Gavin Hood Posts Enthusiastic 'Ender's Game' Update + Quick Tease

March 24, 2013
Source: Tumblr

Ender's Game

Warning: Null G Beyond This Point. Oh it's time! We're finally the long-awaited week where we're going to see some upcoming 2013 movies revealed, starting with Ender's Game, one of my most highly anticipated sci-fi movies arriving this November. We've only seen a few photos so far, but director Gavin Hood has taken to their official Tumblr blog to post an update - and a quick tease at the new poster. The image seen above (in full on Facebook) is the first tiny glimpse at what we're going to see on the poster this week. From that shot, it looks like we'll see Ender from behind looking into the zero G battle room. Which I'm dying see.

Here's the update on Tumblr from director Gavin Hood, where he talks about how great it's looking so far:

Hello fellow Ender's Game fans. It's been four years since I first began writing a screenplay based on the classic novel. I love the book. And I especially love the character of Ender Wiggin. I was drafted into an army myself at 17, and Ender's journey of self discovery - his battles with authority figures he does not trust and his development as a leader - are themes I strongly relate to.

Without exception, every person who works on this wonderful film brings more than just skill to the table. They bring passion. Like me, they are huge fans of this story: of its unique environments, its amazing characters and its great, timeless themes.

We are now well into post production and the famous zero gravity battle room scenes are looking fantastic. We started a year ago by sending our talented young actors off to a "space camp" to train under the guidance of real NASA astronauts. They learned to move in zero gravity environments and experienced the wonderful feeling of weightlessness. Mix in some truly incredible visual effects work and today we are looking at battle room scenes that will blow your mind!

Tomorrow you will get your very first look at the battle room with the reveal of the teaser poster on Yahoo! Movies. For now, enjoy a small tease of Ender's feet at the gate! I wish I could show you more, but with just over six months to go before our Nov 1 release date, the poster will at least give you a small glimpse of what we are working towards.

It will be best to wait until the effects are finished before we can be overly critical, but I am still very excited for whatever they show us. I love that he mentions "battle room scenes that will blow your mind" because I've been hearing that exact buzz about how unbelievably amazing the action will be. 70 years after an alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion. Ender's Game, based on Orson Scott Card's beloved 1985 novel of the same name, is written & directed by Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Rendition, X-Men Origins) produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Asa Butterfield stars as Ender Wiggin, along with Ben Kingsley, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin and Viola Davis. Summit/Lionsgate will be releasing Ender's Game in theaters starting November 1st later this year.

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  • the_situasian
    My biggest concern with this (and I think this is a pretty universal concern) is they'll aim this *too* squarely at a younger crowd and gloss over all the psychological, sociological and political elements to this story (and its sequels) that made it so rich in the first place.
    • Cody W
      Another big fear of mine is that this project has been on the table for friggin years. I think it was first announced back in like 2006 or something.....never a good sign.
      • HS2
        Different producers picked it up in turnaround -- the ones behind DRIVE.
        • Cody W
          Yeah, well Gavin hood also made Xmen origins soooo still skeptical.
  • Tey
    X:Men Origins Wolverine motherfuckers!!!!!!!!
    • hg
      oscar winning director motherfucker
      • Tey
        No he wasn't!!!! But I get what u mean!!! Good caliber!!! Sooo was Ang Lee!!!!!!
        • hg
          the same ang lee who just won best director?
        • TK
          Yes he is. Gavin Hood for best foreign language film Tsotsi. Pretty much goes to the director. Xmen origins: wolverine is a Fox film, not a Gavin Hood movie.
  • si1ver
    The best sci-fi book I've ever read. If he can pull this off I'll easily forgive him for X-Men Origins. **Possible slight spoiler** Alex do we know if they'll move the twist to the beginning of the movie? I remember a couple of years ago Card said that's the one thing he wanted to change the most.
  • Scott Meadows
    Gavin Hood still owes us for the garbage that is "Wolverine" film. Easy pass.
    • TK
      Wasn't really his fault though considering the studio stepped in and pretty much remade the movie. I am excited to see an actual Gavin Hood movie :).
  • $126191
    Hope there's more to this than just fancy visuals.
  • Nooper Jones
    The amazing thing about the book was that it was such a mature, adult story taking place among children. Not mature and adult as in like rated R content, but mature and adult in that I find it VERY hard to classify it as a children's story. Ender could very well have been a 50 year old, battle hardened general with the kind of situations he faced and conquered, yet the fact that he's still just a little boy (with all the moral baggage that brings) made the book much more than just a story about a tired war-hero. I just hope the movie captures that mature feeling and doesn't give us some kiddy crap aimed towards Hunger Games fans.




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