Brian Grazer & Ron Howard to Crowdfund 'Friday Night Lights' Movie

May 17, 2013

For those who don't know, Imagine Entertainment is the production company founded by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and the two have been busy for 26 years at Universal with an exclusive production deal. However, when they renegotiated their deal in 2012, they decided to only make it a first look deal, which has allowed them to take "Arrested Development" to Netflix. Now they might be reviving another TV series, but this time for the big screen. Deadline has word that Grazer has confirmed they Imagine is trying to bring Friday Night Lights to the big screen, and they will use crowdfunding for some of the budget. Read on!

Friday Night Lights actually hit the big screen as a feature film, and that film was used as the inspiration for a TV series which has wowed audiences and critics alike. Many fans have wanted to see the series jump back to the big screen, and now Imagine wants to use the fanbase to help make it a reality. Honestly, it seems a little strange that two entertainment powerhouses like Grazer and Howard can't raise the money themselves without asking fans to pay for it, but it looks like this is a new business model that's here to stay, and people will throw their money at things they really love. Either way, if the fan desire and money is there, it sounds like a Friday Night Lights movie isn't just a dream anymore. Any fans excited?

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  • Nielsen700
    The show is actually pretty good. I don't really care about a movie though. It ended well enough.
    • Ehsan Davodi
  • If they end up making the movie and it's decent, I'll be glad, because I love the cast like burning. But the final episode of the show was one of the best finales I've seen for any TV series ever, so it seems really odd that people would clamor for a movie at this point. Normally, shows get revived on the big screen when they DIDN'T get a chance to end on good terms. Crowdfunding sort of makes sense because FNL always struggled financially with its relatively small audience, so maybe this is another case where the studio is looking for proof that people are still interested. Otherwise... yeah. Seems weird.
    Fans of this show are super passionate. I suspect this will do well.
  • Xerxexx
    Peter Berg's film was great...this will hopefully be as good.
  • How much? And When? I'm ready with a few bucks. Let's get these guys back on the screen!
    • How much? None. Give them no money. They have 240 million dollars. They don't need your money.
  • Elli TheKingOfB'way
    No, it's wrong! Either one of those men has enough money to finance this. Why they need fans to shell out money is beyond me.
    • yes exactly. Their total net worth is 240 million together. I don't think Brian Grazer who produces movies FOR A LIVING needs our 10 bucks up front.
  • I love this show. I wanted another season. BUT That said, they do NOT need to crowdfund the movie. If there was ever anyone who didn't need to crowdfund a movie it's these two. I get Veronica Mars... it has a niche audience and it's been off the air for years and probably wouldn't have gotten made any other way. But we already know that Zach Braff's film didn't need the crowd funding. Garden State was a huge hit, Scrubs does great in reruns and on netflix, AND we know he's already having most of the movie paid for with traditional backing. Now you have two academy award winners who's networth totals 240 million dollars and they're asking US for the money. I get the whole "it's safer if you have a built in audience" thing, but they don't need it. If they love this show, have a passion for it and want it to get made, they can just make it with little to no trouble. How much would a movie about high school football cost really? The original cost 30 million and had Billy Bob Thorton. I doubt the new movie would cost that considering the cast and the fact it's a TV spin off. No more studio crowd sourcing! They're fucking over the little guys.
    • I agree. They have enough movie to make a decent FNL movie. FNL requires no CGi, no large set pieces and whatnot. Fucking fund the movie your selfs. I much rather support the innovative, small indy film maker then these fat rich cats. Sorry.
  • hi hello
    Lame attempt to get free money from crowdfunding instead of investors... Zero risk. All rewards. Pocket any and all profits for 100years. When the crowds actually start owning a piece of the action is when things will get interesting.
  • Lgarcia87
    I agree people like Brian Graze and Ron, don't need the money we are just supporting the machine that is hollywood, and give the a free risk environment for them to send money how they please, Hollywood will never let the people be part of the action because, they will give you a voice and that will lead to having less control over the movie o and also as an example if they asked for 2 million for crowd funding, and they make over 50 million at the box office you will never get to see any part of the money, crowd funding was meant to help the struggling creative not the big stars that hollywood already has. If Ron howard and Brian graze believed enough in the project they will use their own money, but since they are getting old and their are new up and coming filmakers, they dont want to take the risk, so they rather just use our money
  • Earl Brown
    Sure would be interesting to see what they're giving as 'rewards.'
  • DMBfan41
    Excited!?!? Are you serious?!? Hells yes! My favourite series ever.
  • Martin_Naess




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