Channing Tatum Protects Jamie Foxx in 'White House Down' Trailer

March 26, 2013
Source: Moviefone

White House Down

The first look photos from the second White House threatened film, appropriately titled White House Down, showed Channing Tatum in plenty of danger, but also doing what heroes do best. While we're not really big fans of the posters for the film, this first trailer certainly gets us pretty damn pumped. Tatum is in full-on action form as he protects the President of the United States of America (Jamie Foxx) from a paramilitary group taking over the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This looks pretty bad ass, and doesn't really feel like a Roland Emmerich film. Plus, we can't wait to see Jason Clarke in the film as well. Watch!

Here's the first trailer for Roland Emmerich's White House Down, originally from Moviefone:

White House Down is directed by action mastermind Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Anonymous) from a screenplay written by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, The Losers, Zodiac). In the film, a Secret Service agent (Channing Tatum) is tasked with saving the life of the President of the United States of America (Jamie Foxx) after the White House is overtaken by a paramilitary group. It's said to be an action-thriller to rival the likes of Die Hard. Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Woods, Richard Jenkins and Jason Clarke also star in the film. Columbia Pictures will be bringing Emmerich's new action movie White House Down to theaters on June 28th, 2013 next summer.

White House Down - Tatum Poster

Above is the newest poster for Emmerich'sWhite House Down, found on IMP Awards after the trailer debut.

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  • zey
    Er, didn't we just Olympus Has Fallen...?
    • me
      nice try, you already knew there were two movies about the white house being taken over. don't pretend its the first time your'e on this site
    • me
      sorry bro, that was a dick move on my part , hopefully one of the site managers would remove my comment, i should respect people comments
      • TheGuv
        Haha classic you came to your senses.......4 hours later. Why the sudden change of heart in that time? Did u get high? Get some action? Have an epiphany? Respects for the apology anyways
        • me
          I returned to the site later to see if there were any new trailers or new news, and when i checked back on this page and saw the likes on my comment, I felt like those hardcore douchebag fan boys who post up mean crap because people don't agree with their fanfiction.I don't post up mean things on people comments, but this is actually a movie I am really looking forward to and I guess i was willing to defend the trailer and the movie.
      • zey
        Oh hey, no offense. I truly was baffled that there is a new movie coming out with the same plot as Olympus Has Fallen. Guess I don't check in here as much as others. Carry on...
  • Michael Fairbanks
    As much as I enjoyed "Olympus" this actually really grabbed me. Seems to have a little more atmosphere, and a LOT more production value, and I'm actually interested to see how Channing Tatum fares in this role.
  • Matthew
    I think it's fair to say everyone involved in Olympus understood as to be a hammy movie, whereas this is more serious so it's not fair to compare them but really how can you not given the plotlines.
  • 1997 Volcano movies, 1998 Asteroid movies, 2013 Overrun White House movies! YAY. I'll pick Dante's Peak, Armageddon, and White House Down as the better halves.
    • Aero027
      You stole my comment. I was thinking the same thing. We didn't have anything to fear in the late 90's so we were just making crap up. Now we're projecting our worst fears into these films. (I agree with your picks as well) However you did forget the 2010-11ish rash of "Friends with no Strings Attached" rom coms. Nothing really socially relevant about those films though. (Favorite out of the three was Friends with Benefits. Big Gluck fan)
      • The A Team / The Losers / The Expendables.
    • David Diaz
      Also in 1998 we had 2 animated bug films, in 2003- 2004, 2 under the sea animated films, in 2012, 2 Snow White films. There are more as well. A lot of film plots seem to come in pairs fairly often.
  • Guy who comments on things
    I wouldn't mention '2012' on the poster/ in the trailer... not...
    • Cody W
      Is it bad I read that last part of your comment in Stewies voice?
      It made a ton of money at the box office. So yeah, probably a GOOD idea to mention it.
  • JP
    Welp... I guess they make it out of the White House...
  • the_situasian
    The issue with most of Roland Emmerich's films is as the movie progresses, the set pieces get fewer and further inbetween, with less and less impressive effects. This feels like Day After Tomorrow or 2012 if you replaced the blizzards and earthquakes with guys with rocket launchers. I predict maybe one solid sequence early on, followed by some very mundane, cookie cutter action.
    • Aero027
      I agree. His movies always hit hard in the beginning and then nose dive in the end. The plot is always left naked in the open and exposed as a tighty whitey wearing nonsense clothed in CGI.
    • Cody W
      Thats true but there is a slight chance, Tatum and Foxx may have some good chemistry at least.
  • Xerxexx
    Definitely has the Die Hard feel to it...will check it out. Is Clarke the villain?
  • CGI porn.
  • I almost get excited.. then i remember, it's an Emmerich movie and i'm not from Unted States
    Tatum is a good actor. Quite a feat considering his face is as rigid as a corpse's c#nt.
  • This has the potential to be good but that was a god awful trailer
  • Cory Akan
    Olympus Has Fallen was a bad ass movie..and I guess they were smart coming out first because now that I see this trailer im so uninterested! it seems like such a similar plot and boring. Its likely gonna bomb..not like Olympus which is #2 in the US this weekend
  • Fox
    Mitch Rapp is gonna be pissed......
  • garrett
    not commenting on the movie portion of the trailer but just on the editing and overall composition of the trailer was horrible.
  • hi hello
    Big YAWN.
  • avi
    for all your cynical dudes out there who get an erection of sucking everything down by acting to be a intelligent movie critic and look down to simpel people like me! This looks like an emmerich movie and it's going to be fun to watch it!
  • John Doe
    The trailer's a lil overdone, but I liked it. I was waiting to see what hell this movie was gonna look like. Based on how over dramatic this trailer was, I'm willing to bet this is probably going be a much bigger draw than OHF was.
  • Stark
    It's kinda funny how they included Abraham quotes..."We Destroyed Ourselves"...when they know that its the truth!! They Know Who They Are...
  • Tim
    this could be really good.
  • WhoMe
    Chanting cant act to save Foxx's life, and CGI looks sh*t like from my coursework in 2nd grade 2d effects gone wrong, .... what else...
  • Neo
    Based on the trailers I would choose Olympus has fallen if I could only see one. That being said the plots are way to similar and the set pieces almost identical (plane getting hit my missile in both trailers) It just seems dumb to have these 2 months apart or even hav 2 movies
  • How is this different from Olympus has fallen?
  • Payne by name
    Why put him in a vest when that look is so iconic to John McClane?
  • David Banner
    So, a 7/10 ?
  • Clakr Ketn.
    Django in the oval office. Saved by an exotic dancer. Olympus have fallen, I meant White House down. Django is POTUS but without FOOTBALL nearby.
  • Jackmooney9
    This will be an awesome movie!




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