review). Although this trailer does give us a better glimpse at Paul Giamatti, whose scenes are some of the best moments from the film.

Watch the new official US trailer for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, originally from Apple:

David Cronenberg (Scanners, Videodrome, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises) writes/directs this adaptation of Don DeLillo's novel following a wealthy asset manager (Robert Pattinson) who crosses the whole of Manhattan across 24 hours in a stretch limo just for a haircut. However, the guy can't get a break as he's repeatedly delayed by a presidential motorcade, anti-globalization demonstrations, and a celebrity funeral. But his biggest problem comes when he must deal with the repercussions of a risky bet against the yen on a bad day for the market that may cause him to lose all his money and his newlywed bride. Sarah Gadon, Kevin Durand, Jay Baruchel, Samantha Morton, Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti, and Mathieu Amalric also star. eOne will be releasing Cosmopolis in limited theaters starting August 17th.

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  • BeepBeepRichie
    Can't wait. Will be seeing this instead of "The Dull Knight Rises."
    • Isn't it interesting how people who dislike things that are great also suck at being clever?
      • BeepBeepRichie
        Isn't it interesting how easily threatened a Nolan fanboy gets?
        • I mean... it was a lame joke, so...
          • BeepBeepRichie
            For me, Nolan's Batman IS dull. I mean: does Batman gotta be "The Godfather?" Really? That's what plays like a bad joke.
          • The Godfather is one of the best films of all time with immense replay value. You can watch it 20x and it's still just as intense and mesmerizing as it was the first time you saw it. What are you trying to say?
        • If you're trying to cover up the fact that you suck at jokes by trying to paint me as a fanatic... Well, it wouldn't be surprising, actually.
          • BeepBeepRichie
            Thank you for proving my point.
          • I bet you were nurding a really dope "Avengers? More like aYAWNers" joke that never saw the light of day, and that's really sad.
          • BeepBeepRichie
            Look how worked up you're getting. Now you're even rewriting your comments, worried how they come off.
          • You're right. Because I said your joke was lame, I am a Batman fanatic, and because I edited my post, I am furious. I shouldn't be surprised to get this from the type of guy who would think "NOBAMA" is edgy satire.
          • Danimal
            Alright guys, they are movies. Some people will like them, some people won't. All in all, we all have our freedom of perspective on these things. And this is the interwebs so I believe this is appropriate :)
    • DKBowen
      I hope Batman beats the shit out of you!
  • Ryderup
    Wall Street 3
  • DaleKBowen
    Looks pretty bad ass to me...but I have been fooled by Cronenberg before. I'll definitely watch it because I love a number of Cronenberg films (Crash, Videodrome, Scanners, A History of Violence,etc.) but this also may be one of those films where the trailer is better than the movie itself.
    • DaleKBowen
      I agree Dale!
  • George D.
    This is a love it or hate it film. I happened to have absolutely loved it. It was absorbing and confounding and for me, pure Cronenberg. Incredible performances. Pattinson is mesmerizing and Giammatti superb. A wonderful experience if you are open to it. But, don't be mislead, there is action, but, it is hardly action packed. Thought provoking and definitiely current. If you read the book, it is a true to the page as it can get.
  • Fellini
    "Celebrity" actor? Congratulations, your bias is showing, again. In what way has Pattinson pursued celebrity? He has no commercial endorsement deals, he's not out hawking men's clothing, perfume or any other kind of product. He doesn't attend the premieres of films he not in, he doesn't go to the openings of hotels in Vegas or restaurants or other places that pay celebs to attend. Pattinson is one of the most low-key people who avoids any kind of celebrity or attention-seeking and he doesn't deserve for you to characterize him that way. Get over yourself. His performance in Cosmopolis has been getting a majority of good reviews, and he's an serious actor, one who Cronenberg chose after watching him in Little Ashes. And Cronenberg wants to work with him again. I'll take his opinion over your snark.
    • BeepBeepRichie
      I know. I like Alex, but have learned to take movie blog reviews with a grain of salt. A dark and beautiful character-driven story like Fincher's "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" will be frowned on, yet, a mindless cgi superhero movie pops up and everyone loses their bodily functions. Well said, though.
    • JP
      I can't go anywhere without seeing Robert Pattinson on a magazine cover. Whether he has "pursued" celebrity or not, the world has certainly put him in the spotlight. I doubt Alex's comment was meant to be as snarky as you read it, if even snarky at all.
      • Kennedy
        That's not his fault, and I'm out a lot, I haven't seen that many covers. What are you talking about? Pattiinson hasn't posed for many covers this year, and most of the photos they're using to promote Cosmopolis were taken over a year ago. He can't help it if the tabloids want to exploit his fame, he's not cooperating with them in any way. To say he's a "celebrity" actor is a dig, and not true. He doesn't drive a flashy car, vacation on yachts, or participate in any activities that "celebrities" do. The only time you see him is when he's promoting a film he's in, at the premiere or being interviewed. When he's not working, he's like a ghost. That's not a "celebrity" actor, that's a serious actor. The paps may trail around after him, but he's not out every night giving them something to photograph. If they catch him at the airport, that's not his fault.
        • wait, why do you know literally everything about him? Robert Pattinson, is that you?!
    • Agent13
      People are still trying REALLY hard to hate him. Reminds me of how nerds treated Leo after Titanic came out. They seem to hate any actor that alot of women / girls love out of nothing but pure jealousy. Then you have the female nerds who hate them because they try SO hard to not be like every other girl, or like what they think every other girl likes. Has zip to do with Pattinson, or his ability, and everything to do with being jealous.. either of him or those who support him.
    • Hazedmind
      Do you even know what celebrity means, he's a household name dosen't matter if he pursues it or not, he's famous as shit
  • random6521
    How is it a surprise that this trailer is trying "to sell this movie as everything that it's not"? Isn't that true of MOST if not ALL trailers? I've lost track of the number of movies I have seen (big names included) that were just plain scringe-awful to watch but you would never expect it from the trailer. Those movies just make you feel disgustingly stupid afterwards. With so many of the same-ol-same-ol supposedly "blockbuster" movies coming out, it's actually refreshing to have at least one so different to look forward to, regardless of reviews. It may not become my all-time favorite, but at least, it for sure won't be because it's one of those dumb "how did this ever get funding?" films.
  • random6521
    My husband and I appreciate non-mainstream movies even though we don't always react to them the same way. We saw “The Tree of Life” sometime ago, and personally I did not like it much, but my husband felt it was one of the best films he's ever seen. "Cosmopolis" seems to be one of those that divide opinions, which to me makes it a film that you gotta see and decide for yourself.
  • guest
    well i did see this movie. it's not for everyone, and can it be really hard to understand. there a couple of walk-outs, but i thought i was the a great film. i noticed someone said the tree of life? that movie also had walk-outs, and was a little hard for people to understand. i just love films like that. they create controversy.
    • guest
      oops meant there were a couple of walk-outs.
  • Hazedmind
    I left this film with one thought on my mind.... I wanna fuck Sarah Gadon even worse than Patton's character does




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