First Look: Edgar Wright Gives a Sneak Peek from the 'Ant-Man' Set

October 2, 2013
Source: Edgar Wright


After completing The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy with The World's End this past summer, director Edgar Wright is wasting no time getting back behind the camera. As everyone knows by now, the director of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is taking on Marvel's Phase Three film Ant-Man. The film was teased at Comic-Con a couple years ago with a special effects test, but since then a leading man to play the title character has not been announced, and we've been unsure as to when the film would begin production. Well, today Wright posted a photo showing he's working on the film, but what does this mean?

Edgar Wright wrote, "Now I'm back in LA, it's high time to finish a little something I've been working on…"


As you can see, that photo is from the set of Ant-Man, and the suit is very similar to the one featured in the video show at Comic-Con (if you can't find an illegal version online, here's a storyboard version from a fan). However, is the actor playing Ant-Man actually in that suit, or is this just a special effects test? Simon Pegg trolled the Internet with a photo from Marvel not too long ago, and we're doubting he'll end up in the role, so just who will end up being Wright's leading man? If the director is already busy behind the scenes, hopefully an announcement is coming soon. Ant-Man arrives in theaters everywhere on July 31st, 2015.

UPDATE: We've been told this image from Edgar Wright is actually from when he was working on the clip shown at Comic-Con. Wright is not currently filming Ant-Man, but is likely back in Los Angeles for pre-production. Hopefully that means we get some casting announcements soon. Carry on.

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  • Xerxexx
    Give it to Anton Yelchin or Ben Foster...BEN FOSTER!!!! PLEASE!!!!!
    • Fidel Reyes
      That would be a good casting choice.
    • EBob Geisert II
      That's actually not a bad choice.
  • Chris Groves
    I'm excited at the prospect of this movie.
  • Such heroic nonsense
    Ant man and The Tick battle to the death. Im going for The Tick.
    • Brian Sleider
      With a battle cry like "SPOOOOOOOOOOOON" how could The Tick lose?
      • Such heroic nonsense
    • EBob Geisert II
      The Tick IS nigh invulnerable....
  • Ron
    I think he just meant to say he started pre-production of Ant-Man and not actually started shooting it....
  • Chris Skalicky
    Probably a post credit scene for Cap 2.
    • Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods
      That is a good theory
  • nate
    That looks too much like Iron Man's title.
    • It's a fanmade title treatment.
    • Fidel Reyes
      I wouldn't mind if that were the case though, the title looks pretty good like that (even if it's fan made).
  • nomad82
    ANT MAN???? REALLY???? apparently this is the best H'wood can do these days ... guess I'll save my money for Maggot Man and his trusty sidekick, Cockroach Boy....
    • TheShadowmaster
      You would be perfect for the role of "Constipated Flea Brain Man."
    • Josef Saltpeppaketchup Woods
      (sigh) OK First: Ant-Man is a HUGE part of the Marvel universe and more importantly the Avengers, which I'm sure by now you know theyre doing an entire avengers based firm universe. Don't try to seem cool because you dont know anything its completely fine. And Second: .....H'wood? Ew...
    • EBob Geisert II
      I get it. Funny. You must be one of the writers for the new Arsenio Hall show...
  • Hopefully they don't cast any of these young shucks!
  • Luke Hanna
    Its Ben Affleck,,,,,
  • CComry
    No normal person wants to see this garbage. It will bomb, guaranteed. We are on the down slope of the super hero movie era. It had to end sometime.
    • Steven
      I got to agree. I love what Marvel is doing, but while I know some of the characters this one eludes me and I fear the same could be said for most moviegoers. I very much doubt Ant Man will get a huge draw and something on the Hulk would have got a bigger draw.
      • Joshua N
        Remember, Iron-Man was considered a B-lister and largely unknown when they made his first movie. Wait and see.
        • Steven
          I hope my fears are proved wrong, it's just that Ant Man doesn't grab me as powerful as the title Iron Man.
          • Joshua N
            True enough. Can't argue that it's a bit of a silly moniker but honestly it's no worse than Batman or Spider-Man. I think we all just have stronger references when it comes to those guys.
          • CComry
            Exactly my point: stronger references. Batman is an icon. Even people who hate comic books get pumped for a new Batman film. This new Marvel flick just won't conjure the images for the general public that Batman and Spiderman do. The studio is looking for another smash. This isn't it. They need to lay off the superhero movies for a while, and then, just like Nolan did, after a few years some visionary director will do something fresh.
          • Joshua N
            That's also my point. Iron-Man was considered a huge risk in terms of a bankable movie since he was largely unknown outside of genre fans. And while I consider those movies to be entertaining but ultimately kinda meh they are enormously successful. If Ant-Man has a magnetic lead and a good script I think it can work. And I like Wright as a director. I'm confident he can put together an entertaining hero flick. Will it be the next Iron-Man in terms of success/popularity? Probably not. But I doubt it'll be pure trash. Also I don't actually think Marvel is considering Ant-Man their next breakaway hit. As I understand it in the interest of expanding their cinematic universe they wanted to explore some more of their lesser known characters(which as a comic geek I'm all for). This looks for my money to be just such an attempt. And personally I hope they keep expanding their cinematic universe. Sure there are bound to be some lemons but this whole Marvel movie juggernaut is something I've been wanting to see since I was a wee lad of 7.
          • bfg666
            The next step I'd like them to take this juggernaut to is more cameos by other heroes, just like it happens in the comics, if only to see them flying by in the background. Also trans-studio deals, so that we can see the Spidey/Wolvie love-hate relationship or a Thing/Hulk showdown.
          • Joshua N
            That gets a big amen from me.
          • bfg666
            They need to lay off the superhero movies for a while?! You're aware that's all Marvel does, right?
          • EBob Geisert II
            I don't know how you can say this with such certainty. Have you read the script? Have you seen the film? Do you know what their plans for promoting the film are going to be? How are they going to get it into the public consciousness? It could end up being amazing.
      • bfg666
        They already tried that twice and they failed. Twice. I doubt they have the will to give the Hulk a third chance at a solo outing for now. An originally founding member of the Avengers that many fans have begged for, with odd powers that no-one has seen on screen yet, however...
    • Joshua N
      I totally disagree. 1 - There's absolutely no reason to call it garbage before a single scene has even been shot. Unless you happen to have prognosticating abilities beyond those of mortal men that is.(in which case I'm jealous) 2 - Edgar Wright is a very fun and talented film-maker. 3 - Ant-Man is an original Avenger and a complex and interesting character and honestly no more a household name than Iron-Man was when he got his first flick.(hell Iron-Man was considered even by Marvel to be a B-Lister at the time) 4 - While I don't particularly love all the Marvel movies I don't consider any of them to be outright trash. I think they'll keep it together. Besides they've built something so big and as of yet unseen in the world of film that everyone who's already devoted to the series will want to at least check it out. Now while I would never consider myself "normal" I will say it's one of the upcoming Marvel flicks I'm most excited for.
      • CComry
        Then I would say you're in the minority. The majority of the movie going public don't care about Ant-man any more than they care about the Flash or Martian Manhunter. I'm not trying to belittle anyone's interests. I'm just pointing out the fact that most people care about a select few super heros. And I disagree about Iron Man. Tons people were pumped for the first film (I think all three have been flat and "eh" to watch). Most people have no clue who Ant Man is.
        • bfg666
          And you don't seem to have a clue what "normal" people are, nor what most of them think. Actually, please define normal. Fact is, people love superhero movies when they're done right, without especially knowing in advance who the hero is. Do you think most of the general audience knew who Thor was before the movie? Or Watchmen or Kick-Ass for that matter? The people who care about the heroes beforehand are the fans and they're a minority among the total audience. Also, the last two Marvel movies were their highest grossing, it's hardly symptomatic of a genre on a downslope...
        • ShelbyJ
          dude, yuo eat canned luncheon meat for work time meal hour right? then don't tell us. what is the resale value of the furniture you keep in your home? zero right?
          • EBob Geisert II
            I don't know what this post means, but I am intrigued by your world view.
        • EBob Geisert II
          I think people were pumped for the first Iron Man because it was promoted like crazy for more than a year prior to it's release, it was the first big-budget Marvel release and it was the return of RDJ to a major starring role. Not because the common movie viewer was clamoring to see an Iron Man movie.
    • mooreworthy
      Its like saying romance comedies are on its way out because of some bad films. It is here to stay; with thousands of characters and over 75 years of storylines, cmon. Who knew of Blade? As someone said earlier, Iron Man was a B-lister before his movie came out. Folks are going to either complain that Marvel overuses the same characters or introduce s characters that the general audience won't recognize. But to say it will decline and fade away is premature in my opinion, but I do respect your opinion and it was worth reading and commenting, a point for you.
      • CComry
        Most rom-coms are terrible and go barely noticed. See my point?
        • mooreworthy
          Will they ever gross 300 million? No, and they won't be noticed by fanboys, but try telling that to my wife or thousands of other women (and possibly some men) who might not pay box office price but might redbox ot or watch it 100 times on lifetime. hollywood spits out a Nicholas Sparks like every year. I do believe they are getting stale for you, but for me, who has collected since the 80's, its fantastic to see technology almost catch up to my comic daydreams.
      • BKBorn1
        Im not sure most people knew Blade was a superhero. I think they thought it was a cool vampire movie.
      • Umney
        I knew Blade, hell, my dad knew Blade and he hadn't read comics regularly since the Thing boxed that blue alien dude.
    • Prof. Bananas Goldsteinberg
      Being one of my favorite comic book characters, I'm pretty excited for this movie.
    • ShelbyJ
      What are talking about.. you are the one.. you're him.
  • Troy Saling
    remember how important Ant-man is to the marvel universe...creator of ultron (avengers 2). He also is quirky, has some bizarre super powers, and is in very good hands with the director. It will be big.
    • bfg666
      Whedon has already said his Ultron won't be Pym's creation. He's apparently going for the somewhat too obvious (for a guy like Whedon) route of an Iron Man/Jarvis related origin.
      • Troy Saling
        Already know this - just going b y original story to show importance of ant-man to marvel universe
      • Mickey Logan
        How does a butler have an "origin"?
        • bfg666
          Please read my comment again, Mickey.
  • cobrazombie
    I just hope it has a different look and feel and tone to all the other comic book movies around at the moment. They're starting to homogenize.
  • bfg666
    No, we can't see that photo is from the set of Ant-Man. There's no photo.
  • insipid2000
    This movie is gonna bomb hard, sure theres a super hero craze going on but thats gonna die out. The general audience has no damn idea who Ant Man is and will not pay money to see it
    • Carlucho
      Paris Hilton would be better at least she would make $100 like her last movie not the porno lol
    • mrsatyre
      I know exactly who he is and have zero interest in seeing it.
  • Musikonica
    Is that.... That Ant Man movie title image up top... Why the hell is it an only modified version of the Iron Man logo's font?? Maybe condensed, and the N is sure modified, but that's pretty damn close. I hope they're not sticking with that for the movie. I like the font, but it's Iron Man. Not Ant Man.
    • Carlucho
  • Carlucho
    I will call it now Antman will be the worst movie since Paris Hilton in waxworks lol
    • Bill Wolford
      thats House of Wax........lolololololololollololollololololololollo....idiot.
      • Brian
        Point proven and then destroyed by you. It's so bad nobody knows the name, nobody that gets the joke at least.
    • jake481
      Waxworks was awesome and Paris Hilton wasn't in it. Edgar Wright and Paul Rudd? This movies going to be great. I couldn't care less if its a hit, but there's no way it's going to suck.
  • SuperD
    The Bronze Age comic books are always better than the movies. This character should have been saved for Avengers 2 and this movie will flop - Honey I Shrunk The Superhero.
  • ItsAnt
    My only question is will The Wasp be in this film. How can you have an Ant-Man movie without his love interest, partner, and also an original Avenger. IDK what the script is about but I certainly hope she at least is introduced somehow.
    • Patrick Longworth
      Ant Man didn't always have the Wasp as his partner.
  • DaBUU
    Brian Fantana is going to be Ant-Man, great casting, inspired.
    • SAK68
      How does your prognosticating talent work?
      • DaBUU
        I'm from the future
  • SoCritical
    I am a true Marvel fan but don't do Ant-Man.. its going to bomb... I think Black Panther would be a better movie with his Marvel friends the Avengers. I'm going to go even farther and say do the young Avengers "Next Avengers", that would be a great movie with millions of fans going to watch.. Need I come aboard and show you guys how to do it
    • Aaron Johnson
      Incorrect and unwarranted. Marvel and Kevin Fiege have never dropped the ball on the Marvel franchise since "Iron Man" and they have'nt done anything to make the fans wary. Everyone thought Captain America" would bomb and didn't. Everyone thought "Incredible Hulk" would bomb and didn't. Trust me when I say every marvel property going into Phase 2 is going to be a box office gold, Ant-Man included.
      • Mopo
        I saw every movie in the universe up until Thor 2. They kinda lost me there as the first was meh. I didn't like the first Cap movie, will need some awesome hype for me to get up to see that one. This is just how I feel, but as someone who is a comic book movie fan, I think the huge box office numbers are unrepresentative of how Phase Two is going to play out.
      • EBob Geisert II
        I would overall agree...but I personally (and i DO mean personally) think that they screwed up with their handling of the Mandarin. It doesn't matter because IM3 made a fortune. But they also must agree because the rumor is that they are working on a short where they will explain the Mandarin thing away.
      • SoCritical
        Trust me, it will be the lowest gross Marvel movie ever.. Worst than the 1st Thor and I am a Huge Thor Fan... Just wait and see what I tell you. I haven't been wrong yet...
  • Mark Johnson
    I can't take the name, original comic hero, or that costume seriously. Whether the movie is well-made or not, I'm calling a box-office flop.
  • ShelbyJ
    i like the thought of this broadening the conceptual expectation. he's not the same as other heroes. there is strength and weakness in him, and his dynamics have much to do with his person as the regular guy.
  • stpetersburg
    I'm tired of Marvel movies. They're mainly a waste like watching wrestling with more talk than action. Enough with making the heroes so human that they get boring.
    • TheGamerBeast
      please shut up go masturbate
  • shane willett
    Marvel Zombies with a Rated "R" please .........
  • Jan
    I loved the comics when I was a kid and in general have enjoyed most marvel and some dc superhero movies = I don't think Ant Man will be a failure - For one there is already a built in audience of comic book fans and then you have the curious and then, if the movie is good and enjoyable, you have word of mouth and of course with some of Marvels recent successes those that saw some of those movies and enjoyed them (comic book fans or not) will probably be intrigued enough by the And man movie to go and see it. The real danger is a bad script and bad direction but somehow I don't think that will happen, at least I hope not. There are other lesser known characters in the DC and Marvel range as well as some other characters from other comic book brands (IE: Creeper (DC) The Atom (DC) Eclipso (DC villain) The Fly (Other - not the horror movie) Thunder Agents (Other) and a whole host of lesser know characters some of which that may make good movies - There is also a character known as Spider (not sure but he may have been "The Hotspur comic book" A villain who starts battling with villains. (NP: The Spider is not spider- man) - I think this character has great movie potential and he has probably not been heard of by many.
  • sooverit
    I don't know. Seems like other Marvel properties would've been less risky. I'm guessing he'll have a big role in Avengers 3 or something.
  • Anonymoose
    Hank Pym. The man perfectly fitted to be a mad scientist yet determined to be a superhero. And gets more flak than anyone else for hitting their wife in what the artist said was Intentionally Overdone. Reed Richards did it! Of course, in most other universes he is a horrible, horrible man with a cosmic cube and a grudge, but still, others did it too! Yet Hank Pym gets hit (Ha. Ha. Ha.) for it than anyone else. Poor Pym. Poor, Pitiful, Pym.
  • Patrick Longworth
    To all the naysayers: just because nobody has seen or heard of Ant Man doesn't mean the film will tank. Marvel knows what it is doing promotions wise, if not when it comes to filming complete and diverse films. Fans of Ant Man, I'd wage I am not the only one, will see the film and some non-fans may see it out of curiosity. As I recall, I had never heard of the Watchmen prior to seeing the film but I took a chance on the film - Hollywood being so dismally repetitive that I'll often jump at the chance to see something new/original - and though it is far from my favorite hero film it was exciting and interesting etc.




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