Exclusive: Paul W.S. Anderson is Definitely Directing 'Resident Evil 6'

March 13, 2013

Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich

News broke not too long ago from Bloody Disgusting that Screen Gems was planning a September 12th, 2014 release for Resident Evil 6, another sequel in the video game film franchise. However, at the time there weren't any details as to whether or not Paul W.S. Anderson would be returning to direct yet again. Now we have confirmed that Anderson will indeed be back to direct the sixth installment of the franchise, which doesn't yet have a catchy subtitle. In addition, Milla Jovovich will certainly be back, and for those who saw Resident Evil: Retribution, the conclusion of the film basically made that a no brainer. Read on!

Anderson plans to start shooting Resident Evil 6 this fall. The Mr X visual effects house, who was responsible for all the movie magic you saw in the most recent sequel along with the other sequels Apocalypse and Afterlife, not to mention Anderson's Three Musketeers will return to do VFX work on the new project. Though the film wasn't exactly a runaway hit, the film pulled in just over $221 million worldwide, and that's enough for a sequel. Anderson has said that he had plans for a new trilogy that began following Afterlife, so maybe this will be the last Resident Evil movie? We'll have to wait and see.

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  • OfficialJab
    Can we please have a few words with him before he makes this one?
  • I liked RE4, but RE5 was terrible. They need to focus on linear storytelling rather than jumping all over the place between timelines, places, and characters.
  • Damn :(
  • If Anderson is back in the director's chair, can we at least get something more 'Event Horizon', less 'Soldier'?
    • pickle t1ts
      Exclusive: Pickle t1ts is vomiting.
    • Phil
      I love Soldier lol ūüėÄ Seriously, when he picks those guys off one by one...never seen that done as well or as interestingly in any other movie than First Blood. Speaking of which, why the hell didn't they leave that as a standalone movie?! Also...and on a less critiquey level: Connie Nielson..uh! And Sean Pertwee, who's always excellent. And kicks ass in this. I thought Kurt was great too, but I know some people don't like him. I always loved his acting.
  • Cody W
    I would rather 10 Michael Bay films than 1 film by this sad excuse for a director.
    • $126191
      I cannot dispute your logic there.
    • Cody W
      Well there in the same league, but at least Bay films have some fun stuff to look at.
    • JL
      I've been very displeased with his work, too, but if this franchise had gone to Uwe Boll, it could have been much worse.
    • Phil
      Then your taste in film truly sucks ass. As does the taste of the ten people who thumbed up your shitty comment. Michael Bay couldn't make a movie as well as Anderson if his life depended on it. Has he ever written and directed a movie as cool as Event Horizon? Or $hopping? No. Know why? Cause he can't. How about a movie as tight as AVP? No. They made the mistake of giving the sequel to two other hipsters (like your Bay)...the result? A film with more "Man Obviously In A Alien Suit" shots than EVERY Alien film ever made combined. AVP? None of that shit goes on. Not one shot. Not even Ridley managed that. And Anderson DID use plenty of footage of Tom Woodruff Jnr. in the Alien suit too. Know why you can't tell? Cause Paul WS Anderson is a frickin highly skilled film maker who knows how to put a film together. The guy is seriously smart. Unlike Michael Bay. He knows how to edit a film, as well as write one and direct one. Michael Bay is just a sleeping-jive talkin' MF with less film making talent than *I* have in my little toe nail.
  • OMG DUDE WTF, can't they finally give this to someone who can dierect and make a decent Resident Evil movie, Unbelievable just unbelievable
  • Pretty loose term to call Anderson directing.
  • Danny Cannon should have directed more films.
  • truong18
    why dont they just reboot this shitty franchise, and get a new director and actor
    • Ya big time, The game itself has a much better storyline, i don't understand why they stray so far from it.
    • RTurek
      Because clearly they're making a ton of money (seriously foreign numbers are ridiculous) and just happy with the direction they've been taking. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    • There are plans for the series to re-boot after releasing this final sixth film. Although I enjoyed Retribution as a stand-alone action film, it completely destroyed and basically rendered all of Alice's achievements in Afterlife as worthless and the film's events achieved nothing for the greater narrative, aka. saving the world/humanity. Nonetheless, I'm sure Alice & co will head back down to the Hive to discover some kind of cure or means to destroy the undead once and for all.
    • Phil
      Cause Capcom want Paul at the helm - it's that frickin simple. They trust him with their baby. No Paul. No live action Resident Evil films. He may not have directed all 6...but he's written and produced all six. And been on set for all six as they were being filmed. He's also constantly in touch with Capcom and visits their HQ before and during breaks in production, for each production.
  • John
    These movies are terrible. I love how everyone that posts on here says that indie movies are boring, but the minute any sort of super hero or video game movie pops up you start foaming from the mouth like rabid animals.
  • Carlo
    And not a f*ck is given.
    • ... and that's why you had to comment on this ūüėČ
  • Why?
  • Nielsen700
    What a scoop!
  • Tester
    yes because this has made a huge difference in all the previous installments he has directed !!
  • Ciaran
    The early R:E films weren't high art, but they were oddly enjoyable for what they were. However the last one was truly, truly awful. They are just making this shit up as they go now. I hate it when studios milk a 'franchise' to death.
    • Phil
      Paul WS Anderson never makes things up as he goes along. Trust me, that dude has a plan.
  • Isildur_of_Numenor
    Never thought they would make six of these. But that was way back when I thought the world to be a nice and honest place. Now I can see them reach the dozen. But as long as there is an audience for these films (and the box office revenues show there is) why not? Right?...
  • News no se rompi√≥ hace mucho tiempo desde Bloody Disgusting que Screen Gems estaba planeando un 12 de septiembre 2014 lanzamiento de Resident Evil 6, otra secuela de la saga de pel√≠culas de v√≠deo juego. Sin embargo, en el momento en que no hab√≠a ninguna informaci√≥n en cuanto a si o no Paul WS Anderson iba a volver a dirigir una vez m√°s. Ahora hemos confirmado que efectivamente Anderson volver√° a dirigir la sexta entrega de la franquicia, que a√ļn no cuenta con un subt√≠tulo pegadiza. Adem√°s, Milla Jovovich sin duda volveremos, y para los que vieron Resident Evil: Retribution, la conclusi√≥n de la pel√≠cula, b√°sicamente, hizo que un pan comido. ¬°Sigue leyendo! Anderson tiene previsto comenzar el rodaje de Resident Evil 6 en el oto√Īo. El Sr. X de efectos visuales casa, que era responsable de toda la magia de la pel√≠cula que viste en la secuela m√°s reciente junto con el Apocalipsis secuelas otro y el m√°s all√°, por no mencionar Tres Mosqueteros de Anderson volver√° a hacer el trabajo de VFX en el nuevo proyecto. Aunque la pel√≠cula no fue precisamente un √©xito de la pel√≠cula tirado en poco m√°s de $ 221 millones en todo el mundo, y eso es suficiente para una secuela. Anderson ha dicho que √©l ten√≠a planes para una nueva trilog√≠a que comenz√≥ a seguir m√°s all√°, as√≠ que tal vez esta sea la √ļltima pel√≠cula de Resident Evil? Tendremos que esperar y ver
  • RTurek
    You're crediting the wrong site for breaking the release news scoop.
  • Maybe I've been disconnected from this for too long, but the real headline to me is "There have been 6 Resident Evil movies."
  • dcock
    why do i still watch this crap?? even though i know its gna be kaka
  • ZombiesMy@$$
    These Resident Evil movies need to get scrapped up.....seriously. Even The Walking Dead is much better and its a series, this is a movie that doesn't put in the effort to even make realistic zombies...forget about the story. pfff, its waste of time really.
    • Phil
      They aren't traditional, plain old "zombies". Umbrella keeps experimenting further.
  • Guy who comments on things
    Someone please make it stop. If it wasn't for Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter, RE5 would have... Actually you know what? RE5 was the worst film I have seen in YEARS... YEARS!!!
    • Res Evil 5 the video game is actually really good , its too bad the movies don't follow the game more closely
    • Ricky Cross
      Finally someone with sense !
    • Phil
      One word. Riddick. Now that mo...I'm sorry, I can't even call that travesty a movie. What a spit in the face to Riddick fans. At least Paul respects the fans...seems Vin and Twohy don't :o/
  • ... awesome! But he better develop a better story this time. Retribution seemed was little more than a teaser or a prologue for the "epic finale"
    • Phil
      I hear what you're saying. I'm basically taking Retribution as part 1 of a epic movie. That seems to me to be the feeling it has. Once I realised that, I felt better about things lol. So it's like a 5 part story, but the final part is an epic 3 hour piece. Guess time'll tell.
  • millafans
    milla is always best,but her husband..... i dont like his films,plz have a new directer to reboot this fanchise!
    • Whats Milla gonna do if she doesn't have Res Evil movies to act in anymore?? They both found a nice cooshy little spot with these movies. Probably neither of them even played a Res Evil game till they got the option to act and direct.
      • Phil
        Wrong. Paul was a huge fan of the games and played them loads before he got anywhere near the FIRST movie. And Capcom gave him their blessing on all the movies. So if you don't know what you're talking about kindly stop spreading hate on the man just cause you ain't got Milla to wake up to every day.
  • lovemilla
    plz bring k mart and redfields back!!!the fina battle !they must reunion!cause thet are A BIG FAMILY!!!!!!!
  • max
    He is the best at makeing RE movies and the RE movies are the best ever made. Can wait tell the next one.
    • JL
    • Ricky Cross
      Not sure if troll or incredibly stupid
  • JaceeMallow
    Why not Zack Snyder? Anyway, I'll still watch it, is it gonna be Resident Evil 6 Rebellion?
    • Phil
      Please no, Snyder would ruin it imho.
  • Love the films would prefer it if anderson stepped down but keep Milla she's awesome can do her own stunts great at acting she's a great RE character
  • I love all the resident evil movie. They are not all basic on the video games I like that because that would make me fall asleep. I wish paul would make at lease 4 more. That way he would have time to come back to where it all started and not hurry and give us a hurry resident evil movie and this way he can return to it down the road if he ever wanted. And to all the haters stop your bitching and just play the game don't leave your ps3 your wii or xbox because this is the land of the free and if you don't like something don't watch it. I myself love these movies and can't wait for more just started watching it on blu ray to get ready again...
    • Ricky Cross
      If Paul Anderson makes another four of these monstrosities I'll personally cut his fucking heart out
  • Soren Mason
    A storyline for RE: 6 on facebook page (Resident Evil 6: Afterbirth/Armageddon) is posted. It's sublime. The last journey of Alice is divided into two parts. The part 1 is available to all the viewers and the part 2 is soon and will be release before July 2013. The storylines are really have substance. Don't miss it. Hoping that this will be somehow implemented for the movie.
  • Marc Sch
    The storyline in Resident Evil movies started out excellent in 1, got bullshit in 2, recovered in 3 and then went downhill to absolute junk. Real shame. I used to love Resident Evil.
  • Thomas Rius
    On a page from Facebook (Resident Evil 6: Afterbirth/Armageddon) there are storylines which are incredible. I had read all of it and it was sublime especially the last part of it. For me if some of it shall be implemented for the real movie, the film will be rebooted and never to forgotten. I wish someone knows and has contact to Sir Paul WS. Anderson and tell him to visit the page on Facebook. The author of the page assured that usage of his work is okay. I think he is a big big fan of RE. Thank you.
    • MildManneredReporter
      my god stop posting your shitty fan fiction in the comments. jesus you want me to believe you arent the same person but you basically wrote the same paragraph over and over? fuck off
  • Trom Ursa
    Part 1 and part 2 strylines were shared at The storylines were very long but it is worth reading them. fans will have somne jaw drop if it is implemented for the movie.
  • Gurukasta Kaj
    RE6-Part 1 link download---- RE6-Part 2 link download---- MASAYANG MAG_SHARE!!!




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