Dwayne Johnson Producing 'Teddy Bear' Adventure Based on a Drawing

January 23, 2013
Source: THR

Teddy Bear

Well, this is a new one. We've heard of movies based on other films, based on songs, and even based on board games, but how about a movie based on a simple drawing? According to THR, that's exactly what actor Dwayne Johnson has in mind, since the actor will produce and possibly star in a movie called Teddy Bear which is based on this drawing from artist Alex Panagopoulos. A tiny teddy bear with a wooden sword and shield protects a sleeping girl from a horrifying giant monster in the drawing, and Johnson and the folks at New Line Cinema think they could have a new family-friendly franchise. Read on!

The story details are being kept secret for now, but there isn't a writer or director attached at this point anyway. Beau Flynn (Requiem for a Dream) will produce alongside Johnson, continuing their relationship after they co-produced Journey 2: The Mysterious Island last year. There's no word yet on whether or not this will be animated or live action, but if we're going to speculate, I think it might work best as an animated project with Johnson providing the voice of the heroic bear.

I know that franchise potential is something the studios are always searching for, but isn't it kind of ludicrous that millions of dollars will be spent here on a movie based on a drawing? I'm a big Dwayne Johnson fan, but I'm disappointed that he's already considering going back to broad family films after such a short time back in badass action movies. If nothing else, we can hope that Teddy Bear will be better than his string of Disney films from a few years back.

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  • Moutchy
    Wow, as an illustrator myself, I find this story to be quite incredible! Cool stuff!
    • Scopedog
      Agreed. I'm also an illustrator, and I'm happy for Alex Panagopoulos. For this to happen for any artist is very rare.
  • OfficialJab
    You shouldn't be disappointed by him returning to family-friendly movies. It wasn't so much that Tooth Fairy was for families, it's that it was awful and a terrible idea. This isn't. I hope.
    Sounds promising.
  • ".. but isn't it kind of ludicrous that millions of dollars will be spent here on a movie based on a drawing? " A beautiful drawing that evokes more emotion than most things in theaters. If you cant see the potential then you have no imagination.
    • ProjectionistHP
      Agreed, everything is better than those sequels after sequels and remakes. Besides, this can be a really great idea that can go far...
      • ProjectionistHP
        ...and I can allready see a teddybear, that sounds like Dwayne, whoppin some monster-asses
        • Thexn
          monster CANDY-asses! He's gonna take that wooden sword, shine it up nice, turn that sum-bitch sideways and shove it straight up their candy-asses!
    • emagsamurai
      I agree that this drawing is more stirring and thought provoking than most of the movies you see these days. This would make a great premise for a book as well.
  • Xerxexx
  • cinemabandit
    No more ridiculous than a franchise based on the premise that a boys toys come to life when he's not there.
  • I like what I'm seeing here, The Rock. Just try not to work in the Scorpion King...
    • Scopedog
      Wonder if he'll put in the raised eyebrow though...
  • this is awesome. that drawing has so much meaning behind it. i only hope those who create the film bring that out of it as well
  • David Banner
    Awoooo, do'in stuff for the kids :)
  • Big Boss
    As a fellow illustrator, this gives me immeasurable hope beyond comprehension. Art is THAT powerful. Scripts are for sissies! lol
  • truong18
    that is a beautiful drawing, a teddy bear protecting a child from a monster. who wouldn't pay to see that.
  • Rubix
    This will be tricky since the "Stuff of Legend" comic series is in talks to be adapted and kind of has the same premise.
  • Thexn
    The idea that a child's beloved companion comes alive once they're asleep to defend their dreams against the stuff of nightmares. What's not to love about that concept? If this had come down the pipes from Pixar people would be lining up to plunk down their money for a ticket. I say let's see where this goes. That inspiration can come from a simple image speaks to the imagination of the human soul.
  • yup
    I remember posting this drawing on my fb maybe 4-6 months ago? I actually had the same idea. THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE so I disagree with you thinking it's ludicrous. All ideas come from the same place - the mind. Before it was a drawing it was an idea or concept just like any other movie made in Hollywood. Stoked to see this. Hopefully it's live action done in the vein of TED.
  • mooreworthy
    Good for him. Sure, his disney aren't exactly the best, though I did like the football flick, he isn't afraid of failing. That's why he gets my respect. And the drawing is so going on my pintrest board!
  • Chris
    I love it. And I guess I'm one of the few people who actually enjoys The Rock in "family friendly" films. I even liked him in Tooth Fairy.
  • Quite a few regular posters here are illustrators, that's cool. Howd did he actually see the image? I do seem to remember it floating around on Tumblr. Or do they have folk scanning deviantart for ideas now too? Hopefully he'll get a good amount of money for the rights.
    • Scopedog
      I believe the artwork was posted on Deviantart, so that's where it was spotted (but I didn't know that Johnson checks out the site). In any case, this is a big deal, and yeah, I hope the artist gets some serious dough for the rights. Hope this turns out to be good.
  • Jay
    The picture reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus. Shadow of the Colossus is a game where you're this little person but you have to take on these giant colossal monsters to wake this girl up. HIs movie's already been made in video game form




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