Evan Goldberg Thinks 'This is The End' Sequel is Entirely Possible

June 26, 2013
Source: ScreenDaily

This is The End

If you haven't seen the apocalyptic comedy This is The End from writers and directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, you'll probably want to stop reading right now, because there's no avoiding spoilers when talking about sequel potential. ScreenDaily recently sat down with Goldberg and struck up a conversation about a sequel to the film which has proven to be quite the R-rated comedy success after pulling in just over $60 million after a little over two weeks in theaters, and that's on a $31 million film. So when asked about the possibility of follow-up, Goldberg said, "If you ask me, I’d say there’s a good chance of sequel.” Read on!

However, the co-writer and co-director followed up, "If you ask Seth [Rogen], he’d say no. So, we’ll see.” A sequel seems unlikely only because at the end of the film, nearly all of the main characters are dead, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel finally gain entry into heaven, meet up with their friend Craig Robinson, and partake in a jam session with The Backstreet Boys. It's hilariously ridiculous, and it makes for some hearty laughter. So if Goldberg thinks a sequel is a likely possibility, just where could the story go from there?

Well, in what sounds like a really interesting approach, the story that features Rogen, Baruchel and Robinson playing versions of themselves alongside James Franco, Jonah Hill and Danny McBride would get a whole lot more meta. Goldberg explains, “We actually talked about doing a sequel where it starts at the premiere of This is the End. Seth’s a cokehead in this version, Michael Cera is a calm dude with a boyfriend, Rihanna and The Backstreet Boys are back." So This is The End would actually be a feature film as opposed to a "real" story, but that's just the start. We're not sure where things would go next.

Goldberg also says, “We have a lot of ideas: a heaven and hell, for example, and a garden of Eden version where Danny [McBride] is Adam.” That's pretty vague, but the fact that Rogen and Goldberg discussed some potential plotlines sounds promising. Though they could have just talked about it while they were smoking weed one day. The real hurdle is getting that kind of cast together again and Goldberg mentions, "We lucked out that they were all available. I honestly don’t know if we could get the guys together.” We won't hold our breath, but a This is The End sequel could be pretty fun. Thoughts?

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  • Brian Sleider
    I dont care what it is "This is the End" was fucking funny and I would go see another. A perfect stoner comedy. I did think the demon chase scene just before Jonahs exorcism went on .longer than needed and slowed the whole movie down but after that part it picked right back up.
    YEah. A self aware sequel would be cool.
  • lewinston
    I kind of just want sequel to contain a "meanwhile" story. I kind of want to know what's happening at the Will Farrell household.
  • Eric D.
    A sequel? No! This movie was best as its own. Now a movie based on the same timeline with what happened outside of Franco's house would be great. Then side characters from the first movie could be added... like we see Emma Watson again and maybe if she goes to heaven or hell? See Channing Tatum turn into a slave b*tch (LOL)!
  • Dubz
    I Think They Should Get Different Actors To Show How THEY Got Out And Into Heaven Just A Different Storyline.. Maybe Add Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Mark Walberg..And A Few Others..
  • Henry
    One word: Reincarnation.
  • Mack
    They should make a sequel where Seth and jay feel really bad for Franco and Johan so they travel to hell to rescue them and they find out Danny McBride has taken over hell.
    • Rod
      Call it, This the End: To Hell and Back The three go to Hell on a mission from God, gather an army of lost souls to defeat Satan's new Army led by McBride. Franco, Cera even Tatum get a chance at redemption when they join forces with God's three angels. Tons of cameos, celebrities in hell suffering uniquely, like Kobe but hole being used as a basket for an infinite line of wba players slam dunk on him. Just an idea... Good idea Mack, tons of funny possibilities.
  • Josh
    They should start completely over; not as a continuation of the first, but a completely different apocalyptic event such as zombies! I think that would be hilarious, someone please recommend doing a zombie theme to them.
  • Matt Bennett
    Seth jay and Craig sent back to earth by god to be warriors and absolve and punish demons and surviving humans. But the twist is when one of the guys misses what he once knew of their ruined earth and starts acting maliciously and doing things to be kicked out of heaven. Maybe he takes over hell. And maybe Danny gets super religious.
  • Juan Diaz
    They should make one called this is our end where there is a phsyco killer in a party done by a famouse celeb and they stay stuck in a super locked valt full of food and water
  • Lee
    Anything would be good with these characters they are awesome and another film, maybe a sequel, should be made now everyone likes the characters everyone will see the new film and tell friends about it so even more people will see it so more money too be made as well.
  • Ray Felch
    no it does not ned a sequel




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